Capricorn age difference

by Nancy
(Cornelius, OR 97113 USA)

A Capricorn man of 25 is interested in me, a Scorpio woman of 54... it is a bit unsettling to me, but somewhat tempting. My children are older than he and he commented to me that it is not the age, but the soul of the person that attracts him.

Can you give me some advice?

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by: sotired1

I really think in the long run this relatioship will run its course because of your age differences, but if you want a fling go for it

Not at all
by: charleysangel13

I am a 41 year old Scorpio woman enjoying immensely a relationship with a 21 year old Capricorn man. He is younger than me in more than age, but we more than make up for that. Most of the Scorpio women I know do not act or look their age anyway and the Capricorn younger man appreciates this. He likes the similar interests you may share while looking to you for approval and advice. I will share this one tip with you...........make sure you have some energy, he is a wild man in bed and will want to try everything and think you are the sexiest creature he's ever laid eyes on. He will be aloof after 1st encounter.....maybe stepping back to examine what he feels...give it a few weeks and he'll be back with a vengeance. GOOD LUCK

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