Capricorn boyfriend is rude and mean


I'm a Capricorn women and I thought I would know a Capricorn man real good omg! he threw me for a loop. He had me going crazy with the nice sweet convo and texts and down to earth persona and then after a month he turn cold like i did something to him.

Just became rude and mean then nice again but I was understanding to it at first because I once was told i was cold and evil at times and acknowledge it and try to change it. I just dont know if he is using me or if he likes me? Right now we have been talking for about 4 months and it I needed some type of understanding of where we were going so i constantly tested him to see if he liked me should i stop talking to him or what.

He gets rude with me and mean and i do it right back to him he disappears on me for days and then would call like nothing never happened. he has a problem when i question him but he still answers me I can tell he doesn't want to get close but when we are together he shows me that wants me and likes me and we click like we been together for years and have a bond like no other. I don't know i know im all over the place but so is he lol.

Current situation he is now being rude again and i text him at least 20 times letting him have it and calling and no answer or reply now i feel dumb and shouldn't have done that and is wondering did i run him away because i didn't want to end like that but i don't want to waste my time text him how i feel just to get a "no reply" so.... what to do?

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It's An Act Just A Test
by: Hopeless Romantic

You have to give a Capricorn male his space. Especially one who has these roller coaster behaviors. They don't like to have their space taken away, stop texting and calling it frustrates them. For some unknown reason they like to be the one that is chasing after you. They are not emotional creatures acts like they don't care about how one feels towards them but they keep their feelings hidden until they are sure that you are the one that can be trusted. Then they open up like an envelope. If they feel threatened they will react negatively towards that person as a self-defense mechanism. The negative behavior is to test your love. The disappearing acts is top see how far they can go with you. Play the game but play it WELL. They are looking for love but don't know how to reciprocate, the need to be taught. If you did something wrong most likely a Cap will not say anything. GOOD LUCK girlfriend you are going to need GOD for this one!

Capricorn Men
by: Anonymous

Girlllllll, I have one that act the same way, he got upset with me cuzz i just left him alone cold turkey cuzz i saw some BS on his facebook page that just reminded me of a man being manish, anyway he i emailed him about a status that only me and him discussed and we emailed each other that day, even with an email saying that he missed me too, never did i think when i felt comfortable enough to call him the next day, he was mean and rude and basically treated me sooooo differently, so you know i took it as a challenge and continued to call him on and off, well he never rejected my calls or even my last attempt to see him, but he won't call me at all now, because he says things are just different and he doesn't know why. Well I decided to take my hands off and let go, if he comes back around again than by all means if I'm available I will deal with him, but i haven't heard anything from him in a long time, so i don't hold my breath, but i still love and like him,but i'm gonna tell you something I learned about Caps, there ego is crazy, so play them by there ego, don't say crap to him for as long as it takes, cuzz you got to have patience with them, but they will soon wonder why you not saying nothing to them!

by: Anonymous

ladies i can concur with many of your statements i have been dealing/w 1 4 over 15yrs, we dated 4 12yr, then we were separated 4 10yrs, i married some1 else.he told me this man would never leave his wife 4 me. guess what we fooled. my husband died 7yrs later. mr Capricorn had been asking my cousin about me and he found out my husband had died so we are seeing 1another again.i have never stopped luv him. they are strange but aren't as shy as they pretend,they are players in their own way slick way,if you truely want them than you must be extremely patience in playing the game/w them well. you must study this man closly,then u must ask yourself is he really the man you want 2 live the rest of your life/w my answer is play the game well if you want 2 win they are very smart but u have 2 master the game learning them as to their likes and dislikes but u must remember that u won't always have 1 man 2 yourself a man will b a man regardless of their sign

from one cap to another
by: Anonymous

I was in the same situation as you. Unfortunately ours lead to us breaking up because I wanted to see him more, and he wanted to see me less. In all honesty, you need to give him space and let him chase you. If you can't handle to breaks of silence, well you might as well end it soon because it probably won't change. Trust me, I've been there, tried everything to get him to not be rude to me, and nothing worked.

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