Capricorn boyfriend

I like this Capricorn guy he's my friend. We're not exactly close but close enough i can go up to him and have a normal, semi-long conversation. I'm a Sagittarius girl btw. I really want him to like me more than friends but I try to flirt and he just won't. I only see him in 2 things every other day at school; Life Skills and Lunch, but at lunch i only see him for a split second before i walk out. Every time we talk we end up laugh loudly and hard. Oh yeah, he acts really weird too. Like, one day he will be really nice and crack jokes, then the next day he'll be really quiet and ignore me,even one time he was in one of his "ignore" modes and he rolled his eyes at me in Life Skills when i was standing next to a guy that's also in my class, whats up with that?! I just want him to like me as a girlfriend. Also, he has a slight crush on my friend (We don't really talk all that much, just some) who is a Virgo female, but she doesn't like him back.

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