Capricorn experiences with Virgos

I am currently dating a Virgo man of 3 months. I am a Capricorn. We met at a social gathering and he walked up to me and starting talking and from that very day we have not been away from each other. I am in love with him so much but recently we have been getting into arguments about stupid stuff that's not that important to me but to him. sometimes he say he love me and they say most Virgos are very honest and loyal and don't say things they don't mean. The sex is amazing and he shows me affection, but sometimes I think he expects so much out of me. its like I have to constantly prove myself and come up to standard. He always thinks he is right. But some of my friends think I should leave him alone and find someone else that wont argue, but it was so easy for me in past relationships to break up with my partners but with him I cant leave him or be without him. its like he is living in my very soul. Wow I am very happy I found this site to read other Capricorn experience with Virgos

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Capricorn experiences with Virgos
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo man and I have a relationship with a Capricorn woman, older than me! Since I met her, I feel like a have found my other half. It's a relationship full of passionate love, taboo, romantic and lustful, without limits, beyond any sexual expectations. We match so much! We even say the same things at the same time! I love my Capricorn woman and I will belong to her forever! She is mine and I'm hers

Capricorn experiences with Virgos
by: Anonymous

I just recently met a Virgo man. I am a Capricorn with a Scorpio rising sun sign and a Gemini moon sign. I first saw this boy when I got out of a classroom from taking a test. I was waiting for my best friend to finish her test, and he was the second one out of the room. I was the first. He stood there, waiting for someone as well... and I noticed he kept staring at me. I thought he was sooo cute... and usually, I don't really pay attention to people. He asked me if I thought the test was easy, and I said it was cake, with a smile on my face. He smiled, too... this adorable shy little smile. I met his cousin in the bathroom like 2 weeks later lmao! She told me he thought I was really cute. The next day, my best friend said he wanted my number. XD It took me a while to give it to him, but I eventually did. He texted me instantly, and boy... I did NOT think this boy would have me the way he does. It's only been 2 days we've been talking, and I can't stop thinking about him... Humor is the number one thing I look for in a man.. and he makes me crack up like no other... Well... except this one other cancer.. who is my first love, and remains in my life. Hmm.. seems us Capricorns can't get enough of those Cancer's and Virgo's!!! Ugh, but this Virgo!!! His name is even my favorite name for a boy. <3 Good luck, girls!!! Thank god for those charming Virgo men..

by: Anonymous

lol what's his name... this story sounds familiar

Virgos and Capricorns!
by: Anonymous

Ha...been there done that, I'm a capricorn woman with sag rising and virgo moon and I have been involved on and off with a virgo man, sag rising and aquarian moon for nearly a year now. We've had some hum dingers of arguments and not spoken for a few months, got involved with other people and are now back in the realms of being very close friends.I also have a virgo mother, grandmother and sister in law so I'm used to them.

Sometimes with virgos you just need to let them be right and accept they have their own way of doing things. Let whatever it is slide - let them be right and then talk to them about how you feel, honestly and openly and they will understand and probably be contrite and apologetic.

Virgos need to do things their own way and they will understand (grudgingly) not everybody else wants to do it the same way but you must tell them or they'll think your not listening to their expert advice and be put out...they'll just keep trying to get you to understand.

Have you ever tried to do something practical for a virgo, like painting a wall...they tell you how to hold the paintbrush!

good luck!

I'm a Virgo man
by: Ronnie

In one of the comments I've read that we have to be right, this is a true statement, because we are very analytical people. But this problem arises in only the virgo men that don't understant themselves. If the man can take the time to understand his own actions he can control his thoughts and actions and stop a lot of the arguments on things of that nature but just keeping his damn mouth shut! LOL! But it' true, I'm with a capricorn girl right now and I love her to death, she is my everything. We have not argued yet, but I think it's becuase I truly understand myself and try not to be to critical so that this does not formulate confliction. So My advice to Virgo me is read up on "all about the virgo man" learn it and see what you need to do or not do to make your relationship the best it can be. And also if you are with a capricorn girl, which I highly recommend, look up "all about the capricorn girl" and study that so you can learn more about her and her needs as well. With this knowledge you will make your relationships stronger and happier. :)

capricorn women helplessly in love with a virgo man
by: Anonymous

we've only a few times. Fell in love the first time i saw him that i was even bold enough to get his number. We had sex on our first date and man it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! HE was everything i wanted: looked into my eyes, talked playfully during the heat of passion, didn't try to bust any porn moves on me. This might sound gross to some of you but dude something about having sex on my lunar cycle was extemely turned on, passionate and he didn't care. Said it wasn't a problem, took everything like a man!!!!!! he's a man MAN! Let me bite him scratch him. He loved every bit of it. I felt i found my soulmate, my other half. He promised me a Valentine's picnic, outdoor loving then suddenly it stopped. I felt it too. everything completely stopped. When i did get a call, he didn't answer any of my questions i emailed him... the strange disappearance. It was short. when we hung up, i had to sit a bit to absorb what happened..I told him to tell me if it's over say so. but nothing. I tried to forget him I trained myself not to care but I end up missing him, crying over sad love songs, writing songs about him. I don't want to lose face but i was at a point where i had to bear all my true feelings regardless so that i know it wasn't me who was withholding anything to keep us from coming back together. I daydream about the nights we had. All my friends tell me to get the point since he hasn't called and don't be a fool.. but this Virgo was worth the humility. I didn't care,i even emailed him, : " Where is she, I'm gonna beat her up" I fear i willnever find a man like him again, smart, strong, ambitous, loves animals does charity...ahh. Still, heart broken. someday i hope to learn from this lesson but no lovers for me anytime soon. I keep thinking he'll come back and i'll get to tell him, you are still my last.

Capricon/Aquarius girl and Virgo guy - silly but mature match
by: A

I'm a Capricorn/Aquarius teen (17) and I dated a Virgo guy when I was younger. He was so quiet, kind, and focused on helping anyone and everyone he could. He would take problems of others upon himself but hold in his personal feelings about an issue. (which he'd later tell me)

Me, I am social and quirky, but when it came to serious matters, I am a full Capricorn. But with others I am silly and social (not saying that's a mask, I like being silly, fun, and a little odd occasionally), but those who know me know I can be serious about things, prude, I'm hard-working, goal-oriented, and a humanitarian, f0cused on the world and cultures.

Together we made a pretty cute match. I was seemingly extroverted and he was introverted. I could be sooo silly around him and he'd just smile at me and laugh at whatever odd thing came from my mouth. And when we were serious and were both focused on something, one of my friends called us an "old married couple" by the way we acted or conversed during that time.

Probably because my friends use to always intrude and be nosy during dates and on normal days (probably because I kept those things private as did he) we made a mutual agreement to break up. But were always friends.

But 2 yrs later, before he had to move back to his home country we hung out prior to him leaving (I did want to throw him a party, but he politely refused) It was sweet and nostalgic of old times. He would still smile at me and accept my oddness and we'd talk/debate over worldly issues. Even though it was years that we stopped dating. I think it brought up old feelings that never were brought up, that the night when he had to leave, he called me up really late in the night (apologized profusely for waking me) and told me he'd never forget me and only regretted kissing me.

I understand that we're young, but what we had was something nice and pleasant. It was more about how we complimented and treated and understood the other instead of just having a boyfriend to have a boyfriend like some teens that I know of do.

I am seeing a Virgo Male and I'm a Capricorn
by: Anonymous

I never liked ti Virgo male so much, usually I say the hell with them. But he is so hard to figure out he always tells me he does not know, he stood me up more than once but yet he found his way back to me after an argument. When he came to me I felt like that part of me came back even though we are not in a realtionship..I'm still willing to give him multiple chances because I want to get to know him, but hes not giving me the chance

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