Capricorn guys are attracted to these kind of women

by Mikayla
(Massachusetts, USA)

Ladies I've known many Cappy men my whole entire life some family members, some friends and 1 love interest. I agree with all others that have said that you need ALOT of patience, independence and determination.

They don't respect women who have revolve her own entire life and schedules around him. They want and respect women who are independent and have their own life, career, hobbies, interest, dreams. They want strong intelligent women with high integrity and dignity who can take care of herself and will not let herself be taken advantage of or be treated as a doormat but yet feminine with alot class, elegance and sensuality.

They want sexy but not slutty, spontaneus but not impulsive or reckless, confident but not arrogance and full of yourself attitude.

They respect women who aren't affraid of speaking her mind if she know's she's right but they dislike women who are too opionated, argumentative, loud and obnoxious.

They desire women who are friendly, polite and they don't mind flirty women as long as it's done in a tasteful respectful and does not come accross cheap, tarty and aggressive.

They want cultured, sophisticated, well mannered women who behave like a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. They don't mind if you're wearing super skimpy slutty outfits if it's part of foreplays in the bedroom because he knows it's all just part of a sexy foreplays and it also shows him that you're willing to put an effort and go the extra miles to please and fullfill his fantasies and desires and to make sure that they're satisfied. They want first class women because Capricorn men expect only the best.

They want women who will show them that they care and love them in their own private time but never in public because Cappy men DISLIKE public display of affections. They believe there's always a time and place for everything and for them all those lovey dovey things are meant only when there are only you two in the room.

They love mind blowing sex and they could be very kinky and experimental in the bedroom. Their secret fantasy is to make love in public place like his or your work place or in the car. They love hot steamy showers with you, they also love sexy lingeries, dirty talk, massage oils, sex toys and they would also love it if you give them a little striptease in the bedroom.

They love smart ambitious career minded goal oriented women so be prepared to talk about your career ambitions, your goals, your achievements and it also helps if you have a wide knowledge and update yourself with the current global and political news.

Talking fondly about your family and how loving and supportive your family is to you and you to them, and that they love you unconditionally and vice versa. Let him know that your family is your world and they are extremely important and will always be a great part of your life because he's a family man and he puts alot of value on family relationship. Ask them about their family, show interest in getting to know about his family because that shows them that you care about his family.

Also don't forget to ask them about their job, hows their day at work, their short and long term goals, what they're trying to achieve in life, etc.

They love to be complimented, pampered and be taken care of so be generous with lots of pamperings, attentions and affections when you're alone with him. Also really helps if you're funny, witty, bubbly, happy, upbeat and playful because they're moody and at times depressed so they like to surround themselves with happy positive people who can show them how to have a good time and not to be so serious all the times. Someone who when the situation permits and the time is right is not embarassed and afraid to laugh at herself. Someone who can make them laugh, relax, let the world turn without him when he's with you and forget about the stress of everyday life. Because you make him feel like he can be himself around you and let the time he spends with you be absolutely stress and drama free with no pressure of any kind. So whenever he thinks of you he will think of the woman with beautiful smile, great infectious laugh, irresistibly playful who brings out the inner child in him to come out whenever he's around you. A woman who can make him feel loved and wanted with her kind and generous heart, a woman who will comfort and soothe him with her gentle voice and soft touch, a woman who will always greets him with happy smile, twinkle in her eyes and her big warm comforting hug. A woman who he knows will love and support him unconditionally and will always be there for him no matter what, how, when or where. And she will show all these with her actions instead of words.

Throw him a flirty and sweet compliments to him here and there but keep it real and don't overdo it or he would think that you're fake and phony because it's just too much.

Just keep things lighthearted and simple in the beginning with none of that do you love me, how much do you love me, prove it that you really love me, why didn't you return my calls/txts, you never have any time for me, why can't you spend more time with me and all those other craps and nonsense that he ABSOLUTELY hates. He can't stand nagging woman.

They prefer to text instead of phone calls in the beginning and if you do text him please keep it short, sweet, simple and positive and if they don't reply right away then WAIT, be PATIET and do not, I repeat DO NOT bombard them with a 2nd, 3rd, 4th texts and so on. You'd come accross as desperate, clingy, needy and annoying to him. Let him have his space and enjoy his time alone. Let him contact you when he's ready. In the meantime, just do your own thing and enjoy your life. Trust me he'll respect and adore you more for it.

The thing with Cappy men is that everything has to be on their time because they're very busy people, they generally have alot of things going at the same time. They also always need their timeouts, their "me time alone". Just think of his timeouts as hibernation time for the bears.

They want women who are exciting, interesting, spontaneus, fun loving, fun to spend time and be around with because him being a Capricorn makes him reserved, quiet, shy, cautious, serious and all those characteristics caused him to only take the safest way possible and that makes him almost never make decisions afraid to try something new that he's not familiar with because he thinks it's not worth the risk. And all those sometimes makes he feels bored because things are predictable and monotone from doing the same thing over and over being with an exciting,live life to the fullest kind of woman allows him to see, experience and enjoys all the new exciting interesting things he normally won't do when or if he's not with her.

Don't be too available to him it only makes you look like you have nothing going, no friends, no job, no hobbies, no interest besides him. That's a big turn off to him besides he likes the thrill of the chase though in order for him to do that, he must know for certain that you also feel the same way like him. Cappy men don't deal with rejection too well and again because they want to be safe before he does or decides to do something.

Cappy men love sexy exotic looking women preferably someone with dark hair and eyes and tanned skin. And they must have curves in all the right places, toned legs, big breasts, shiny hair, fit and not overweight. They also have to be polished, well groomed, smell nice and have impeccable hygiene.

His ideal woman is a woman who carries herself well and is comfortable with her sexuality though it doesn't mean wearing skimpy outfit or acts slutty but rather woman with high sex appeal, she oozes sensuality.

If you plan to go out for dinner date with your cappy man make sure that you wear that stiletto heels and sexy little black dress that shows (but not too much) cleavage and legs in a classy elegant way. Don't wear clothes with too bright colour or has too busy patern. Remember he's a simple classy gentleman, he prefers solid and neutral colours like gray, black, white, tan, you got the idea.

Don't wear too much makeup, stick to the typical smokey eye look and nude lipgloss. Avoid any kind of glitter at all cost he hates those stuff. Even better if you wear a perfume that smells sweet, fresh but mild never too strong or too much.

During dinner, make sure that you have flawless table manners and don't order too much alcohol. He won't respect you for that.

And it's probably be a good idea if you offer to pick up or split the tab on the first date so to give an impression and also to let him know that you're not someone who enjoys free ride or like to take advantage of guys for free meal or drinks but rather a woman who has alot of pride and respect the value of hard earned money.

Cappy men do love their career and will almost always put their work, career above everything else because they care a great deal about being successful and again they are safe individuals who value security and one sure way of having that security and being secured is by having money. They could be materialistic at times. Extra points for you if you drive a nice car and have a nice home, preferably your own instead of renting, in an upscale location with tasteful decors.

Cappys love their women to be a cut or two above average so if you have a special talent(s) that would make you stand out like if you're a great singer, dancer, great at musical instruments, multilingual or if you're an ivy league graduate or even better if you come from an old money respectable family with a famous family last name then make sure he knows that. That alone could almost guarantee that you are very much in his radar.

Good luck ladies.

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by: Anonymous

Hundred percent true. Patience with these guys is key.

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