Capricorn male disappearing act

by scorpionms

I would love this to be answered by a capricorn male if possible. I need enlightenment. Im a scorpio female and for a about a year now Ive been getting to know a capricorn male. We have both decided to take things slowly and just get to know each other becus we both have come out of a crazy relationships. Our vibe together is electric. I look at him as a future not just a moment type person. He feels the same. Not so much at the fact that he has said, even though he has but I feel it when we're together or even just talking. What Im having trouble with is this disappearing act that he pulls every few months.

Its like everything will be wonderful for a month or two then suddenly he disappears for a week or two. At first I understood bcus Im a person who needs space to at times. But he beat me by 200 miles. This is the first capricorn I ever dealt with in dating anyway. Is this a normal thing for cap males or should I be concerned? Help me please.

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From A Cap
by: Anonymous

It is normal. Sometimes they get lost in their thoughts and just want to be alone.

its the way it is
by: capricorn king

i am a Capricorn and ''disappear'' once in a while just to recenter myself and just be with my thoughts. we like people but need some alone time once in a while. if he cares about you, then he loves you! godspeed!

yes i am a capri and here to answer u
by: Anonymous

i am capricorn as well. well disappearing depends upon what have you done to him. capris normally cling to their partner in each and every aspect. but knowingly or unknowingly if their partners hurt them somewhere which matters the most to capris then they disappear. they want to think of that situatoin outside the situation. they cant think in front of the person who might have hurt them. so i believe this had hapd in ur case. after sometime they give chance and come back if they think it is justified. capris work by logic and their logic no one can beat. so dont try to tell them that boss this can not work.

capi disapearo
by: Anonymous

yes I was with one for 15 years abd he went off in his own world for four weeks every year he used to have a tantrum sit his dummy out and go Last time he did it I met someone else and now cai is devastated but after my annual dose of him saying its over believed him and moved on from the mind games yey!

by: Cali Cal

We're the type that stay in deep thought for the most part. Um it could be that he's seeing if you would crack "under pressure" if you will. BEcause you saying that you want a long term relationship he's going to test you and see if you can stay committed to what you say. When we say we care we mean it so you dont have to worry. Just stay true to your word

im a capri male
by: Anonymous

To read your prob i thought that i was reading about my life..but i think that you might not put things across right, and he goes away to have a think on what he wants when he knows deep down anyway..thats what i do, just seems like the scorpio never really knows what she wants...

ansa to last comment
by: Anonymous

ok mr im a capri male I have to say Im a tad bit insulted mainly because I do know what I want. And trust me I have voiced exactly what I want. He knows that I want to take my time, and that my focus is getting myself and my children together right now. He and I being what we are is an added bonus in the deal. Im not looking for a relationship because I believe it supposed to come naturally and still needing to take b my time also we both have trust issues due to our past. But Im dont like to feel like my loyalty is being tested either, because if he took his time like Ive been asking which is to get to know me he will know that he doesnt have to test my loyalty, theres no need. How long do I have to go thru all this, or should I just leave him alone till he figures out what he wants? Bcus now im starting to believe that he just doesnt kno and what he's feeling is confusing him.

ansa to last comment
by: Anonymous

ok mr im a capri male I have to say Im a tad bit insulted mainly because I do know what I want. And trust me I have voiced exactly what I want. He knows that I want to take my time, and that my focus is getting myself and my children together right now. He and I being what we are is an added bonus in the deal. Im not looking for a relationship because I believe it supposed to come naturally and still needing to take b my time also we both have trust issues due to our past. But Im dont like to feel like my loyalty is being tested either, because if he took his time like Ive been asking which is to get to know me he will know that he doesnt have to test my loyalty, theres no need. How long do I have to go thru all this, or should I just leave him alone till he figures out what he wants? Bcus now im starting to believe that he just doesnt kno and what he's feeling is confusing him.

Cappy dissapearing act
by: Anonymous

Well, I have been with a cappy for 18 months, and just recently experienced the dissapearing act for the first time. We had an argument about 1 week prior to, and then nothing during the week, and bam the next Sunday, he left, without warning and stayed gone without contacting me for 3 days, then he called, but did not come back. Said he needed to sort some things out. He came back for 1 day, spent the night, and left the next day promising to return, he did not. Until the following Sunday, In which we saw each other briefly, with a promise to return. Never happened. Finally after a weekend of tears, and begging, he came home this morning. Like nothing ever happened. He says he has not complaint, and all is fine. WTF

Capricorn male disappearing act
by: Anonymous

I feel you on this one.... We both share trust issues because of past experiences on both parts. I am coming out of a marriage, and him out of one bad relationship after another. I love him completely, like no other man in my life. But his acts hurt me deep down inside. I found out about calls from other women, and messages, he says are not important, but i still feel very insecure. And staying out all night or for weeks at a time, when we live together. Is just too much.

Disappearing is the food for cap souls
by: A cap

I'm a cap and I like disappearing too. Not sure about other star signs, but me, as a cap, I really need some space alone, because I like doing a little bit of contemplating about stuff (sometimes so unimportant, and sometimes crucial for the future), and when I feel the need for that, I usually don't like being disturbed (that's kind of a word of advice :-P). I'll explain you how it can look like. You know that romantic setting, a man and a woman on a cliff, looking at a beautiful sunset, while the sun colors the skies and the sea in various shades of orange and violet? Well, I sometimes imagine myself only being in such a setting, just sitting there and looking out to the vast sea, while my mind races with thoughts like how life can be beautiful (we need that recharging from time to time, especially if we're in a pessimistic phase), how great it is that the things like a sunset above the sea exist, how it would be great to have a big family and live with them in a cozy but not unnecessary big a house etc. It's that we're really practical in everyday life, but quite the opposite in our thoughts, as we are very imaginative and creative, so we need some time to sort them out, to see where we are in our life, what's possible to realize of all our plans and ideas, and what's not. Those periods are not the times we look for or want any fun. And when we want fun (which is actually most of the time), the woman is very welcome to sit by her capricorn on that cliff, and then they can really have some great time. The bottomline is, don't push your capricorn and make him call you when he "disappears" only to prove you by a mere and banal phonecall that he cares (sometimes we see it as a waste of time, because we mainly like proving and to be proven certain things by our and other people's acts). Believe him that he cares if he told that to you, and he will respect the fact that you trust him and care for you even more. Of course, in case something happens and you need his help, don't hesitate to text him saying what's the problem, because he or we will be there for you, but don't abuse that. I wouldn't come to change your lightbulb, especially if I know you could do it by yourself before meeting me (that however doesn't mean I would let you do it, or anything else I can do for that matter, when I'm around :-D).

ud be surprised
by: Anonymous

we done it all, were not flawless, but best believe we never tarnish. When something is really beautiful to me, I want to make sure I dont damage it or lose any awe of its majesty not even for a second. If u are the one, the hudine is for your sake, because without it I would eventually slowly but surely start treating you like shit. Diamonds are shimmers and shine, but once your used to them over years, they become simple jewels to accent the one who wears them, thus losing its glamor it is know under my laws, if it cracks its garbage now. When we depart, its to replay life through several perspectives on several levels, from the front side and top, when we leave we miss you like a mother misses her child when the doctor takes him/her away after she has held it for the first time, some have varying degrees of how much they can take, keeping in mind we still function and do buisness while this feeling is in the back of our mind, the comfort o knowing u'll be their when we return is what determines the lenght of extasy we have until that yearning of your every being summons us back. Like a refreshing drink, an exlir of immortality, a feeling of being whole, but to be whole is to submit, a scary thought to us, but never the less an option, and the last thing we want to do is for are darker than darkside to rub off on are beloved expression of true beauty, are Queen. We tear ourselves from your embrace, we descend from heaven, so we never take it for granted, a lesson we learned long ago. Capricorn 23 years, good luck.

by: Anonymous

Ud be surprised Great Answer!

by: scorpionms

I have to say those last two comments broke it down. Almost sound like a scorpio, and I get it completely. The funny part is he always checks in on me and makes sure Im ok. then kind of get upset because I dont call him like that. And I just tell him Im giving him his space, becus at this point I dont know what to do and Im not begging anyone to be by my side, he has to make that decision and as far as Im concerned conversation is over and Im ready to move on to another subject. But he always has to explain himself as to y he stayed away so long, and it just all boils down to timing, he has so much going on right now. And I let him know Im cool with it, if anything we have come this far and would make wonderful friends bcus we can talk about any and everything. We have a connection that will always be and its ok. When the time is right, it will be.

I really dont call him, I just text him now nd then,leaving some sort of inspirational. He has a lot going on in his head. But he does make sure he calls me and each time it seems we go thru the same conversation about this timing thing before we can move on to something else. I feel like he's suffering more then I am and he honestly just feel stuck. And its really too bad, bcus he doesnt have to.

Hope it really helped
by: A Cap

I really hope my and the penultimate comments clarified a little bit how caps work. To tell you the truth I've actually never been a believer when it comes to star signs, but I've kind of noticed striking similarities in personality traits of many caps that made me thinking there must be something in it. As to him calling you, worrying about how you are and all, I can explain it only by him being used to do that with other people. He's trained now to do that against his own will maybe, but he is not aware of it, almost as if he's had a psychological trauma in the past with all of his friends, dates and other people in his life. Hope you know what I mean. It will take quite some time for him to adapt to that entirely new and rarely seen life situation, which is that you are an independent person, as is he, and you don't want to put him to miserable tests of confidence that only take time, while proving very little.

to ud be surprised
by: gemini woman

Im completely and totally in love with a capricorn man. what you have submitted as a comment is only a peak into what he makes me feel. I've loved this man for over 10 years now and eventhough we have completely different lifestyles which is an understatement, we have managed to never leave each other. we are not married , do not live together, but in my heart i am his and always will be. after making love to this man numerous of times i am content for all eternity ...

Cap disappearing acts
by: Anonymous

Well, after reading all your comments, I see that my man is a true cap. Its like you know him though you have never met. Mine has not moved back with me, probably because I moved out of our place. He did say he wasnt happy in that place. He admitted to seeing someone else, but not seriously. He seems to get himself caught up or "trapped" in situation after situation, when he doesnt have to. I just dont understand. Now, he has started calling me again. Recently he was in an accident that landed him in emergency, I went immediately to see him, this girl never showed up and his friends all left once i arrived. I stayed the entire night by his side. That morning I had to drop him at this womans house for him to explain totalling her car that he has been using. I just did it and went on with my day. I told him I found another place and was moving, he was very interested in seeing the place, and moving back with me and our life. I just don't know. He seems very unhappy, and says he is involved with something that he has to see through. I just don't know........We haven't made love in about a month, and i can tell he is intentionally avoiding this with me. I catch him looking at me sometimes, and I see that he wants me, but is trying to hold himself back. Why is he doing this????

to previous anoymous
by: scorpionms

sounds like ur capi is confused. Personally I would let him go figure that out on his own. Always show him that ull b there but i wouldnt give him more then that. Dont let him take advantage of both worlds. If he really wants u and only u, he'll b there eventually. i see that wuts these capi's do, it takes them some time especially to trust. but ur life will continue without him to,so dont worry about it. When the time comes, hell b around.

Confused Capi
by: Anonymous

I think you are right, he is confused. He ran thinking the grass would be greener onthe other side. We had been arguing about things before this act. it was ugly, but being apart made me realize I really did love him and the things I was accusing him he really wasnt doing. Oh well, I guess its not up to me, I see I cannot influence this capi man. I cant do anything to make him come back. Its like no matter how much i tell him or try and show him i am there and made a mistake on judging him, he still shows no remorse for his actions. When i do get him alone and start to bring the topic up, he says he "has a lot going on" he is waiting for a call, "his head hurts", "he is around people he doesnt want in his business", basically he avoids the conversation. What sign can I look for to tell me if this man really loves me?? you seem to know a lot about capi men. How would I know if he really does love me and wants me to still be his woman or wife? He does tell me that? That I am going to be his wife? Although not lately. He came to me yesterday looking for money. I gave it to him... Am i just stupid.

I'm a capricorn male you might like this!!

Even though iam one of millions of capricorns we do all for the most part think alike and are alike the only exception I'd say is if you were born in january and if you were born in december we still act the same and share a lot of the same traits but we have subtle differences. Now as far as the disappearing act I can only think of two things and me bring a capricorn myself and knowing me and what "they" say about us caps then he probably just needs to refuel and reload get hid mind right its true we are always always always always in constant thought we process and process and over process things and this is everyday and its normal for us we pick up on everything literally ears always stout now I'm not saying you did anything but if you didn't then he definitely just needed his space I go through that and I'm 25 to be honest you'll learn to love that about him its like you'll always be trying to figure him out what's more intriguing a puzzle solved or one you can't quite get?? Exactly keeps you motivated and going now like I said the other thing can be you did or said something capricorns are very closed off people but if we are comfortable anything we do if we feel its owed to you we will explain ourselves and sometimes even against will just to move on with the situation learn to love his mind is all I can tell you its one of a kind capricorns are thee most kindred souls you will ever meet I promise you that and what you may get in return might be lessons for a lifetime or even better a partner for life he's goNa disappear tho and if he doesn't mentally he will check out for a while its like a mental clensing we have to think all the time and sometimes move and go and get away the best thing we have is our minds no one else ever thinks like us and we all agree we are naturally a different type of species and most people never understand but once your in our hearts your good forever so long as you don't screw us over or anything like that so with that being said I hope I opened your eyes a bit to the situation yes we are crazy difficult different and most of all and best of all Witty but its either you love us or leave us!

Capi Male disappearing Act
by: Anonymous

Well this is my 1st experience with a Capi Male and I am a full Scorpio Female. Been seeing him about 7 months and yes, days without talking. He moved in with me about a two months ago and everything was WONDERFUL! I have never felt such love in my life. All talk about the future, buying a house together, then, one night out of the blue he was out and about. He texted me this message that he was looking for an apartment. This crushed me! and me being a true scorpio, I texted him back saying, ok..your Sh*t will be waiting for you on the patio when you get back! Which I did, he came and went. The next day I texted him asking why he would hurt me like that, no response for a week. Turns out I hurt his pride by placing all his stuff in garbage bags outside.I told him that when you tell someone your in it, then you do not text them that your moving out when everything had been great. Those things are talked about in person.
So, now looks like we are only friends but I would marry that man in a heartbeat. Too bad he has so much fear that he's missing out on a great love. I told him, that he will probably decide he wants me completely the day I am walking down to marry another They are wonderful men but they will drive you mad crazy.

My Cappy man
by: Anonymous

Well, my cappy did contact me last week Wednesday. He asked to see me and wanted to use my car. Now he has a car he has been using, that he doesnt know i know about. But never the less he wanted me to pick him up at his moms, that morning, so i did, and we were together everyday till Saturday. I dropped him at his friends and havent spoken to him since around 9pm Saturday night. Mind you we talked and made love, and he was excited about moving into our new place. He told me I had been through alot, and it was all going to pay off, that I was going to be his wife and all of this in the company of one of his friends. He said one of the reasons he loved me soo much was because i knew how to take care of him, i understood him, and always had his back no matter what was going on. We spent the night together friday, and he asked me to extend the hotel another day, but he never came back..... He lost his phone, so I have no way of contacting him, so its just a waiting game now. I pick up the keys to the place today, what should I do???? I was thinking of leaving the keys and a card with the address with his mom, or do you think he will contact me soon. This other woman I found out that he was seeing has a message on her voice mail thanking all the family members and friends for attending their wedding at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, I think this is some kind of joke, game she is playing with my head, perhaps she knows I have the number... I dont know. What should I do?????? I am truly at a cross road.

re: My Cappy man by: Anonymous
by: concerned Virgo

blogging is a therapeutic exercise. it is a useful way to organize and share our thoughts with others who also enjoy reading, sharing, and discussing.

i think though in your last message especially you answered your question in the way you described the chronic stress you feel with this person (and have done in previous messages). people have shared this with you before but i will repeat it again: is this man really worth your time?

if you are tied up with him economically, have you thought about your back up plan in the short and medium term to escape at least his economic grip? are you in a position to cut your losses and go? if you are, jump on it. these are material things, your sanity and happiness is much more important.

i hope not to be too harsh here. i see this blog as a tool to share and gain advice as well. these are my initial thoughts on your situation that i hope you might find useful. anyways, i am open to discussion.

Sometimes 'It Is What It is...'
by: Anonymous

In reading some of the comments, I think some of the disappearing acts, car borrowing and moving out is just the actions of someone who isn't really interested. It is what it is; don't try to make more out of it and 'blame' it on an astrology sign. Don't allow yourself to be mistreated and taken advantage of. Ladies, sometimes 'He's Just Not That In To You' and except that and move on.

On another note:
Some of the comments from Capricorn men are very insightful and appreciated. I have been dating a Capricorn for about 4 months and I find him so intriguing and sometimes 'odd' that it leads me to looking more into astrology signs - I have always loved that I am a true Virgo and enjoy reading the accuracy about myself.(I found it surprisingly comforting and funny that most sites read that a Virgo Female and Capricorn Male are very, very good for one another.)

This guy is a TRUE Capricorn and to read the comments posted by males confirmed much of what I am experiencing.

1)He use to disappear for a day or two after a date. I just assumed he wasn't interested. I notice that doesn't happen anymore.

2)I notice that sometimes while I am speaking, I can tell his eyes glaze over despite looking directly at me and responding to me-Use to think that I was boring him. I realize now that he has 'gone off' and started thinking; there is some script running behind the sceens as he is speaking.

3)He doesn't really compliment me as a person, but always notices if I have something new on-like he pays attention to details or something. He compliments the shoes, how the outfit fits. Figured he wasn't that interested. Now realize he is reserved. All this passion comes out of him at the end of the date, almost like he doesn't want it to be over or something. He holds me tight, gives me many kisses and then he becomes more of a smiler (he always has this serious look on his face) I was so freaken confused, but I realize now that he is kinda savoring it all since the date is over and he really did enjoy us being together.

4)While he doesn't compliment me, per say, he seems to enjoy doing things for me. Went over to see him and to my surprise he had a picnic set up with flowers, cake, crackers, sandwich meat, etc.

He came over and cooked for me the other day.
He really seemed to ENJOY teaching me how to shoot pool.

life to short
by: scorpionms

this is to regards of the heading my cappy, i would seriously let that go and find u a new hero. the way u explained that, it sounds like hes using u whenever he wants to get away from whateva else he's doing. I just wouldnt hold my breath on that one. Move on boo, life to short. I did, now my cappy is chasing me and I think Im going to let him chase a lil longer cus I dont needed any added stress n my life. When a person wants u for real, they r going to b there for u to want to do for u and not just take.

This is just my thoughts on the situation. I do hope all goes well with u.

My Cappy married someone else
by: Anonymous

My Cappy married someone during our seperation, but for the wrong reason, now he wants out. He married this older woman (50) for a business deal that did not go through. He is soo upset over this, especially because of what it did to us. Now he is back with me. He wont take or make calls to this woman. He confided that it was a money deal to help her get into the country legally. And now he doesnt want to continue with it. He has been back with me for 2 weeks now, and has no thoughts of going back. Its complicated between us, because when i met him I was married, now seperated. He says we have been through too much, and he knows that he cannot love anyone but me and doesnt want to be with anyone but me. He begs me to give him time to deal with this, like he gave me time when i was going through my ordeal. I am sooo upset, and confused, and hurt. Worse I want to believe him so bad.

My advice...
by: Anonymous

Hello :)

I am Nick, I am a Capricorn male. I dated a Scorpio once from a well known social networking site and I found her to be quite devious, quite nasty natured, very jealous and firey when crossed. Not that I really crossed her! Many Scorpio women I have met have been the same so now I tend to avoid them totally! Obviously I do not know you personally, but...
I'd like to suggest that maybe you did something or didn't do something? Or maybe he is just a very busy and a private person? Try and make the occasional effort to contact him and make him feel that you are interested because if he is anything like me then he will want to hear that, or he will just forget you, because he may think that you do not want to know. Hope it works out or has worked out for you :)

from a Cancer girl
by: Capri man dissapeared

Just before Christmas he sent me his wishes and said he needed some time to focus on his works and the different project he just got himself committed to. He reassured that he is interested on me but for the moment there are other priorities. I accepted his request, not having many choices. But I couldn't help sending a few txt messages later to wish him Christmas and the New Year. He did not answer back. I am kind of decided to let go and give him the time needed. Just wonder, will he really come back, and when?

I would appreciate answers from Capricorn males.


by: Davon

Just before Christmas he sent me his wishes and said he needed some time to focus on his works and the different project he just got himself committed to. He reassured that he is interested on me but for the moment there are other priorities. I accepted his request, not having many choices. But I couldn't help sending a few txt messages later to wish him Christmas and the New Year. He did not answer back. I am kind of decided to let go and give him the time needed. Just wonder, will he really come back, and when?

I would appreciate answers from Capricorn males.

No need to worry he is gonna come back if he told you he was interested in you then trust me he is only interested in you when we have our eyes set on a woman we go for her nothing else matters but if we aren't right and aren't together then we have nothing to offer you we feel a feeling i couldn't describe trust he wants whats best for the both of you but in order for that to be possible he has to do what he has to do he will come back and you guys will be together. we are different people but we love until we honestly cant love you anymore

Thank you Davon
by: Cancer girl

Thanks for reassuring. I am following your advice;) Continuing to love him in silence! And... surprisingly I feel just fine!

Leo and my Cap Male
by: Anonymous

My Capricorn male also just dissapeared. He keeps saying he will 'call me later' (when I text him). But I dont hear from him. We had an argument last week, but we 'got over it'. He says he loves me and that nothing is wrong, that he is just busy. But he spends time with his family and friends, with everyone except me. Its the 3rd day now, and I dont know if he will ever be back..?

Frustrated with the Love of my life (a CAP)
by: Anonymous

I have been talking to a cap male for several years now. We were really good friends in high school and we have kept in contact over the years. We have talked about being together off and on, but when it comes down to it, he runs!! we talk througfh mostly text because neither one of us likes to talk on the cuts down on akward silences on the other end. He lives in another state, but i have made a trip to see him and when i came face to face with him, he clammed up..i went back home and he quit talking to me and dated someone else, well last month after not talking for a year and a half he miraculously texts me through a social network and apologizes and says he was going through some things and that it wasnt me it was him.....ect. so we talk about being together again, and he comes to see me but yet as you guessed it...nothing came from it...we still talk but i am totally and madly in love with him but he is so offish...its aggrevating. how do i let him know how i feel without making him run away like he always does???

don't worry
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn man, and he is just scared of what would happen to u two. U just have to get up and ask him and tell him how u feel, then he will show his feelings.

disappearing cap
by: Survivor

I was in a similar situation about 7 years ago. I met this capricorn online back in late 2003. We kept in touch via computer and phone because we live in different states. One day he asked if he could come up to visit and bring in the new year with me. I felt after a year of communicating it would be a nice idea. He flew up and we had a blast the entire time he was there. Before he left, we discussed the trip and where things stood between us. He said he was looking forward to a visit later on that summer. I felt great about where things stood between us. We exchanged gifts for Valentine's Day and I thought everything was fine. In March, the calls decreased from 2 or so times a day to about once or twice a week. I asked if everything was ok and he kept saying he was tired from work. The last time I heard from him during that period was right after Easter. We were on yahoo messenger and he said he was sore from playing basketball. I called him a day or two later and no response. I was very nervous because that was not like him not to respond and I thought something happened to him. Then I him logged on to the computer about 2 weeks later. I called him two times after and the call went straight to his voicemail. I realized then he did not want to be bothered with me anymore. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I am not the type to fall fast for a person and we had been communicating over a year;I really saw us being in a long term relationship. Prior to us ever meeting, I had planned on moving to his state. I went into a state of depression. To add onto the heartbreak, I was affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The anniversary of 9/11 I wrote a letter expressing how I felt. I called him out and told him he should have been man enough to tell me he was not interested instead of not saying anything. I needed some closure so I mailed it off not caring what the consequences would be. Well in March of the following year, he sent me an email letting me know he read my letter and that he felt awful reading it. He admitted that he had feelings for me but they were not strong enough for him to stay. He said he did think about me periodically. He had also entered another relationship and it was serious. I was disappointed but I decided to move on. Two years later, he sent me a text message only to found out I was in a relationship with someone. The following year, he called to check up on me and found out I was engaged. He seemed to be a little upset and I felt some payback knowing that my news irritated him. It took me some time to rebuild myself after his disappearance. He wants to see me again but he knows it can only be on a friendship level because I am married now. I think he realized he let a potential wife go but he still has a good friend. Message: if you do not want to be with someone at least be mature enough to tell that person the truth. Don't take the cowardly way out!!

Capricorn Dissapearing
by: Anonymous

To all the females that are dating capricorn men, form experience i must tell you that when they dissapear, they just need time for themselves, they are very private people, they just need time apart from everyone, eventually he will come around, but always let them know you will be there for the no matter what, they tend to reassure themeselves from time to time, if there was to be a problem with you, i am sure you will be the first one to know. is just that when they are sad, dippressed..etc..they need time for themselves and they want that other person to understand and give them the privacy that im sure you will like, and theyu just basically need to be alone to retaught and then when they have gathered all their toughts together they will be refueled and ready, but just give them their privacy...

Yup...Caps do dissapear
by: Anonymous

I just want to say that i am so thankful for this website because i am going through it with my boyfriend right now who is a capricorn male and i have found this website to be very helpful. Yes, it is true.... capricorns will dissapear on you. in my situation i kind of upset my boyfriend and he needs time to think and he just doesn't want to be around me right now. He just started ignoring me out of the blue and it took days of calling his phone non stop, sending him text messages, and crying on his voicemail to get him to tell me he needed some time to himself. Since he told me he needed some time it's been 2 days, usually on day three he comes around. My advice for other women who are in a relationship with a cap male... be patient

Its true
by: Anonymous

Sadly I did not see this site when my situation started, my capp told me he needed time and space and I didnt understand it I just thought it was a easy way out but then arguments started so he told me it was over but every day or 2 he txt me or call me to saying hi or he misses me when we saw eachother in person he broke down and cried alittle and said we had to be together he loves me we have to make it work but we have to do it rite shortly after that he said" we cant be together now" and not yet its still too soon, he also let me know he still thinks about me all the time and still loves and cares for me, he called me last night b4 he went to bed, are we gonna get back together after he gets the time I didnt grant ? (thats why we brokeup)

please help me, I would love responses from you Capricorn men <3
by: libra lady

I have read everything above and I'm just going to say that my capi boyfriend is a mix off all of the above. The sweetness,the business oriented and ESPECIALLY the disappearing type all rolled into one. We've been together TOGETHER 9 months. Our 9 month anniversary was on the 7th this month. I LOVE HIM MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF and would do ANYTHING FOR HIM. He was the first to tell me that he loved me, he told his friends he'd never felt like this about anyone as he feels about me (I found that out from his best friend) and he has taken care of me very much. Got me the apartment I live in, and then everythingggggggggggggg for it including all the food. EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE TOOTHPASTE AND BRUSH ETC ETC ETC..... What I've noticed tho is that on our anniversaries or on holidays or on my birthday or any ind of celebration he has not said anything. Plus on top of it all he COMPLETELY disappears when he's working. NO TEXTS, NO EMAILS, no anything...but when he's in town he calls and spends time and self with me, or drives a million miles to see me for a day then drives back or sometimes even takes me with him to his work. WHY ALL OF THIS DISAPPEARING????? and on top of it all he's jealous and very impatient as well. In all the time we've been together I exploded on him ONE TIME. I will always regret that!!! He didn't contact me at all for 2 months, and later his best friend told me he had been so depressed those 2 months. After I sent him 2 or 3 loooooooooooooong letters filled with heart felt apologies from the depths of my heart and soul he messaged me to call him if I could and to not worry about anything. After the night we (my bf and I) briefly talked on the phone, his friend told me that after that phone call he seemed so happy and smiling all day and was really into his work as if he was enjoying it. Please help me understand this jewel of a man. You Capricorn men are amazing btw!!!!!!!!!! What advice do you have for me to make this work so I don't make a mistake and lose him because of me. please help me :) <3 <3 <3 I'm open to anything you guys will say!!!

OMG The disappearing Goat Serpent!
by: Amy Eileen

Well Well Well, so it is common for them to do this. I have one here in the north country, who I have been with for 1 year and 3 months. All is well until his children get involved in his life somehow. When there is a time that is approaching for them to become more independent, they fail and he back peddles, then transfers his frustration onto us. He disappears when, because of his inability to confront his children, he feels pulled in 2 directions.

Male Cap Disappearing Act
by: Samantha

I'm a Virgo woman and I'm datin a Capricorn man. The Capricorn man makes a hell of a soulmate for a Virgo woman, and he and I both know for a fact that we are meant to be together. He is a clairvoyant and I am an emotional intuitive and we knew each other in past lives and we are here again united. I'm a very pretty female and when he and I first met in this life time he was taken with me immediately. I was irresistable to him, he was not taking no for an answer that's why I'm confused, because my Capricorn disappeared on me today for the first time. I haven't heard from him and with him being a clairvoyant, which he knows what I'm doing and sometimes what I'm thinking you would think that he would call me to stop my worrying but he hasn't called. Sometimes if I don't hear from him all day he would call but it would be @ 2:00 am. This frustrates me alot and hurts as well because I'm not used to this. Guys usually are possesive and clingy to me because I'm not only in intellectual which is a Virgo trait but I'm pretty. He already told me that I'm spoiled and I know I'm beautiful so maybe he is trying to eliminate some of my arrogance. I wish he would come home. I don't want anyone but him. Two days ago I expressed that we are not together enough and he does this today. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT HIM.

Cap Disappearing act - samantha
by: Anonymous

To: Samantha

Maybe I can help you and you can help me a little bit I'm a capricorn male 26 yo and I'm "dating" a virgo women 30 yo birthday Sep 7...first from me to you I think he does like that fact that you are a little arrogant but the spoiled part I can guarantee is a no no but not enough to make him disappear sometimes it isn't you either its us we think differently then most and that's why people are attracted to us sometimes we tend to over think things and we stress a lot we strive for perfection as close as we can get to it. Don't sweat it I disappear sometimes too but he may never let you know this but he wants you to want him and show yourself to him one way or another believe by him not contacting you he's expecting you to contact him and not just one phone call either I know from my own experience and other capricorn male friends we always wanna feel wanted other wise we serve no purpose whether or not its at a job or in a relationship with any dealings in life we need that feeling. Not to tute our own horn but we really are amazing people if you take the time and fully understand how we think you won't regret it even when he does disappear its for a reason whether you fully understand it or not and don't think he's not possessive or clingy it just may not have shown yet it definitely will tho in his own way so keep being yourself that's what attracted the both of you to one another but try to fully understand him and his way of thinking and why and you won't regret it don't fret at the fact that he's disappeared cause even if it wasn't anything with you I do the same every once in a while we just a need like a refresher or in other words we have to hit the reset button cause as I said we tend to think think and over think things it could be something small or big and we tend not to let people into our thoughts because essentially that's all we have the most unique part about us is our head and the way we think along with a few other great personality traits. Justy give him time but from me to you the women I'm dealing with is a virgo also and she's stubborn and very pretty and she has a tendency to wait things out instead of just calling me she wouldn't and would leave the onus on me you virfo woman are pride full

cap men dissapperact
by: davon

and don't wanna look or seem weak in any way but sometimes you just gotta let it go cause its not worth it and from my relationship with the virgo that I'm dealing with cap males and virgo woman are plain and simple made for one another she knows what I'm thinking and vice versa sex is great basically if there ever were a female version of me it would be her she completes me and I'm sure you feel the same way about him so don't let the fact you may or may not hear from him bother you always stay active and keep involved with him especially from a mental aspect cause we can shut down. I hope I can u please help me I have been dealing with my virgo female for almost a year and a half now we used to be coworkers I've knoiw her since 2005 we got a little more serious late 2009 until now we still aren't a couple we still aren't dating although every aspect of our relationship is seemingly good when we started messing with one another she wasn't fully out of her relationship and I didn't think I'd catch feelings for her she's beautiful and we were friends but I was sexually attracted to her and that's all we both thought it would be anywho her relationship wasn't a good one he lied to her cheated on her even brought "something " home to her for which she found out by the doctor. He never dealt with her son never even spoke to him and they had been together since 06 after we had sex I'd say 3 times it wasn't just that for me anymore we were already friends and I

cap men disappearing act
by: Davon

stàrted to like her long story short she ended up officially ending it a month after we had sex with her then bf since then I've stuck with her through a lot still to this day she's said I love you to me once and that's because I asked if she loves me she's lied to me before and it makes me a little skeptical of what she says to me sometimes if she's telling the truth or not and she says she couldn't commit to me because of the feelings she had for her ex and now for me and she knew she wouldn't be faithful to me or him for that matter that was last year now I see her less but we talk every single day all day along the day we are talking and in contact with one another I treat her good and her son and its been since Oct 09 we been messing its now April 2011 and I've been with her through everything since that day but yet and still she won't commit to me she cares for me and loves me and every aspect of our relationship is great I know she may be afraid of getting hurt or maybe she's lying to me and really isn't over her ex but I can't see why she would hold me around if that's the case I just don't know what to think and like I told you us caps think alopt so this is something that's on my mind often and when I talk to her about b eing together its like she wants to but doesn't wanna be used hurt lied to or taken advantage of and there's only but so much a person can show u before u have to give it a chance I treat her like she is my girl I give her that much respect so she can see what its like even though it wouldn't be exactly the same until we are in a relationship but I don't have sex with anyone else I'm very loyal and good to her and she knows iam but she still won't committ to me as far as I know. The ex is out of the picture I don't ask questions about that or him because I don't care for him in anyway and I don't wanna bring him up but its to the point now where I feel my insides hurting from missing her or not seeing her or what am I doing wrong that she won't committ to me we do everything else everything but no title and I've been single since aug 07 until now and I don't want to be anymore but its not on me its her help me what am I doing wrong ? Because I want her to be mine

Capricorn male disappearing act
by: Anonymous

maybe, capri men can't multi task!!!! with the disappearance act??? no wonder they are loners!!!!

Help, please? Capp guys?
by: Anonymous

OMG... these storys just look all the same and like mine...

If someone could respond to me, I would be very much grateful!

I met this Capricorn man (34 y old) through friends. But he is not from the same country as me, although he is here to work and wants to stay here to live. The attraction was instant (but we were only in friendship because he had a girlfriend there in his country, although he wanted to break up with her). A week after we met he went to his country on a three week vacation.

We exchanged 2 sms while he was there but nothing special, but when he returned, he sent me a sms saying that he had returned. A week after he returns we were evolved emotionally and sexually. We were together for 2 weeks and he broke up with his girlfriend over the phone. She did not take it very well and is always calling and sending SMS.

However we continued "together" but not considered “in a relationship”, but I was going out with his friends, all together. We even went for a week-end out of town just the two of us (I even drove his car all the way back home while he was on the passenger sit - I heard this is a big thing). But after this weekend, on the next weekend we went out at night (in separated groups of friends) and I was talking to some male friends for a long time (one of them is even gay), and when the Capp guy entered the club, he did not say "Hello" to me, telling our mutual friends that "she's already in good company."

Then, that night he didn’t want to come to my house and stay over and we had a fight. Next day, he called me to “talk” ad said that he needed some time alone. He doesn’t want to stop seeing me, but he is feeling that I see us already like a “couple” and he is just not ready for getting in another relationship right now. He is going on another vacation to his country in August (for 3 weeks) and he told me that he needed to go and talk to his ex-girlfriend to end things right. This was 2 weeks ago.

We were “together” another time in the other week (our chemistry is incredible), after this “talk” and we still texting and e-mailing each other. And he keeps calling me “baby” when we talk on the phone. But... lately he doesn't call me anymore, this weekend he didn't say a word.

P.S. – I’m a pretty girl, so I’m frequently surrounded by guys that want to meet me, buy me drinks, and whatever, but I never pay attention to these guys, can make this Capricorn get jealous and go away? Is he afraid to fall for me because thinks he might get hurt?

Should I give the guy some time like he asked? Or is this just a way he found to keep me away for good? Because I really think he is a nice guy, but is he going to come back? He is sweet to me, if I send him an e-mail or sms he will answer, but I don't know... And I did not say a word to him or texted him in a week to, because I'm so confused :-(

Cap Confusion
by: Anonymous

Ok here is the general outline. I have known him over the internet for about 3 years. He met for the first time last year and it was the most perfect date. We then texted a little and it died down to every so often, always initiated by me.

Anyway, we started texting more and then we eventually met again and the feeling were there. Our messagea and phonecalls before that had been fairly steamy but also general. He stayed at mine but nothing really happened.

We then met again nearer him. We met half way and we had a picnic on a hill and cuddled and well things happened but it was also very romantic. We got on so well and the chemistry was there. He said "next time he will cook a better meal" etc and lent me his sat nav etc.

Since then things have been hit and miss. I occassionally here from him but it is ad hoc. Phone calls have not really occured.

Have I ruined things? I thought he really liked me as I did him but I am confused.

He has gone to holding my hand and gazing into my eyes to being very quiet, occasionally saying well done if I have completed a race or climbed a mountain etc.

Driving me mad. So much so I delete his number to avoid being the overbearing one who texts too much.

Any ideas?

please help!!
by: Anonymous

To all capricorn man, please give me advice and what to do..i fought with my capricorn man and i hurt him badly by my words and action. I'm a Leo woman and i knew i'm impulsive and foolish once you touched my ego...we are in a long distance relationship..

i fought with my capricorn man last Friday, 18 November 2011. he attend bday party of our friend's wife which he asked permission from me but what i did i asked him to go home coz it's already late night and i'm waiting for him to the skype...then i called him and we have some petty arguments coz i felt i'm not important to him but i'm such a fool then he went home drunk and he wants to sleep and i get mad at him and i broke up with him...he signed out from the skype and off his phone so i get mad more and i sent him texted him with all the harsh words and i took back all the stuff that i bought for his room and for him....but saturday afternoon i called him to checked if he already ate and he answered my calls but still i'm sending him messages but again all hurtful messages that i want to broke up with him coz he is not the guy i want to live and i don't want my life to be miserable...then saturday night i tried to call him coz i felt sorry for all what i've said when i realized that i don't want to lose him but he never answered my calls till now....i texted him saying how sorry i am and i love him so much but till now no response....i'm afraid that i will lose him because of my impulsiveness and foolishnes....i made a video for him with his pictures on it and a song can we start all over again and i'm asking his forgiveness and i post it on his facebook on a private status but i don't know if he saw it coz i think he didn't opened his facebook...

and today i decided to give him time but i'm still afraid that he will not contact me anymore...please help me...what should i do for him to give me another chance and i promise i will not do it again and i will try my very best to remove his worries that i will leave him totally...

by: Anonymous

I have a Capricorn male friend who would continually catch my attention at work. Always smiling at me and making jokes. Not only that, he would be very protective and kept saying 'lov you'. Were not dating, but he would call me. This has more or less stopped, leaving me confused. The thing is when I see him he has that glint in his eye and like everything is ok. He is such a sweet gentleman but I'm confused.

To Confused.
by: Keira

Do u flirt back with him?
If he constantly flirts with u, and maybe acting like a teenager, showing up, so he def likes u (other question in wht way).
However, there might be a BUT.
Wht do you know about his personal life? maybe he is committed to another person?

Sounds like my story. Haha

Cap men
by: Always a Lady

I am, I guess dating a cap guy. Older gentleman, which I love. He is constantly disappearing. I thought it was over and then I text him Hi and asked what happened? He said, nothing I thought we were having a relationship, (non-sexual). We have not slept together and it has been quite awhile. He is not interested in just Sex. He told me he wants the whole package, all of me. He is a big business guy and travels the world. He has been gone for six months on business. The other day, I text him and asked if there was another woman. He said, no NEVER. in all capital letters. It has been a very confusing relationship. Nothing is normal about it. Although he is extremely intriguing. He keeps me wondering always. I know these Caps are the King of Testing, so I know he is testing my Patience. I always tell him, he is the only one. I only have eyes for him. I know the reward is huge, they are loyal and wonderful lovers. So I will wait.

Wht does astrology has common?!
by: Keira

Cappy man..
but they are still men, who should act probably LIKE a MEN.

Usually when man dissapears, when it's on and off, when words contradict actions, even when u meet him and he is beeing really sweet and caring, it means HE IS NOT INTO U.
What does it has common with horoscopes, for god sake?
TESTING.. wtf?
Acting like a big child, immature, insecure..And women just got turned on by their sweet nature, get attached, and when cappies dissapear, start looking for the answer in the astrology. Tht they are testing u and need time to commit, and blah, blha..
But in the end of all, they are just fool themselves...
How much tht testing time will continue? Yes, maybe couple of months..or maybe a year..or maybe u have guarantee tht u not gonna one day after all these years of hell and being patient get: sorry, you r just not my person...u r lovely, let's stay friends?
No.. how long u should be patient?
All his silence and actions just show his just don't care. Or maybe he is care, but there is a BUT..
U can have your own life till he is testing you, but:
1) if u start just date some other people - he will pull more away.
2) U should time to time remind him tht u r there for him. Excuse me, if he hurts u, and he knows tht, why U should break your self esteem, when it's so many men would just dream to be in his shoes?

Please, answer me somebody!

p.s. I'm aqua 'dating' cappy man, and my heart just broken so many times, tht i can't even count..

emotional tired
by: sarah

I am married to one for 4 years now. The first 3 years of our marriage was great. We share a lot, we laugh a lot and ect. But whe he got pronoted last year things started to deteriorate. He has been on the dissapearing acts for a couple of times. Hey, if u r single, go ahaed and do it. But u r now a father and a husband, why must u start doing this. For me personally this is a sefish act. I am a scorpion woman and would always be thee for him. But lately, he is really getting under my skin and we've been arguing a lot. I am sick and tired of playing his game and taking my emotions for a ride. I just want a peaceful marriage like an adult and sit down and talk about it. If it's always me that needs to do coaxing, my god, I'll die of frustrations. He is doing it now. It's two days now he dissapeared, lied to me saying that he had to go out of town for work but actually I found out this morning when I had a strange feelings and all (being a scorpion, mind you).I don't know, for me if love and care for someone regardless of your signs you would not do this. Furthermore, I am gonna start working tomorrow after being unemployed for 4 months. I am so disspointed in him. Everybody is not perfect, but when you are married you can't simply take off and expects the wife to sit and wait for you at home, being a complete moron. There're so many times, I wanna out but I just couldn't. Guys and gals, how should I teach him a lesson? I mean not revenge but to make him realised that what he is doing now will destroy the marriage. It's not just the dissapearing acts that irritates me but other things as well, generally taking me for granted. Appreciate your insights. Thanks all!

Cappy who Dissapeared
by: Anonymous

Hi its been about a year now since my last entry. My cappy was the one who left and got married, and came back. We are still together. We moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. He appears to have really left this wife he married. There hasnt been any contact from her, or to her from him. He has played the disssapearing act and gone to LA, but always calls every few days to tell me whats going on. Recently we argued because he wasnt answering his phone, or returning text. He got upset and put it out there finally. He says he is with me because he loves me, and when he left his wife, it was because he realized she wasnt the right woman for him and he felt horrible for what he had done to me. He says he walked away from everything with only the clothes on his back to come back to me, and that he moved me to Vegas so we could start all over with our lives, and live in peace. Is it possible that this man really does love me, finally, can I exhale and know that he is for me now?

Cap Men Please Give Me some Advise
by: Anonymous

Help...I love him but he left me. We had been seeing a therapist b/c we were considering marriage and wanted to see if this was something we could do. Come to find out, we're not compatible, per the therapist. We get along GREAT, we can talk for hours and hours, we laugh, we love each other but we do have disagreements, we do argue. But what couple doesn't? We love each other deeply or at least that's what he tells me. But, he's gone. He said he surpressed all his feelings from his last relationship and never got over that relationship. He says he doesn't want her back nor is he going back to her. He says he just needs to deal with the breakup. Him and I have been dating for 15 months. When he broke up with me I was hurt in a way I could never explain. I told him I would not contact him ever again b/c I needed to heal. It's been a week and I'm about to lose my mind b/c I miss him so much! Should I contact him? I'm so scared he's going to reject me. I don't know what to do....

My first Capman Im Leo woman
by: Anonymous

I meet him on a dating site..things started off rough after our first date b/c I thought he didnt like me ( we had an GREAT DATE btw) ..he disappeared for two days and he was back....we dated wonderfully its been a month and some weeks.he came over b/c he missed me and wanted to hang out b4 our next scheduled date over the weekend. We had such a great night and sex came up.. He said he thought it would make us more teritorial over eachother and really lock things down..i asked if that was a main factor in coming to that decision for him b/c I wanted to WAIT until we got to know eachother a little better he aggreed (i was estatic) we were on the same page and next thing you know he disappeared....our date came up i texted I was excited to see him ...he texted back yea...u sure? I texted back why whould you say that..( in my mind I thought if im sure OF COURCE! I JUST SAID IT).. I made a joke about if he was mad at me or not...he texted back NO...havent heard from him since and im just really wondering why ..its been alot and its just the begining....

I even told him b4 i dont think we should date b/c he acts like "he's just not that into me" with him responding "if I wasnt why would I be doing all the things we have done already" (which in my mind is normal courting to get to know someone). I assumed but never asked if he doenst go out of his way for girls ...Im ready to give up after this last disaperance its almost been a week today and im not sure if I can hold on much longer to this up and down crap.....

Where do I begin?
by: Caz

I've been married to a Cap male for about 12 years. And he hit this 'I don't want to be here - I am trapped' stage in his life (midlife crisis) and found himself an emotional connection with another woman. Claims she's a friend but it's been really hard on me and our three kids. I had to give him some serious space. He is confused and needs to sort himself out. The issues I'm having - do Cap males when they commit to a family really leave? I'm not sure what's going to happen. He told me he would never cheat on me and be faithful to me. Do Caps who are family oriented lie and do the opposite?

I want to believe during our time apart he will come home to me. He still financially takes care of me and my kids. He's been out of our house now for two weeks.

Thank you

will he come back?
by: KAT

I began seeing a Capricorn guy, he initially pursued me and I was quickly seduced, we had electric conversations, sex, sleepovers, and chill nights... When i went out of town a week after meeting him we kept in touch by text every day and I even called him to see if he would pick me up from the airport, and he said yes in a flash. Things were going really well for almost a month, and then one night he told me he wanted to know where I thought things were going... that he wasn't ready for a commitment but loves my company and wanted things to continue like they were. So i happily agreed, saying I was just going with the flow, that I didn't just want a fwb or something that would go nowhere forever, but at this point I wasn't worried... and he said that he wasn't closed down to the option of more and that things can happen. Things continued as per usual, and the next time we met up he asked me, in all seriousness, if I was sleeping with anyone else, considering we weren't using condoms. I told him a straight no, and he looked at me, with the cutest shy look, and said, are you sure? And I said yes, I am sure. A few minutes later, I remembered to ask him, and he said, Oh, no of course not why would I have asked you? In my mind, at that moment, I became more committed to him... I didn't think he was worried about STDS so much as his heart... he was cheated on before!
And somewhere after there things went wrong... two weeks of typical scorp possiveness borderline obsessive texting and drama and capricorn resistance and withdrawal. He kept telling me he didn't feel right and couldn't seem to tackle this problem we seem to be having for no reason... and that he just needs time!! But then he keeps talking to me.... ugh.. so for two weeks we had text dramas and I finally told him that I couldn't take the texting communication anymore and that we had created problems in our own head with this lack of communication, that I wanted to see him now or never, and that's when he told me he wasn't home. I accused him of lying, making me crazy, swore at him in his foreign mother tongue, and when he told me he was sad and he just needed to be alone i told him to go be alone, and that next time he shouldn't talk to anyone, just fuck them, so they won't like anything else about him!!!

...... TBC

will he come back? cont...
by: KAT

I got an emotional reaction - he was definitely hurt, shocked at the gentle scorpio girl he thought he knew, but reacted with dialogue, and we eventually calmed the tone and actually said what we meant... or TEXTED what we meant... and left some time to cool off... today I called him, and after ignoring 3 or 4 phone call attempts over the past week or so, he finally answered, and was sort of tender and light, and I apologized for saying some mean things and told him that I was in a rage... and it takes a lot to bring me there... And he said sorry to me for that.
I left the conversation short and sweet, just happy to hear his voice, and feeling good, feeling like he was good and he does care... or just hoping? Hard to tell with a cap sometimes. I said, so... do what you have to do (meaning in life, with me, with your time...?!) and he responded (logically) Well I am just going for dinner at my parents (!!!!!! They do love dinner with the fam. ), and I responded alright, well take care I guess... and He said, see you soon.
You guys think he is going to call me? WHEN??!??!?!? LOLLL
God we Scorps are INSANE. I love it. You Caps love it too ;).
Thanks for listening please help me out guys am I wasting my emotional energy or could he want something more??

Dear Sarah,
by: Anonymous

Change the locks on the door. Put his clothes outside. How pathetic that these cap men even do this married with children. They must spend half their lives making up to these poor kids. The children sometimes can feel like its their fault their father does not come home. Shame, shame on these men. Who granted them a free pass because of their birth sign? How many of us women, working mothers would love to just take off and forget about our home life for a few days???

Capricorn man should I run?
by: Anonymous Gemini

So I just met this Capricorn man and we immediately hit it off. He completely swept me off my feet. Dinners, sweet texts, affection spending lots of time together. I of course returned the affection. We seemed perfect together. Well one night he completely gushed about how he felt and couldn't understand why he liked me so much. The next night we had our first "argument". I'm pretty sure it was due to his jealousy. I didn't fight dirty or say anything in spite or to hurt but he was so threatening. Basically acting like he could care less if I left. The next morning I told him I understand he might not be able to communicate how he feels but I don't respond well to threats. He then talked about ending things because he went off on me and his last relationship had this problemand it makes him less emotionally attached? I asked him not to give up on my so easily as I wasn't too offended and I'm not like his ex. He agreed but instantly became distant at that point. Still answered calls and texts but not as sweet and open as before. I offered to treat him to dinner for fathers day as his son is in another which bumme him out. He agreed, I got him a gift and card. The night before I asked if he was just being nice and giving me the hint but he said no that he wanted to take things slowly and his emotions overcame him. Well on fathers day I got this MSG "I'm going to have to cancel. I really don't care to hangout so don't want u to waste ur time. I lied last night " I haven't responded. I'm dumbfounded. Idk what changed so suddenly and how to react. Any suggestions?

by: Anonymous

I met a cappie and we were togeather for 5 months. We both have kids and everything was going well texted me he misses and and has emotions and the whole nine yards. Then one day he just stoped calling, so i texted him happy fathers day and he repied i miss you. I cant understand what is going on. is he ever going to call. Or should i move one. I am a libra women with a scropion rising. The conversaion and everything goes smoth we do not fight nor did we ever get in to an agurement so i cant understand what is happing. please advise

help out
by: Anonymous

The capicorn just likes to have their alone time to think an get stuff settled. They really don't like to talk bout what htere goin thru. I myself am a capicorn male.

by: Anonymous

I have not spoken to him or contact him in about 3 weeks how long do they need

when he disappears...
by: Gingerlily

When he does a disappearing act, the chances are high he might be seeing someone else behind your back just for sex. Even though I wasn't in a relationship with him at the time; it was the beginning to get to know each other stage (a LDR), it still hurt and upset me. His excuse was that he felt lonely. Really pathetic if you ask me. His only saving grace is that he tells the truth.

I just want to cuss him out!
by: Anonymous

Me 42-Pisces/He 52-Cap - Amazing romance for the first 3 wks, then he broke up with me because we weren't able to reach a compromise on when the proper time is to have sex. I want to wait until marriage, he doesn't. He said he cares for me deeply and thinks I might be the one, but after I stood my ground he fell apart. So now he regrets breaking up with me and told a mutual friend of ours that he wanted to know how I was doing. Then when she told him he was a fool for letting me go over sex and that he needed to fix this, he agreed with her and told her he was gonna call me. That was 4-5 days ago. Part of me wants to call him and let his selfish ass have it! I understand needing time away, but I don't understand how he thinks this is fair to me. Whenever we would talk about serious things or sex, the next day he was already pulling back. The last time he did this I told him he can be free but he can't keep coming in and out of my life like that. I don't need that kind of inconsistency from him. At 52, I think he ought to be able to handle tough talk.
I just don't understand why it's taking him so long?
Does this mean he really doesn't care for me after all and he doesn't want to make up?
He said he would call, but I'm just feeling like he'll never call.

Cappy came back after marriage
by: Anonymous

Hi its been about a year now since my last entry. My cappy was the one who left and got married, and came back. We are still together. We moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. He appears to have really left this wife he married. There hasnt been any contact from her, or to her from him. He has played the disssapearing act and gone to LA, but always calls every few days to tell me whats going on. Recently we argued because he wasnt answering his phone, or returning text. He got upset and put it out there finally. He says he is with me because he loves me, and when he left his wife, it was because he realized she wasnt the right woman for him and he felt horrible for what he had done to me. He says he walked away from everything with only the clothes on his back to come back to me, and that he moved me to Vegas so we could start all over with our lives, and live in peace. Is it possible that this man really does love me, finally, can I exhale and know that he is for me now?

by: Aries woman in luv with a Cap

So Ive read alot of the comments above and I must honestly say I feel better knowing I'm not the only one being sent through the pits of hell to obtain a cappys love. Ok.. here’s my story, I met my cap (after meeting him a yr prior on some hello goodbye stuff)May of 2011, I had just given birth to my only daughter and was ready to start bk wk. He was a newly appointed property manager and gave me my first leasing job. The attraction was there from the start. He used to take me out and buy lunch for me ALL THE TIME, he was "lowkey" affectionate at work and very affectionate in private. He would send all these sweet txt and call my daughter a princess just over the best guy ever. Well me being the aries that I am, Ive been playing by his rules, always very discrete, pleasing, etc.. Things seemed to be ok, then like most of ur stories he stopped... No more txt, nothing. He would be flirtatious at wk but that was it. Also at work he would be kinda territorial, not really wanting me to converse with guys of equal "weight" to him. I couldnt understand bc we were (by this point) so off and on, back and forth, I was officially confused. LOTS of men try and hit on me ALL the time bc Im both beautiful, smart and down to earth. BUT I only had (and still do hv) eye for only him. Well long story short.. Im not sure what to do.. For the longest I kept telling myself its bc we work together.. it makes it weird but he recently got another (BETTER) job and no longer works for the same company. We've seen each other twice since (which has only been about a month) and each time we talk for hours.. He kisses me and tells me Im beautiful, smart etc.. and every time we're around each other its never forced.. He says he knows that I like him for him and thats never happen to him b4 and he doesnt want to fuck that up. He says he doesnt do well in relationships and they never last. He pro-claims through all of this tho that he really likes me and "ideally" I would be his girlfriend. WELL THEN WHAT IS THE FREAKIN PROBLEM? This waiting without knowing is driving me crazy! He consumes my mind and I all I wanna do is make him happy. I can find NOTHING wrong with this man that will push me to leave his ass alone. NOT EVEN THE HORRIBLE disappearing acts.. Im trying to figure out should I wait and be patient or continue on with my life. Not only do I know I can be any and everything this man wants, I REALLY WANT TO BE.

by: Aries woman in luv with a Cap

Up until July, I have not been the "emotional" female. True it was mostly bc I had to come to wk and see him for 8 hrs a day and I didnt want to appear needy, but now that I rarely see him, and we barely talk "through text" I feel EXTRA EMOTIONAL and its starting to show in my txt... My last text to him, after seeing him about 5 days before and having the best night ever and not getting a txt or anything afterwards, I simply said "hmm so I see ur still on this not respondin bs... Ima fall bk luv.. I get it. I then proceeded to delete his number out my phone and pray to god I could last at least a week without txting.

Im jus all over the place. This man makes me feel bi-polar and IM NOT USED TO THIS. He thinks "the chase" is what keeps me interested.. Thats INSANE its him.. How can I get him to understand how he makes me feel and further more how do I stay calm until my goat comes around and we live happily ever after? SN: He's 33 I'm 26 he has a son 8 and I have a daughter 1, he's shared his dreams, goals and some secrets with me, Ive done the same.. and above all the sex is magical.. filled with obvious passion and care. THE COMMUNICATION JUST SUCKS!!! :/
Sorry this is soooo long but I sorta had to vent too lol .. Cap men PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE give me ur opinion and help

In a Love Affair with a Capricorn Man
by: Shakti

God, how complicated they are ! Incredibly complicated!I realize it now just reading all your comments and being in a recent event with a Cap man that makes my heart cry...
I am married and he is married...I have kids and he has kids...and we met on a company meeting this year and we fall in love..We've seen each other once ever since (June) and talked on emails which in the beginnings were loving, sweet, tender, fantasy, a real dream! In time, their number decreased ..We were in vacation each with our own families , there was silence...I wrote , he did not get back, then he got back with the answer that Ah, he's been tired, a lot of work, things not going very well...But that he cares a lot about me...
Then we got last week the opportunity to see each other and he wanted to take advantage of it, so he asked...But he never showed up...I was puzzled, but in time, life learnt me that love is above all...He should just understand that he needs to treat things differently (at least tell you are not going to show up) , but otherwise than this I cannot put him to the wall...
And I know he is going to come back, I just don't know what I should answer .What I feel now is a deep love, no hurt feelings, just a need for clarity.
Don't ask why we are in this relationship if we are married...things happen and love comes without asking...
I am not sure though how a Cap man treats a love affair but I can deduct from your comments that they can easily live a double life.

Pisces Woman/Cap Man
by: Anonymous

I have been married 2 years to my cap hubby. Being a pisces i am very sensitive an emotional. I also am very understanding and patient. It has been a hard ride with this man he is def a challenge for me. Most men fall at my feet and that is that and he did this at first in fact he was very open with his feelings writing love letters,poetry and sending sweet txts once we got married all that ended sometimes I get a sweet moment. The thing i have noticed with him is he is very reserved with his feelings it is easier for him to write or txt them rather than come out and say it. He is a wonderful father and provider he always makes sure we have everything we need. He is a hard worker and very much into his job. There are many fight or arguements that end in him leaving or ignoring me leaving was for a few hours and he would not say where he went he would not answer my calls or txts. when he would come back he would act as nothing happened. Me being a Pisces female I want to know every detail of what he is feeling I found this just would push him away more. He is a soldier so sometimes he is gone for long periods of time. If we get in a fight over the phone he will hang up on me and not call or txt for days 6 days was the longest. I could say mean things or nice things he would never budge half the time I don't even thinkhe read my txts or emails. I couldnt understand how a man that vowed to love me could just turn off everything and ignore the one person who always had his back. He would always come back and initiate the conversation with a txt saying I love you or I miss you sometimes I would be so mad I would talk crap immediately and he would go right back to ignoring me. The lesson I learned was this was just his way he sometimes would say I need time to think or I need to focus on work chill out. I as a woman would automatically think he was up to something but I found if I just say nothing and after a day or so I send a simple txt like I love you i hope your good, he would respond and from txt i would say call me tonight and he would. I feel that capicorns have passive aggresive attitudes They don't like confrontation with there partner this was his way of letting me simmer down and he would test the waters and then respond. I still hate it and don't think it's right or fair but you can't always have things the way you want you either accept that person or you don't! I trust he is faithful and true to his words sometimes he just needs his space and a lot of people don't get that!

They disappear, it's who they are
by: Anonymous

I started dating a cap for about 3-4 months. He's been disappearing since the beginning. At first just 2-3 days now sometimes for a week. I Love him so much and have had terrible heartache and cried many times over him.
He told me he needed to get his life together, I thought he was breaking up with me, he didn't call for a week I thought he didn't like me anymore.
Since, he has shown and told me how deeply he cares for me. He's getting his life straightened out for us and thigs are really good.
I now see that I need to stop readign things into my releationship that arn't there, and that i need to be able to give him what he needs - space, time, trust, understanding ,and most of all Love. THEY WILL COME BACK AFTER DISAPPEARING, IT'S WHO THEY ARE & WHAT THEY DO!!!:)

Cappy came back after marriage
by: Puddins girl

Hi its been about a year now since my last entry. My cappy was the one who left and got married, and came back. We are still together. We moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. He appears to have really left this wife he married. There hasnt been any contact from her, or to her from him. He has played the disssapearing act and gone to LA, but always calls every few days to tell me whats going on. Recently we argued because he wasnt answering his phone, or returning text. He got upset and put it out there finally. He says he is with me because he loves me, and when he left his wife, it was because he realized she wasnt the right woman for him and he felt horrible for what he had done to me. He says he walked away from everything with only the clothes on his back to come back to me, and that he moved me to Vegas so we could start all over with our lives, and live in peace. Is it possible that this man really does love me, finally, can I exhale and know that he is for me now? We have been doing well, about to move into our new house on Friday. Do I finally have my cappy?

Cappy came back after marriage
by: Puddins Girl

Me and my cappy now live in Vegas. We have been through so much to finally get where we are today. It's been a crazy ride. I was married, now seperated, he was married, now seperated. since May, things have been good. No disappearing acts. Its funny though, it seems if we argue now, we make up before going to bed at night. I feel so loved by this man now. He tells me, he shows me. He says every year he changes and that he sets new goals for himself. He says he is done playing games, and that he is happy with me and him. That he wants to marry me. should i believe him at this point, after all we have been through???

Someone please leave advice
by: Anonymous

I've been dating a cap for a month and a half everything perfect almost to good to be true out of no where one month and 3 weeks later he says he wakes up feeling different he needs time to figure it out etc etc etc ...
He said he doesn't want to hurt me he just got a feeling he can't describe but doesn't feel the same way as I do about him we have been lightly texting and talk about what happen. He said he cares and doesn't want to lose me completly and wants to be friends .... Will he come back around for more than just friendship .... The beginning of the relationship we moved really fast I think I scared him away :/...but at the same time everything was perfect and just wakes up feeling different one day ??!

to kat
by: scorpionms

All I can say if a cap wants to he will. If he doesn't he wont. Just slow down and take ur time. I've dated a cap for years whose been hurt b4 and he wouldn't commit n u stayed patient but I finally started thinking of myself n asking how long am I supposed to wait.... in other words sometimes people r meant to b seasons in ur life. And now I'm happy to say that I'm marrying another cap but he knew what he wanted and that was me. And I'm happy to say I'm marrying him n less then a month. ... just enjoy the moments and see what it is. If u really look at everything ull b able answer ur own question. Make sure u really know the man whom ur falling for and ask urself is he really worth the wait.

They disappear, it's who they are NEW
by: Puddins Girl

Hi, I am with a cappy man now, and I have gone through what you described many times with him. What I can tell you is that you have absolutely no control over the matter. My cappy would tell me the same thing. "He needed time to get himself together" ......etc..... In actuality he was involved with someone else and comparing the two of us. Eventually I won out and now I have his complete heart. but not before he hurt me terribly and left me completely alone. You have to ask yourself is he worth it???? He will test you to the limits....My cappy was at that place in life where he was looking for a wife and at the time, I was married to someone else. Now its just him and I completely, and I love it and him. We are planning a huge New Years Eve Party for his birthday, and I beleive he is going to propose to me there. He is extremely loving and adorable and sweet, attentive, and committed. But thats because its what he wanted with me. You must be sure, you are what he wants as well. If you are you will know because he will put you first in everything.

Cap men and disappearing act
by: Anonymous

I dated a cap guy for about a year and they are so confusing! Im a taurus and I thought it was smooth riding, as I read in astrology. So wrong. I put up with just one disappearing act but not the second. He was a nice person and all but just didnt know what he wanted. Maybe it just wasnt me. Oh well...easy come easy go. My pride was getting hurt. I will think twice before a cap man now. Life is to short Cap men!

by: Misashiro

I am with a capi and i am a virgo with rising sign in scorp. I have noticed as well everytime we have a really good day; he dissappears for a couple of days. I think of it as getting some space to breathe before we can make out again. Lol that being said, I have been in so many terrible relationships, this being my most stable and happy one, that if he needs his space of course I'll give it to him.

Dissappearing Cap
by: Puddins Girl

Well, all I can say is that I am happy with my cappy man. He is incredible. We have grown, and believe me he was and is stubborn. I read before that as young men, they tend to be more difficult to deal with, but as they age they become more young at heart. Mine is still young, but he is softening, and our relationship has flourished.

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