Capricorn man advice: trust

by Steven

I am a Capricorn man. A Capri man, at first, has a difficult time coming out of his box. He finds trust difficult, because he keeps that tough exterior to protect himself from emotional melt downs, because under that exterior he is quite passionately emotional. Trust is a difficult thing to find for a Capricorn, so he values it when he finds it, making him a great and reliable friend, and companion. So it is good to show yourself to him, to show that he can trust you just as you trust him to see your true side. This means that a Capricorn will, if he begins to trust but has not come out yet, listen more and learn more about you so he knows who he is showing himself off to. It can be a while before a Capricorn man truly shows himself off, or becomes emotionally attached, but being a Capricorn man, I can say that if a Capricorn man found someone they can fully open up to, and trust, and feel safe and secure being with, then they are possible one of the best, and most faithful lovers of the signs.
just my personal insight on Capricorns.

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Capricorn trust
by: Anonymous

I've got a Capricorn man, there is interest but still know action beside a kiss on the cheek. He tells me everything that he feels from what makes him cry to what makes him laugh. He tells me how beautiful I'am everytime he sees me. But still no action, I don't know what to do? If I start the conversation then we'll talk for hours on SMS as he had to take a job away. He'll send me msg only once in a while.

by: Anonymous

WoW.!!!!....i have this new friend, I met 2 weeks ago, which is a CAP.. I really like his personality. But as the previous comment about capricorns...uhm yes its unexplainable about the daily approach to them
.....i have to b the one to text 1st majority times.....but I really like him a Scorpio and from reading overviews on cap's..i think I can deal with such think he's a keeper..:)

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