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The best match I have had compared to any other sign. We are like best friends and lovers at the same time. Although, once fights occur it is long and he expects me to make up for it. I love my cappy man! very passionate lovers, goal driven and huge hearts.. the best MENTAL connection and very fun!

I'm a 19 year old typical sassy Aquarius madam and the stubborn but simply irresistible Capricorn man in my eye is a fair few years older (9 years).

He being the practical and rational one seems to have a BIG issue with this and although I understand his concerns and respect his choice, I am also very taken by him and I have found myself arguing in persuasion of age as merely a number. In my opinion, I posses quite a mature nature for my age, im not possessive, unreasonable, childish etc and not by any means a stereotypical student, i.e. cheating, out drunk every night etc, which again, is another implication...for him!

I am very honest and very loyal but very proud and above all things I have the utmost respect for my pride and generally never make a first move. But where it may have been a matter of giving up at the first signs of his hesitations I have done quite the opposite and found it is something I want to work hard on, I want to show him I am devoted to my man and I feel we are well suited in terms of our characters and personalities.

This Capricorn man in my eye demonstrates pure skill in his social relations, which I think most Aquarians (male and female) would appreciate, for example, in a social gathering I enjoy the spotlight and love entertaining a large group of people in an in-depth conversation or debate etc but sometimes I need my partner to re-appear back into the scene from the side lines where he was happily waiting and take over.. with regards to this; he can talk to HIS friends, MY friends and even anyone who's not yet a friend and within a few seconds they are deeply routed in conversation in such a way that you would assume they were life long friends.

He is very easy to talk to and yet there is an aloof and distant about him that makes him seem almost 'too good' to be approached by just anyone... meaning I find myself secretly craving his attention and feeling extremely special when I am given it.

He dances well, he challenges my mind, I can talk to him about nothing and he still stimulates me mentally! he is an impressive dresser (again something I thoroughly appreciate about him), he works hard.. everyday! and is self dependant in many ways. He was very assertive and honest from day one about his concerns with our age difference and bluntly informed me that nothing serious could ever happen between us... but!! naturally we randomly bumped into each other out every Saturday night after that! then one night, we danced together, sit down together, drank together and finally kissed each other! and my! my!

I have never kissed a man quite like a Capricorn man, who seemed to be happy for me to lead and pleasantly surprised by my playfulness, which appealed to all my senses that he was shocked, intrigued, and impressed because I enjoy myself, only, when I know someone is enjoying themselves (in anything..) I apologize for this long, detailed post but I cannot see any other solution to my problem then to have him. I beg of anyone to help! any advice on how to turn this man reasonable? or any books on the hardship of the Capricorn man and making him take a chance....for once! many thanks Luisa x

Hey Luisa, first off Capricorns tend to be very cautious and practical when selecting long term partners. It's normal that they don't want to rush in. Often the process of making one fall in love is described as bringing down their walls (check out the Scorpio woman Capricorn man message board on this site if you want to see some complaining and strategizing about this!)

In your case one of the walls is the age difference. A valid point to make to him is that as you both get older that 9 years will be less and less significant. At 19 it's a pretty big gap. At 30 it's not nearly as bad etc. Having said that, Capricorns generally prefer mature and dependable lovers. So the obstacle is really demonstrating you are one, more than the age gap itself.

Your patience level will be a factor in that demonstration - going off the deep end about it to try and persuade him for example will hurt a lot more than it will help.

Im an Aquarius woman and my man is a Capricorn. I love him but sometimes he make me want to say its over. Then he do something that make me forget what I was mad at him for and I really can't stand that, if im mad I want him to let me be mad at him. We can't be away from each other more then a hour or we gone really miss each other. In April,2010 we will be together for 3years.We met in 8th grade I know we young but the feelings we have for each other is true and I wouldn't change that for the world. He really is the love of my life.

Im an Aquarius woman dating a younger Capricorn man... its so weird! I know that I love him... and one part of me knows he's good to me and that I want to marry him... the other cant stand his materialism, controlling ways, and constant need for affirmation - but I guess that's the Aquarian in me... we started as friends and after about a year started "talking" and realized we had more in common that we originally thought - and things clicked - then he asked me to be his girl - I said yes - and now we live together - im sure this is all in his nature to act so quickly - cause for me its scary! we haven't even hit a year yet... very scary!! I think what makes me wonder even more is my subconscious comparison to my Gemini ex - now the stars say that the Aquarian and Gemini are damn near perfect for each other - and yet im with a Capricorn... I have to admit - there are pros and cons to being with both signs - sometimes you just wish you could take bits and pieces of every one you've loved and make a 'perfect mate/man' - I guess im just coping... hoping that enough compromise and love will make everything work for us... there's always that thought - what if he's the one and you leave in search for the 'perfect' - who all ladies know does not exist - but also - what if he's NOT the one and you stay... forced to settle for less than what you want or feel you deserve... who knows... only time will tell!

I am an Aquarius female and the man I like and have liked for the past several years is a cappy. Im not sure how to read him. I don't really talk to him but when we see each other out, we are constantly staring at each other. Several years ago, he was wanting to have sex with me and I would never give in. He is a very good looking man, could have anybody he wanted too and I knew this so I would never allow myself to just be another notch on his belt. Anyway. I did see him over the holidays out and about and of course we just stared but nothing is every said. He just broke up with someone a few months back. This is also the only man that has ever intimidated me. Im scared to talk to him, fear I will get rejected and when I don't have any communication coming from him, then I feel like he isn't interested in me. Could anyone give me some good advise here? Oh this whole thing has been going on for about 10 years. sounds crazy. there were head games played in the past. Also after he became a friend of min on FB, he broke up with his g-friend a month later.. any advice would be appreciated! :)

To the person above...just talk to him. Become his friend.

I'm an Aquarian female married to a cappy male and I understand your intimidation. They are very intimidating. But trust to him. Be his friend. This will show him that he can trust you. Once he's your friend and he understands you, then he'll want to take things to the next level.

Thank you for the advice. My friends keep telling me that too. I just have to try and get past the "intimidation" part of it. LOL. Plus im not sure if he's over the ex yet and Im afraid of getting rejected for that reason!

I am an Aquarian female falling in love with a Cappy from high school. we recently connected again after 15 years. it was like we never were apart. he lives in Florida im in Ohio he would love for me to relocate. he seems to still have sooo much love to give. and I'm still the one looking for love in all the wrong places. should I go? I want to run asap!

I am going through the same things with my Capricorn man. I'm Aquarius and like to show my affections to my man. However, the more open I am with my feelings the more scared he gets. After 6 years of friendship/lovers on and off, I have found the best way to attract and keep him interested, is to play the game his way. Which is actually working out for my own self worth. Be confident, take care of yourself, strive to make yourself happy, and concentrate on your career. This will not only make your Cap man highly attracted to you but you will be happy and at peace within yourself as well. This is what he wants for you. Neediness and insecurity is a total turn off to him. Let him know that you admire him and want to be with him, but you also have a life of your own. Be fun loving and self assured and you will be irresistible to all men esp a Cap. It takes a lot of patience, but the time we spend together is so special, that it is all worth it.

Hey im an Aquarius 19 female im deeply in love with my 39 year old Capricorn boyfriend but im not good at showing to much emotion he shows me and tell me he love me all the time I find it hard 2 give it back I don't no what to do I feel like I should let him go an be happy but I love him im so confused it not about our age that has never been a problem I don't no maybe its just me HELP PLZ. Leesa

ohk Joey is a Capricorn and im of course Aquarius and on the compatibility rate it says we have 1 communication 2 sex and 1 sum other thing but me and Joey hit it off!!! and im just swept off of my feet by him!!! although im only 16 I have gone out with people before but I have never in my life felt like this like I do when he's with mee!!! we have been together for a while and we have this wonderful thing going on and we are getting married in February!!!

I hooked up with my cappy guy at 13. almost 7 years later we are still sooo in love. but I have to say it is still very hard to figure him out. I love how mysterious he can be but it also makes it very hard to gauge his moods. and these men are moody! I think that's the worst part cuz they can never let ANYTHING go. the only thing I don't agree with on the sexual compatibility. we go VERY well together, but only if both parties are willing to let their guard down. I think cappys are just naturally skilled in that area!

wow! I'm totally relating to these experiences. I am an Aquarius woman dating a Capricorn man who is 10 years older than me. we have a lot of fun together, and a strong sexual chemistry, but he doesn't understand my reasons for having so many friends (men and women alike) and why they are my friends, maybe has trust issues when he's not with me... I am the most faithful person in the world but he just can't grasp that because of my independent nature and the need to love and care for everyone and see the good which they possess - he is kind of judgmental and worries about his reputation, whereas I ignore what people think of me and try to live life according to what I believe is "right", even if others disagree. often times he lets me take the blame for any arguments we have, but being that im highly analytical I can often justify these actions and accept them. I am very forgiving and don't believe in holding grudges. I know I made this sound very negative but there e is more wonderful that keeps me interested in him. we balance each other out nicely a lot of the time, and we always work through conflict which is a huge plus. we have a lot of fun together, share a lot of common interests, and are also good friends! which is a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. I think some of our miscommunication comes from me believing that he is out to get me when in reality its just a difference of perspective. what I'm hearing isn't necessarily what he is saying. when I can keep that in mind, things go much smoother. advice to the Capricorn man: be sensitive! really listen to what the woman is saying, selective hearing and assumption-making will get you into heaps of trouble!

as far as the 1,2,1 compatibility chart says, that is so not true in my experience! for me it's like a 3,5,4

I am a Aquarius woman whom has no clue what to do over this situation. I want to make the best decision for myself but I don't want to be hurt either. I was in love with a Capricorn man when I was a teenager. I messed up big time on our date. I know I made the mistake and yes it was my fault. After that, I was treated by him just horrible. He constantly avoided me and ignored me when I was in the same room with him. I gave up on him and moved away. I moved back 10-12 years later & ran into him again. I never seen a Capricorn man show off but he did his best to grab my attention. About 2 years later, I ran into him at his own band practice. He was singing when I showed up. Again, he starts acting almost loony. I was very turned off by it so I ignored him and sat down. Needless to say, he caused a lot of problems & the band broke up that night. I was soo unimpressed that I called him dumb even to his own brother. I was mad at him and I let his brother k now about it. I didn't expect for the Scorpio brother to start liking me, too! I could talk to him more easily and joke better, also. I fell under the spell of a Scorpio man. So much so that I was sadly depressed when he moved back out of state to be with his kids. Another year or two later, I ran back into the other brother the show off Capricorn. I went out to celebrate my birthday some. Out of the blue, he comes up to me and says, "Are you not going to say hi to me anymore?" I was a little surprised to see him approach me out of the blue anyways. So, I said hi, hugged him, & talked a little to him. I was impressed to see him acting his age. I don't know whether to give him a chance or wait for the other Scorpio brother to show back up. I'm soo afraid that this Capricorn will hurt me again. If I wait for the Scorpio than I could be waiting for nothing on him to move back. If anyone can give me some good advice than I am all!

Me and my Capricorn hubby are like best friends and we've been together for like...a 1yr and 6 months. I adore him and he feels the same. He's and amazing kisser, very passionate, but...we haven't got into the bed and sheets yet.. just a bit curious on how a Capricorn men is in bed cause I want to know what to help please.

I have the potential as a very single Aquarian woman to get to know a Cap man (I believe he is 4-5 years younger than me).

For many reasons, I am interested to see where this could go, of course, we have to get started first!

As I become more Aquarian (quirky, changeable yet particular, weird, etc) as I age, I find my patience for the dating game waning. Yet in Aquarian fashion, I'm in no hurry to hitch my wagon to the wrong guy--much rather be alone!

Anyway my question: Is Cap man going to make me wait and wait and prove myself worthy of him? Do I automatically have a myriad of hoops waiting for me to jump through just to catch his attention? At my level of life experience (over 30) that isn't going to fly for me.

Bottom line: how much patience is going to be required of me to emotionally connect to a Capricorn man?

I cannot believe I have stumbled upon this page. There are so many young Aquarian gals with older Capricorn males. I have recently split from my Capricorn, I moved to the other side of the world to be exact. We have been together for 4 years, the first 2 were great but then things began to unravel. Everything that say about our stars are true. I was so hard for me to leave him but there just was not that exact spark, Aquarians are more sociable by nature, plus the age gap! Hard work, I think if I was older then it would have been perfect. Aquarians and Capricorns do click, it just takes some work. Capricorn be more fun and not so pessimistic. Aquarians get your head out of the clouds and be happy with what you have, it's hard because if your anything like me I am like a bottomless pit, never happy. but I tell you I loved my Capricorn, should have stopped thinking twice.

My first and current boyfriend is a 20 year-old Capricorn. I'm a 19 year old Aquarius. We've been together for nearly five months. Though it hasn't always been running smoothly (he has lingering feelings for some of his exes which makes me extremely jealous, I say things without considering his feelings, etc.), we're like best friends and he means a lot to me. And when I say best friends, I truly mean it. We're so honest with each other. Outwardly, he might not LOOK like much, but inside, he's the guy I've been looking for all along. He's manly-- but in a subtle way, intelligent, outrageously funny, amazing in bed, and has a lot of tastes similar to mine. Maybe a little brooding, serious, and predisposed to bouts of melancholy now and then, but I know he's a strong-minded individual, courageous and stable, even if he's a little shy at first. I genuinely LOVE spending time with him. And it's like I can feel his love for me, so I'm starting to trust him a bit more.

For me, my love is either devastatingly intense and deep, or more casual and friendly. With him, it's more on the friendly side. It's not wild and passionate, it's more like we have a great companionship in each other. He's not possessive or jealous at all, which I kind of regret, because I like something about possessiveness in a guy. And I feel like he could be a BIT more passionate about showing his feelings toward me. Maybe if he had some Scorpio in his chart :p

But like I said, he's my best friend, and I love him deeply for that.

im an Aquarius woman with a young cappy. let me tell you. interesting. I am learning so much with my boo. not even with the older men I've been with. He has enlightened me in so many way's. I do appreciate him and his knowledge. they do have issues, but like the other girl said, you have to be patient. I hope, at least for me, all my dedication and loyalty will pay off. I have come to terms regarding my love for him. he knows, but not really know how I feel. not yet at least. what is it with these cappy men?

im an Aquarius female he is a cappy male we met 4 yrs ago he was seeing me and 4 other girls as well! after a few months we separated I went out with someone else and he chose one of the other girls he was seeing! unfortunately these didn't work out and we remained in contact as friends. the relationship grew and we started dating it took me a while to get past the fact that we were together I felt it was because his ex finished with him not because he really wanted to be with me! maybe I still do?! he is very moody and self indulgent and 9 times out of 10 I give in 2 appease him I feel like I have lost myself if we go out its with his family or friends . our biggest row is that I have 2 boys aged 9 & 6 and he sees them as a direct threat to his attention with him although he would never admit it also he is very reluctant to allow our relationship to move forward because of them and I cant go on like this any more!

my husband is a Capricorn and I am an Aquarius. we love each other dearly. but we often time get into arguments. because of miscommunication...if he says something one way...and then later on says something different (about the same situation). it doesn't seems that both things he said are the same...but in his mind they are. he says, "that's what I said", and im like "no you didn't!" .what should I do as the Aquarius woman to avoid arguments with my Capricorn husband? I love my husband. and I want us to last forever

I am dating a cappy who is 10 years older then me. This is one of the best relationships I have ever had. Even the Sex is mind blowing if I might brag. He is a fantastic man and I like it when he takes control. I am happy to go on the ride of my life. He is truly the love of my life.

I am talking to a Cancer guy he seems like the guy I been wanting for a long time, he provides for me when I need it, very funny and sexy and honest w. how he feels even if it is a mood swing. I just think the fact I am a friendly girl and a lot of people know me and I know some of his people, he thinks that I will never be able to settle down---and lately I been staying low key, but I feel like I'm not being my self ( Aquarius ) but I am worried what if he is not who he is saying he is---but I guess its a chance that I must take---But he always seems like he needs his space-- he doesn't believe in relationships, so I don't know if I am wasting my time --- I like him so much he's always on my mind I would to take care of him and get to know him better I just think I maybe to emotional and I don't want to push its been 9 mnths---and I am still so HAPPY when he's around though I can't show it!--HELP


I am an Aquarian woman who has been "dating" a Capricorn man for a little over a year now. We met at work 6 months after my husband passed away (lung transplant gone wrong) and he was still married-but came on to me hard, and me being the smart ass that I am made it very clear that I did not want a married man coming on to me. A year later we both end up laid off from our jobs, he's divorced and reluctantly I start talking to him. To start off I'm 9 years older than him, and we live 45 minutes apart. In the beginning he could not do enough for me, brought his 2 girls from the previous marriage over to play with my son on the weekends, it was great-until the holidays came along. He reluctantly bought me a gift, I feel because I told him I had bought him something. My birthday in January- he asked me what I wanted, told him I wanted my shutters painted because I'm trying sell my house. It's May now and still hasn't been done. Valentine's- he starts a fight with me, we don't s ee each other-no gift. Anyway, you get the picture. On top of that he rarely makes attempts to see me (unless I happen to be in town, then he wants me to come over), and goes into these moods where he won't text or call-sometimes for a day or so. When he finally does contact me I'm pissed, I ask him if he wants to just go ahead and end things since we hardly see each other anymore and he tells me I'm crazy and overreacting. If I act cold and aloof he gets mad, but he will pick up the communication for a few days, then it wanes off. The excuse for not seeing me is that he's working a 2nd job on 3rd shift. Idk, in the beginning he would joke that I was going to be his daughter's new step mom. A year later he doesn't bring them around me anymore, and on the rare occasion he comes to see me he pays little attention to my son-which I call him out on. I want to dump him so bad now. I get my nerve up, then I think he senses what I'm about to do and puts his sweet face on again. I am usually a pretty carefree person, and not inclined to be jealous or suspicious-but he brings out the worse in me! The only positive was the sex, but even that is becoming far and few between. I tell him if he's not interested just lmk, I'm no one's beast of burden, again he tells me I'm crazy. Just seems like we play cat and mouse games all the time, as if he gets a perverse thrill from watching me suffer. This is so hard.

I'm an outgoing Aquarius who was set up on a blind date with a Cappy man. I wasn't immediately attracted to him but I instantly fell in love with his personality. We ended up sitting in his car talking till 3:30am after our date. I've never had a connection with anyone like this. I'm gonna see him tonight.... I can't wait!

I am a true Aquarian woman. I have been talking to a true Capricorn man for about a month in a half. I am good friends with his sister and his mother has accepted me as part of the family. The family says I am his next girlfriend and some say I am his girlfriend. His sister says when he really likes someone he takes his time, but if he dint care he would just one night me and never call again. We haven't went to the next level. We have had quite a few long nights sitting up talking sharing our own ideas and opinions of any subject that comes up. but, I don't feel like I am his girl even though I do catch myself sometimes acting like I am, like when I cook at his sisters house, I make sure his plate is specially made the way he likes it, or if I see he needs something and if I can help I will offer it, even though he is reluctant in accepting my help and most of the time turns it down, I try not to feel rejected and view it as his ego/pride is what has him to tell me NO, but thank you. Every time we see each other we kiss and when we part we kiss but, don't let me forget to kiss him , because HE will ask WHERE is my kiss. LOL but the attraction is tormenting, and we will flirt with each other a little, when I challenge his attempts with me, HE tells me to SLOW DOWN! ( what's up with that? sister Aquarians?) please ask your Capricorn man for advice or insight, I am confused sometimes.. I do prioritize, by giving him his space, but also letting him know I am still here at the same time. I am more of a "if we are going to do this, then lets do this , but if were not, then let me know Now! and lets just be friends. I sometimes want to back off because I don't want to get to close and feel I am sitting here for nothing, but the sex appeal is strong, I cant imagine what it would be like, if we ever get sexually involved. NEED INSIGHT PLEASE

I'm sitting at my desk at 5:22am speechless and wide awake because of this particular section. I'm 24 and just recently (couple months) realized who I was and what truly makes me happy in life. I owe this change in mentality to this 30 y/o Capricorn friend. I met him long ago thru an ex, 2 years later I needed help with my car, and was told he can help me out. At the time, he was going through relationship problems. He was about to propose to her and everything, 9 years deep. But she was treating him wrong in all sorts of ways, but he never spoke of it to anyone. Couldn't let go, didn't want to change (their annoying trait!). Being an Aquarian, it was easy to notice something was wrong, but because I wasn't close to him, I had to ask him various questions, which ultimately led me to finally get him to open up. Since then, he's a love Dr. to all his friends, and me...kind of. He says he doesn't want to hurt me because he doesn't want to be with me for "rebound" reasons, and that I deserve so much better than I've had. Yet, he says he wants to show me a good time and how it feels to be treated the right way...but let's not forget "he doesn't want to hurt me." He holds back, I know it, but when we have our alone time, it's like we're a couple. But since his friends know my ex, he keeps it low pro, even though everyone knows it, and respects me, he puts that barrier up. The whole point of this is to the person above me, my answer to honest one, and to myself, I HAVE NO IDEA! =\ But like I told him, I rather enjoy these moments and have it help me stay away from being mistreated as I was from prior boyfriends. I would rather get hurt in this manner, than get hurt in the other ways. I guess I wasn't the only one going through all this.

To everyone else, doesn't it suck to be an Aquarian woman. To put others before you, even if you tried not to, and have it somehow screw you over?

My Leo friend I recently met told me, "it is what it is, you can listen to advice, but at the end of the night, you're gonna be dealing with the problem on your own."

Keep your heads up, be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of your talents, skills, attractiveness, friendliness, kindness, and incomparable traits. x

Ive known this Capricorn guy for about 4 months. when we first met he straight up told me he liked me. and I admit he is cute charming and humorous. problem is, is that he lives a few states away and we talk over internet. he's about a year younger than me. im not sure what to do this is the first guy ive liked that has said it back so im a little hesitant to get to know him. im afraid he'll realize that im no good and go looking for someone else. my confidence in myself is extremely low and I just want to make him smile. we're not dating but we are becoming good friends. im getting mad when he doesn't respond to messages as quickly as I would hope. like he's not as in to me as im in to him. sometimes he doesn't get on for days at a time. am I just fussing over nothing or is this a problem?

I am an Aquarian girl, and seeing a Capri man..we are about the same age (in early thrities)..when we meet, we gel great, chat a lot and are quite physical. he also sometimes takes a day off for me. he is doing quite well in his career and is making way more than I do. though I am also a professional in my own right and doing well by society's standards, still he is much higher than me..but when he meets me, he appears quite down-to- earth..

but then there are some days, when he hardly contacts me...cant really figure out his behavior.. is he interested? since we live in different continents, we meet once in 4-5 months for 1-2 days..

my cap guy I been talking to since march he is very nice but he is kinda hard to figure out one minute he all in to ya then you might hear from him in days, but when we see each other sex is good and acts like he really misses me sometimes I feel like I am in to him more than he is in to me he works hard and he does not hold conversation for very long but I really do care a lot for him, just wish he would show more interest.

I have been married to a cap for three years and lady's run! lol there are higher and lower levels to our zodiac of course but in my experience it just broke my heart, I married my best friend. he's a good man but life is short and if you spend to much time with the wrong man then you'll lose so much time. wouldn't you rather have a man understand you in about eight months or wait years. date a Libra don't waste your precious Aquarius mind and spirit here its pointless trust me

Im an Aquarius female and I have recently met a Capricorn male. He is my close friends brother when we first met it was like it was just me and him...

I had an argument with me friend because of this she told me that he met other friends of hers but was not like that. she said that she felt left out and that she could not create a distance between me and her brother. She said that me and her brother clicked first time around! She said we have a strong connection.

I met family on her birthday and this is when she revealed that 2 of her other friends like her brother and thought I was the same. I denied it. She said she gets very annoyed when her one of her friends likes her brother.

From that I know I can never tell her. I feel as though he is attracted to me I get on great with his mother and family. I have seen in conversations that he cares about me. I know he cares about me more than my friend.

But my friend always gets jealous when he takes care of me.

now I don't know what 2 do .

I have met him twice and feel a lot of eye contact and he notices me a lot he always wants me to be around longer both times!

His sister is in the way. I don't know weather he is interested in me or not.

I'm an 23 year old Aquarius female and my boyfriend is a 28 year old Capricorn. There's both positive and negative quirks about our relationship. He's incredibly smart, a bit anal (particulary the strategy of cleaning and folding clothes), well mannered, competitive, dominating in bed (which despite of my Aquarius nature, loves a man in charge). He fits your profile of a Capricorn man. Not to mention, he's very helpful in time of need, but only financially. He loaned me $1000 for rent once and bought me little household stuff for my new apartment. Keep in mind ladies, that's the way a Capricorn man shows he loves you. Very seldomly does he speak about his feelings. Everything is descibed in a rational way and includes a damn number. Oh yes, he's extremely calculative. I find this annoying and unnecessary in specific conversations. I on the other hand, am more delicate and want more attention. When he's wrapped up in a task, he's focused only on what he's doing and o nly makes me want him more. I secretly crave his attention. And when I do, it feels rewarding.

Ultimately, the relationship is stable and comforting. For you Aquarius girls, if you are silly and full of sense of humor like me, just keep in mind your Cap guy may not understand your quirkiness. There are times where I make a silly joke and my boyfriend has no reaction, but seems like he's deeply annoyed. Though, from my experience, Capricorns are fun to go out with. Go have a drink or two with them and they will unwind. Be prepared to have a conversation with them and kiss them in public. My guy loves it when you are territorial, gives them a sense of security.

I am an A woman in love with an Capricorn man.....have been seeing each other for the past two years and two years prior to that our communication was only through e-mail and phone, so we became pretty good friends before the intimacy kicked in. Details aside, sex is through the roof, I cant even begin to describe it...its simply mesmorising. I know that he loves me because if nothing else, that I can see and sense from his behavior when we are alone together or amongst other people. Nevertheless, I have noticed that he lies a lot so I have trust issues with him. He talks sweet and promises a lot of things but when its action time, he does nothing or the opposite of what he was saying earlier. And of course, he will argue back and come up with thousands of valid excuses but at the end of day, after a while, he has become so predictable that I am slowly but surely losing interest in him. I am extremely patient, tolerant, and forgiving and it definitely took me a while to distinguish BS from an honest excuse from my Capy man................most of the time, its just a BS that I know very soon I will just get tired of it. He wants things his way, when it suits him, if I confront him, he becomes very deffensive and sometimes rude....needless to say the following day is full of apologies and sweet talk but I do get tired of it sometimes, it just gets old. I know other capy men and one thing they all have in common is intentional mental games for their own amusement, little that they know, mental is where Aquarian woman lives and if the mental game is too tiring for her, she will eventually stop playing...........I do love this man to death and I know that he loves me, I have never loved another man this way, but as someone mentioned in one of the above postings, there is no point.....capricorn men do not like to take risks, they like sameness, routine, and if you are waiting on them to make a step towards your mutual existence together, you may be in for a loooooooooooooooong and exhausting mental challenge with an unknown outome. I am sure that every relationship of this match is very unique on its own, but there is one thing for sure - Capricorn men are very charming, sexual, and confident, but there is a devious and insecure side to them as well which can be a big turn off after a while.

Im a 21 yr old feb 1 Aquarius dating a 27 year old jan 4 capricorn. Its perfect. Ive never been able to communicate with someone so easily. We naturally trust the crap out of each other and have since day one. We always have something to talk about or something to do and even when were watching a movie its fun. He looks at me with big brown googly eyes and I feel so overwhelmed. The sex is THE BEST. its how we express our love...and we both understand that.

My first boyfriend was a Cap and I am an Aqua. He was nice and very attentive BUT he was moody all the time. When we broke up, he dated my second best friend back then( she is a virgo) She couldn't take his silent and moodiness and left couple of years later. Till today, I don't quite understand Cap. They are very nice people but just too much moodiness like a Scorpion. Thankfully my parents aren't Scorpions/ Capricorns. I could end up in an asylum.

I love my Capricorn man. He is absolutely intelligent and full of wisdom. If you are a true Aquarius, you will find this ultimately sexy. He has class and full of good manners. Sometimes he gets wrapped up in a project and makes me feel like I'm not getting enough attention, but makes me feel sexy and delicate in the bedroom. He's very lustful and giving, if you know what I mean.

I am a 18yr old Aquarian female, and head over heels about a 20yr old Capricorn. He is the most romantic man I have ever, I mean EVER met. He says the sweetest things and although he likes sex and I refuse to give in he waits and seems to really care for me. We first met on a hike with some friends and although visually he's not very attractive his personality has made me have only eyes for him. We've been talking for almost a year and I'm going to stay a couple weeks in january with him even though he doesn't call our thing a relationship he almost treats it as such. He always makes me feel better, he listens to everything I say and I can tell him and have told him everything. He's my best friend and truelly understands me like no one I have ever met besides my twin and sometimes he understands better than her!! I feel a pull to him and want to race to his house even though he's on the mainland and I'm in hawaii. I am always giving him compliments and he really lik es them, especially when I tell him he's one handsome s.o.b. :) his problem is he says " I really like you, I got a big thing for you, etc" but he's always afraid he's going to say the wrong thing and seem creepy like all my exs and scare me off. How do I comfort him and make him realise how crazy I am that nothing he will ever say or do is going to scare me away?

Wow just happened to stuble onto this page... I was wondering what it is about us Aquarius women that seems to attract Capricorn men like moths to a flame... they are intrigued by us and our mysterious yet aloof and eccentric ways I suppose. 2 out of the 3 long term relationships I have had in my life were Capricorns... they are intense and passionate and love their brains!

One thing I find with them is that they are sure footed yet can be fickle when under pressure relating to family and personal decision making. Put them in a career front and man they can move and get things done! Once again another Capricorn man is currently attracted and trying to get to know me although I'm a bit apprehensive I realize its because I know once face to face... there is usually either an all out attraction or Nothing...

I was totally in love with my Capricorn from the previous relationship... he let me down big time... sure we had fights and stuff but it only brought us closer... there was a bond there like that of kindred spirits... however he betrayed me and now we're both as cold as ice and I've since completely cut him off... he's angry at me and I know even though he was the one who messed up. ARROGANCE they definitely have sometimes to a fault!

Aquarians have the ability to detach from situations and although we're hurting never do show it. I think for a headstrong match Cappies are good for us... they help ground us out... and we in turn teach them to love and lighten up!

Good Luck Ladies!


I am in love with my cappy man!! I to am an Aquarius woman, He is vibrant when I'm not he has the stability I yern for and a loving and caring heart. All though he is very pigheaded, oppinonated and stubborn I love him. When we are alone its like the world dosent exsist. I wish our communication (far as talking) was better but other than that our relationship kicks ass!! All relationships have rocky roads but if you really love that person stick it out cuz after you learn the bad things its only up from there!! I've learned from the past that no relationship is perfect and it takes a lot to be longterm with any sign!!

I am an Aquarius woman and recently fell HEAD OVER HEELS for a Capricorn man. I'm a senior in college and he's just starting. I have always been SOO critical of potential boyfriends, and usually find everything wrong w/ them I can think of to avoid a relationship. This guy has completely shaken me to the core. He's EVERYTHING I could possibly want in a lifelong partner. The only thing is that he has been SOOO slow to make a commitment. I am so glad I started reading up on his sign because now it all makes sense!! So I'm starting to understand his personality more. I met him about 5 months ago, and he is JUST NOW opening up...but I LOVE it!!! This is SO not like me to say this (trust me), but I know he's the one. I just have to patient (my weakness), and let this happen when he's ready.

QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU: How long did y'all have to wait before your cautious Capricorn FINALLY committed??

im an aquarus guy and I really like this cappy guy, he's my brother's bestfriend but whenever im around him, he doesn't seem to notice me.. well its not just me, he doesn't seem to notice anything! he seems very wrapped up in his own world. I want to tell him I like him but I don't know how he would react, he is VERY difficult to read. sometimes he seems quite lonely walking around school and he has a very hard exterior. should I talk to him????

hey, its amazing that I found this page..and find many Aquarian women and capri men issues...

i am an Aquarian female(31yrs) in love with a capri man(33 yrs) I am indian while he is american indian. we meet about 3-5 times a year, and its great connection..otherwise we connect online around every week.

i find him nice, and he says he likes my company, even the physical intimacy is great.

but he steers clear of marriage..says yes,lets wait..let this job/family issues get sorted out...

and I am so confused!! I cant make sense of his ideas, if he is just playing around with me or is he serious...the relationship is about 2 yrs old.

i am well set in my personal career, and make good money..he is studied and has an international career and makes almost 10 times of what I do..

can someone help me with the predicament?

Omg! I am an Aquarian woman (25) currently dating a Capricorn man (28) and OMG! after reading you guys post it was if I had written them out myself! I have found the commonalities of us being younger than our caps, the moodiness, the "im gonna keep arguing with you even though I kno im dead wrong", the insecurity (even tho they will label you it) and most of all the lack of commitment! ugh, the person who asked how long would it take? well it took 3 years of on & off, silent treatments and numerous arguements to FINALLY come to common ground. I love him to death but he drives me nuts!!! and yes he will say the same about me, but its jus an unavoidable bond that we jus seem to have...def. gotta have patience and the ability not to pay him no mind when he's in one of his moods. o by the way im still working on him finding my jokes funny :) its like he does this face like he wants to laugh but feels like it may take away from his serious demeanor smh, yea girls lots and lo ts and lots of PATIENCE

Ok so I really like this cappy but I cant take how on and off he is. I think I really blew it too. It told him that I just wanted to be friends (he made mw pretty angry that night) and all he said is whatever. Later that night, I called him and apologised for what I said.... Its been almost a month and he hasnt said one word to me. Im freaking out! Is there anyway I can fix this mess or is it too late? - Hannah

I am an Aquarius woman. I have gone on first date with two Capricorn men and I never wanted to see neither of them again after the first date. They are too cheap and calculating with their money and have no etiquette.

I met them from the dating site and it was them who initiated persistently to meet me. Knowing their astrology sign I was very reluctant to meet them to begin with but I thought I would give it a try.

The first Cap guy arrived late and got all tongue tied and acted really weird, even saying he was getting sick. He did not even offer me a drink while I was asking him what he would like for a drink. He refused to have anything. We sat and talked for half an hour while I was drinking coffee bought with my own money and he was having nothing. Later on, he asked me to accompany him to the bank so he could withdraw money. With the money he bought himself a bottle of water and did not bother to ask me if I wanted anything ( at least ) I decided to end the date from there. Then 5 minutes after we parted he sent me a text, saying he is sorry that he was feeling himself. I ignored his text. He later on would not stop there but kept on sending me messages for days on. He kept calling asking me to go out with him again. I am quite friendly and open so I accepted his calls but I told him that I would not see him a second time because I felt very humiliated by the way he was.

The second Cap was acting similar ways. He did not offer me a drink. I bought my own drink and he got his own. He was sitting at the table throwing this and that questions at me like an interview. Again, I had to end the meeting and again that guy kept emailing, texting and calling to ask me out to celebrate his birth day. I was polite but I said No. It took me like 3 emails to say No to him. And finally I ignored his calls and his mails to get a way from him.

What is wrong with Capricorn guys?? I don't get them. They suck at the first date yet they want to pursue the girl after they give them nightmare experience on the first date.

I now avoid Cap men completely.

Not a single post here is written by a Capricorn man. So we kind of figure that they are cold and more concerned about other things than love. It is true that they would not sacrifice anything for love.

I notice Capricorn baby boys have mature looks and it is so hard to make them smile. I am talking about my two Capricorn nephews. I was trying to be playful with them and it took a while to finally make them crack a little smile for me. Then, they come searching for me when I give them back to their parents. They really do search around the rooms for me.It is so funny.

Perhaps an adult Capricorn man has that kind of reserved personality but once we can open them up, they become fond of us.

I have not dated a Capricorn man yet though.

I'm an Aquarius woman... and I'm somewhat seeing a Cappy man. The sex was MIND-BLOWING!!! He tells me to text him, but when I do, he doesn't text. It's fine because I have my own life to live. When we do see each other, we do talk - but I wonder if it's just a sexual chemistry we have. I'm not too into the relationship part (I just got out of a long-term one) and we're still friends. He's really sweet, intelligent and a down to earth person.

OMG my experiences with Capricorn men are pretty much the same. Tiring, frustrating and deep. I am in love with one for almost 4 years! Im 34 and he is 53, so yes another younger Aquarius for a Cappy. On again off again, but he always comes back to me. I don't know why sometimes wither because he isnt making a committment, but I know deep inside he loves me. I usually act irrationally because I lack patience, and I don't like letting him control EVERYTHING. He takes long to answer my texts, doesn't talk about his feelings and disapears all the time. Then returns and is like so sweet, makes me not mad at him at all. I don't get it. But Im miserable with him or with out him, so I am so stuck. We have an amzing sex life, a deep connection, time stops for us when we are together. He doesn't make much time for me though at all. I don't know what to do, because I have tried everything to get over him, only to leave me feeling empty with out him. I love him deeply and hope we an find a way to make our love last forever. I defintitely agree with the miscommunication point. I always take things the wrong way, sometimes maybe his thinking is just different. I don't know, all I know is that I love him dearly.

Capricorn man here. A lot of what was written here is true of a lot of us, not sure how that lady had 2 first dates like that but dating sites are definitely full of weirdos anyway... We like to be real sure about making committments, I personally don't see the problem there as we'd rather not break them, also yes we can be boring, real serious, aloof and moody.

Im talking to an Aquarius my age. I can see different styles of conversation and different levels of enthusiasm off the bat but she's strong willed, cool and eccentric. I'm interested to see where it goes, good or bad. Weve already had a few disagreements but, early on at least, we seem to get closer after every one.

I am Aquarian and he is Capricorn. Sometimes he will be overly nice and sometimes he will be totally different. I feel he does not feel bad for the wrong things he does. He wants me to say sorry for his wrongdoings.

So I'm an Aquarius female (23) dating a 25 year old Capricorn male ...for a year and a half now. Our relationship has been great! He works full time and is SO typical cap as far as work ethics and goal mindedness. He is the full picture of textbook Capricorn. I am a full time student ( I took two years off to find myself and decide what to do with my life). I know that me being in school and him working a 'real' finance job probably gives him uneasiness due to his conservative nature. None the less we truly enjoy each other and have learned to appreciate our differences. He loves that I m so free and have a fun childish/playful side and I love his stability and step by step approach to life- I find it soothing. My concern is that after all this time, he stillbhas not said ' I love you'. I say it all the time and he responds well to it. He smiles and kisses me....just doesn't say it back. Is this typical for a cap? To be so reserved... For so long? I know that he has been hurt very badly in his past...more than once.

I am an Aquarius woman and I dated a Capricorn and honestly its not worth it. I read a lot of the posts and it seems like you guys are pretty much going through a lot of what I was going through. basically he didn't put much effort into our relationship and im the one that had to be patient with him. We broke up because he told me he still had feelings for his ex but he tried very hard to stay friends and win me back cut things have never been the same I don't trust him and I don't think I ever will. girl just find your Libra or Gemini and be in a healthy relationship cus is not a good match.

All I have to say after reading some of the post here is that: I for one am the fun, acting a goof ball Aquarius female who meet a cappy about 2yrs ago. We have been living together for about 5months and he is all the responsible, reserved, very clean as a Cappy can be, but he is also very, very controlling. I in the other hand have been some what understanding since I have two kids and ended my 12yr relationship with the father of my girls. He is a (Gemini), either way the controlling is getting way out of hand and like a comment made on here are we Aquarius worried most of the time unable to support anyone to leash us up are going to up with this.. It all depends in how much love Aquarius has for the cappy because it dosen't matter how much love he has for you. He will walk if his conditions and demands are not meet!

I have been in love with a younger Capricorn man (almost 6 years younger than me, he is 29 and I am 35) for about 8 months now. We met threw my best friend. When we first met it was like we had known each other for years and we hadn't seen each other for awhile, like we were catching up on life experiences. He asked me what I wanted to drink and I just stared blankly because I was to shy to have him buy me a drink, so with out hesitation he ordered for me and bought me drinks all night. For four years I ignored men that I was introduced to, that would come on to me. We danced together all night just him and I. The second time I saw him we all went out again and again we danced together all night. On that second night the girls decided to go to a house party where there was a bunch of guys. He asked me where we were going but the girls didn't want me to tell him so they didn't tell me where they were taking me (in my car)so I told him I didn't know. When we got ther e I realized where the girls had taken me. I saw his sister there and sent him a text to tell him. He then instantly knew where I was and told me to have a good night. I told him that I wasn't comfortable and asked him what he was doing and to come and get me. he was there in 10 minutes. I left me keys with one of the girls and left with him. He took me to eat and we stood in the parking lot talking and laughing and flirting, but nothing else, till the sun came up and the girls where ready to go home.(I wasn't yet attracted to him mentally, only his looks). We went out together a couple more times and talked on the phone till the wee hours of the morning, before we made love, and I mean "made love" that very night he asked me to be his girl and I said yes, something I've never done. We do argue a lot and we laugh more. He can be really shady and moody, but so can I. We bring out the best and the worst in each other but either way, we love each other like no other love experienced. We both have been hurt, have had long term relationships with different signs. Have had relationships were the communication is "better", but for some reason we understand each other "BETTER". I have to agree with all the posts regarding how we interact and get along with each other, from communicating to the interaction with the child from another father. But I will not run away from my Capricorn man. It seems as though once he is married, he will calm down as will the antiquarian women. And yes, sex with my Capricorn man....OMG - He is the first and only man to give me orgasms as of now.

I'm so Aquarian it isn't even funny. Still, I do have some traits I've picked up. I do like my personal surroundings in order or I feel uncomfortable (complete neat freak). Plus, I am fiscally/financially conscious. The former is a good match. In the latter, he is not so adept at saving money so he has said he hopes I can help him.

We went to high school together, though traveled in different circles and never really connected. We are from a fairly small town, so it would have been impossible not to know each other through classes. It wasn't until last year through the "magic" (or curse) of Facebook that we started talking.

We have had a few starts and stops over the year. First, everything was going well and we decided to try a relationship. I mentioned I was falling in love with him. Next, he cut off and decided to try things with an old girlfriend. (Before anyone says I moved too fast, you must know that he had started talking about marriage very quickly, something with which I was very uncomfortable.) Eventually after I stopped being so hurt, we started talking again. His relationship with his girlfriend was not going well at the time. He and his girlfriend did brake up. Unfortunately, he neglected to tell me that she came back to him wanting to work things out, which was beyond bearable for me. We stopped talking again.

We are now talking once more because he contacted me (something I never thought he would do; I figured if he was strong enough to do something so out of character for him, then he deserved a response). I told him I must be stupid and gullible for giving him chances. I would never have given anyone such chances...ever! The latest is that he and his girlfriend have decided to call it quits.

All of this also relies on the guy - not just a zodiac sign. A jerk is a jerk, And, a nice guy is a nice guy. I believe he is a nice guy.

For me, it's the on-again, off-again emotionality. One day, he comes on full force. Next, he backs off incredibly. I do not understand it. He won't let me go, but he can't seem to let me stay. We are good friends. When we do not have each other to talk to, we both feel it.

Someone above stated that she has just decided to let the flow of the relationship follow his lead. Question is, how much do you take, and how long do you take it? I told him I feel like I'm his emotional punching bag - that I am being held accountable and being punished for everything that has gone wrong in his past relationships. I told him if he backs off or shuts down again without explanation this time, I will simply walk away. I am not going to beg him to talk to me. I explained how him not saying what needs to be said hurts a hundred times worse than if he would just say it. Being an Aquarian, I can take me. I do not act unreasonable or irrational.

Some Cappy sites say it takes time for Cappies to trust or make a commitment, to just give it time. However, he had no problems making a commitment to his ex-girlfriend (at least for awhile, until she pressed him to declare his love and he told her he just does not love her in a forever kind of way). He has a problem making a commitment to me.

Also being an Aquarian I am not one to wait around. Throughout this, from the breakup and throughout the talking/not talking, I have dated others. He knows this. I've never lied to him. I am no longer falling in love with him - he knows that, too. But, I still care for him greatly.

Do I scare him? Is it because I work internationally and take positions that mean I am away from the States for usually three months at a time? Is it because I like to go out with people and have fun? The international thing would simply be hypocritical for him as he is a career Marine. The fact that I like to be with people seems to attract him to me. What? What does he want from me?

I'm a black aqua girl(23) seeing an asian cappy male(38) after seeing all of these similar stories I had to put my 2cents in.. We met on a job interview.. He's my manager at my place of work and it does make things a bit more exciting for us.. This has been going on btwn us for five months now, already I have fallen for him. His sense of humor is refreshing and he appreciates my goofy, childish personality. The sex is something I never imagined existed. I this is one relationship

I'm an african american Aquarius woman (23) seeing an asian/german Capricorn male (38). He hired me in our place of work and we were instantly attracted. It was like a magnet btwn us two during the interview. That was five months ago.. I was with my boyfriend at the time(libra, who is said to be aqua's best match)and he could care less about affection or attention. After Libra left me at the bar at my place of work on new years eve to hang with friends.. The cap male kept me company while he worked.. The ball dropped and my eyes filled with tears.. long story short, he saw my hurt and I confided in him. He does ask a lot of questions!! I cheated on the Libra with the cap male later that month and broke up with my Libra a few months after(we lived together so it was crazy and exciting to sneak away from that nightmare of a bf).. not for the cap male but because the Libra sucked as a bf.. The sex is out of this world and I feel in my heart that I love him and I know he loves me too.. but work tends to keep us in this phase.. We see each other at least 3 times a week and I love spending nights watching 80's movies Ive never heard of in his arms while he caresses me softly. I stay the night everytime. I'm content with how things are, and I know I must be patient for this to work out btwn us(txting and calls). As for moods, I have yet to see a spell of deppression but I'll be there to lift his spirits, if he'll let me :)I love who he is and I wouldn't change it for the world. His sense of humor, his sexy asian body, and he gets bold at work by flirting with me.. He loves my sense of humor and adores me(the only man to caress my face as he does)he makes me feel like a delicate flower. I truly love him and he's been open with me for a few weeks now. He helped me out with my phone bill without asking once lol. One day when I find a new job we can hopefuly be together and I can have my handsome prince charming. Good luck to you ladies!!

Hi guys, I have been together with my Cap man for 7 yrs, got a baby together.. He is very suspitious about everything but very trustworthy and loyal to me.. Definitely good friendship between us, but not always warm and sexy.. He is controlling and wanths everything planned, I rather improvise and want more fun.. Otherwise, some things work well.. We can talk together, spend nice days out etc.. He is 32 and I am 30.. We can argue a lot, he does not admit his mistakes well, does not take critisism either, always comes up with something, to hide what you said.. Too late to do much now, have a brilliant son together and he is an EXCELLENT dad! Does he make my knees shake? No, never really did.. But I can rely on him and he will with loyalty always look after me.. Another thing, his family is VERY VERY important to him.. Prabs he will keep you more down to earth, I don`t know.. I can never really work us out, but I love him and I am scared, If I leave him, I will regret .. Because of the friendship, because we do have a family together.. Good luck to all of you! xx

I'm Vanessa an Aquarius Woman (22) & I am with a Capricorn Man (23). We have been together for a little over three years, and in the beginning I was very intrigued by his good looks, patience, and driven demeanor. It was difficult as previously mentioned by others to get that "title of commitment" but honestly I would imagine I was difficult as well. You know how we Aquarians are, always thriving on change and new surrounding so I figured I would be the same way with relationships... but this type of connection between an Aqua and Cappy takes an IMMENSE amount of compromise to make even the friendship work, let alone the actual love relationship. At the end of the day I feel as if the Aquarians will do most of the changing to want to "please" their Capricorns... And PLEASE BELIEVE me when I say they will not even remotely change a bit for you. As previously mentioned they do not care or do not look deeply into the inner working of love, which is sad and pathetic on their part. I have tried "running for the hills" on numerous occasions but Capricorns literally will never take NO for an answer, and their so persistent that for a romantic Aqua as myself takes it as "the big gesture" although after 3 years that shit gets old really fast.. It?s NOT the big gesture; it's just that Cappy's HATE change and would rather stay in a flawed comfortable relationship rather than start a whole new one all over again. Honestly fellow Aquarians I feel like if we settle for this combination we are merely settle ling in love. We have to remember is that if we want to date someone UNLIKE ourselves we?d hope it would be for a good cause like making us grow into a better person... but in this case I feel like Capricorn?s hold us back.

I've been working with my Capricorn man for the past 8 months. We've always been extremely flirty and the connection has always been so strong. He is your stereo typical cappy. He works 3 jobs, one of them is his own company. We're talking about me moving in soon. I'm a little nervous. The last time I lived with a man, he was a Taurus and he was extremely controlling. I really like my Capricorn man but I'm nervous that he will be the same way. Anybody live with a Capricorn man?

Male Capricorn Female Aquarius

I am male cappy. 41. She is 31, aquarian. Several things are here that both made me laugh (because of trueness) and want to try harder. Miscommunication, yes. Though I do feel closer to her after we come back together and love her even more for surprising me the way she consistently does with her forgiveness and willingness to try and be patient and figure things out. God I love her so much for that! Sex is the best--and yeah it does allow me to to show her that it is more than sex that attracts me to her. When we do click--it is a beautiful thing--the best Ive ever experienced. When we don't click--well its very disappointing. Ive never been with an Aquarius except her and its been 6 months and I know that no one else can ever do what she does for me or ever has before. Maybe another Aquarius LOL. Just kiddin baby. I think I am more willing to go to the next level than she. Humor is key more on my part. She could be more forthcoming with her thoughts instead of holding them I and and then blam! giving me a doozy of a thought. Communication is the key here--lightheartedness--balance--and fair sharing. Oh, and more sex.

im an Aquarius girl 23yrs and im dating a cappy man 28yrs. well, our relationship is great, we have ups and downs, like any couple in this world. at the beginning of our relationship, he was very jealous and controlling and I was not able to handle it; but gradually, it seems that he understand my need for freedom and now, he is not so jealous and posssesive; in reality, he does not show his jealousy. I love him deeply and I know that he loves me the same way. astrology can help you to know a sign personality but you can't just believe that you will not be happy with that person just because two signs don't match; astrology can't master love or explain what people feel inside. only you have the answer and must decide what's best for you...

when a Capricorn says that he prefer to stay friends instead of lovers ? Should I walk away ! Or stay friends with him is there is any hope !

when a Capricorn man says he wants for us to stay friends is there is any chance for us to come back ?

I'm Aquarius and I'm now having intimate relationship with the younger Capricorn man I'm 13 yrs. older to him. He seems to br nice and his the one helping me out to forget my abusive and mentally drain Cancer man. Untill see myself hanging out with him his good and had respect but lately I found myself confused if this is game of self interest or it's true that his priority is work we had no commitments but we do agree to be catch up when we both free time. I'm getting too emotional lately and he told that he likes me and happy to keep my company . I asked him if he just only want me for sex . He said no it just his priority was his work I Doney best to understand him. But unfortunately things getting worse canceling appointment to me and keep arguing for giving short notice. I never catch up with him most of the time. I was felt differently when he came and visit me I felt so strangers his not the one that I used to hang out and even now I'm confused I know I shou ldn't keep him but I'm just stupid is I'm scared to be alone. I almost lost myself respect and I guess having relationship and now but he never once admitting his with someone instead giving me idea that he will work closer to me. I felt bad on myself when his over reacted and bit wild in bed I can't honestly felt that he had no respect to me. When I asked him Jiangsu excited cos it's been a month since we meet . But all day we do argue and I'm affected this is the time that this guy is good for sex only had no emotional attachment just like I do I guess I have to be distant with him before I forgot myself respect

WOW....This site is AMAZING =) I am an Aqua girl, 21 dating a Cap man 28...We live together, he I guess always liked me, we worked together for a little over a year but I had a boyfriend when we met.

Like someone posted I previously dated a Gemini for almost 4yrs...the friendship and communication was amazing but we both need more than that. We were always off and on.

But I was terrified of my Cap man at first, I never thought someone like him would ever like me...but he is 28 and never lived with a girl before or EVEN told someone that he loves them.

He tells me all the time. We fight is so hard to fight with a Cap, it does not matter what you say!! it can be frustrating. I just know that I am not about to be in a long relationship where I give up everything again. But my Cap man gives in a lot and I love it. When I get mad and pout he will come and kiss me..

I think that A Caps warmth helps us Aquas with our coldness but if he is not willing to be a little more flexible and whatever, I know I wont stick around. And I think that is the attitude you have to have with a Cap man. just say love me or leave me I can live just fine with out you.


I'm an Aqua Lady of 29 and my Cappy Man is 9 years older than me. We're both single. We've been dating for 9 months and started getting serious recently.

My Cappy is a very simple, logic and direct person. At the beginning, he only talks when he needs to. Being an Aqua that I am, I told him how important communication is for a relationship. A good communication synchronizes different perspectives therefore can turn a huge problem into a small one. On the other hand, miscommunication turns a small problem turn into a huge one. And I'm really glad he's been willing to improve his communication level.

As an Aqua, I need constant mind-stimulation that challenges my mind to: think, analyze, create and INVENT. Cause I bore easily. Not with the person, but with the ambience. And I communicated this to my Cappy since the beginning. And the thing that a like from him, is that he shows the effort to find new topics to talk about and new places to go together as well (we seldom visit a same place twice, at least we love it). Our discussion always flows just like water and every weekend is a new exploring moment.

The other thing I like from him, is when he shows his protection towards me. I always like the way he holds my hand when we walk side by side, when he lets me snuggle up to him and when he kisses my forehead, which give me a sense of security.

I truly appreciate all the efforts that he?s been doing for me. He fills that empty space in my heart. I used to be a workaholic, but when he entered my life, everything changed. I found my balance. And I thank God for that and I hope we continue learning and completing each other. Amen.

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