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Is an Aries woman likely to get hurt by a Capricorn man?

Compared to most other signs, no definitely not. It's very unusual for Capricorns to play games or cheat in relationships. They're one of the most mature and responsible signs around. The challenge for many Aries is having the patience to get close to a Capricorn as they tend to have major walls up which often deter impatient suitors. - David

Capricorns are nice; as friends. But even then they can be so judgmental. And boring; and bitch and moan all the time. They really think they can direct your life when theirs is in shambles. I'm an Aries.

I met a Capricorn woman and it was love at first sight for me. Specimen at first sight for her, which is a Capricorn thing.

Aries/me had just under 500k in the bank and had recently moved to a small studio at a university town with a medical center to get injuries straightened out. I kept a beach house an hour away. I never let on to anyone but this Cap was almost rude with her need to know "why I wasn't working," "where my income was coming from" and 'where I lived." It was so superficial I didn't feel compelled to tell this stranger anything. Despite being more than beautiful and smart - where are your manners?

The high integrity, passionate, Aries in me - was offended. Reading about Caps I get it now.

So-After spending for-EVER getting to know her and apparently, annoying her since I made my own schedule and didn't really confess things that were none of her business // though socially she saw I was very well liked, she went for some idiot who tossed a ton of money out each night and it lasted minutes.

Funny thing. After she burned me (AFTER she said "I think you're the one, what do you think?" and I agreed), I bought a house in Beverly Hills and was made an executive at one of the largest companies in the world.

Anyway, I was exactly what she was looking for. But for me, she was always missing the good things and angling to get inside for those facts. Not gee car accident? were you hurt? how are you? are you in PT? for what injuries? has it been hard? how are you bearing up? has it been difficult financially? is your family around to help? do you need anything? are you getting moral support?"

She was cold hard mean and calculating--uncaring. Then glimpses of this amazing woman. After amazing first dates, I think she got scared and the absence of RAW DATA made it impossible for her to go forward.

Her loss. My loss? Six years later she just contacted me. And kept asking if I was in a relationship and was I happy. I answered everything else. And she was a little tossed I didn't seem as effusive to hear from her.

Seems she forgets the last thing she said to me was "scram."

Ya. Any Aries should just smile nicely and remember most people love them. The caps jealously will ruin all relationships. Ive two friends. Women are Aries. The cap men keep them in their place and they will never reach their full potential.

Other signs don't understand. Aries is the best sign and most considerate. Naive but childish hurt bruised but happy to keep climbing you will get there. Aries need Aries and Libra. Caps always go it alone. Even in a relationship they are miserable underneath and will always think they have conquered the problems of the world and fixed everyone.

They are not nice people. Smile and avoid them. You are worth more than them

I, an Aries woman, dated my Capricorn male for three years and no matter what I did. What I backed down on, or came to accept, was always a list waiting for me of unfinished business.

He would act right or do right for a moment, and then at the drop of a dime on my part would he let things fall to pieces. Never asking why or saying lets talk, can we work this out.

He chose to freeze me out. Intentionally ignore me and belittle all that I had invested in us. He would quickly turn to his friends for entertainment, transportation, and advice.

They are not good enough for an Arian myself. they are lazy, entitled, unappreciative, and selfish.

I am an Aries woman who dated a Capricorn man. He bossed me around a lot...I let him because I could tell that he needed that. No matter how much I did for him, it was never enough. He belittled me, rarely apologized for his unpredictable behavior and basically it was always his way or the highway. I do still love him, but I think I deserve better.

Im a Capricorn man, with an Aries girlfriend I don't boss her around. But we do have a hard time even though we have nothing in common. But I told her im not letting her go that easily. Earth + Fire = Holy Burning Bush

I have never liked Aries they are to bossy egotistical and everyone of them I have met is a terrible hypocrite not to mention they ARE dishonest.

Aries really lacks integrity something which Capricorn has plenty of.

dated an Aries and well she was to confrontational on one hand and timid on the other.

she was very needy ,possessive and jealous.

from what I have gathered of Aries is they are a real bunch workaholics - that's supposedly to be a Capricorn trait.

the Aries woman I know is a real gold digger- only cares for the things she can get from others in the end she married a rich man who she commands she even dictates how he should dress.

im now dating my own kind - a Capricorn woman. she is beautiful inside and out .

I would say Capricorns stay away from Aries women they trouble.

LOL... well... I am an Aries woman kind of dating a Capricorn man. I write kind of because for some reason, I think I am going to stop talking to this man for good! I have NEVER talked to a Capricorn male before, and well, I think I want nothing to do w/ them in the future either. They are very unhappy people, no matter what. They are NEVER satisfied. Capricorns do not know how to thank you, nor even let you know what it is they are really thinking or how they feel about things. Yes, as an Aries woman, I can be a little demanding, selfish at times, definitely a hard-worker, but Aries are nothing but honest people, very blunt and we tell it how it is.

I just feel that the only reason this Capricorn man is even still talking w/ me now is because he is NOT working or has anything going for him, yet I work full time, have my own place and do MY OWN thing w/out help of anyone. Capricorns tend to USE people... I read it all the time... so is he using me??? Is he man enough to tell me, "hey, you are right, I don't like you, but hell I have nothing else to do right now, so let me live off you"! No they are not going to say that no matter "HOW honest" they say a Capricorn is... Anyway, in general... men suck! lol

They are confused souls. It's very difficult to satisfy them, all their worried about is self, money and status... that's it! I'm an Aries and my Lover is a Cappy they contradict themselves all the time, honestly they just don't know who they are or what they want, way too selfish to be in a relationship. I do love my Cappy with all my heart but sometimes it's just not meant to be believe me I've tried countless times to make it work but there's really no point! Words of wisdom.

I have an ex boyfriend who was a Capricorn man. I am an Aries woman. I can say that Capricorns are very nice. My ex thought me a lot of things; practicality, how to be an organized woman and how to slow down a little. It was great, but it was also like I am slowly loosing my flame.

At first, it was a very nice experience. He was happy with me, I teach him how to appreciate adventure and he liked it.

But what sucks in our relationship is that he was so controlling. At first I just let him knowing that in time he will learn to understand that I DO need my freedom and that I can do things all by myself. BUT HE JUST WONT LET ME.. :(

We broke up because I know we can be better individual if we part our ways. But I was always thankful that I have met him. I don't have any regrets. I have always admire Capricorn man. Its just that Aries are not the right girl for them and Aries cannot like with a Capricorn man.

hi im a cap women in I just want to speak on a few things. well first off all the bad things that were said about Capricorns were not true.....not that any offence was taken on my behalf but I just feel all signs have good in bad things about them so let stop this thing where we down each other sign!!! ugh please and I dated my own kind before in I will say that cap men can be a little controlling in don't say sorry cause we always think were right were very head strong but never selfish. and im very close with a few Aries I no them from head to toe there faults are that they can be very jealous in insecure always talking about people like they are better when they are not. they really need to learn how to not be so stuck up in accept people for who they are....and last Aries are big gold diggers lol

If all of the conditions are ideal under which these two meet, and the Aries in the relationship has a firm grasp of the requirements the Capricorn has (respects the need for space and subtle dominance, etc.), then how long does it generally take a Capricorn to sort out all of the inner issues they harbor? also, when a Capricorn blows hot and then cold, is that an indicator that the cappy is having second thoughts or that they need to retreat to move to the next level?

It's kind of fascinating how some forums here are busy worshipping each other while others seem to just rub each other up the wrong way lol. I guess Capricorn and Aries don't see eye to eye.

Im an Aries woman...and I am dealing with a Capricorn now. actually I just met. he seems like a nice person but I don't get him. He wants to have sex with me and do me like any other man. and he is so patient and so fine lol.. but the things that people say about Aries woman no I AM NOT a gold-digger I think that it is highly wrong to use someone.. and yes I hate working but I work anyways bc we have to live and I need money...I don't need a man to do this and that for me basically all I need is the sex. I am very independent...Aries are incredible people I know they are...reasons why we are too confrontational is because we like to get our point out instead of just dropping it right then....we keep it real like all the time we are strong women and a lot of men just cant handle it.

I'm an Aries woman and dated a Capricorn man at one point in my life. At first this Capricorn man seemed mysterious, nice and fun. He actually initiated the romance but then I realized that when we had conversations all he talked about was the "famous people" that he knew from working in the entertainment business or the indecisiveness on what he wanted to do with his life. He spent a lot of money on expensive clothes but had no pot to piss in. He never had an interesting topic. He was studying philosophy in college (which he never finished) and had a hard time explaining the fundamentals of anything he had learned. I didn't get it. He was very quiet too and was not adventurous. So very boring in hindsight. But the last thing that drove me up the wall was his selfishness and lack of a sensitivity chip. Needless to say, I broke it off quickly. As an Aries woman, I don't like people to waste my time. I especially DO NOT like cocky people around me. I like to surround myself with honest, kind and assertive people. I'm very independent and self confident (not cocky). Pretentious, indecisive and only status climbing folks are not welcomed in my circle of friends.

im an Aries woman I have relationship with a Capricorn man in 5 months. I really love him but im not happy being with him

I'm a Capricorn man and im deeply in love with an Aries woman. she's the perfect woman for me. beautiful, intelligent, ambitions and strong. and I don't know what punk as cap dudes your with but I don't bicker. if she feels strongly about something I let her do what she feels is right. sometimes we have disagreements but I do not fight her about it. we get along and understand each other have both had fucked up relationships and that's why we work. I don't judge her and im patient when shed's upset or angry. she listens when I have a problem and actually cares about what I been through.

hey I'm a Capricorn man and im deeply in love with an Aries woman. she's the perfect woman for me. beautiful, intelligent, ambitions and strong. we are both in love from past 5 years, but now she don't want me, I don't know the exact reason behind that, as per my understands she will be back soon, here the problem is marriage and cast feelings, she is very good, she's always think about me. some time I was rudely spoke with her at that time I was also fully Prostration. whatever I have done with her each and every moment I was fell happy. one day she can understand what she is missing.. but I am always with her.. I won't miss her she is my life...

I am an Aries Female and I love a cap and we drive each crazy. We fight constantly. He's selfish and mean. And hard to trust. I don't know how he feels about me though. But even though we fight we seem to always find our way back to each other. We both have a hard time letting the other one go

I've been dating a Cappy for 4 months and He's the greatest! The sex is awesome too. I am an Aries and we just seem to balance each other out. He tells me his problems and I listen, I bitch about work, and He listens, Haha! My problem is I think I'm falling for Him and it scares the shit outta me! He calls and text's me everyday and I feel so wanted. Things like that usually bug me and the guys usually seem clingy when they do that but with my Cappy I'm always happy to hear from Him. My last relationship was with a Libra 2 yrs. and the one before that was with a Gemini and that lasted 6yrs so 4 months for me is nothing and I'm already feeling' Him. Everyone's experience is different with their Capricorn man so my advice is just to go with the flow and see what happens 'cuz you never know. Even a tough ass Aries Goddess can fall in love. =}

It all depends on the specific couple. My mom and dad (mom is Aries, dad a cap) were married almost 45 yrs before my father passed away. So yeah, it can work. As it goes now, I'm an Aries woman and seriously falling for my best guy friend that just so happens to be a cappy. We have a ton of things in common and talk for hrs about anything, even our past relationships. Yeah he's a slows mover but patience is a virtue I have really been trying to work on!

I'm a Capricorn man and have been in a relationship with an Aries woman for seven years now. We're both in our forties (so have had other failed relationships and are both quite mature). I think that we are both too proud and in many ways incompatible and at times in the past have nearly broken up. As time has gone by I think we have accepted our differences and our relationship is now great. We have a 4 year old daughter and bringing her up has really been a lot of fun and bonded us as a couple. I think that cap and Aries have many fundamental differences and are opposite in many ways but if they persevere then good things happen. She's a babe!

I'm an Aries girl, just recently got together with a cute little Cappy boy. We started out as friends but he had deep feelings for me for the 2 years of our friendship. I was always curious and casually drawn to him, but never allowed myself to get close - even a tough Aries bitch has consideration for the feelings of people who aren't indifferent to her. He seemed immature and easily hurt, and I didn't want that on my conscience.

Then as time passed and we seemed to have accepted the fact that we're never meant to be, I discovered that he had suddenly matured. I continued to observe the changes in him and found myself wanting, pining for him even. He confessed his feelings soon after our first kiss, but I was cautious. Having been badly hurt in the past, building a relationship on rubble was going to be tough. I told him everything, my terms and conditions so to say. And to my great surprise, he didn't get into a bitch fit with me, instead he waited 6 months for me - very patiently - while I was testing out the waters of this potential relationship.

When I found myself falling in love with my Cappy, I was scared out of my pants, and excited at the same time.

I've read so many "compatibility" tests about Cappys and Arians and they all dim my spirit a little... But I'm currently happy with my Cappy, he's naturally eager and quite rough but he WILL be gentle and patient, as long as you make it known to him. My Cappy is extremely romantic, while I didn't have a romantic bone in my body until I was with him... Now he cooks me delicious dinners, holds me in his arms all night long, plays piano for me and is always willing to go the extra mile.

I'm happy but I wouldn't recommend this set-up to everyone. Make sure you know your Capricorn boy, ladies, because they ARE quite unfulfilled with themselves. But if you make his world go round, he'll make you his queen! :)

Hi everyone! I'm a 20 year old Aries girl. I met a Capricorn guy through a mutual friend of ours. We hung out a few times and I never really talked to him. We went to a party one night and I started to get a little tipsy! I was so confident that even though he seems quiet and unapproachable, I asked him questions and talked with him all night! He even came to the dance floor and danced with me :]. I had such a great time with him and then I started to realize how physically attractive he was. He has these green, piercing eyes, and a strong, silent yet secure presence. Infact, I believe I have never been this attracted to any guy ever, which scares me. I found out that night that he was only 18 about to turn 19 this December. This scared me a bit, but I was surprised because he seems older! After the party he asked my friend for my number and of course I gave it to him. The first time he called me, I thought he talked very little. Hahah he mostly just listens patiently y and I get a little nervous. I feel it's up to me to keep the conversation interesting. Anyway, a few days later I called him back and he invited me out the same day to hang out. I was surprised at how direct he was. We went to scandia and just talked all day. He is absolutely hilarious!! and so interesting to talk to. We have this strange magnetism in person. He ended up taking me to his house and introduced me to his mother, which was unnerving but I acted as confident and open as possible. We bonded over old movies and actors like marlon brando. I tried to make a good impression to his brothers and mother, since I know family is important to him. Everything about him impresses me, and I can't get him off my mind. When I went home, he asked me for a hug and I responded with, I didn't know you were the hugging type. But, honestly, that is a delightful surprise. I am wondering whether he just wants to get to know me, or actually is attracted to me. Please answer someone! Any Capricorn male advice out there?

Hi ,I'm a Aries woman and had dated a cappy guy . Oh lord they are confused soul of all the zodiac. His expectation in life are really high. He tries to dominates and Would never like to talk if there is misunderstanding . However initial days were fun . So Aries woman keep a watch on cappy guys .... Date cappy guys for few months and then bed with him .... COs its not like what it luks like. You got to really know him . Cappy's are fun and confused people.

I need help

im an Aries, im the biggest commitment freak out. its not because anyone has hurt me so bad or anything like that, im just too damn independent but then when a guy is over my "im not ready" stuff I get really hurt and annoyed.

I want to break this cycle please help.

im hurting not only myself but such wonderful people too.

I am a 34 yr old woman that is in love with a married cappy he is so mean so selfish and i am very unhappy wit him????? I told him I was done and I am moving on but that was yesterday and today I wish no I want to take it back and tell him I didn't mean it but why?? we have been together over 3yrs and it didn't even matter to him that I walked out of his life??? what does that say about us?? and how the f*ck do I let him go?? I am so sad and hurt that I let him in so deeply and to him it was just a f*ck thing but to blind to see what was rite in front of my eyes?? any advice for me please???

Wow, I don't know whether to attribute some traits to the stars or just the person. I am a Capricorn who fell hard for an Aries woman. We both have been married before and have kids and chaotic family forces pulling at us. But I have never felt the kind of passionate love with anyone as I felt between us. It was as if the entire world stopped when we were together. I'm a high-contact person, but for her, I would change my whole mode of being in the world. I can't explain it, but there has never been a woman who looked at me and touched me that way. We rarely fought when together, but for her, it was like "out of sight, out of mind" One day, she would be telling me that we had the greatest, best relationship she had ever had and that I calmed her and made her feel so healthy. The next day, she would act like I was an intruder. She just stopped talking to me three months ago - and this was after over a year. I feel more pain over losing her after a year, than after lo sing my wife of 18 years. Nobody has ever penetrated my shell that deeply. Not sure why I'm sharing this, except to purge. I loved that fiery Aries woman!! and she vanished like smoke.

I am a male Capricorn. I have a friend (more like a little brother) who is an Aries. Remember, Aries are Cardinal Fire and this means that they don't have a boundary with people they deal with, but he really does not understand that he causes me inconviences. Aries might interpret Caps as being selfish - Caps feels exactly the same way! Overall, I feel that this has great potential. I have great communication with my Aries females. I would have to be in a relationship w/one to find out first. I think if Capricorn get out of the habit of telling or even explaining their point of view to people (unless it is asked) and if Aries are good with their commitments then things can blossom. Aries take your armour off in the presence of sincerity! You do not have to be strong, dynamic, and tough at all times. Control your need to be competitive, unless you are fighting for love; which love is something Aries have to take more seriously if you expect to be with a Capricorn . Lastly Aries we admire your independence and as Caps we value our sovereignty, so when we argue don't be so quick to call it quits and Caps once the argument is over with an Aries -it's over so get over it quickly! The ghost of Christmass past is what it is - the past for an Aries.

I am an Aries woman married to a Capricorm Man. Yes, it has been challenging but in the end he is the only man that has been able to love me so deeply. We have been able to learn from each other and grow. If you want to put in the time and get a great outcome this can be a wonderful union. We have been together now for 18 years and counting!

I'm an Aries woman that's so in love with a Cappy man, they have their ways. He speaks his mind, confident not cocky, treats me like I'm his empress and nothing less. I think we're a match made in heaven because we've both experienced bad past relationships and have learned how to appreciate and respect each other feelings.

I first met my Capricorn man at a music gathering. I was captivated by his violin playing. We had a lovely 3 years following, which looking back, definitely held me back from doing some things, but the Aries in me isn't held back by too many things. We have the same ideas about most things, but his lack of emotion kind of pushes me away. We are both passionate about music and we lived well together. His inability to change was kind of one of the main factors of our break up. We're still friends, sort of... part of me won't let go. Most of me knows I will.

I am a Aries woman, and I am in love with a capricorn. For me, being a Aries and all, I don't chase guys they chase me. But with him it was the other way! At first he was confusing and strange. There was just something in him I loved. I have changed so much with him and have been together for 4 years, and hope to soon get married. He is polite, nice, funny and amazing.Every Capricorn friend I have are polite and funny, those two characterists are important to me. Cap's are the best!

I am an Aries girl and dating with Capricorn boy. I know this is worst of atrological combinations but ... after starting to read horoscopes. lol

I am an Aries Woman that is falling in love with my guy best friend who is a Cappy. 3 years and counting and he said I LOVE YOU maybe 2 months ago. He gets me, I get him.. Yes, he's selfish but so am I. He's also very sweet and althogh he disappears for days at a time, I know that's his way of analizing his feelings for me. Besides I like my space and adore the challange. I'm demanding, independent and IMPATIENT but he is def. teaching me to be patient as I am teaching him to be optimistic and build his confidence. Compliment yor Cappy men, listen to him, be responsible and ALWAYS dress nice. Guaranteed to penetrate his shell. His wall is full of insecurities. BUILD HIM he's worth it! :) Oh yes, the sex is amazing and we have yet to argue although we disagree frequently.

I am a Capricorn female.. lol yet am more intuned with my masculine side per say.. well I just recently met this Aries female... she is wonderful.. funny, outspoken, honest, sexually outgoing, sweet and confident and yet vulnerable strong yet relaxed... a very sexy and beautiful spirit. I like her. And I just wanna be me... let her know I'm interested... call her txt her everyday... especially because the converstion is so good.. I also would like to woo her like plan romantic evening and even just bond with her totally without being at the least bit guarded... but that's not us caps lol... got to have a well eduacated plan on how to get her... so I read up on how to win an Aries women... "play hard to get. Don't show much weakness.don't give casual flattery like hey beautiful , keep her interested by allowing her to chase/catch you cus Aries want what they can't have and etc." Wow... as a cap we don't put our selfs or are feelings out there without good research and hard evidence that we can trust this other indivisual with the unconditional loyal and undying love that is possibly awaiting them. So me wanting to just say fuck it and drive head first for this girl says lots. But I cant? ... cus according to the description of there sign shell loose interest in me. How stupid is all this. Pls Aries women... tell me its not that true... you would really prefer me blow you off then tell you and treat like I really like you????????? PLS Aries WOMEN HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW Y'ALL TIK

I love my Capricorn man. He is very strict and at the same time very loving.He is very intelligent too, and being an aries, I love intelligent people. He teaches me a lot about how to be more organized and focused on my work. We have our bad fights but in the end it's always like we love each other more. I care about him a lot and so does he, but he has a very hard time expressing his emotions which can sometimes make me wonder does he love me. But then I catch the subtle hints and I know he trying to show love. I'm learning patience now and I'm giving him his time to come out. I look at him as a challenge. I think all Aries people dating a Capricorn should do that. We love challenges and so we should look at making a Capricorn man fall in love as a challenge. I have what it takes to get this man to love me and I know I'll succeed. I just need to practice patience, cause once a Capricorn man trusts you enough to open up then they make excellent and adventurous lovers. I've se en a bit of his romantic and adventurous side and I can't get enough. I'm going to try hard to make him open up completely cause I love that side of him. I love his soft side too.

I'm an Aries woman, single, 45 with 3 children 14, 11, 10. He's a Capricorn man 48, single with 3 grown children. The youngest just graduated from high school. I've read all the posts about Aries women, and I am your classic Arian girl. Outgoing, adventurous, hard working, self-centered, sensitive, fun, wild and crazy. He is your classic Cappy man, solid, materialistic, slightly insensitive, mildly controlling, mellow, easy-going and HIGHLY predictable.

We've been seeing each other exclusively since my birthday--April 9th of 2010. It's almost Christmas 2010 and I still don't know what we are. I want him to ask me to be his lady. I've learned patience in my old age (mainly due to the self-inflicted trials and tribulations in my past) BUT come on!! What are we doing? He is very easy to be with, the sex is off the chain (which compels me to stay and wait).

We have a very predictable routine and he seems to be terribly off balance when I switch up. Now you know I gotta switch up, right? I do get bored knowing exactly what we're gonna do from week to week so I have to do something else because my impulsiveness makes him uneasy.

I am absolutely addicted to him. I could love him if I opened my heart to him. He shows me in many ways that he cares about me and my children. I can see myself with him long-term. But I will not reveal my feelings to him first. NO way.

My question is to the Capricorn men who have experienced an Aries woman. (I did say "experienced" because we dynamic lady rams are an experience you will never forget whether it works out or not---believe it.)

Here's the question? What must I do to have this man say the words I want to hear so I can open my heart to him and give him all of me? Not give me a hint. I want him to look me in my eyes and tell me he wants to be with me forever? WHAT the hell else can I do?

I am an Aries woman and I am in deep liking of a Capricorn man. He is soooo strange and confussing. I mean went on our first date in September and then text for about 2 months and then nothing. All of the sudden I hear from him only because he needed a date for his Christmas party.. He is soooooooooooo fine, I mean body is like amazing. One thing lead to another and yeah I am back to not hearing from him. I am so impatient and he is sooo patient and he believes in taking everything really slowly, I mean that's cool but seriously I need to know where this is going because I am not the type of chick that hooks up and he runs I am the one who runs.Then when we do talk we can talk for hours on end he can't shut up which I don't want him to but then he shuts down. is this a cappy thing or is this just him? I have never been this confussed about anyone usually it's like whatever but with him I him a lot and I do feel an attraction to him so yeah.

Im a cap man that last my Aries girl. we were so deeply in love for 2 years and one day she just said she fell out of love with me ... I had no problem saying how much I loved her. I was willing to through everything away for her and she made me believe she felt the same way. then we started having family problems. we barely saw each other anymore and she just became distant. We remained in touch and she says she wishes she could be with me but she doesn't want to be with em if she doest feel what I feel.

I'd do anything to win her heart again so Aries women, please, help a Cap that's madly in love get his woman back.

In reading some of the comments on here, Arian women get a bad rap. First you have to understand that Arians are late bloomers as far as maturity is concerned. If you encounter an Aries woman before she has had the opportunity to really get out there and experience what life has to offer, you will be met with the headstrong, bossy, insensitive, stereotypical personality so often depicted. However, if you happen to meet a more mature Aries woman, you will be surprised at how calm, level headed, and accommodating she can be.

With that said, I am an Aries woman dating a Cappy man. We've been dating for about three years and I absolutely adore him. We all know patience is not an Arian strength; however, I (think) I have mastered that virtue and the rewards have been endless. I realized that under that cool exterior, my Cappy man is just as passionate as I am. He is also very insecure which is why most Caps feel as though they need to control every situation. But as the saying goes, "behind every great man is a phenomenal woman". I recognized his shortcomings and set out help him leverage them. I respect him tremendously and have found that if I let him "feel" as though he's in control, he will ultimately give in to my every desire. Don't misunderstand me, if you love your Cap man, you have a long road and a lot of work ahead of you. But if you are willing to accept the challenge, you will reap the benefits of the most protective, patient, loving, gentle, affectionate, and sincere man you w ill ever meet.

I am a 21 year old Aries woman. Recently, I went down to Las Vegas for New years with some friends. Another group met up with us that I did not know and was at first not very interested in knowing. The one guy, a cappy, who was with the three girls, was quiet and seemed uninterested in talking with us. After being around him for awhile on the strip, I realized how funny he was and that he didn't really care what we thought, or seemed to not care. I tried to get to know him that night and not long after I found that we had a lot in common, even where we wanted to go on our honeymoons! I fell for him that night and tried so hard to be patient and impress him anyway I could.

When we got back home I went to his place and we watched a movie and really talked that night. The next day he asked me on a date for that week. The date could have gone smoother. I waited for him to call me for nearly 3 hours and finally texted him to see what the plan was. I don't think he realized that I had been waiting so long to hear from him. We planned to go sledding, but the park was closed. I still had fun on our date and he stayed at my house til 5 in the morning, just chatting and watching funny videos on my bed. I was a little disappointed I didn't get a kiss. It's been a few days since then and he's texted me a little here and there. I miss him a lot, but I don't want to scare him away. His birthday is this weekend and I want to do something special without freaking him out. I got him a music journal cause he writes, but I feel like thats not enough. Would a kiss be a good excuse as a present? I just hope he really likes me and I'm not wasting my time. I find hi m perfect in every way!

I love a Capricorn man. I am 46 and he is 52. He is sterereotypical of the sign in many ways, but he is also one of the sweetest, warmest, lovingest, most patient men I have ever known. I am an Aries, also stereotypical, but being older, I have mellowed/. He has fire influences & I have earth in my chart. Our relationship has been so easy, and we totally get each other. He loves my fieriness and fearlessness, and I love his strength and practicality. He knows that I am bossy, and I know he is also controlling. We make an effort to keep it an equal partnership. The sex is fabulous!

I'm a Capricorn male. I have been with my Aries woman, more or less for the past 13 years. We have 3 children together and were married for 7 years. We got divorced (Aries cheated) but we are now back together which is a mutual decision :). The whole situation was a learning experience and a blessing in disguise. I believe the biggest problems for a Capricorn male with a Aries woman may be that both are determined, stubborn and both always believe they?re right and need to have things their way. A Capricorn is slow and methodical while an Aries is impatient and impulsive and both techniques clash big-time even if their goal is ironically the same. A Capricorn will pretty much come off as a iron-fisted dictator or a controlling father figure and the Aries will come off like a foolish child without an ounce of foresight. Both may be correct on this :). With all that said, I believe it takes a great deal of patience, understanding of each other, compromising and the ability of each sign to focus on each other?s positive qualities to make the union work. A Capricorn MUST NOT snuff out an Aries wonderful fiery spirit with constant controlling and criticism, it's what makes her such a wonderful, strong and appealing woman. An Aries MUST try to have patience and learn to be open to compromise and NOT make every decision impulsively. Also, a Capricorn will need plenty of positive feed back to feel appreciated, more than an Aries is probably used to or willing to give. All in all, I love my Aries deeply, we both share a common goal and compromise and communication are KEY. Aries needs her freedom and Capricorn needs to feel appreciated, very simple. Also, I believe for things to work, an Aries MUST run the show on the surface and Caps, you need to bow down and keep things solid and in control from behind the scenes, your good at that anyways. Aries can be the fuel and Capricorn can be the engine, so to speak. Anyways, after years of absolute HELL on earth and learning things the extreme hard way for both of us, I believe that I now truly have one of the most special girls in the solar system. We make an excellent team together and we both admit that. Also, must admit, she excites me like no other, even after all these years. My Aeries girl keeps me inspired and surprisingly is very nurturing to my needs, didn't realize that till she was gone but it's all good now. I guess I help bring stability and grounding to the relationship and provide a means to help my Aries achieve her goals, which in turn, help me achieve mine! I love my Aries and couldn't imagine a life with anyone else.

I LOVE Capricorn MEN!

The past 3 serious relationships I have been in were all with capricorns. I am a Aries/Taurus as my birthday is in the middle of a cusp (on the 20th) but I feel like a lot of the traits I have come from an Aries. My fiance & I have been together for two years now and soon getting married. I just want to list out the good and the bad of our relationship

THE GOOD: He is....

-a gentlemen, always opening and closing doors.

-caring, always making sure I am ok or if I need anything from the store time I got really wasted after the bar, I was throwing up and the whole time he was holding me up and holding my hair up for me (that was only the 4th time I met him too)

-friendly, all my friends & family absolutely love him.

-loyal & genuine, he would never cheat

-affectionate, he is very affectionate, always has his hand on me at all times even in public. always kisses my forehead in the middle of his sleep & always tells me he loves me & how beautiful I am.

-giving, he bought me a laptop for my present I have ever received from anybody

-funny, he doesn't talk nearly as much as I do, but he likes to tell jokes alot.

-feminine, he takes care of himself, takes 2 showers a day, smells good, & I love men that take care of their body & heigiene.


-stubborn, were both stubborn so that causes us to get into heated fights until somebody backs down

-clumsy & unorganized, since I have been with him, he has lost 3 cell phones, 6 64g ipods, step and broke three laptops and the list goes on..

-competitive, He has to win. No matter what he does, He has to be the best. He played xbox fifa soccer against a computer, lost, then through the remote through the ceiling.

Its hilarious to me to watch him get so angry over a game, but to him its not a game, its a matter of having to win.

-lies, My fiance, lies a lot. At first it was to me, just white lies here and there, but I was always able to call him out on his lies so he finally stopped. He still lies to others in order for him to get his way.

-cockiness, I added this one because the other capricorns I have known have been extremely overly cocky! My fiance was the first Capricorn to not express an OVERLY cocky side. YES he is still cocky, checks himself out in the mirror, makes jokes here and there about himself but to me, it is hilarious and I laugh at it. I love a man with confidence and he has just the right amount. Not too much and not too little.

I'm and Aries women and the gold digging thing is a lie we are very honest and money is the last thing on my mind.... I don't know I meet my Capricorn male 5yrs ago he was married and I was in a relationship so we never hook up..... but I'm single and he is divorce and I can't get him out off my head he so patients and I love how he take care of him self to controlling but this Aries love that...... I hate that I can really read him I don't know what he thinks or feels I love every min we spend together but his last relationship left him hurt and I don't know if he will ever get past that so don't know if to fight for him or walk away....I'm like super scared to fall in live wig him I don't know what to do but I can't stop seeing him I love every min I'm with him I x my Capricorn man..

I am a Aries girl who been going out with a Capricorn for about 2 years. At the start, it was good. He was quiet and I get to use my sexy female power on him.... then as the relationship goes on, I found out we are just way too different from each other. We argue about things are really not important and get upset at it. My Aries fire is burning on a lower gas level when going out with a Cappy. He is often very realistic and don't put up with my dreamy ideas. Aries can't live without something to look forwards to or something that we could dream out. Sometimes we need to put-up with each other to have this relationship. Cappy don't make your inside bubble up like saggi do. They don't make you laugh from inside and out. I understand why our Aries girl can sometimes fall out of love with them and decide enough is enough. The upside it that he seem to love me a lot. massage me, wash my foot and do my nail, trying to make me happy. The truth is Cappy will never know how to really make us happy because they just too negative and judgmental about everything thing. Once they made up their mind, nothing can change it. The problem is I am not brave enough to leave him because I am so use to the support he gives to me.

Im a Aries woman with a Capricorn man, and I must say that our relationship has always felt like a merry go around (as far as challenges faced in our relationship)I have a always felt like I was on a emotional roller caster with this guy and I must say that through it all my Capricorn man has remained patient,strong,calculating and understanding of me.And I apperciate that a million with him, he doesn't talk much but is all action and I know that he loves me without a doubt and I know that I love him without question.However, him in I have settled for an "open relationships" which has prevented progress in our relationship on a commited level and I regret having a relationship such as that one, because all I want is him and to be with him but he has grown so comfrontable with our relationship that he gives breaks in between our relationship because he doesn't want to be disloyal or responsible for hurting me. But thats understandable but is also so weak......the whole point is that were not together because we are still young and still have our whole life ahead of us.........."I rather my Capricorn play now but pay the price of his loyality and full commitment to me later in our future" we allow each other free will but my Capricorn man still holds me up to a double standard and I still hold him up to a pedstal. LOL

I am engaged to an cap and I am an female Aries I love him and want to marry him but what's holding me back and making me want to move on is is controlling, possiveness, head strong attitude. I can be some of those same way but not to his extreme he is jealous and wants all of my time I hardly have time for friends and family and he does not even want me to work certain days and shift. He has brought good things to my life to like his intelligence, patience, he make me think about the future wanting to get my self together, he is family oriented great with my kids and family, knows how to keep things together and a great providers, our sex life in not great not due to his ablity but other things and he is very insecure about that. I am trying to stay for the long haul but its very hard, he makes me feel depress and sad I feel like im loosing myself with him. when we met I was fun, flirty, happy go lucky type of person now I feel like he is draining the very life out of me. He gets mad at me over every little things and doesn't speak fo r days to me I love him and see a future for us but for the in between right now if he does not stop im leaving him

I'm an Aries woman and I'm kinda-sorta seeing this Capricorn guy. At first we only had dealings on a business level until recently he told me how much he'd always like me and vise-versa. We both have recently gotten out of bad relationships and I can openly talk to him and he can do the same with me. But the only downfall is I really like him and I'm interested in pursing a relationship but he seems to move at his own pace. I don't want to be seem like I'm moving too fast but I would like him to tell me how he feels or at least does he see this semi-relationship (or whatever you call it) going anywhere...But overall he's a sweet guy, very considerate just seems to be a little reserved.

I am a Capricorn Male (7th January 1994)and my first girlfriend was a Virgo Sun but with a heavy dose of the Aries influence. I was never mean to her, but she treated me like a baby and it was like you cant do this or that but strangely she ended up doing what she told me not. I subsequently split up with her and she kept trying to win me back, and I was having none of it, we have remained good friends though. However, to much of my Capricorn/Pisces (Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon according my natal chart, and since Capricorn is Earth/Water with it being half goat and half fish) would come into play and I was stubborn, harsh, cruel and slightly hurtful. But I do have a bunch of lady friends who are Aries and they are honest, loving, know how to put a smile on my face (and vice-verca), we all have a spontaneous humor sense. Aries woman should be patient with these men, although we are shy and reserved get us to open step by step and your in for a harmonious friendship.

I am a 35 years old Aries female dating a 44 year old Capricorn man. This is my second go around with a Capricorn. The first was my ex husband. Capricorn men in my experience take time to get to know. I love my man. He was was my friend for 10 years before we started a relationship. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

I'm an Aries woman who dated a Capricorn man. I think I was attracted to how sturdy and reliable he was. I think he liked that I was so unreliable and spontaneous. However, once we were in a relationship, he was extremely critical of those traits and seemed dissatisfied or even frustrated with every thing I did. Nothing I did satisfied him, he insisted on doing everything, he'd never let me have my say or my way, even for a second. I like conversation - but when we debated if I disagreed with his opinion he'd become sulky. He was jealous, but he communicated his jealousy by freezing me out. He was a selfish lover, he was uncomplimentary and unadventurous. He was also incredibly insensitive. He dumped me out of the blue because he was in love with some one else, but two weeks later he was dating a completely different person. He was using me in the end, but I also got the impression that he didn't know what he wanted. He left me feeling incredibly small and worthless . It was an awful idea to date him, not because he was a bd person but because his personality was so different from mine, his actions had the worst possible effect on me, even though that probably wasn't his intention. We tried to remain on good terms but he froze me out and ultimately became frustrated with me. I knew that he had lied about why he didn't want to be with me, and like a typical Aries woman I demanded answers, and then became confrontational and aggressive when I received neither answers nor attention. Capricorns and Aries don't belong together. He went on to date a Sagittarius for over two years very happily.

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