Capricorn man breaking up with me?

by sabrina

I dated a Capricorn man for 8 months long distance. He literally swept me off my feet. He called and text when we weren't together constantly. He asked me to marry him many times, calls me his girl, baby. Forever till we leave this earth was his favorite text.

Now the bad part. A month ago he came here and acted kind of mad before he left. He apologized and I was kind of trying to figure some things out so, I didn't call him for 6 days. I took all of his calls with the exception of the last three calls he made. I called him back and he put it to voice mail. I text him and asked what the heck?

His text to me: I figured you were either pouting or your phone was broken? He asked me to send him his things in the mail. It was 20 days till I heard from him again. A text on Thanksgiving. It read Hi, hope you are well. Happy turkey day to you and your lovely family.

WTF? I text back 7 hours later Tell your family I said Hi and happy Thanksgiving also. It was the last I ever heard from him. 25 days ago. I sent him an email asking him to talk in person I would go there. His reply was.. will be out of town those dates.

Can someone please tell me if he's lost his mind? I am so sweet and kind. I am so together and financially sound. I am attractive... Is he gone for good? Is he that insecure, mad, help me out here. I cant believe he's really going to end it like this.

I read that caps disappear and think. Does he even think of me? I also read that if a Capricorn is in love he doesn't give it up easily. Help me... Advice please. I know he traveled here and it cost him, he's not rolling in money. While he was here he purchased a complete vacation for us. I don't know what to do.

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Cap man oppinion
by: Anonymous

as a cap man in a similar situation. he think its over and seeing you would only cause frustration at this point. if he like syou as much as you seem to like him then he probably doenst want to relapse into teh relationship again or get overly hopeful. we instinctively burn bridges to keep from getting hurt again.

by: Anonymous

Wow just like any other person you dated the only differance is a Cap man does'nt want to cause or see hurt to anyone. but the best thing you can do is relook at the relationship. and rethink of the questions he asked you.. who's this ? why is that here ? Cap's are winners and dont like second place so if you carry baggage pic's talk past boyfriends. talk about other men. you will become quickly second place to him.. PS never leave room for dought !!!!!! this tec. stage of emails and texts unseen creates room for dought yes he wont ask but he would love to be told and know its not another guy and he is safe and #1. the pay back can meet your wildest dreams.

cap men
by: Anonymous

This man. Sounds exactly like the cap man i dated. He sent lovly messages. Very poetic. Called and text every day. And then one day he went away to france i live in england and aint been back since. He still texts me and phones and still states he loves me. So i dont know cap men like to travel and are very very insecure. He offered me to visit france on him i refused because im hurt. I dont understand him and he get upset over the smallest things which are nothing to fuss over and then leave. Is he crazy or is this just cap men. I think he will call you. Just be careful cap men are unpredictable. Wouldnt want you to get hurt

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