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I'm a Cancer female, married to a Capricorn male. There certainly are a lot of sparks between the two of us. While I truly embody the Cancer ideals by being a stay-at-home mom, nurturer, and caregiver, my husband is quite the opposite. He is exceptionally driven by his career, and spends a lot of hours away from the home.

While it is good in many ways that he is so devoted to his work because it allows me to stay at home to raise the kids, it certainly does create some intense feelings between the two of us. My emotions certainly get the best of me when I'm needing some quality time with my hubby, and his never quit attitude at work makes it hard for him to drop a project at a moment's notice to help ease my insecurities.

Fortunately, it creates some intense moments in the bedroom for us both, also. &He is certainly a passionate and motivated lover, and is able to help draw out some of my secret fantasies. The result is a sensual and intense experience that leaves both of us panting for more!

My name is Sara, I'm a Cancer and about seven years ago I met Jamie, who is a Capricorn. We worked in the same office and I admit that I had a bit of a crush on him from the start. After we began talking regularly and spending our work breaks together, my feelings only got stronger.

He only thought of me as a friend, since he was married and not the kind of guy who cheated. I got to know his wife and we all had dinner on many occasions. My feelings for him became very intense but I cared for him and his wife so I just ignored how I felt. We were very close friends, best friends even.

We left our jobs and went to another place of employment and somehow drugs became a part of both of our lives. We did them together, bought them together and paid for them together. One night, after getting high, we were talking and hanging out in his car in the parking lot. Before I knew what was going on, we were completely making out. It was one of the most satisfying sexual experiences of my life!

I had dreamed of him for so long and dreamed of the things we were actually doing that I was more excited than I had ever been. We did not have sex that night but we did a lot of other things. Once it was over, there was some awkwardness between us but being friends for so long, we just refused to let it control us.

I kept hoping the experience would be repeated but it never was. It might have been but his wife found out she was expecting a baby and I think that changed things for my friend. He is a good person and I don't think he would have been happy having an affair. I think we would have been great together but I would rather be friends, which we still are, than to have had a relationship for a while and then lose my best friend when it was over. I am still completely in love with him of course, but I can live with what we almost had, I guess I have no choice.

I'm a Cancer woman and im 20 yrs old. Im in love with 28 yr old Capricorn man.. We are very much in love with each other!

I keep on falling in love with Capricorn men, I got 3 born 5th January, I dunno why... only the two of them told he they love me but I love the other one... im a Cancer btw

Its just 2 months of our relationship, he is so damn possessive and so insensitive! I was telling some important stuff about myself , he yawned twice while I was talking to him on the phone! that bastard! Always keeps on asking about my whereabouts! pervert! doesnt even trust me! My Capricorn guy, is an asshole , i am going to dump him already!

I have been dating a Capricorn guy fro two weeks now, I was born on the 1st of July and him on the 15th of January ,the first days were great ,he would call and sms me all day through and all of a sudden he has become distant ,Capricorn man are so un predictable you can never understand them ,I don't think its a good combination at all

I am currently dating a Capricorn man. I am a Cancer woman. I have only went out with him 1 time. He's very distant but when we are together we have fun. He texts me every morning "good morning" and doesn't call until the evening for about 7 min. After that I don't hear anymore from him. I am getting frustrated already because I like him but I like to talk more than 7 min. Should I stick around or should I roll out and find somebody else??

I am a Cancer woman madly and passionately in love with a Capricorn man. He can be guarded, but my crab claws at every attempt tries to pry the walls down. He is my very best friend. I have not had a best friend in a long time. I have two little boys and he has a little boy. I want to have another child with him...a little girl one day. He is self driven and I am a very caring person. I think opposites do really attract. Sex with him is like being in a candy store....he loves to treat me. Every fantasy comes to life and he loves how I treat him. Overall, I really want to marry him. I hope we can make that step because he knows he means the world to me.

god I guess it really must be different when parents don't affect the relationship, my cappy is my best friend but somehow I feel is isn't enough to sustain a relationship maybe its cuz I'm a Cancer cusp. oh well know really knows, I think our break up is impending

I am a Cancer female married to a Capricorn man and all I can say is this man is my soulmate. We met when we were both 52 years old and we fell in love over the phone. Eleven days later he drove 1300 miles to where I lived and we haven't been apart since. We married after a year of being together. Yes, we have our moments - he can be a hard man, but he is a loving man, a kind man, and a loyal man. is out of this world the best either of us have ever experienced. It's like being in another dimension -- another realm. He's amazing. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world and we both wish we had met each other 30 years earlier.

I once had a thing with a Capricorn guy but it didn't work out well in the end. It was a very sweet story while it lasted, anyway.

We started out as friends, both teenagers, but at some point I remember that I started feeling more and more attracted to him. Since I wasn't sure if the feeling was reciprocal, I didn't act on it and pretended as if it wasn't there.

One day while hanging out together we hugged each other and then bang, we were all over each other.

I felt very awkward after that and didn't know how to act around him, and I think he must have felt the same way. But for the following months after that day we couldn't get our hands off each other no matter where we were.

We decided to keep it a secret from more or less everybody, hehe, and we'd snick out in the evening after school and make out like crazy.

He was a very sweet guy. He was serious most of the time but he listened to me when I needed him to. He had problems at home and I wanted to be there for him too, but I was so young and inexperienced to deal with something like that... On the rare occasions when he would talk to me about his problems, I'd feel useless and frustrated; I didn't know how to deal with them.

After some weeks he asked me to be his girlfriend. I refused him. I wasn't ready for that kind of stuff, it scared me.

Stupid me for some reason I kept thinking he'd go to some other girl, and I got so suspicious that one day I broke the whole thing off.

I don't think I will ever forget those days... Many years have past ever since but I still treasure the moments we had together.

Cancer woman crazy for Cap man, he is the most driven 100% man I have ever known. Its very hard to get to know him, very slow being accepted into his life. At first I was mega frustrated, then when I read about Caps I calmed down and just accepted him for what he is... and he brings me into his life a little more all the time, though it is agonizingly slow! Patience! He is a fantastic lover, being my opposite just having him near me makes me crazy. I feel special to be invited into his life, even if its slow. Whew!!

I am a Cancer woman. And oh my god love making with a Capricorn is just beautiful. . The passion is great. I met my Capricorn guy a few years ago and it was an instant love connection. I am not an easy gal but something about this man made me feel so secure that we just couldn't stay away from one another . Kissing him is like kissing someone for the first time and having sex with him felt like having sex for the first time minus the pain. . Honestly he soothe my soul in every possible way. Cancers are all about security and the capis got it on point! Though they can be stubborn and insensitive we emotionally manipulate them back to us. Its great for a Cancer gal not that many other signs can put up with us lol

so im a January Capricorn and im in a relationship with a June Cancer and everything is just so magical, we've been holding off on each other 4 a year, we were best friends but we never showed I true feelings until a couple days ago, and when I first kissed her march 24,(ill never forget) i just knew it was time to make her mine, and now that I did make her mine I cant keep my hands off her, she is the best I ever had, im really cool with every Cancer I meet, cause were so compatible, but she is the one who caught my eye!!!!!!!!

I am a Cancerian woman who lives in Asia and have been in a romantic relationship with a Capricorn man who lives in the U.S. for almost 2 months now. We have been friends since high school but was recently introduced into romance later on in our lives. I feel that I always have to take the back seat. My cap man loves to go out on various activities during the weekend and I feel that he squeezes me in whenever he has extra time. It's really a challenge. I love him and will try to be more patient.

Im a Cancer girl and he's a cappy the fullest. We used to be neighbors but I never spoke to him because he was so much older he's 26 and I'm 20 but we lived beside each other when I was in high school. I meet him saw him the other day and sparks just flied it was and is still crazy...the chemistry is enough to keep this shy girl interested has to be the most manly man I have ever meet and the most hard working.

I just met this Capricorn man and he is so loving and caring and a strong minded man

Well I'm a Cancer lady and I met my Cappy husband after a break up. He was a great rebound, sweet, kind etc. But it only lasted for a little while.....then he became cold, quiet and distant. I cheated on him....and we were apart for 1 yr. He treated me like shit when we were together. so I left. Anyway it wasn't until I left that he began to Really Appreciate me. I was with someone else and me and the other guy broke up after 1yr......I went back to my Cappy to see if he Really Changed. And for the most part he has.. and he loves me to I'm learning to love him now. Till death do us part....oh yeah by the way....we got married in 5 months of knowing each other.....smh

I am a Cancer with a Capricorn man, even if we wasn't together I would still want a Capricorn man. It really works out in every way x

Im a 25 year old Cancer Woman married to my 25 year old Cancer husband. Hold onto your seats ladies/gentlemen its a bumpy ride lol.

We both met when we were fresh at 18/19. Both were untamable and enjoyed dating. He was military I had debt but that didn't stop us.

I fell in love with his charm, and he was extremely romantic in the first few weeks, then he got cold feet because he was scared of commitment even though he was in love with me. My response to his breaking it off , I listened and stayed his friend in hopes he'd come back, tried to keep our distance after the break up but the gods would have non of it and a few parties and 20 drinks later we were back together.

Now he we are both very stubborn so when we have our minds set on something the other knows to just let the other do what they want. Im extremely nurturing and loving and my husband loves it when I come out of my shell and love on him which is not often. He usually asks for sex and I honor his request 95% of the time. I enjoy when he begs for it lol and it turns me on when he doesn't want it. Who knew id be so weird. He's very cool and collected and loves to give advice, I am very crazy and humorous and love to listen so we compliment each other well.

we moved in together after a year of dating and have an open relationship which is wonderful. He is amazing during sex and has a lot of patience for my timid behaviors. I really don't know how this relationship works but it does and he proposed to me on the beach where we had our 1st date and we got married at night on a gazebo (small wedding) It was perfect for us even though I wouldn't have mind wearing an actual wedding dress if I could have.

To this day we still have our ups and downs but with my forgiving and listening if I didn't let him win the arguments the relationship probably would not have worked but Relationships between a Capricorn and Cancer can either work or fail. In my case it has worked and we are extremely happy and sometimes cant get enough of each other. Hope this helps some of you.

Why did you marry him after 5 months?

Did he put drugs in your food or something?


I'm a Cancer lady of 25 and my crush is a Capricorn gentlemen of 40. It doesn't matter the age difference but what really matters is if he accepts me for being real and truthful. I can respect the fact that some day It shall happened my wish shall come reality instead of a fantasy. Well, I don't know much about this man.. it's very flattering that we both seem to know our little secret for craving a sweet love affair or a long term relationship. XD

I am a 25 year old Cancer in love with a 35 year old cappy. He is extremely hard working, and at times appears cold. Which was hard to me but I gotten used to it and believe me it was worth it. But they are truly loyal, and if you're patient you will be very happy!! he's asked my to marry him after only four months with a Cartier engagement ring!! He treats me and my daughter like princesses. Caps value honesty. Always be a lady.. thats what they love!! I also have had to learn to be very submissive, as he is very demanding. You can either love them or hate them. And I love mine to death!! And the other girl was right these men have a way of making you feel secure!!

well im a Cancer women. I am interested in a Capricorn man and that's why I ended up on this page. I want to see our compatibility. I've read most of these stories and I have had some good connections to them and I have hope. okay so my story starts out as this. I'm a teenager. (haha) and I met this kid at a friend's sweet sixteen. I saw him and I knew who he was already (several years ago me and my friend had a crush on him but I never talked to him) usually I'm not shy, I used to be but I've outgrown that. so I go up to him and I introduce myself. we immediately have chemistry. we were already talking about what we want to do as a occupation when were older. I admired his wittiness. (he's very smart and I love the way he see's things). we talked and danced. but later I found out that my friend was trying to hook him up with my other friend. (fortunately their just friends) and so you know the party ended we said our goodbyes. (I didn't ask for his number and neith er did he) several months pass and we seen each other at school. talk sometimes. then I saw him again at another party. he asks me to dance and we dance great together. we both are very different from the way our friends dance and it's always fun. that's when we exchange numbers. (I have a boyfriend during this time) I couldn't help but feel great chemistry with him. and when we now text message it is growing. we admitted to each other that talking with each other always puts us in a good mood. I asked him if it's wrong that I have tiny crush on him and he told me "well, no, I think your amazing. I just think we'd be in a awkward situation if we did anything about it" (I still have my boyfriend when we had this conversation) I like the way he remembers things and listens to me, he is just my friend but he listens to me more than anybody else. I told him I had a leaf collection and I'm looking for new leaves. the next day he brings me a leaf! and then now whenever he travels he brings me leaves from historical places which is awesome. the problem is I have this boyfriend. I kinda realize I should be with the Capricorn. it's sad to do things like this. but I think it might be worth it...and another good thing about this kid is that whenever I'm down he does this cute thing and tells me a joke. it makes me feel better.

I'm a Cancer female in a long distance relationship with Cap male for 6 months and this has been the MOST difficult relationship for me. Yes, he's cold indifferent and insensitive at times. I interpret this as his fear or inexperience at expressing his feelings and his need to delve into work as a form of escapism. But then there are moments of bliss and a complete feeling of belonging. A simple gesture or hug from my cap means so much more. I melt in his arms and can feel how much he needs me. His drive, focus and control is borderline machine-like. Drives me crazy yet I love it! Is this enough? How much longer will I have to deal with his 'moods' and make all the effort to keep things going? I'll keep you posted....

what do a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman want from each other?

I am a Cancer female in a long distance relationship with a Capricorn male and I must tell you he is the most wonderful man I have ever met. He isn't like anyone I ever met. He is kind, loving, sweet and he has sooo much patience for my moodiness. I love him to death and would do anything for him. We have been together for two years and in two more years we will be married. I have never known any man that was more sensitive or considerate of my feelings. I know Cappy's are suppose to be aloof and distant but my baby is absolutely perfect. He gives me all the attention and love I need. In fact he spoils me. I still wonder how I got so lucky. Take it from me cap. and cancers are a match made in heaven. : )

I'm a 30 yr old Cancerian gal and my husband is a 34 yr old Capricorn. We've been together for 13 years. We have our ups and downs. He may not show or express his emotions/feelings sometimes but he lets me know he loves me, as I keep asking him if he still adores me after all these years. Caps and crabs are compatible. Cancerians are nurturers and very loving. Aren't they lucky to have us...

They are horrible men and they are usually in a relationship with someone else. The good one''s I am sure are fine but I get the bad one's and bad Carpicorn men should come with a health warning. The bad caps are not suited to cancerians they will leave you an emotional wreck - steer clear - it's put me off Capricorn men for life

This cappie is sweet and intellectual but has already made requests for me to stop asking so many questions.... I just simply agreed with him as if I am going to truly correspond but he does not even know the half. It has just begun and for the most part he is impressive but I am definitely watching him with a third eye. I can only hope for the best! Really!

I am a recently divorced Cancer woman, deeply in love with a cap guy 10yrs younger. We connected and bonded instantly and his walls came down faster than mine, though mine came down with a rapidity I'm not known for - unusual for cap or cancer. so friendship intensifies into "something else" and that is what I am struggling with. We kissed a few times, he made clear in conversation that he wanted to have sex but then later said he didn't want to ruin our friendship so he has backed away from intimacy and that is where we're at. He suggested a purely physical relationship then backed away from that too. If I want him to hold me he will without reservation but he is careful to keep an emotional distance (or to at least make it seem that way as he's so devious), whilst at other times he very cleverly gets right into my personal space, allowing a part of me to touch him like my arm or leg - and I know he is encouraging this because he knows how to be distant and th ere were times a few months back where he would move away if that happened. Lately he hasn't, he has allowed this "touching" as maddeningly basic as it is. It must be the sexual chemistry side of his nature in conjunction with mine that is coming through in those moments, but it is very confusing...friends have caught him looking at me frequently, admiringly and think he is afraid to commit to something so emotionally intense so soon and I think he doesn't trust that this, that we, can work. I keep thinking about him, I miss him when I don't see him and it's making me crazy because I want to lay him down and take his fears away and show him that we WILL be great together. he so rarely allows himself to "feel" that those few times we kissed, he is kicking himself for and says he shouldn't have. I can see and even sense that he wants me and I have told him more than once that I love him. Do I wait for him to come around or move on? He has said more than once that we can't pursue this - then why the long looks and discreet touching? he is so wonderfully supportive, he takes my burdens away with a joke, a smile or calm rational advice and I feel happier with him around AND he knows instinctively when to approach and when to leave me to come out of a dark phase. he is so patient and he has taught me so much in such a short space of time, but there is only so much I can take - I really want to show him what love can be like if he'd only let me back in. he got badly burned in his last relationship and my last was hardly wonderful but my thinking is life is too short and we should get a fire lit under this thing! I keep trying to ignite him but he is keeping his cool - but only just I suspect. What do I have to do to get this back on track and convince this stubborn, passionate, wonderful all male man to get it on and live happily ever after with this very passionate, equally stubborn, womanly woman?

well I am worried. I have been dating my Capricorn off and on for the past four years. Before we made it official in August of 2010 he got his off and on girlfriend of five years pregnant. The baby is due in early 2011. He doesn't think I will be able to handle him having a relationship with the baby's mother. I don't know if I can either. We love each other so I feel like Im obligated to try but even now, we argue about it and I have broken up with him at least three times just since August. I don't know what to a Cancer am I in over my head?

I'm an 18 year old Cancer woman dating a 21 year old Capricorn man. All I can say is that, it's interesting. There was an instant connection; I made the first move, which is very out of character for me. After I got his number, he did all the work from there. We've only been on four dates but we've already done a lot of fooling around and I feel an extremely feirce physical connection with him. I feel very appreciated and safe when I'm with him, but there's times when we're together when things seem very distant. When we're going out some place it seems like we have nothing to talk about or don't know how to act around eachother. I'm hoping that if I'm patient I can get him to open up to me on an emotional level as well as physical. He's adorable and affectionate sometimes and others I feel neglected. I guess I'll just have to see what happens, but it seems promising.

well I fall into the category of hot then not with a capricorn. I am a cancer, cusp of magic actually -june 22 bday. Meet him on a dating site. He came on hot and heavy, called all the time, emailed all the time. Thought it was going great. We laughed, joked, had serious chats, and shared lots and lots of common ground. Then he was gonna meet me...we live 1300 mls away. Ok, he suggested it, so I figured his idea. He told me he had lots of flyer miles to use or lose. Then all of a sudden he is telling me about this English gal coming for a week. But the whole time he is gushing, that was before I found you. Ok, blah, blah. So she was to come for a week, gave me a date. Wished him well, and waited to see what would happen. Then I get this email...5 days after she was to arrive, oh I am meeting her today. I emailed back, you said that 5 days ago. Then all of a sudden no calls, no emails, nothing. He changed his photos on the dating site, his profile, everything but his user name. Very strange. So I thought research caps, and you know what, this seems to be their M.O. They are hot and cold, and lying comes naturally and often. I am a widow of a pisces, they make sense to me, this guy is all talk, charm, and LIES. And that makes me mad that he wasted my time. Because I am more Cancer than anything and we don't play like this. We are devoted and real. We care and are loving and we don't mess with people's emotions or heads for sport. I say get a different sign, these guys aren't what a Cancer can manage! But hopefully a happy ending. I met a Taurus guy, seems very real and genuine. Cross your fingers, as I don't want more crazy!

I am a Cancer woman ,in a relationship with a Capricorn man for 7 years. He said his relationship with a Capricorn woman was over. He lied all 7 years to keep it going. They mirror each other and now that I know about her, he still wants to continue the relationship. How is it said that Caps are loyal? Yes caps lie to have cake all around. He is so protctive of the CAp lady but wants me to just not "think" about anything. Both are musicians and he would take me to nice places, shower with gifts, but sware allegiance to her protection. He is dedicated to being "needed" and she can do no wrong. Is he a prize.? He wants two women and the Cap is a "saint" !? He approached me and I am classy enough to keep his secrect. Looking for a taurus.

I am a Cancer Women. I just met my Cappy. I knew him in middle school, but I never thought we would ever talk. He was a lot popular than me, and I was the nerd. But we got reconnected and I got his number. When I first contacted him we talked for about 3-4 hours, and it seems like the chemistry just sparked.I feel wonderful since that conversation. I bearly know him. I yearn for so much more. God help me. I wanted to research what would help me keep this man in my life. So I am praying for the advice from the column to work for my relationship. I will totally tell about our experience later once it preseeves more.

Wish me luck.

I am madly in-love with a Capricorn man; the result? he completely broke my heart; the hot and cold changes are just so hard to keep up with and I was impatient with him. we insulted each other, he is so difficult to understand; I don't even know why he tried to makes friends with me to begin with; it just seems such a waste of everything... and it is now such a painful memory.

Hi all. I am a Capricorn. Jan 6. I was with a Cancer woman (july 16) for 8 years and thought it was going good til the end. Yea we had some really bad times, she didn't want me to visit my family only hers. Well she started spending time doing estate sales and making excuses why she was staying out so late. I was suspicious and drove by the house at midnight and she was there, it was a culdesac and I knew this so she saw me and we fought about her being out late and I told her it was over. She sat and looked at me for about 30 minutes and didn't say anything. She started drinking again and drove out to the lake and called asking if we are doing the right thing, I said yes we are because I want and need sex and if she wasnt able to then it wasnt going to work, I spent 8 years at an average of sex 1 time a month. NOT me ever again!!!We lived in the same house and slept in the same bed for about a month, then she starts sleeping on the couch saying that it wasnt right that we slept in the same bed. So I moved out and of course she was already in a relationship with some one else. I do not trust Cancer girls at all.

Capricorn men really are slow burners! I met mine 7 years ago, we were both attracted to one another but kept our distance due to being in other relationships. Neither signs are natural cheaters unless neglected, so that figures! We were friends during college but lost contact after, until bumping into one another 2 years ago. He made the first (tentative) move, I remembered liking him and thought it was definitely worth trying.

2 years later, and he's the only sign I've been with that can cope objectively with all the mess that being a cancerian can bring. His coolness irritates me, and being a Cancer I want attentiveness, drama, sparks; all the stuff that only reeeeeally lasts for the first year of a relationship. He is VERY good for me in terms of his emotional strength, but I've always been drawn to people that I can support emotionally - I think I find it hard when people are too well-balanced, and he is certainly that.

Honestly, my most incredible, life-changing, unforgettable relationships have been with Pisces and taurus, but if you want something steady and grounding then Capricorn is the way. Just don't expect fireworks forever! That being said, what I get from him is something I've never had with any other sign - calmness and stability. On paper, for a cancerian it's perfect!

i'm a cancerian girl(18yrs old) and I think i'm falling in love with this reallyyy great Capricorn boy(also 18)..i just transferred to this new school where he's the most popular/sexiest guy there and it just so happened that he's in my class...i liked him since the very first day, but at the beginning of the school year I had a bf(virgo)(of a yr and a half at that time) and things were great , almost perfect with him, so I really didn't pay any attention to the Capricorn , he showed interest in me from the very beginning but since I had a boyfriend I just brushed him off, we became friends, barely talked but there was always this strong attraction I felt towards him, it was almost like everything in the universe was trying to get me to be close to him...he's the star footballer for our school team, I never missed a match(i didn't go because of him..well at first, but getting to watch him play was just an amazing experience) but me going to all his games mad e problems in my relationship with my Virgo bf, so our 1.5yrs rship quickly crumbled , if I said the Capricorn guy didn't influence my decision I would be lying, because while all the relationship problems I was having, the cappy asked for my # and we began texting each other frequently..stupid me not knowing that caps take foreverrrrrr in like everything they do I guess I just ended my rship with the Virgo thinking this cap is going to be a new fresh i'm bf-less, totally open, and free to flirt...then I find out he has a girlfriend or ex girlfriend who he's on a break with, but I said I wouldn't let that bother me and i'll just flirt and it really was amazing, amazing getting to know him, the way he just made me open up to him completely was so comforting for me, and it took a while but when he started opening up to me, well that was the best feeling i've ever felt in a while, him opening up to me about some problems he has at home..i felt so close to him then, which made my stupid feelings go wild, then I just started acting all insecure like where is all of this going because I just really want to be with him and I wished he felt the same way...and this girlfriend or whatever she is to him of his is still a huge part of his and each day more and more feelings are getting involved and I just don't know what to do anymore, i'm so frustrated , and I think I lost him talking to him about it the other day, I think that really pushed him away, he told me stuff like I can't expect him to just end it with his girlfriend and jump into something with me, and ever since that conversation he's been moving really cold and distant and I hate that I let my emotions get the best of me because I don't think im falling in love with him anymore I think i've already fallen, and I just don't know hwo to fix it

I met him thru our company and he is awsome. He just got out of a relationship. I went over house the other nite and we had so much fun together. But one thing lead to another and we had sex... I got really emotional because I wasnt sure that I had made to rite decidion, I stormed out of the while he was trying to stop me, but I continued to leave... when I got to the car I broke out in tears...

I call him and asked if he could talk to me... he explained that he would never hurt me and then he just held me, he told me he was sorry, because he thought it was all his fault. I told him "it takes two" and it wasnt jus him.

We txt all the time and he is always say sweet things to me, im really feeling him. I want us to be together but he told me that he not ready to be in another relationship... I understand that but at the the same time I know how I am and im goin to everything in my power to change his mind lol.

Things are going great we communicate all the time... I really think thats key.

I'm a 21 year old Cancer woman in a relationship with a 25 year old Capricorn man. The sex is hella yummy. He's a keeper! Any questions? Just happily in love and stuff. I love him because he is my babe. I'm his number one baby.

we're a strong couple that lives life to its fullest and having to share it with our decent families as well. awwwes.... yeah, no other classy lady shall steal my cappy away from me. I am confident and intelligent. -Dulce

Well I am a 15 year old Cancer lady, and I have been with me Capricorn boyfriend who is also 15 for a year. He is my bestest friend, he was there for me whenever I had my heart broken in middle school, and I was the only person he told about his family problems. Since the beginning we got along great, he understood my quietness, and I his weirdness:D I love him so much, he truly is everything I ever wanted x People have doubted us, and still do. But they don't know that he has already decided to marry me:) I think me meeting this random quiet boy was fate. Because there really is so many unbelievable things we have in common

In October 2003 I met my ex boyfriend - he was my only one serious relationship - on chat. Both same age (born in 1975), he was on January 18, me on June 28. Both came from troubled families, especially mine. He just finished his divorce, had a little son living with his ex-wife. We got to know each other and at the beginning of December (the same year, of course, lol) we made love at last. He was very emotional, so was I, the atmosphere was romantic... Too much excitement and his erection was gone. I started to cry, thinking Im to blame for that (with all the abuse I suffered in the past at the hands of my family). He comforted me and all got back to normal. Sex with him was divine all along our relationship. Unfortunately, it proved to be the only thing we had in common. Intelectually and emotionally I was much above him. Sometimes he was really evil and mean. He didn't like my childish (in a good way) nature. At some point, I was nothing but an emotional mess, crying at little, meaningless things. Next year (2004), around my birthday he told me he needs time to readjust himself, to think what to do in the future, his plans including me, bla bla bla... Exactly on my birthday he came to my house bringing me some presents and telling me we're breaking up. Nicest birthday gift, what do you think? What followed is not hard to guess: suicidal thoughts, depression, all the stuff. Despite him being a jerk, I owe him my sexual awakening and Id be a hypocrite to deny that. But karma has her own way to work... That was my story.

I am a Cancer woman, met my Capricorn mate a few months ago. Instant connection from day 1. We emailed back and forth 20 times per day or more and after a little while started to call each other Soul mates. We talked on the phone a few times and posted letters.

THis went on for about two months then things started to slow down as he also started to get involved in certain projects that took a lot of his time. Reading through this very interesting site made me realise that this is just the typical Capricorn behavior, needing his own space and time to connect.

Although we do not talk at all now, I know there is a strong connection still. In all our communication he has been very stable in letting me know he was very interested and was hoping to meet and be together some day, but now he had other priorities. It was very difficult for me to understand this kind of attitude, but having no other choice, I accepted. And obviously reading through this site helped.

In my last message I made it clear that I was willing to wait all the time that he wanted and that he would be in my thoughts no matter what. It never happened to me to give unconditional love like this before, but it really came very natural.

I believe this Capricorn man knows how to give me such strength even in distance. I feel calm now about this whole situation, but in any case I would appreciate advice coming from those who might have experienced the same...

hey everybody!

i am a Cancer female and one month ago I met with a Capricorn male.there was an instant connection from day one and we also went on two dates.we kissed and were intimate.

we havent seen each other in 3 weeks since we are on holidays and we have kept in touch.he sends me sms and mails saying he thinks of me and ofcourse small talk.

problem is he was hurt in his past relationship and he doesn't want not asking for that myself because there are things I want to figure out myself.although,since 3 days he has been acting up.he starts little fights for no reason and goes bi-polar.telling me he doesn't want a relationship right now but,wants to see where things go..or wanting to get intimate eventhough I told him I would rather wait for that eventhough we have both been intimate once already.its hard because he told me from day one its not just his sexual interest that attracts me to him he wants to be "friendly" with me.but I feel like he's frustrated and does not know what he confused and I just feel like if someone is so quick as to say "delete my number" and 2 hours later comes running back to u,its just not normal & I have been more than honest with him with my feelings about the whole situation.

what do you guys think??

I first spoke to cap male 10yrs ago while I was still married, he ended up in a 7yr relationship that went wrong for him and we have over the past 7 months reconnected with one another. he is very honest with me as I am with him, we talk for hrs on the phone about everything and anything. if there is a true connection between us then I am sure it will be amazing. we are meeting up for the very 1st time very soon. I am a Cancer lady

My experience with a Capricorn man are very similar to some of the ones I read on this page.At first, he was ver courteous, attentive and pursued me for over a year. Later things changed.If I did not return his calls immediately he would give silently ignore me for a long time and not speak to me. Then he will become attentive again.He also tried to find out everything about me without even the basic things about himself. Possessive and obsesssive, in his own words. The final nail in the coffin is that he wishes happy New Year to all his friends but left me out of it. At the end I used to cry all the time after all of our telephone conversations and feel guilty. Not a good experience at all. Also I did find him mean with his money towards me.I am a Cancer woman and he is a Capricorn man.

Hi, I'm a Libra with a Taurus moon and I'm dating a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon which I must say.. he's perfect. I think cancers have more of an attraction towards capricorns because Cancer ladies always try to steal him away lol which is rather funny because he just thinks that's distgusting. My question is, why is it that cancers are so jealous and feel the need to always try to steal someones boyfriend. youtube = Craaaaazygirly

i'm a 24 yr old cappy male who is in love w/ a 23 yr old Cancer female. we meet and sparks flew instantly. we're both very head strong but we make sure to be open and talk about everything and I couldnt ask for a more perfect relationship.

I am a Cancer Female I have been with my Capricorn for almost 2 years it was really exciting and fun when it began. I was the one who asked him out I even kissed him and told him I loved him the same day. I Know crazy huh. I had been knowing him for about 4 years but I did not realize how attracted I was to him. Until we started to hang out and a week or two after hanging out together. I asked him out, it can get difficult sometimes because I am away for college but I usually get to see him once a month. During that time it is the most passionate moments and memorable moments of my life. I just keep wishing to be in his arms again. He really knows what he wants and he really aims to please. I have found out that complaining is not the best thing. He likes for me to beg him for sex but once he gets on it he cant get off. He is a truly caring guy, he does so much for me and my family. I do wish to end up with him someday.

It's been 30 days since I met my Capricorn, we have spent every day together. Yes he is very domeneering and sometimes distance, but I beleive in my heart and soul that he cares deeply for me, and I adore him, honestly I am falling in-love with him.

Im a Cancer female in love with a very Capricorn man. LOL. We met 5 years ago and have been inseperable since. We started off talking as friends then increasingly grew attracted to each other. I love him SO much. He makes me feel so safe, secure and wanted. He's very business minded and Im a home body with a nurturing spirit, so its safe to say were the complete opposite but it works. its a safe balance. I plan on marrying him someday and possibly starting a family because he gives me that sense of priority. They (Caps) have the biggest strongest wall built but as a Cancer, we can def. knock it down. Theyre loyal, hardworking and great at love making. Their hearts are bigger than what they allow you to see most times but look close enough, its beating in there somewhere. lol. Anyway, Im looking fwd to many more years with my Capricorn. I don't know what I'd do without him. He completes me.

Have you noticed that all these stories are Capricorn men and Cancer women? Would like to hear from someone that is Capricorn women and Cancer man. I have been married and divorced to my husband Capricorn man for 17 years off and on. can't live with him or without him. we remarried 2 times and so far things have been going well on 6 years now. Frickin awsome in the bedroom!

I am a Cancer woman and he is Capricorn. The age difference between us is 20, which is totally OK,I have always been attracted to older guys. Honestly, he loves me a lot and I am the one who let him love myself. We started as friends, and I never saw him anything else but a friend until I let him cross the line. He has been pursuing me for almost a year, calling me, carrying for me, being there for me, until we went for a trip together where it happened. He told me that he loved me since the day he saw me and all his friendship toward me was a planned game ( by him) to make me surrender...I hate these kind of games..I like it romantic and beautiful; I want a men to get on his knees and ask me to marry him ( don't forget the diamond ring!). He didn't really show any signs of passion or desire or being madly in love, he just was always there...Hmmmm, strange, nit really my style. While having many characteristics of a Cancer woman, I am usually not attracted to Capricorns, nonetheless I had few cases when Capricorn men were very much attracted to me, but I have never given them any chance. With this one, the relationship has had its ups and downs. I left him for someone else 2 years ago and after a year we were back together again. Right now we are still together, but it is not easy ( at least for me), I always feel that I am missing more passionate, more emotionally fulfilling relationship. I am moody and want it my way, which he let me have once in a while, but it is mostly his ways. In a way we are similar, both of us ambitious, responsible, hard working and want to be in control. Well, it all depends of course, on many other factors, but from my experience and other live examples, Capricorn men is better compatible with dreamy Pisces women. The later have more tolerance and need for Capricorn's strength and "want to be in charge " personalities. I don't have patience for them.

Well for one I am a Capricorn female. I fell in love with a Cancer male. We have been together off and on for 10 years. And we have both just realized that we have come to a stale mate in our relationship. But the love we have for each other is never gonna change. But we are more just be friends if anything. Out of the 10 years he has serious commitment issues. After 10 years together still no ring. So I had to bounce. But we still coo and the love still there. Just we are not married now.

I'm a 19 year old Cancer female in a loving and exciting relationship with a 21 year old Capricorn male. He was generally emotionally closed off at first but I managed to draw out a lot of his emotions. He tells me frequently that he loves me, which makes me feel secure and reassured. God knows I match the Cancer description of needing reassurance! He's so masculine and makes me swoon with desire. He says my femininity does the same for him. I'm half tomboy half girly lol but he can tell I have fundamentally feminine traits, though I often keep my raging emotions at bay with rationality because I don't want to drive him off

My experience with Capricorn...He was a JERK.Im a Cancer female and I dated a Capricorn man a year ago.I know Cancer and Capricorn are oppisites I should have listend to my gut feelings which were to STAY AWAY!But he wouldnt leave me alone.He had no problem sending me over 150 text msgs a day untill I told him we could go on a date.At first he was really nice and sweet but that changed quick.He's the most arrogant guy ive ever dated.He thought I was sooooooo in love with him and that he was soooooo much better then me and that I should consider myself lucky to be with him even though he was the one who wouldnt leave me alone to begin with.He was very insensitive to how I felt the only person he was in love with was himself.The relationship ended when he the nerve to grab me by the back of my neck at a party,leading me to punch him in the face when he refused to let go of me.The real icing on the cake was when his dad who was at the party asked why I was crying,befor e I could even open up my mouth he told his father that I had punched him,leaving out the fact that he had even touched me.He was always the victim he never did anything wrong.Dating him was hands down the biggest waste of time!!!!!!!!!The only thing I learned from this relationship is that I have a nasty right hook :)

Im a 20yr old Capricorn male and I've been asking out a Cancer female for almost 6months from now. I met her while we were still in high school and we became friends from then. but now we at d university, we are 2nd years students and we both doing Information Techology. I've introduced her 2 my family and she also introduced me 2 here's but the problem is: we are not together and everytime if I tell how I feel about her, she just say "yeah I know that you love me Andile" how so rude. I once told her that; I think it would a great idea for us both if we stop seeing each other because it seems we not in the same page.Yooh I wish I never said that, she went so angry and told me that im selfish, not everything is about me(sensitivity of a Cancer arise). She once admited that she does have feelings for me and she real hate seeing me around other women but still she don't wanna say that she loves me 2 and we've been arguing about that for 5months and half now. I am so so so so so so so inlove with this girl and I can't see myself with some ada women but her coz she real satiates me with everything despite the fact she don't wanna say that she loves me. but now i'm so confused and stressd coz I real do not know what 2 do with ger because i'm tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a Capricorn man married to a Cancer woman. We met at school in England when she was 15 years old and I was 17.I am now 62 and she is 60. I still look at her and shivers run down my spine. We have had many ups and downs (she cool, sensitive, moody)me distant, obsessive and controlling but on the flip side she is the most caring person I have ever met and the most loving, I just can't imagine life without her.When it's bad it's bearable but when it's good it's the most intense feeling that I can imagine.I wish we could go on for ever.

I am a Capricorn man married to a Cancer woman. We met at school in England when she was 15 years old and I was 17.I am now 62 and she is 60. I still look at her and shivers run down my spine. We have had many ups and downs (she cool, sensitive, moody)me distant, obsessive and controlling but on the flip side she is the most caring person I have ever met and the most loving, I just can't imagine life without her.When it's bad it's bearable but when it's good it's the most intense feeling that I can imagine.I wish we could go on for ever.

I honestly don't know what do, think or feel. I feel like I am being freeze-dried , only to be thawed out using intense heat. Being a Cancer woman who has fallen in love with a Cap man four years younger than me, I have truly fallen off the scale of reality. It makes no sense that this young man has me doubting myself, my feelings for him, etc. This touch and go stuff is serious business. I say if you are strong enough to handle this hot yet opposite chemistry, I say swing for the fences and go for it. But, I feel like for me, I am just too old to be carrying on like this or feeling the way that I am feeling. He just refused to accept this box I was about to put him in, and I may be paying the price with a broken heart. There will be no happy endings for us, and it's too bad because I am soo in love with him now.

Cancer woman with a Capricorn man. I am 21 he is 28. We met at work and I immediately liked him. He would sit after work for hours and talk to me and we would take our breaks together. I love the subtle way he asked me out without being guy like about it. ( he invites me I watch my fave movie at his house ). It was sweet so I had to say yes ( I was estatic ). I am a single mother so it's hard to find a good man who wants to date a mother. We have had three great weeks together and I enjoyed every moment. Yes he does seem to be distant at times and stubborn, but driven and sure of himself. He has changed me in so many ways I can only hope to help him one day like he has helped me. I was never an aggressor or an initiator, but I can't help but to want him for mine. I'm becoming more of the real me once I was able to push away from my past relationship. I really care for him and I did a tarot reading for me and him and it says the same thing I said the other day ( we are so growing old together :) I'm a m uch happier and driven person being with him. And yes the sex is amazing. The other night it was like we were made for each other. I feel so comfortable with him I just can't explain it

I have a Chinese friend who happens to be a Capricorn man. At first, I didn't pay much attention to him. He used to be an exchange student when we were in College. I didn't meet him personally that time but somebody gave his Yahoo ID to me mistakenly. Years have passed but we never lost our communication, almost everyday. He asked about my birth date which is July 6, Cancer is my zodiac sign. He said that he likes women who are under the zodiac sign Cancer. Then this year, last summer, he went here in our country. We met a couple of times. He went here in our house, spent time with us (my family), accompanied me to work, we had dinner a few days before he went home to China. He even accompanied me home that night after dinner. He was very appreciative that time. I also felt that our friendship got stronger that time. Then I realized that my admiration for him also got stronger. Before he boarded the plane for China, I am the last person that he talked to. I was very lonely for a few days after he left. I also thought that my feelings for him will fade. But surprisingly, it even got stronger. Our communication is still strong up to these days. Before, he usually backs-off when I give him compliments, but there was a time when I complimented him sincerely, he was also surprised, but very glad that he can't let go of it. He also became very caring, so much, that I feel like I got a personal doctor in him. It makes my heart jump, everything he says pleases me. He lifts up all my bad mood and bad feelings. He's a very good, loving, caring, and kind person. I like him not because of what he is but because of who he is. I adore his heart and soul.

I am a Cancer woman and hav just begun to date a Capri guy....and I feel this guy is very positive and highly ambitious and suffers from extreme foot in mouth syndrome. I have the nurturing, caring nature and I hav told him tat I am not ambitious and don't care about my job even though I do bcause I felt he was more intrested in having a financialy secure girl with a good job....He is very insensitive. I had a sore throat since last week and today when I spoke to him he asks me since when I am suffering from it...this was asked just to make sure I am not a patient who has some disease....whereas I would have wanted him to say how are you feeling now or did you go to a doctor?. Go for a capri only if you can keep you're emotions aside which I s very difficult for a Cancer who is emotions personified. :)

I'm a July Cancer woman with a Capricorn man. I have been dating him for almost 8 years. I met him when I was 14 years old and I am now 21 almost 22 yrs old and we are now engaged. I have been through so much with him from tears to happiness, me having a beautiful baby boy, and him hating me for his own reasons lol and oh his nasty ol attitude but I can not help but to love him because he always seems to ease my pain, sooth my heart, and relax my mind. He is truely one of the best things GOD has given me. His love is something I can not explain nor hide, it feels so good its like he is making passionate love to my heart and soul and taking over my mind with it. And just as much as he loves me I love him with all my heart and soul. Even tho I am more passionate and emotional and he is a complete A-HOLE, we still are a match made in heaven. Cancer and Capricorns are either a REALLY GREAT YES or a REALLY BAD NO... Glad to have a yes and can not wait to spend the rest o f my life with his rude, ignorant, mean butt cause I know that at the end of the day the only thing that matters is my emotional self love his rude self always and forever.!

25 Year old Capricorn with a 22 year old cancer. All my best relationships were with taurus' but the one Cancer I dated I found to be tricky. I constantly want to show her a good time but she just wants to be around her friends. I get a sense of insecurity cause she wont come out of that shell for me in front of her friends very very confusing. When that bedroom door closes though its like two people madly in love and havent seen each other in years. A cancers element is water while a capricorns is earth. Ive heard that these two signs have sex like no other and this is totally true from my experience. 1st time I felt I actually made love not just had sex. The cancers water will soak the capricorns earth and create a epic garden. Thats honestly very accurate. Anyways she dumped me and now im dating a Leo wich is another story.

Capricorn male was with a Cancer female, at first she was very clingy and possessive which kind of pushed me away, her communication skills sucked however, and we clashed a lotshe wasn't secure financially so maybe that played a roll, as my emotions were opening up I was drawn closer to herbit then she switched on me and started just focusing on her own needs!!! It really confused me, and put thru a lot of emotional confusion!, I guess she got the best of me I don't know, she never wanted to acknowledge her faults to why we were clashing, and was sensitive to a lot of stuf I said, I thought we loved each other but her focuses on herself didn't make her hesitate on even really putting in effort into keeping us strong, it ended, now I'm closed up...I wonder if she knows or thinks about what happen, o well ill know beter with the next one!!

I am a Cancer female. I met my Capricorn man through a guy I was dating at the time. It sounds bad but it really wasn't like that in the beginning. I ended things with that guy I was dating briefly, it just didn't work out and we were not very compatible at all. But I remained friends with Capricorn guy. We were hanging out as friends for 4 months and then one day we got mad at each other for some reason and stopped talking for a week but then realized how much we missed eachother. Then we knew it was more than friendship. I love that he is so intense and passionate in everything he does. He keeps it real and I love his old school ways. He is a breath of fresh air from what I have experienced. We are so compatible in every way, especially regarding sex. He rocks my world EVERY time! He's so cute, he calls me his lil hamster. Anyway, if Capricorn and Cancer are opposites then I definitely believe opposites attract!

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