Capricorn man confusing Aries woman

by 0328Aries

I am the much-feared Aries Woman. AND for the most part, I am just like they've told you about- given to grand passion, optimistic, and bold in many ways. I also have several other signs in Taurus, so I am practical, ambitious, hard-working, and love a good plan. This combo seems just about perfect for a certain Dec. 29th Capricorn man of my acquaintance.

I have known Cappy for several years, as he was one of my friend's exes. He never even crossed my mind, until the year that ended with her leaving him. During that time, I began to realize that I cared about him, but I respected her too much to even say hey on Facebook to him. All that changed when he showed up at show I was in, totally unprompted. A week later, a chance run-in at the Farmer's Market followed immediately with an email asking me out for coffee.

Coffee was great- so great that I called the friend and told her he'd asked me out and asked permission to date him, because it certainly seemed to be going there. She said yes, but that he was not likely to make any moves on his own. And... she was right. He disappeared. A few more chance run-ins, no dates. Then one day he personally invited me to a show HE was in. The show led to hanging out... which led to me coming to more shows, meeting more of his friends, hanging out more often, etc.

Here's where it gets dicey. 7 months later, we hang out once a week MAYBE. We talk via Facebook every other day. He has recorded a song for me alone. Last week we went to a show together, then he took me out afterwards to hear him perform at an open mike. He ended that night by telling me that he wanted to take me to a music place 2 hours away, and simply said to pick any time. We went on this trip this week, had a wonderful time, and now he's off and wandering again. I feel like he likes me- sometimes I could swear that he's thinking about kissing me, or trying to get just a little bit closer. He has recently started talking to me openly about his hopes and dreams, past baggage, etc. I also notice him doing really sweet things that would normally be overlooked, like the recent admission that he's just written a song that he feels too vulnerable to perform in public- but yet can't wait to sing for me. Most people would ignore that stuff, but I see all of it.

In my Aries mind, it seems easy- he should be able to tell that I like him already and go ahead and make a move, but reading the comments here make me wonder if I am just being tested. Does he sound like he's interested? How do I respond appropriately? I genuinely care for him, but I'm afraid that my crazy Arian ways might cause me to do something I regret. What are your thoughts?

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