Capricorn man emotions

by Trisha
(Chattanoogga, Tennessee, United States.)

i am a Pisces and he is a Capricorn and he's a great match for me. he's very honest and doesn't show emotions too great around others but if i use my emotional pull on him it comes out and it's perfect. he hides his emotions very well and i sometimes questions if really means he loves me, but he always makes up for it and i know everything is perfectly fine. his tolerance level is very short as well as his temper. but he's always the first to make sure everything is okay.

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by: Anonymous

yeah, i am a capri..and we do things like that, secretive stuff, we never display emotions easily.
hold on to him..pisces are really very compatible with capris
good luck :)

by: Anonymous

Haha same. I'm a pisces too and when I'm with my Cap I feel safe. He's very caring and I mess up a lot. But not to the extreme and he always forgives me even if it takes months. Everyone says he has a temper which I agree, but I think he tries to tolerate me more. He really puts and effort into our relationship. Word of advice, always make him feel special and appreciated. Never be selfish either.

by: Anonymous

i'm a cap man and it's the same as everyone else. i was in this heated relationship with a pisces girl. i pulled an MIA that caps are known for late in the relationship. after that MIA i realized, DAMN, she's the one for me; never more sure of anything in my life. the pisces girl on the other hand, left. anywho the point is that she didn't wait till i was ready to give her everything, so know instead of having a diamond ring on her finger she's with a no good low life. she's not happy with him and i'm over her so i don't really care. patience really does work wonders with caps, as i'm finding out on this website hah

pisces woman and capricorn man
by: Anonymous

same thing here. he is wrapped up in his work. tells me i'm the one. have awesome sex. then he disappears to party with his brother. i told him i never want to see him again and that he's an a$$%@&*. i dont like disappearing acts. doesnt make a relationship feel very secure. he told me to call him later that night and we'd talk. he never answered. he told one of my friends that he will call me and he hasnt as of yet. it has been 2 weeks. all of my friends think he's going to show up in a couple of months and relize he lost the best thing he has ever had. i started to help him with the start up of his business as well. i have own/owned my own businesses for him to know i'm very smart, and sexy to ad. his brother wanted to be with me as well. the cap stole my number out of his brother's phone and i said it might bother ur brother. he said it wouldnt. found out the brother had a girlfriend anyways. but the brother has high influence over the capricorn. the brother i think is jealous. so he keeps the capricorn away from me. any advice if i should wait? i'm very patient.

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