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ok so I just actually got out of a relationship w/ a Capricorn man. im a Gemini female. he was always trying to boss me around and act more like my dad then my boyfriend. we both agreed that the sex wasn't good and always tried to make it better and it never really worked. we did have a lot of fun together though, and we fought a lot but it basically jus showed us how much we cared for each other. I think relationship wise this isn't a good match. but sometimes to call and hangout with on occasions, definitely.

I love my Capricorn man! We don't argue a lot, we fall out every now and then but who doesn't? and the sex is sooo hot. I've never had a better lover than him.

This relationship is New but I do fell like he wants to boss me around and tell me all my flaws as if he is flawless

I have been with my Capricorn for at least four months and to be honest I feel like its the best thing that has happened to me, he has shown me how to take back control of my life and advise me on how to better myself and with that he also encourages me. In the past I have dated Leos and a Pisces and with that I have always been the Alpha in the relationship now I feel as if the Capricorn is in this situation but I think it makes me shine on some light on me and to focus on me more so I can dictate myself and find out if he is right because I do question myself a lot and with his help lately I have been finding myself asking is this what I really want. If this relationship was to end I don't think I could remain friends only because I find him so sexy and almost to the point where I see him as untamable since I am so used to controlling the situation its reverse with him and I am finally happy that I found someone that can keep me straight. But I do fear that I don't do enough for him and wonder what he thinks and feels.

Oh my God, this is the worst match ever!!! Im a Gem girl, my daughters dad is a Cap, and man oh man.... this was thee most horrible, intense, smothering, suffocating, ANNOYING relationship I have ever been in!!! I felt like he was always analyzing and dictating me! Some times I wondered if he didn't work for the fukn C.I.A. given all the interrogation I had to go through. It only lasted 3 years, and Im so glad is over. I must admit though, the sex was the best I ever had ;)

Most of what im hearing from the others is all true.. he does act like a father a lot of the time, and try's to be controlling.. you just have to know how to prove you're right to him. show him you are on his level, maybe even sometimes above it.. that your not some child for him to help through life, but it is a partnership.

He's good at convincing he does know better.. but once you realize he's just as lost as you most of the time, it becomes apparent he needs you as much as you need him.

Once all is said and done I think this makes a grate mix if your up to taming him... definitely best sex ever

I Love My Cap So Much We Have Been Dating For 3 Months But Now We Just "FRIENDS" But I Love It He Was My First And Was SOO Good To Me I don't Know What I Would Do If I Ever Lost Him I Love Him So Much And The Sex Is The Best

I'm a cap and I dated a Gemini girl. And I have never been so off beat in my entire life. Their are so many dislikes then likes about her. I feel like she cannot handle herself without me, she is extremely emotional and I can't take it. It makes me feel like im talking to a child. She makes up the dumbest things to seduce me. Although, she was extremely sexy and attractive. Her personality just overthrew me and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I still care about her, and im certainly not going to forget about her. I just wanna tell her, what my dislikes are. And im not saying im perfect either. I have many flaws just like her, but she is so clingy and the one thing I love is privacy, I just need that little time to myself where I can thing revaluate that day or week or anything. She is demanding and likes to control me, that's not going to happen though, and she knows that. I'm going to take my time on it and when im ready, ill be ready, but if she is not then oh well.

I'm definitely in love with my man he is controlling and mean at times but I am emotional and clingy so I'm going to do what it takes to keep my man. He recently begin to cheat on me after 5 years and I'm afraid of losing him because now I'm competing with someone else and guess what she a Gemini

I'm a Gemini girl and my first bf is a Capricorn. I loved our relationship he was caring and protective. But he was also controlling and a little scary sometimes. He always questioned me where I was and if I was hanging out with guy friends he asked a lot of questions and always expressed he didn't like them. When he was mad he is mad and there is nothing I can do to calm him down. He always made me think I did something wrong or something and that always hurt me even though I never defended myself most times. Other then that I think he is perfect. He ignored my feelings and when I tried to talk to him when he was mad but that I can live with. He was caring to me and never made me feel uncomfortable. I lost my virginity to him and he was so gentle with me because he knew it hurt. When I got use to it we had great sex fun and we always did something new.

I agree im a gem and very clingy and emotional ;) Cap men understand this though that's what I like about them their patience.;)

I am a Gemini and my guy is a Capricorn. Despite the compatibility is very low, we couldn't be in more love! We been dating for 5 years! This is quite surprising to me because of the compatibility chart. He's gentle, smart and we "blend in well". Yes, Capricorn guys are more like the protective, parent-like type, but know what's best.

I just got out of an 8 month relationship with a cap male. He was psychotic, possessive, cruel and dominant. When he was angry there was no telling what he would say. I would try to explain things and I was always a liar before I started to talk. the name calling would start as soon as he got angry and then not only me but my family and friends were thrown in there also. and the YELLING!!! oh God, the yelling was never ending... always trying to over power me, put me down verbally and emotionally. always acting superior then trying to blame me for EVERYTHING!!! that we were arguing because of something I did, that he was angry due to something I did. it was always my fault for everything. and if I happened to get angry because of something that he did, I deserved it because he only did it as a reaction to what I had done before. It was his way or the highway. I was constantly saying I'm sorry Even for things I didn't do just to have him not angry anymore. Of course then it was my fault for apologizing. But did I ever get an apology for flying off the handle??? Hell no!!! because it was my fault he did so in the first place. BULLSHIT!!! Gems... GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN... IT WON'T LAST and YOU'LL END UP IN HEART ACHE.

im a gem woman with a cap man for two yrs and its a roller coaster its always a disagreement , he never expresses his feelings oh and its like dating your father ugh I need out the sex is awesome but the rest is headache Gemini don't get involved

I left my Virgo husband for a Capricorn hunk, who knew how to seduce me softly like a gentleman but passionately. I've fallen deeply in love with him and can't seem to get enough of the hot sexual interludes that are surprisingly kinky and satisfying. I'm addicted to him. But, I'm afraid of losing him due to my immaturity and neediness. I wonder if he will grow tired of me and consider me an unworthy mate of his social stature. He has proven to be a great advocate to support my insecurities but I am unsure if he loves me enough to marry him. As I would say "Yes" in a heartbeat but when could I be so lucky? Maybe never.

Well. Another Gemi girl here. I love a Cap guy but he doesn't love me, YET! I am hot, every1 loves me. Gem Girls are the best!! I'll write my experience when I lay the Cap. Looking forward to the sex for sure!

I am a Libra who was married to a Gemini man... BEWARE... they are not a good match.. Gemini's are twins (evil twin)... but it was more like JEKYLL & HYDE... multiple personality disorder... Libra's are about LOVE and are in it for the long haul, wanting a relationship to work...sticking it out until the "bitter end"... Gemini guys have no clue how to communicate, are all about themselves and will smile and say everything is ok while behind your back they're living another life, (lie, cheat and con). Every Gemini man I have ever known... they have all been the same way.

Stay away, no matter how good looking or charming they are!

I am a Gemini and my boyfriend is a cap. We are actually both married to someone else, and I believe it is our destiny to be together someday. Our married life situations are eerily similar, and our chemistry is solid. He is definitely the controlling type, but only because he is very strong emotionally. I need someone like this in my life to keep me grounded. And the love making is phenomenal. He is the best lover I have ever had.

I am a Gemini women with a Capricorn man. And may I say I'm in love, we go threw things but I love him so much that I am patient enough to work it out. Who doesn't get into fights though? Every relationship does. He teaches me many things threw the arguments... it sounds bad but since the Capricorn man loves mature classy woman I've learned to work with that. Has he changed a Gemini? I don't know but I love him. The thing with it though is I'm a Gemini who has a couple of guy friends... Capricorns I guess don't seem to understand that.. but if you gain his trust you'll be fine.

well after reading this I have hopes on having great sex! im a gem female he's a this point I do not want a relationship only sex but he has eluded to the possibility of more...I dunno about that though

I'm a Gemini female and I recently got out of a one year relationship with a Capricorn man. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. He gave my life direction and motivated me to be a better person. He made me feel more alive than I have ever felt. Aside from the fact that he would get jealous of other men or how sometimes he said he didn't trust me, he had sooo many wonderful qualities. He was never too emotional about anything and we could always talk about our problems. He was completely mysterious. I never knew what he was thinking or what he would do next. (I adore not knowing what to expect.) He was definitely the most intelligent man I have ever dated. He knew a little bit about everything. He was insanely artistic when it came to drawing, tagging, playing guitar, and oh man could he sing! He could make me laugh like no one else. And the sex.. OMG THE SEX!... wild, passionate, creative, fun, playful, painful, pleasurable, best sex ever BAR NONE! Unmeasurable to anything I have ever experienced! He was and still is the perfect man for me. But one day he left without saying a word. I never knew exactly why he did. I never cheated on him though he has had questioned and accused me of doing so. I think maybe I was too boring or not pretty enough. maybe not stylish enough for his scene girl taste. I don't know. But he was, hands down, the best lover and friend I ever had. -ej

I am a Gemini girl and my man is a Capricorn and we do fight and argue but I feel as if I couldn't live with out him. I feel as if he is the other half to me heart. he completes me... I just worry that im either too much or not enough for him. we are in love im just afraid he would fall out of love with me one day... I want to be his wife and have his children and he says he wants the same I just hope it works out... and yeah he's def the best I have ever had hands down I wouldn't trade him for the world. I would die for him seriously...

I am a female Gemini and I've been dating my Capricorn boyfriend for over a year. I agree with the bad communication but that's a personal issue I have. He is nosey (you can call it) question my every move, which I find extremely annoying. Howereve, the attraction we share is priceless. Sex life is Great. He does strongly dislike my male friends, and attempts to control me, but it doesn't work. He likes to be in charge, but I'm my own leader and finds it hard to let my guard down; Independent mind set. Besides his view on a lot of things I find has absolutely no meaning. I believe were great for one another.Oh I must add, yes, Im Beyond extremely emotional.

I am a Gemini woman in a long distance relationship with a Capricorn man for 2 years. I was faithful for him forever until he told me that he doesn't see a marriage future with me but he is not sure. Then, still in the relationship I made out with one guy four times but then I stopped myself feeling guilty- just kissing and hugging nothing else. But for his sake I stopped all that. He is very possessive and accused me of cheating at a time I didn't, but I feel like I should tell him about this time. I love him very much and don't want to lose him. But I don't like feeling all this guilt in my conscience. Still, I wish he knew what he wanted. He is much better looking then me which kinda makes me self-conscious- I am used to getting more attention.

My Cap man is a puzzle to me. He is the only person that I actually have a hard time talking to, unless we've had afew drinks. This is what drives me crazy! Does anyone else have this problem?

I am a Gemini woman and my husband is a Capricorn. I must say that this is the best relationship I have ever had. He is very caring, loving sensitive to my needs. Very family oriented, responsible. And yes, sex is amazing, better than I've ever had or could imagine. (I am due with our baby in 5 days, and he still does miracles in bed). The most challenging part of the relationship is that I always liked to be in control, but it doesn't fly with him. He is very dominant and protective. So I just have to learn how to relax and enjoy life instead of finding things to worry about. Also, he really needs me to be gentle with him and sensitive to his need (I used to only be sensitive to my own needs). So, I am trying to learn how to compromise, because I've never done it. But with him it is SO worth it.

After reading the other posts here I must say there are quite a few things I can relate to having been involved with a Capricorn man myself. I was madly in love with my Cap man he had me at hello and I loved him so very much (still do, for I am a sucker). We started off as friends. We were able to tell one another just about anything, I loved that so much. He told me I was the only person he can be himself with and just say anything to, because I understood him and didn?t judge his peculiar behavior. When he was finally able to really fall for me (which was almost 3 years from when we first met) he changed. He became extremely jealous and constantly questioning me. He always thought that I was texting or talking to others. He?d check my phone constantly even take it away from me to see if someone would text or call me while he had it in his possession. I would shudder if another man looked my way while he was around because he?d instantly accuse me of cheating o r wanting to. He?d always apologize for his behavior after he had a chance to think about it but he?d do it again very soon after. He had me so stressed that sometimes I'd think I was going to lose my mind and yet still I could not let go of him because I loved him. He was the most generous man I knew. Getting me gifts and doing things for me he made me feel like a princess. I loved him so I endured the accusations and not going to lie the sex was amazing though at times he was a little demanding. Things spiraled out of control when I felt that he was keeping something from me. Now being a Gemini we just have this gift to sniff out when things aren?t right. I?m not proud of this but I snooped and googled and discovered he had a facebook account. This greatly hurt me. I fought with myself for some time if I should confront him and of course I just had to. I didn't really think the method of my gaining this information was wrong per say because it was something that can be easily found online if you just knew how to look for it. At first he denied having one but I wasn?t going to allow him to lie to me so I had to show it to him. It did not phase him that he had been caught with a secret facebook account but he was more annoyed that I snooped and looked. He couldn?t even give me a valid excuse as to why he had one but he continued to lie. That?s when I started to not trust him. In the two years that we shared a cell phone plan I noticed he rarely used it neither one of us really use it much other than emergency purposes. Two months before our split I noticed that he?d been using it a little more but nothing to really raise a red flag. I guess the straw that broke the camels back was when I saw a ridiculously over usage and just confronted him if he were talking to other women. He didn?t like that I called him on it and immediately demanded his space. I was dumbfounded. He was so easily able to demand his space. I was crushed he had been doing it to me for so long and when the tables were turned he wouldn?t allow it. When I mentioned this to him he said ,?well I?m not you?, I felt like a piece of me died right then. I allowed this man to do whatever to me and when I gave him a taste of the same medicine it wasn?t ok for him. I?m still very heartbroken and the fact that he just broke it off so easily has me in tears still. I honestly thought he was the one even with all the drama that he brought to the relationship. Sorry I wrote a book here but I really did need to vent for my heart is still broken and is taking forever to heal.

I was in a relationship with a Capricorn man. Never again!!! He always wanted everything his way or no way. Every time I would try to break up with him he would cry and say he couldn't live without me. He was selfish and manipulative. He manipulated me for 3 years. I came to my senses and cut off all communication. When he leaves messages, I delete them without listening to them. When he send texts I delete them without reading them. He always made me feel sorry for him but he would always go back to his same old ways.

Hey Ladies! I've been with my Cap man for 9 months. He is one of the most wonderful men I've ever met. he's very nurturing, communication is awesome, he is VERY supportive, makes me strive to be a better woman everyday! He is very mysterious, intelligent, accomplished, tall, well-equiped ;)and all of the above. He's full of surprises too! Weekend getaways, etc.! Being with him is stable & it's allowed me the ability to focus on me & us! Negatives...he doesn't want me to ever go out :( He is non-traditional (holidays), serious, seems insecure (cant have any male friends)...but he has nooo reason to be & this makes me feel he's controlling. The sex is good once its started, but its hard getting there because he doesn't really like 4-Play! Major sadface! I'm concerned about our future because he's ready to SETTLE DOWN & I would love to with him, but still don't want to compromise all 100% of my freedom or my fun loving-free spirited identity for it.*fingers are crossed for the best *

Still with my Capricorn man after leaving my Virgo ex. Our relationship has matured and the sex remains to be excellent.;) So much more tender and intimate. It is if he can read my mind and thoughts. I've never had anybody in my whole life that understands me so deeply and cares for me unrelentlessly. (Yes, even with my Gemini emotional tendencies) At this point, I really am not too concerned about the cultural taboo of marriage anymore. Hey, mine's failed awfully. Thank you God, as I'm just very grateful to have found a lovely soul to cherish our lives together with shared moments of laughter and happiness. My heart and my entire body feels alive when I am with him, almost like the water and air that keeps me alive. I love him dearly until the end of time.

I am a Capricorn man. I don't know about others, but in my case everything written about capricorns is true. I am madly in love with my Gemini. I really want to make her happy and give her everything she wants, but it seems to me we are truly two different people. She lives with the moment, I live with the future. She's flaky, I'm a person of my word and principles. I think she always wanted light relationships with guys and doesn't care about my deep feelings. But I love her... I don't know what to do... I think I need get over her and move on, she hurts me everytime we see each other.

I'm a Gemini and I dated a Cap for 5 months, and in those five months I started to care deeply about him. Some things happened and to no suprise we began to fight, alot. We couldn't agree on anything. And although he was the sweetest, caring guy I had ever been with, neither of us could take the fighting. We broke up and not too long after he came back. But the thing with Cap's are that they manipulate you. He would come and go, and I never had sex with him but we did fool around. He knew and knows he still has me, and the worst thing about it is he uses it to his advantage. It's easy to fall in love with a Cap, but hard to let him go. He can hold his feelings in and let go, they're good at being mature in love. I never had a problem with him being jealous, he was jealous but it was a healthy jealous. It let me know he cared. All these other Gemini's are scaring me with saying Cap's get crazy. That's a big red flag, because I need my space. Anyways, I guess my carin g for him has grown into a love. Let me tell you, if you get involoved with a Cap, be careful. They are a lot stronger than you think, and no matter how much you might love eachother, they might hesitate to walk away, but if it's in their best interest they will. Good Luck!

I'm a gem girl and my last relationship was with a Cap. I have dated 3 geminis and an aquarius. With the air signs, all of the relationships ended in disaster. The attraction was great but it ended within a month. Capricorn was my longest relationship, although he was not as bold as the other signs, it was unlike anything i've ever experienced. All my bfs before never cared about where I was, because we just partied seperately. But with cap he is extremely protective, one day he arrived earlier to my house and ask me where I was and who I was with. He started interrogating me, for some strange reason, I found it thrilling because I've never gotten this kind of attention and protectiveness from a man, even tho it would not be a good thing in the long run.

I read these comments with interest. So many of them I can relate to. I am a Capricorn man married to a Gemini woman for almost 13 years. She is undoubtedly the biggest challenge I've ever had in my life, but the greatest inspiration. She recently decided to separated from me and got involved with an married Aquarian man online.

I was told that they are the perfect match for each other. That she could related easier to him, where she felt she couldn't relate to me. They had online "sex" and she says that leaving him is complicated.

I thought that I would be angry and bitter, but instead, I really do understand how this can happen. I have been there (online chatting). I know that I have been at times, annoyingly over protective of her and my daughter, I am conservative and not the greatest communicator. But we have shared, all-be-it, a life roller coaster... of discovery, self development and yes, fun. My gem is a gem, there is absolutely no one like her...moody, flirty, intelligent, intuitive, passionate, emotional, witty, independent, impulsive. I wish I was told a lot earlier about my many faults, because despite disliking change. She is worth any compromise.

I love her still and hope that she can find what she really needs. It hurts that I can't provide them wholly.

My Gemini is My Fiance She is wonderful, yeah sometimes We do get into debates about Her going somewhere or staying home, and She can hurt me to the point where I'm legally insane if She wanted to but I Love Her and I'm In-Love with Her. She may have Her own views and I may act a lot more like a parent but She sees it as me caring She wants me to care even more and She wants me to always be there for Her We don't always get along and there are many things We disagree upon but no matter what She is always there for me, just as I am for Her and She an I both compromise and understand each other

Hi I am a Gemini women and have just got in relations with capricon man, I like him but cant find it out what is he thinking about me as he is kips quiet all the time and I keep on talking all d time.

Im a gem girl, and I am highly, shall I say, Interested in a Cap man. I cannot remember the last time I have actually wanted to pursue a man, as I am always being pursued, but the very first time I saw him, I wanted him. Since then, weve matured to the point where we are now "friends" and we talk and do things together and spend time when we can, he's a dr and doesn't have a lot of time. I believe so highly in zodiac compatibility, so I wonder if it will work, though everything in my being tells me he is the one. I do not know why I feel this way so soon, and weve never even kissed, were taking things so slowly. he's complex, intelligent, and nurturing. Small things he does such as fixing things at my home, taking out the trash, giving me his coat w/ the slightest breeze, just shows me how much of a man he is. I am not an emotional gem at all, and I am not very clingy. I will take his time as he gives it, and wont demand more. I just wonder what he is thinking, he neve r says much as to how he feels about me, just subtle things, touches, rubs, hugs and such. I look at him intensely, and he does the same to me...he says he wants to let things take their course, so im being patient...but I really, really want him...hes like, one of the sexiest men I have ever been around, although there is nothing particularly physically amazing about him...Im I am hopeful..fingers crossed on this one!

I'm Gemini girl and I met my Capricorn man about 10 months ago. I fell in love after a couple of weeks. I've never had someone want to know me and love me as intensly as he does. He balances me out. In my past relationships i've either given too much and not gotten enough or I simply wasn't intrested and needed my freedom. With my Capi I want nothing more than to be nurtured and protected by him, I even enjpy his jelousy, it and makes me feel wanted. The funny thing is i'm the same towards him, jealosy has never been a part of who I am, I usto simply not care, if a man wanted to leave me for another girl, oh well i'll find another, he's not worth my time anyway. Yet with my capi, I can't imagine loosing him, I want to make him feel how much I love him. We both compete in ways it seems to show who loves the other more. He is very protective and caring in a passionate way. I sometimes needed to be grounded and guided. My mind makes me wonder and dream big but with no true plan. he helps me with that. I feel like I finally found my soal mate. I've read a lot of compatabilty posts and most say that gem and cap suns don't get along but that's only a part of our personalities. He and I have both moon signs in Virgo, our moon signs are what we feel inside. MOON IS THE HEART while the SUN IS THE MIND. And our ascendents match as well. These other factors help me understand how were so different yet have a lot of similarties on the inside we can't help but love each other. I hope you other capi and gems don't get discouraged, no matter what if there's enough love you can make it happen. He's the only man i'll ever love. I finally have peace. Well in my love life anyway . :>

I am a Gemini woman, and my first love was a Capricorn. Yes the sex was amazing but he treated me like shit and was stupid jealous, obssesive, controling, and sooo fkn demanding. As if he were King of The fkn Jungle! Anywho, every Cappy is not the same, but all the ones that Ive met and dated fall in love with me like really head over hells in love with me. I don't know why! But yeah its worth a try, they are loyal and trust worthy.

I'm a gimini woman dating a Capricorn man. He's ten years my senior. I do agree that the sex is awsome, outstanding, but that strong wall that he has built around him is definately difficult to keep down. We have a long distance relationship and see each other every week-end. I think that this is good for both of us because I can be free to do as I wish while he gets his alone time. We talk everyday and the week-end is always too far away. He's good with my Gemini daughter but I can't get him to open up about his's frustrating. The patience on this guy is really impressive. Slow and steady wins the race...this is a lesson that I am slowly learning. At the begining, he told me right off that he was looking for a long-term relationship with traditional roles and he said that he wants children and he would like me to move in with him eventually...That is not slow and steady. I have the same traditional view point as him but he hasn't talked about it again in months...Is the offer still on the table? Frustrating...Love him though and would gladly accept if asked again.

With roughly half of my exes and previous sexual partners being Geminis, I have to disagree with the compatibility scores (but I have to say that the scores for other zodiac combinations are spot on).

I feel Geminis and Capricorns have an undeniable sexual attraction to one another but the main flaw in this coupling is usually communication.

Therefore, I would rate this combination as:

Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility Low
Gemini and Capricorn Sexual chemistry Medium
Gemini and Capricorn Communication Low

What do the rest of you think?

okay well for some reason the CAP MAN knows how to capture a WILD GEM!! They are agressive & go-getters.. not a first.. she's curious about him, because he's stand offish and he doesn't make the initiative to show he's interested like the rest of the men in line. So because of that he catches her eye..

I am on my 2nd cap man!! what the hell?! I hate that I know his sign because now I feel like i'm judging for being a Capricorn went wrong!! is it possible to be with one who is diff in other ways then the 1st one!! My 1st cap was very charming, but once he realed me in he was CONTROLLING, CLINGY & CONSTANTLY CRITIQUING my every move like I was his child!! I don't want that w/this next one because I am truly feeling like i'm falling head over heals for him. ONE CATCH - this is a long distance relationship which I may think that might work for a gem girl!! I AM FAR FROM CLINGY!! I can't stand a needy person!! I don't know but so far we will see.. But there is something about this CAP that has me in a trance!! Our communication is great, haven't had sex yet.. I just don't want to be controlled or have jealousy w/him. So i'm crossing my fingers that this will work!! :-P

I'm a Gemini gal and me and my cap been 2 gether for 4 years off and on when we first next he really was feelin me and I wanst but as time went by we started to get stronger but then its like he seen feel out of love wit me I don't know but I really love him and I need him

I am a Gemini woman who met a Capricorn man via an internet social network. The first encounter was slow yet mysterious, where he would make subtle comments that showed his interest and I would return the same. After some time we decided to finally meet, it was the moment I was waiting for. The man is well put together, mature, conservative and above all very sexy. Of course there was a physical attraction from the start, we just had to satiate our curiosities. From what I gather in our few encounters he is focused, business minded, and not a spender unlike my Gemini tendencies to do the opposit. He already made it known that he doesn't want a serious relationship yet still making it known that he doesn't like to share his woman. Quite contadictory... my Cap likes attention and says that I shouldn't stop which I feel to do at times because I make most of the calls and texts of which he responds but is never the one to fully initiate such attention. I have called him on this a few times and he said he needs an occassional kick in the butt for that but I sense different. Don't get me wrong when I am with him it feels like I have escaped into a world of passion and bliss a feeling I would like continued. I don't want to be pushy I am learning my man while earning my man his trust in what we have and in me. I just wish he would shower me with the attention that I have read in the previous posts. I want to know more about him I want him to know more about me without running away, he seems the type to distance himself from a situation. I want to know what my limits are even though he said with him there are none which I find very hard to believe. I want something great to come out of all of this, oh no there goes my emotional side talking. I know I have to show more confidence in myself and not make things so accessible. I would like to mirror his character traits which can be hard for me due to my lack of patience. But he is so gorgeous and grounded that I am up for the challenge. Looking to the heavens for divine intervention.

I am a Gem female and my soon to be ex husband is a cap. Need I say more. It was the sadest relationship I have ever had. He did not like anyone who liked me that goes for males or females. I could not have friends, he was even upset about me and my sister hanging out all day when she visit from another state and I haven't seen her in two years before that. Our sex life sucks and I wasn't use to boring sex and oh did I mention that when we got married he wasn't divorce. I found that out shortly after our wedding in Maui. But being the person that I am I stayed with him and we just went to the court house(ugg) later. I can go on and on because there was that much drama in our 5 years together I think that I will save it for a book. I am very happy to be me again. I feel that I now have peace which has always be important to me.

hmmmm mine is an online experience. Which could loosly be termed a relationship.For someone I havn't met, he facinates me and holds my attention with ease both mentally and physically (which I cant explain) I seem to get bored so easily with most. This cap is confident, arrogant (which I like). I don't know what the future holds in store for us,but im willing to find out. Looking at the traits of a cap male (if you know what they are you can always work around them lol) if its worth the effort.

I am a 22 year old Gemini dating a 28 year old cap for 2months. I was in a relationship with a Cancer that was going down hill.from the moment I met my cap I was into him! Sex is amazing!!! There are some things I am worried about:he hasn't told me how he feels about me and I'm emotional(I still haven't told him how I feel because I don't want to scare him,I never know what he's thinking,ill text him and he'll text back sometimes hours later,he doesn't have a lot of time he's always busy, I'm worried that my clingy behavior will turn him off especially since he's older. I hope everything works out because he is a good man and I wouldn't mind settling down with him

I'm a gem girl and I've been with my Capricorn man for a few months and I love it. Much like what others say, there are times he does try to be to serious (or "adult-like") but once he sees the fun in life, he's definitely more than willing to partake in it. But there are times when that feature of his helps me too. I'm frivolous Qiu money by myself, but he's helped me balance it. And instead of me being in charge all the time, he takes that too which allows me to focus on myself when I need too. All in all, I think once you find that balance, it can work wonders. A Capricorn's responsible (and maybe sometimes dull) nature is perfect to balance a Gemini's childlike one and vice versa.

I am a cap male and just got out of a relationship with a Gemini female after 02 years, they say geminis are twin personalities,how true ,one moment she would be so warm and caring and the next moment would not even want to talk to me.Given the choice would never ever go near a Gemini again, what to talk of a relationship

I have been in a relationship/friendship with a Capi man for over ten years. I must say I have enjoyed reading the stories. I can relate to some. I never found him to be controlling. However, expressing himself was always an issue when it came to matters of the heart. He always kept me guessing, and I think that is what kept me involved with him for so long. He could be cold one minute, and loving the next. We balanced each other out in a sense. It didn't work out between him and I, but he will always be the love of my life. He was my best friend before anything else, but when L-O-V-E came into the picture it just got complicated. So I would say Capi men, great friend...anything more than that with a Gemini woman is risky.

This is a very easy going relationship for me. I have been with this guy for 8 months. The sex is awesome-he is very focused on my satisfaction in that regard. I really did a lot of research on Capricorn personality traits and this has helped me a lot in understanding him. Without the research, I would have been frustrated and gone by now. He is very shy, a little bit insecure, never been married (I was marries for over 20 years). He is really patientand funny. I haven't experienced any jealosy from him at all. He doesn't express feelings at all. He lets me know he is interested in his own way,though. He will say things like-"do you have to leave already?" or "I don't want to go with the guys-I'd rather be with you". I am a nurse and work longer shifts than him, so when I go to his house after work, he will always meet me at the door with a cold beer and a kiss. I think sometimes they get really focused on work or hobbies and forget to call or text-that on e really annoyed me- but a non argumentative conversation solved that problem. The one time he hurt my feelings and I wouldn't answer the phone, (yes, I let him know he hurt my feelings) he showed up at my house within a few minutes to say he was sorry. I think Caps struggle with relationships because they are so quiet and it is easy to misunderstant their true intentions. I have had to be patient with him but he has been very worth it. We are supposed to be so compatible with Libras, but my ex husband was a libra, and that was the most volitile relationship- this Capricorn treats me like gold. He is a little rough around the edges, but I think I'll keep him.

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