Capricorn man jealous and intimidated

by Nick
(Lincoln UK)

I get jealous and intimidated when people are more social than I am. I have been in bands, I write songs, sing and play the guitar and I have been on stage and enjoyed the limelight, yet it never came to much and certainly NEVER gave me any social standing. Guys in bands get girls is a MYTH.

I think that I am just socially inept but I don't like going out on my own, you need friends with you to go out so I am stuck! I used to be one for going out and having fun until I hit around 24-25. Now I am 30 and I feel like my life is over in that sense.

I am not the CLUBBING type, I just stand in the corner and tap my foot, then, if I get drunk enough I make a fool of myself on the dance floor! I love meeting people but I have had bad experiences with meeting people and women. They just don't know how to take me.

I feel like a tag-along most of the time. I wish I was different but that's just me. They say Capricorns are successful, alas I am not. I am unemployed and I work voluntarily 2 days a week. Sometimes I enjoy it but the people I work with can't seem to handle my personality and they seem to tell me what I am doing wrong too much! ARGH!

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capricorn man jealous and intimidated.
by: Anonymous

Capricorn men are not club types. Thats why you feel that you make a fool of your self. You should consider a sport like golf there you will meet people.And you feel like a tag along because your sopposed to be the leader not the follower or even the loner that people will come to for good advice because you sopposed to be more matur.

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