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I had a whirlwind, roller coaster ride with a Capricorn man for almost 3 years. we never even made it to finalizing anything because it was so complicated between us.

The sexual and physical chemistry between us was phenomenal. we couldn't get enough of each other. we were so different on the outside but so much alike on the inside. Leos will be outwardly expressive with words and gestures but with a cap u have to just know and pay attention to their actions. we learned so much about ourselves through each other that our relationship felt pre-destined or fated in some way. we were like 2 magnets. we would think the same things at the same time and would even verbalize it simultaneously.

He was my muse. my inspiration. his presence in my life made my creative side leap from its hiding place. I wrote to him constantly and he appreciated it. never judging me. secretly loving me for it. he gave me my light. he showed me the value of tradition, practical approach, and perseverance. I showed him how to loosen up, adventure, warmth, and the deepest of loves. I loved him for his solidity, stability, quiet strength (it equals manliness in my book!), practicality, his intelligence, his intelligent sense of humor, and his sentimentality. he never ever forgot a birthday, holiday, or other kind of important day. he remembered the first day we met and we would celebrate that "anniversary" though we never truly ended up as a couple. we were always united from within. he loved my artistic flair, my ability to network and socialize, my weirdness, my laugh, my intelligence, my feistiness, my intense passion, and my liveliness.

Basically I am bursting at the seams with energy but I lack the focus to harness it. when he was around he kept me grounded and gave me that necessary focus to put it into good use. he also sort of leeched off of my energy supply since he didn't have much. we saw qualities in each other that we deeply admired because they were the qualities we did not ourselves possess. thus in turn we gave each other the utmost respect and that was important to both of us.

I think Capricorn males and Leo females can work out remarkably if both signs are very mature. I'd wait till about the late 20's-30's before giving this combo a shot. it's best when the cap man is in the place in his life that he wants to be. above all else he wants material security first. he wants to be able to provide well because it makes him feel like a real man.

I was 18 and a stereotypical male Capricorn. I was just finishing high school and was starting college in New York. I was not in any manner shy but on the other hand I was driven to succeed in a business. The summer before college I decided to go to the Concord resort in the Catskills located in New York. It was there I saw her immediately. She was beautiful. She had Blond hair. She had the brightest smile. We met in a horseback riding group.

I should have guessed she was a Leo. She was outgoing and friendly. She was starting college in Delaware in the fall. During the ride she started slowly falling off the saddle as we were talking. We laughed so hard my side actually started to hurt. After that for many years we visited one another in college. Because of the distance, during all of those years we dated other people but I never felt the excitement of being with another person as I did with her just being next to me whether dancing, out for movies or making love. For her part, she brought out the most fun side of me. For mine, I think I kept her focused though never quashing her flamboyant personality.

we give each other what we don't have

Any advice on how can a Capricorn woman can seduce a Leo?

On the Leo woman page there was a link to a section on seducing Leo's. That section has a separate forum too I think.

I can't believe how accurate this stuff is. I miss my Leo. But was not ready for her, since I was financially unstable and felt I could not provide for her enough. Thought I would hold back and get my situation together after divorce, slowly and carefully. then we would be together. But she couldn't wait for me and suddenly was gone.

We were like magnets while she was here. Could not stay apart even when we said we must. Time after time we agreed to part (she wanted). but even though I new better could not stay away from the fire. Being with her was like watching a fire. And she liked me watching.

I am a Capricorn man was with a Leo woman for 11 years, married to her for 7years.From my learning experience, I was the one that went after her. At first she wasn't interesting in me. As a Capricorn, we are very determined of getting what they want and very patience at it. I finally open her heart. We started a friendship and led to marriage. Sex with a Leo woman is the best I ever had to this date. The only problem we have is that Capricorn man don’t open up on woman. We hide our emotions, expression and like to have everything in order. Leo woman loves to spend money on luxuries they don’t believe in saving money for a rainy day, they are stubborn like the Capricorn man and we always argue.

As the years went by our relationship deteriorated. The good thing about all this that I have a daughter with her. I wish that I could change things. I really love her with all my heart. We been separated for two years now. She left me for someone else a Gemini man. It didn’t bother me her leaving me but for her to go with someone else after two weeks. She didn’t give me a chance to really think about the whole situation. I let her go because when a man loves a woman with his heart. He would sacrifice himself for her. Maybe by being away from each other things go work itself out. This is something that I learned in life. So the next relationship I get into I will used this a learning tool. Always appreciate what you have because it can disappear before your eyes

Well when my Capricorn boyfriend and I first met he was so aggressive and persistent that I was immediately turned off. But as they say persistence pays off. He has turned into a lover that inspires me to do better, never afraid to say what is on his mind, and one of the most loyal men I have ever been with. Even though he has to get the last word, I love it...always a challenge for the Leo.

Leo is a sun sign while Capricorn is a moon sign they fulfill each others needs as in you cant live always with a sun you need a little bit of a moon too.

we argue and I, the Leo, have to get him to open up. caps are very sweet when they feel they are in charge. I get mad and storm out, he acts like he don't care but I always catch him looking out the window when I leave. it's crazy, but as a Leo that's what we like. Challenge

I am a Leo woman, who fell in love with a Capricorn. My love for his was, and is so intense that I would lay my life down for his any day. The relation ship yes was complicated, and still is complicated, I agree with a lot of the statements above, this combination creates a magnetic pull, that if allowed neither can resist the pull. I let him go, because I am a Leo, I regret it.. One of my only regrets

Im a Leo women, I was in a relationship with a Capricorn male. There is a magnetic pull that I have never felt , but the problem that we had is we where both stubborn. We would fight and I could go weeks without talking and so could he. It didn't last, however I still think about him.

I was with a cap guy and we were inseparable, things started to turn because I was a freshman in college and he just got out of the army.. you could say he was my first love and he knew it but I think that were not together today because he wanted to fix his life and let me grow up a little. but whatever's meant to be will always find its way right?...

My Capricorn man has his heart on his tongue and he showers me with love and affection all the time - which in return gives me wings and I have never felt so loved!!! He speaks about the future all the time and always checks that I still love him. However, he does have to have the last word and is sometimes unwillingly arrogant - which sometimes drives me up the wall. But mostly, since I'm a relaxed Leo, I just smile as I even love this side on him. And yes, we complement each other hugely. He's ambitious I'm competitive, he's pessimistic I'm optimistic ... he says I bring he best out of him and make him stronger. He definitely grounds me and makes me pull myself together and get things done.

My tip, don't argue it's too great of a relationship to spoil it with stubbornness (which is a flaw, lets face it). I - mostly - relax with him and take him, when he gets on my nerves, with a pinch of salt and smile. He gives me more than I need and I'm not gonna ruin that with some flaws. I love him dearly my Capricorn man:).

I am a Leo divorcing a Capricorn man, we just do not understand each other. he was a violent, controlling bully and he walked out on our marriage after I discovered he had been having affairs. I am now trying to divorce him but he won't sign the divorce papers! Goodness knows why because he treats me with utter contempt, I would have expected him to sign them immediately. never again.

From the day that I met this Capricorn man I was drawn to him. It took about a year for him to really open up to me. He has such a hard exterior but I know inside he is a man that just wants to be loved. We argue a lot but always end up coming back to each other. We both care a lot about each other if we just learned a way to not argue with each other but instead try and understand one another, our relationship would be perfect.

ok! ok!

im a Leo woman and yes my man is a Capricorn oh how I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his swag it just drive me and the sex game is amazingly well to the point I'll never leave him!!!!!!!!!!! I love you baby!!! muah

I can totally relate to the magnetic pull everyone keeps talking about. I am a female Leo that is insanely obsessed with a Capricorn man. When we met he was way more into me than I was into him. However, as soon as the tables turned he let it go. We didn't speak for a really long time until I approached him once again. I recently spent time with him again and I can still feel that magnetic pull. He is just so irresistible. I realize NOW that in the past I went through the battle for his love in the wrong way. I pressured him too much, and didn't give him a chance at every shining next to me. I guess this is what drove him away in the first place. Now that I have done my research and am better aware of his personality and his needs I hope that I can apply them correctly and win over his heart!

I am madly in love with my Capricorn man. There's an amazing magnet pull that everyone's talking about here. We often text each other at the exact same time and often think the same thing, it's like he can read my mind! The sex and attraction are phenomenal, like nothing I've ever felt before. He came from nothing and has no education, but is a self-made real man - honest, hard working, solid and dependable. I come from $ and education and he doesn't have these things which may make him thud with my family and some friends, but I don't care - he is the love of my life and I can't let him go. He is the loving man I want to grow old with and I'm so lucky to have him and he feels the same way. It was love at first sight for us, something I didn't think was real till it happened to me! And oh my was I looking awful that day - it didn't matter to him!!!!

A proud Leo woman who has dated a Capricorn man and let me say NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

We got along well for the first part but we had HUGE differences and wit me being a Leo woman I don't take to kindly to somebody telling me what to do. So it's basically over. I can be friends wit Capricorns but I can't date them It's a match made in Hell

I just met a Capricorn man. He pursued me like crazy...interrupted my date with another man, wrote hundreds of love messages, positive reinforcement, and deep questions to me over a period of a week. He showed up at my house unexpectedly, seduced me, sang to me, held me and hugged me. He asked me repeatedly if I trust him, if I wanted "something" with him. I confirmed that I wanted to trust him, and that I am interested in something long term. We'd discussed this at length of hours the week before. After he left, there's been nothing! No hundreds of messages, no sweet words, no reinforcement. Painful! Having read all of this collateral on Leo Capricorn connections PRIOR, I tried to curb my lioness urge to run the show and let him take the lead. I also am right now curbing my desire to delete him from my life in every way...from my FB to my cell phone. I'm hurt and I do not understand this--or maybe I do and I can't understand it.

I'm a Leo woman and met a Capricorn man that has my mind on lockdown. Similar to all of your stories, I noticed him, but he was more into me than I was into him at first--besides, when we first met, the Scorpio I was dealing with was like RIGHT THERE and I didn't need that kind of hell! Either way, we eventually went out and would spend time together and I must say it's the most connected I've felt to anyone in such a short amount of time. He's so damn cute and everything that turns me like WAAAY on and the man wrote the book on affection. The BEST thing about being with him is that he's kind of a big deal (as in, has a reasonable amount of celebrity--at least locally) and has no problem displaying us in front of his friends and anyone we're around (all eyes on MEEEEE!!! spoken like a true lioness! lol). The only problem is, we go extremely long times in between talking to each other. This is one of those long @$$ times. And it's never for any other reason than he's busy and I refuse to make phone contact without it being returned more that once! Yet he always asks me why I don't call him! ("cuz it's yo' turn boo!") Mind you, I do have a spicy Scorpio and a sweet Piscean to keep me company in between seeing him, but ultimately, it's him that I want. So yeah, there's truth to this Leo Capricorn thing, but it's also true that there can be some hardships. I miss you babe! (sadly, he'll never hear this cuz it's his turn to call. sigh . . . but I know he will :-)

I am a Leo woman, currently dating a Capricorn man, that I've known for about half of my life. It's a relationship without limits or restrictions because we are slowly transitioning from friendship to relationship (11 years of knowing him- it's taken us 4yrs for us to get to the level that we are at now). Everything about the relationship is great except, I am DYING for more attention. It is painful, trying to avoid suffocating him, as I've noticed that he is slowly pulling away, as our bond increases. After reading this board, I now know that his reluctance may be stemming from his own financial instability. He is a loyal man, with the proper perspective on the role between a man and a woman in a relationship, and I think that his preconceived notions on a perfect world, hinders him from going full force into the relationship until he has "more to offer". Little does he know, all that he needs to offer is himself. If a Leo woman is capable of putting her independence e aside and learn the true meaning of a relationship & compromise, this will be a match made in for my relationship......We'll be just fine ;-)

In all my 33years I've only ever dated Capricorns. It must be this magnetic pull that I have that seems to only attract the Capricorn man. However, my very first Cap man was so quiet and humble, never an argument but as we Leo woman are so strong we want challenges so that relationship ended after 2years

Then I ended up marrying a Cap man who was on the opposite end of the previous Cap. He was violent, controlling, obsessive and cheated many times so after 8years of that...I finally walked away.

Now 5 years after being single I am now falling for yet another Cap man but this one is different. I'm feeling emotions I've never felt before and he is ever so humble, but its his sensuality and calm nature that keeps me there. My previous experiences were of relationships when I was younger.

So I agree with the above, being a lot more mature and knowing what your future holds I believe will make this relationship work. I've never fallen in love so quickly as I have with this man....I adore him

I have met my cap man whilst he is coming out of a failed marriage to another Leo women, however, we have connected, our pull is tremendous, he is loving, kind, thoughtful, deep, he does keep his emotions to himself, we laugh so loud our sides split, we cant get enough of each other, I could live inside him forever. I am a mature Leo women and he fulfills all my needs, I just know we are going to be together! xxxxxxx

No Capricorn men for myself ever again! The start of our relationship w/intense & the sex incredible. After a while I began to understand he was insecure & deeply distrustful of everything I said or did. After these continual head games & I was so ready to walk away gracefully. Something he later admitted made him bitter towards me. To the point I was called a slut & all sorts of names. While I was attempting to take the high road he stalked me. Till this day 2 yrs later I still receive e-mails from this 2 faced snake. The rest of the women out there r welcome to all the Capricorn men im too good for them!

I am a mature Leo woman married to an older Capricorn man AND having an affair with a younger Capricorn man. They are similar in many ways down to the foods they both dislike. My husband is intelligent, successful and has been a good balance to my Leo "just wanna be the life of the party" ways. He offers me security and pretty much encourages me to do what I want. He is also all work and no play. My younger Cap, also very driven professionally, makes me laugh and is appreciative of the time I spend with him and knows how to play. As I have learned to compliment HIM instead of looking for compliments myself (typical Leo), he is feeling more secure in our relationship and has started to express his feelings toward me. I seem to have the best of both worlds right now, but I know at some point this could all come crashing down around me.

I am a Leo woman married to a Capricorn man and I can honestly say that it is the best and most fulfilling relationship that I have ever had. We bring out the very best in each other. I bring out his playful side and he brings out my more serious side. I was always distrustful and a little afraid of committing myself to anyone but with him; it was effortless and painless. I was more than happy to commit myself to this amazing person and I've never regretted it for an instant. He is the love of my life and there is nobody in this world that I would rather be with than him. He is the strong and silent type but there is an unspoken promise in his eyes to always be there for me when I need him and he has never failed me. This is one man I can give 100% of my love and attention to and I wouldn't trade him for anything!!!

I am a Leo woman. I am dating a Capricorn man. It's been 7 wonderful months together. We haven't had one fight. We talk it out. He brings the best out of me and I bring the best out of him. I'm clingy and he doesn't seem to mind that. So far we have been through a lot together. I love him with all my heart. He's my everything. We spend as much time with each other as we can. He hides his emotions a lot which can be frustrating. But I don't push him to tell me. If he wants to talk about it, he'll talk about it when he's ready. He's an amazing man. He's a gentlemen and my parents love him. Which is surprising. When I met him, it was an instant connection to him. I just couldn't stay away. At the time, I was in a bad relationship with this controlling jerk. We didn't even last a week and I left him because I wanted the man I'm with now. He's supported me through all the hard times. We don't agree on something's and if I hadn't just dropped the matter, it probably would have lead to fights. I hate fighting and he hates fighting so why bother talking about something that's just going to lead to fighting? I love this guy so much. He makes me feel special and he knows how to treat a woman. He gives me independence when I need it. He doesn't push me to do things I don't want to do. He is the best man a woman can ever ask for. Hopefully this relationship will last a long time :).

I have just recently met a cap man...I don't know what he feels, but I am instantly drawn to him. He makes me laugh, I feel like I can be myself. and ... I can actually let my guard down. he sees me for who I am and treats me wonderfully. I hope something good comes out of this. I believe that if you really love someone, you can make it work...I don't want to use the fact that Im a Leo and he's a cap as an excuse for any short-comings. I must say though...I am drawn to him like a moth to light...the lioness has been stopped in her tracks.

Met a cap man (we work together) and I must say everything that I have looked for in a relationship, affection, love, passion, sexual chemisty, and I got it all in one night with no relationship...yet

Its weird bc Ive been with the Aries, sag, and Libra and astrology says I should be with, but idk. Since I met him I cant stop thinking about him and when I got a taste of what was to offer.... OMG I want more and what to be around him. I feel that we would bring out amazing qualities in each other. I just don't know if I should let him come after me or if I should pursue him? I usually offer to get him dinner or coffee if I know he's working late and stuff, but what else can I do or do I leave it to him?

ok I am one wild untamable Leo and has dated so much. im almost 30. I ve just met my first cap and I am seriously pulled in. there is a magnetic pull as mentioned.

I find his introvert side really annoying and plan to leave him but something hooks me. the opposite attraction and the planetary alignment. being stubborn ive decided to walk but I will always think and sexually desire him. I find them very sensual..

I wish I could be with him right now. We are so compatible in all ways, except when we are angry. And I said all the things bound to hurt him a lot. I wish I hadn't said all that. I wish I could be with him forever.

This is the second time around that I am talking to the same Capricorn male. I made the mistake of leaving him the first time and I now know he is a very good man and I feel like I've been given second chance almost. As of right now, he has a lot on his plate, family, work, and just life itself. When I feel like he doesn't show interest/affection, he says he doesn't expect me to understand his situation. I know that other women have walked away from him because of his cap ways and I DO NOT want to be one of those women. I am trying to be there for him but he's become pretty withdrawn, not as responsive, affectionate anymore. At first he talked about taking things really slow which is what I want as well. But it's becoming so frustrating because I just want to make things better. I don't want to be in his face too much that it will push him away but I want to be around still. But this waiting patiently thing is frustrating for me. I told him I'm here for him and I support him in everything and that he can always come to me if he needs someone to listen to. Is that enough? I don't know what to do.

I met my cap man 4 months ago, and I am insanely drawn to him. I think of him all the time! Magnetic pull, damn, that's for sure! Only problem is, he may move abroad for a couple of years, and I don't know what I'm going to do! We're both young, and have to live our lives before we settle, I guess. I have never felt this way! And I can't even look at other men! He went away for a week, and came back, said some things to me which sounded like he was starting to feel what I feel. But I don't know. He seems to be pulling away. Stubborn? doesn't want to let his guard down, because he wants this great opportunity? Don't have a friggin clue! I guess we'll see what happens when he comes back from his 2 year vacation. What will be will be! I'm just going to miss him like mad. :(

Leo woman with Capricorn man. Dated for around two years. My love is fire, his love is ice. He comes to me to warm up, but sadly on the other end, I can't go to him for warmth. I feel like I give more than he does, in an emotional and physical way. But, I think he is more loyal and subtle about his part in the relationship. We have good sex, and our communication is remarkably perfect. We fight, and I get angry fairly quickly, and he deals with it. He lets me get upset, but when he is angry I can't take it. We have a very open relationship, but at the same time I am jealous as they come. Hopefully more maturing will change that. I usually gravitate toward air and earth signs, so it's not a surprise we ended up together. Sometimes I think about leaving him, but the thought of it tears me up inside. We'll see how the future goes.

There definitely is something like an impossible magnetic force that refuses to allow us to separate...its crazy. I love him so much, I want to make him happy because he has changed my whole world. As a Leo, boys come after me, and I have to say that I did treat them mean to keep them keener ...but with my Capricorn I never want to hurt him and when I do its the worst feeling ever.

He's the light of my heart ..

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a Capricorn man break up with them and then come back to them. I met a Capricorn man coming out of marriage break up where she left him. He was devastated but we talked as friends on Facebook and then met up. We both felt like we knew each other years and it was fantastic. I am older than him and was paranoid about that. He broke up with me but we still talk. I am broken hearted and want him back. Has a Capricorn ever come back to a Leo woman?

I'm a Capricorn man who is in love with a Leo woman. When we met, things were hard because of outside influences. She would let things like her friends and family interfere with our relationship. It was that old thing of trying to please everyone while pleasing no one at all. We separated for a year and recently began talking again. She's grown to be more mature now, and things are a lot better. When we talk and are around each other, it's like things never ended. The magnetic pull is definitely true between a Leo and a Cap, but both people have to be mature enough and ready to fully commit to each other.

Cappy to my Leo.... Oh the connection My passion your Intimacy WOW!!!! Anyway. don't be afraid to say what you feel Sometimes I can be so stupid about your feelings. You think I can read your mind because We connect intellectually. Remember no Cappy can read you that is why we are so attracted to the Leo. You seem to be so unpredictable at times when I need you to be stable. Tell me it is my turn. I forget and then I cant figure why you are so pissed, hurt or upset. Its not that I cant or wont make time its when or if I remember, the time is not right (it probably is but I wont think so) So then I am upset with the whole thing and don't or wont know how to apologize so I put more into work. I know stupid is as stupid does. The Sun rises and sets with you in my heart. Work takes my attention off of you and can sidetrack me from your needs. I am the fire but you are the fuel. If you Change the fuel you will get different flames. Remember that passion is there and all though I brought it to you and showed it to you, You my adventurous Leo have to add the spark now. I didn't say it was fair. If you change it up a little you will bring it out again. Being a Cappy is a lot of work 90% of the time we are working on something. If you are that project well you know :-)make it so that 10% that we relax are spent with you, not wishing I was with U. I have to say that when you called me high maintenance it hurt but looking at it in hindsight I think that I might be the Highest Maintanance emotionally because I don't show it to you. It is there you just don't get to see it as much as you need to so you think you have to antagonize me to get that passion to the front. Nope change it up. if you want to know what's going on make love to me, Then ask those questions of the heart I think you will pleased with the results.....

I dated my Capricorn guy for four years, he wanted to get married, I didn't, we got engaged for a while, then I broke it off. My advice for the Lionesses who are trying to date a cap is to, play hard to get, they love challenges, be unpredictable, I guess trying to gain control back again adds to their feeling accomplished in a way. Let him be the man, and persuade you. Basically just be a Leo. But they have to feel that they have worked to win you over. And that magnetic pull is amazing, and definitely lasts a looong time. I'm sure he would have make a perfect husband and a perfect father. Good luck. To me a Capricorn was the best zodiac match

im with a Capricorn male im a Leo female. oh there is some major drama he never pleases me except for in bed he loves me and wants to marry me and I guess im kind of toying with him the only reason im considering marrying him is because he is the best sex ive ever had and im a real Leo down to the t im pretty damn full of myself and don't get offended if your a Leo and reading this you know its true and he is a real Leo man he's shy and quiet an fact I asked him for his number and asked him to hang out first. im just confused on what to do stay with him for the sex and his honesty or go find someone more up to my standards like a Leo man...hmmmm confusing shit

Leo woman married to Capricorn man (19 years) We met very young, he was in love right away, but it took me a little while to come around. He wanted what he wanted and would not give up until I was his. As you can see there are a lot of posts here with Cap and Leo relationships. It does work you just need to understand each other. Once that happens you will become the unstoppable super couple. I know because this year will be our 20th anniversary. Oh and the sex is still greeeeeat!

im a Leo woman and I was dating a Capricorn man at 1st I did not like im at all we was just close friends until one day I gave him a chance after 3 and a half months I realized it was one of the worse things ever did. I never been though so much pain. I fell in love so hard that I was blinded by the truth when I finally discovered everything and the truth was out and the open I just couldn't take it any more. the bad thing about is we didn't break up officially we just say were single I guess its easier than really faces the fact that's its really over, but never will I again fall so hard for a Capricorn. I just cant no more heartbreaks and lies . but I will always still love him no matter what .

I met my cap 9 years ago when we were both freshmen in college. I have never been able to describe what it has been then I have been feeling all these years until I read these posts--a magnet!! We have always been friends who flirted with the idea of hooking up better never did. I have tried to pull away because I felt like our friendship wasn't normal--he makes me feel like no one ever has--but he never lets me. We have both always been in other relationships and now is the first time that it's just us. I spent this past weekend with him and have been praying for clarity--if he's not to be mine, then I need him to get out of my head. Its definitely a magnet. I have loved him for years and no matter which direction I've tried to go, I end up right back where I was before I left. Its been 9 years and something keeps telling me that there is something about now that is different from before. I think either we'll finally make a move or I'll leave forever. I guess we'll see.

I am a Leo woman who just started seeing a Capricorn Man. I find him extremely sexy, how can I keep is interest?

All I can say is Capricorn men can be drama! They will not nurture you when you need them and if you get upset about something they did and confront them, they will throw spiteful words back at you like trying to get even and not feel at all apologetic. That was my experience! The worst mistake was letting him become my boyfriend when I was not ready to be in a relationship. After he got what he the end he completely neglected me and he was a completely different uncaring person! Really the oddest relationship I ever had in my life.

I'm a Capricorn man dating a Leo woman contemplating marriage. Our connection was phenominal from the start. The sex has always been wonderful and we sit up for hours talking and talking, expressing all the attitudes we share and the sheer number of things we have in common. When everything's going well, I have no doubt that she's the girl for me and you know what the best thing is for me ? That I can walk into a bar, club or whatever place we're out socialising (and we both LOVE socialising) and I can look around at all the other women, and think "I don't need any of those because mine's the best. She's the one for me."

She's been pushing me for marriage after 6 months of us meeting. It's now two years later and we're still not married.

So, what's stopping me marrying her right now ? I mean, it's that good, right ? I must be insane to pass this up.... I can deal with her egotistic nature and vanity but her need for attention from other men gets in the way. I can provide for her and our future family but I have a horrible gut feeling that unless it's a mansion with maids, nannies for the kids, a swimming pool for her to pose in and her ultimate princess lifestyle, it will never be enough. She will demand everything at my expense (because she thinks that's the minimum she deserves,) will contribute nothing and ultimately leave me for someone that will make her look better in front of her friends, despite the love that she professes for me right now. I'm so afraid that if we get married, she'll just quickly join the ranks of the many dissatisfied women of the world, telling her friends how much she regrets marrying her husband. And that would just break my heart.

However, underneath the whole confident, "social lioness, queen of all she surveys" thing, I know her to be deeply insecure and self-destructive.

Should I stay with her and make the best of all the great things we share or just look for a more harmonious relationship ?

I love her so much

im a Leo woman talking to a cap man been knowing him since I was fourteen an now @ 21 we decided to give it a go. I don't know what it is about him that keeps me coming back. I try to be my self but doesn't seem good enough I think im going to back off for a while and have him coming after to me I pray that it works and doesn't jus push him farther away. its like he has no emotions he too passive and I cant stand that shit. I jus want him to open up and tell me his feelings and I don't care what no one else says. when me and him are together that all thats matters and when we are not we coutinue ours lives like nothing ever happen. I don't know what to do? somebody help me please??

I am a Leo woman, I met my cap man through work, he bugged the life outa me so much so that I tried to avoid him at all costs!! but I still felt the "magnetic" pull toward him, a few months later we started to chat and this became more frequent, and the magnetism got stronger and stronger, I bit the bullet and sorta flirted with him and he confessed that he was bugging me because he liked me...when I think about it now I think I secretly liked it although I try not to admit it. since our first "date" I have been overwhelmed by him, iv fallen so deeply in love that I now feel that any other man iv been with or had feelings for were never true love, I feel like my cap man is my first true love and I would die if ever we were to break up, we have been together now for almost a year moved in together after a few months and got engaged 6 weeks ago. he is the typical cap man, work work work, stong willed and outspoken, cheeky and loud, but underneath it all he is a compas sionate, caring, kind, attentive, strong loving man, and our sex life is out of this world, I trust him with my life but am insanely jealous with fear that I may lose him. I am a tyical leo, I want attention and treated like a queen, he does treat me like this and is very attentive but sometimes I feel its not enough or that iv done something wrong as I feel that he is distant but after reading the posts on here I know that he is just a cap man, im moody and huffy but he puts up with me, we don't fight, we talk, we laugh out loud together and we have fun he is patient with me and would do anything I asked of him and although he doent say it as much as me he still always tells me he loves me and that iv made him happy again and says im the best thing that has ever happened to him also.......i am so deeply in love with him and I never thought the feelings I have would ever exist in my life until now I miss him when he is not there and when we are together we are inseperable, the magnets are stuck... because we are mature and have had past lifes that were bad I think we have an understanding of each other and appreciate each other and what we have. he is my rock, my best friend, my lover and yes I believe he is and always will be my soulmate, with everything inside me I know I will love him forever and the love that we share will last as we grow old together.

I love my cap. He waiting a long time to get me but we are perfect I just wasn't ready

I am a Leo women talking to a cap man, I love everthing about him, when I really got to know him I was automatically pulled in.! We don't go out he is dating a picies woman :/ but he told me he really cares about me.

I Want him to be alll mine sooo bad, he's so different then my ex(a sagitarius) which why ithink I want him, we have some many thing a like, & he alwayz there for me as I am for just hoping he will realize im where he needs to be, iwant us to be more then friends, & iknoow are realationship will last a longg time, maybe 4 ever who knos ;) I just gotta get him away from that pisces.!

Im a Leo woman, and I just meet my cap man. He is not like any man I have ever meet before, he is honest and as real as a man can be. But everything between us is complicated, because he is just getting out of a relationship and I am too from being with an aries(never again). There is just somthing between that I can not put my finger on, I love being around this man he brings out the real me and I am always myself when im with him. He is just irresistible to me. But weather we end up being together I still don't want to loose him as a friend. I have never had a connection with any one like the connection we have we can talk for hours about everything. He is an encourager and an amazing friend so I will rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.

Hello, I'm a Leo female that is attracted to a Capricorn guy. Whereas he's quiet, reserved and soft-spoken, I am outgoing, social and loud. I don't know how this guy really feels about me, but there are signs I think that we might be more than friendship (we look into each other's eyes when no one is looking, we've called each other cute one time, and have enjoyed dodgeball together, we sit together most of the time on the bus and shared lunch together once, plus sat in the movie theater together when I was watching the movies he brought in with my class- The Goosebumps TV specials). He is drawn to the supernatural world like I am, we are both playful and fun. Basically he is everything to me. I doubt he feels for me the way I do him (yes I fancy him), but I don't know. I'll have to wait and see. He's definitely special. I'm not sure where I've stand, and tend to be unlucky in love (had 6 ex-boyfriends, of course. None of them worked out for me). I hope it works out between me and my Capricorn that I love.

I am a Leo woman who is thinking about being in a relationship with a Capricorn man.

I have knows this cap for many years. We have been the best of friends. A year ago, he tried making the move. He tried kissing me but it didn't go too well. I ended up laughing at him and he got distraught.

Now, after that incident a year ago, he has opened up to me. He has told me about his feelings he has had for me ever since we had become friends. I have always felt the connection, but I never wanted to ruin our friendship. I do not live in my hometown anymore, where he still lives. I am pursuing my education and he is having a rough patch. I do not know whether to make it serious with him, as he wants it to be. I read all the mumbo jumbo about a cap is better when he is more mature, but my Leo nature is wanting to be there for him and help him with his decisions in life. I do not feel like so-called magnetic field, but we are insanely attracted to one another. Our thinking is very similar and it is nice to know that we are usually going to say the same things. Being a leo, I like the curiosity I feel towards him. He intrigues me. I have not had a sexual experience with him. He wants to be with me like that, but I tell him we have to wait until we are very serious about each other. I think the juice is sweeter in the end if a Leo and Cap wait it out and get to know each other on every level imaginable. Then, the amazing sex that everyone has posted about can emerge. I love my Cap though, whether we are friends or lovers.

I'm a 29 year old Leo woman. It was my 18th birthday when I met my first Capricorn. He was a friend of a friend that came over to my friend's place to watch movies before she moved away.

We played footsies through all the movies, and by the end of the night were kissing on the couch. (As soon as everyone had left the room)

We were just kids, knew nothing about life and love, but we did have the exact magnetic pull everyone describes. We couldn't keep our hands off eachother! It really didn't matter where we were. We actually had a stupid game we used to play... If we popped into each others mind, we would write down what time it was, and what it was that we thought. The next time we saw eachother, we would compare "notes". It was surprising how many matched up!

He was always okay with public displays of affection, and wrote me love letters on a reguular basis. When he came to meet my aunt and uncle, (before meeting the parents) he brought me a dozen roses.

We were together for 3 years, and off and on (physically) for a few years afterwards. We did argue, and his arrogance was the most irritating, but in the end, we just grew apart. I was very young, and had to run free, and he needed his structure. Too young for that kind of compromise, so yes, a mature pairing would be best. Regardless, he was so good to me (and for me) and I'll always love him. :)

Now, I'm toying with the idea of dating another Capricorn. Again, I'm feeling a little magnetic pull. Only one date so far, but the conversation was fantastic, and I've been getting lots of attention! I think this could be good!

An intelligent, level headed, logical Leo woman, should be able to make it work with almost any sign, (except Taurus). And if you haven't tried Sagittarius yet... YOU SHOULD!!! As a Leo woman... You owe it to your inner fire... He'll let it out, and feed it!!

I am a Leo woman and I have been dateing a Capricorn man for only two months now and it so amazing.He is kind loving and very comforting he loves just as hard as I do we were both amazed at how magnetic our connection is and we live in tow differeznt states. I took the trip and that is all it took.We have been stuck since he is my soulmate I know because I have never in my whole life felt so loved ,important and needed.I love that man with all of my heart.

My Capricorn man is nothing short of that description above. He's always seeking validation from people that don't really know him, while I, the strong, confident one, could care less. We're both argumentative and stubborn, (me more so than him) and it drives him crazy that I won't budge. I'm working on that though, because he's my best friend and I'd love nothing more than to spend eternity with my Capricorn. We're in college at the present moment. He's three states away and our great communication skills are keeping us together. The love making is nothing short of amazing! We can't keep our hands off of each other! Definitely one of the best match ups.

im a Leo in love with a Capricorn we dated for almost 10 years when were younger now its 10yrs later and im still in love with him its true about that magntic that always pull me to him I always think bout him hopin he will call me or make contact with me some time we both have children by diffrent people I just recent broke up with my kids daddy after 7yrs and he is a Cancer totally diffrent but I always though bout that Capricorn man I just need him to show me some kind of attention because I love this man so so much after all these yrs, an I really believe he still love me too but I hurt him in the past and he is still angry at me bout that. what should I do keep going after this man or just let go but I no he love me and we can over come that if we just get together an talk it out he will always always be my 1st love

I am attracted to a Capricorn man, I definitely feel this magnetic pull everyone is on about or maybe it is his gorgeousness! Too bad he has an older established girlfriend.

I am a Leo woman and I met my Capricorn man when he was 2o and I was 28. Initially I tried to discourage his interest because of our age difference but he was persistent. Our first date I was hooked and we were inseparable, however the age difference really bothered me so we broke up. We reconnected 8 years later and I found out that he was looking for me all this time. He describes our attraction to each other like a tractor beam from the sci fi movies, an unavoidable force. The sex is phenomenal and I love him like I have loved no other.

My Capricorn male broke up with me about a year ago ("it's not you, it's me"). We have been in touch throughout this past year, just keeping in touch and seeing what we are up too.

Last week I get a phone call. Goes somehting along the lines of:

"I'm always honest and when I told you it was me and not you, I really meant it. I wasn't right within myself back then. But now, I have been promoted and I have my house and I don't want all these things if I can't share them...what's the point of that? I could not be here tomorrow and all I will be able to say is that I had a house and a good job....but life is about more than that. I wan't to call you next week and show you my house..."

JUST when I got this guy out of my head and heart....BANG he serves this shit on me.

Now my mind is going at 2378709 miles p/h with the "what ifs" that the future may hold for "us". But sadly, I don't think he was being honest.

I think he likes to know that he has me there clinging on and only when he is truly "ready" (which could be NEVER) then he wants to make sure that I am still there waiting for him.

Well F him! I don't need this shit man. Why can't he just stop "checking in" on me and let me be? That way I may come across a gem of a guy that will give his all to me at all times, with no conditions and not strip me of my true Leo confidence...

It wouldn't be a summer holiday if he doesn't drop one of these empty promise-filled phone calls that lead to nothing. How immature and hurtful can one person be?

I get so upset and angry thinking of it and us, because I can see how good we are together and he is in denial until may be too late....

I want to express my anger at him so bad...but I will refrain and cling on to the hope that he may indeed be "ready" and I will hear back from him in the near future with further details about his initial phone call.

If not, there is always next summer.....

(FML) :/

Kim Wilde sums it up beautifully: "Get out, get out of my life. And let me sleep at night. Coz you don't really love me...u just keep me hanging on"

i'm a Capricorn male, and I think what we expect from our loved ones is patience. We want them to trust and believe we will be loyal to them as we are still building up our lives and making it stable. Also, caps can be insecure with their appearance and admiring them will greatly boost their confidence. They can also be distant at times, but don't stop loving them and giving them support when they need it. We tend to keep our emotions sealed inside but proving to us that we can trust you will not hurt us, we will be able to express what we really feel inside, though mostly we think actions are better than words.

Well, I was with a Capricorn man 2yrs ago, for about a week (a month according to him), we had an argument but I thought ok I'll call him TWICE only after that, he didn't answer or call back so I decided it was over (who is he to mess me around!) So he called back 3 weeks later assuming we were still together (which by then I had moved on- plenty fish in the sea for us leos) and I told him it had finished the very moment he decided not to call back. He tried persuading and for once I saw a softer side that wanted to compromise and make it work- but me being stubborn said no and left it at that.

So the time in between we became friends and spoke now and then, every now and then he had outbursts telling me he still liked me but I didn't really take it seriously. He also had dates and moved on but we always had this weird magnetic connection! Now, 3.5years down the line we have begun to KIND of talk AGAIN!- as you know they are RESERVED and us leos are too stubborn to do all the calling! I've read a lot about cappy men lately coz I can't get this one out of my mind and I can't understand he's behaviour! The other day he was persuading me for a relationship and I was saying I want to but am unsure, and now he'll call now and then and we arranged to meet up but he cancelled for work (typical eh? but thats fine with me) but I just don't know if he really does like me? how much he likes me (would have been nice to know he'd not go into work for me) but I don't know! he's so intriguing and mysterious! and when we speak and like have a disagreement its like he's competing but he'll go on like he's right i'm wrong and I should just accept it! then when I don't he'll be like why are you getting so defensive! it does my nut in coz he'll manipulate the argument so whatever I say, he's right (although I stick to my side) I find it cute but it gets to me!! So yeh I don't know how to be coz when I'm cold he seems more open but when I open up and write a cute text he'll blank it and not bring it up later when we speak so I don't, and when I do he's like why do you analyse things so much I'd rather show you be with me!... but I like to express and like it if he was to express in return! argh!! frustrating I must say... so I don't know where it's going coz I, too TREAD SLOW!

I'm not the type to rely on Astrology to explain things. But when I do read about Astrology it makes sense.

I met this female Leo who I am very much in love with. I barely see her though because since I met her she's been with this guy ever since she was in high school. I was magnetically attracted to her. I saw her a couple years before I actually seen her B-Girl'n in a bowling alley. I remember it because I remembered thinking, "What a beautiful B-Girl." I never approached her because back then I was a shy 17 year old.

I ran into her again about 5 years later. I make music, and I needed someone to sing on one of our songs. I asked a friend if he knew anyone that could sing really well. He referred her to me. I thought she was so amazing. Her personality was magnetic. She was extremely beautiful, confident but humble. I think the world of her. She was my muse. She inspired me in so many ways.

I can feel our attraction towards each other. It goes deeper than superficial lust. Almost purely Platonic, but we we're sexually attracted as well. I have written many songs because of her. My dream girl growing up was one that could "Dance, sing, and was extremely intelligent." Low and behold, I meet this vibrant beautiful woman who not only sings and dance, but wants to be a Dr.! We seem to mirror each other in so many ways. Except our personalities are the complete opposite. I too have dreams about either being a Dr. or Scientist, but those come after being a musician.

I felt as if she wanted to take things further even tho she was with someone (Cancer). I just didn't want her like that, as in her being in a serious relationship, and me being the home wrecker. I wanted her to fully know that she didn't want to be that guy. She was the first girl since my first relationship(Taurus) that I had actual feelings for. Real feelings of admiration. I gave her nothing but genuine compliments, and she soaked it up like a true Leo would.

I knew how she felt about me, and I would just act like I didn't notice because her man was around, and it was always in a party setting. Many eyes watching and I don't want people to think ill of her. I look at her face so much that I can pretty much draw her with my eyes closed. Her smile is infectious. Though I barely see her, I think about her as much as the Taurus I almost married.

I totally just stopped pursuing her because I had a dream that we were talking to each other. In this dream we established that now is not the right time. So I will be patiently waiting until I know she is single.

I just know that when we're around each other we feel the energy and tension. We hit the dance floor in the club, it feels like it's just me and her. We have the funnest times. She is everything I want, and I know this without a doubt. I would wait to be with her in the next life. My muse.

Capricorn man Leo woman

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a Capricorn man break up with them and then come back to them. I met a Capricorn man coming out of marriage break up where she left him. He was devastated but we talked as friends on Facebook and then met up. We both felt like we knew each other years and it was fantastic. I am older than him and was paranoid about that. He broke up with me but we still talk. I am broken hearted and want him back. Has a Capricorn ever come back to a Leo woman?

To respond to the above question...

Yes, I am about to marry the same Capricorn man twice!

I divorced him after he treated me like dirt, both a bit too immature and the relationship was volatile, hence it shattering into divorce.

We had a 2 years separation where we didn't see or speak, but then I found a lump in my breast and it was him I ran too and him who supported me. I got the all clear after a biopsy and he announced how he felt, and we have been back together ever since. It's not without it's ups and downs, but we genuinely love each other and you have to work to accept one another for who they really are.

But! A cap male will not come back unless he loves you. He might come back to sleep with you, but he'll only come back properly if he genuinely feels true love. For all the hideous crap we've put each other through, he is and always will be the love of my life and I don't let a day go past where I let myself forget it.

I'm a Cap man.I don't get emotional but there's one Leo...I can see who she really is, the way she makes me feel, she can't hold a look towards me, very independent and so fragile, light of every party, but she has a boyfriend.That's holding me back because I want her to break it off, eventually she will but will I still be there?

I am engaged to a Capricorn and I am a Leo woman. I have a 2 month old son. Our son brought us together. We were on the brink of breaking up. As a Leo I love my den, and I love seeing him being such a wonderful father. Home is great with my capricorn. Home is secure and calm which I absolutely love. He makes me feel so secure coming home to my loving Capricorn who loves and admires my strength, courage and success.

am talking to a cappy right now and have been for about a month now, he's truly the best guy ever! He's so kind sweet and funny.. I know he likes me but I. Second guess it all the time. And that's because he hasent even kissed me yet! And its been so long! Driving me crazy. Sexualy active Leo women need to be needed in every way! I respect the fact that he's trying to take his time.. but geezzzzze movin like an old man here! Everything is perfect except that my cappy is not so much on the romatice side, and as a Leo woman that is what we adore romane passion and attention, makes are flames go crazy. So was so bad is I want to be with him a lot I think about him all the time only to look down at my phone seeing a text knowing he's thinking about me to. There's times where I feel like I just can't keep my self away from him deff a magnetic pull there. I'm scared I'm gonna fall in love with him and will get my heart broken because spending all the time and putting all the effort into a cap manis really opning me up.. I need him to talk to me and tell me how he feels. That would make me fell so much better about everything...idk we will see we will see.

I'm a Capricorn male seeking out a Leo female. I love her looks and personality. I find her to be a challenge and she keeps life interesting. My question is, though everywhere I've read it's been said that the Leo is the opposite of Capricorn, is that a good thing or a bad thing? There are two other most compatibles that I can recognize seeking her out aswell, a Libra and a Gemini. I'm sure the Gemini in particular has no chance, due to age and illness, but the Libra is a threat. He has youth, security, similar interests, and the Zodiac on his side. I do too, except for the Zodiac or do I have that aswell? For all of the comments that I've read about the Gemini and Leo, it's only given me more confidence, aswell as the Libra's comments. Either way, my strategic traits will definitely be an added advantage. For I believe I will be happy with her, truly.

I think the male Capricorn is definitely overlooked and underestimated as an excellent partner for the female Leo. And besides the insightful comments from Libra and Gemini, Capricorn has been the most inspiring. Hearing all of the success stories, thank you all for all of these comments.

I am a Leo woman in love with a Capricorn man . We hav been involved off and on co 17 years. He is my breath and I only want the best for him. I see him in his future destiny and he says he's blessed to have me in his life. I deal with his mood swings and his introverted and reclusive personality but I wouldn't never ever change. Who we are to each other. He tells me he loves me and he knows that he doesn't say it enough, but when bs does you can take it to the bank! Be patient be his ride or die he'll never forget you. The sex OMG is like a new car smell a d getting the biggest tax refund ! Lol! I've decided that I'd never give up on him because when his ship comes in not only will he reward me BUT GOD will also reward me with the greatest husband ever! The gravest provider and father also! Rest assure he will make everything happen in due time! Keep loving him and never give up on hi He needs the leo's love and strength to make it!! he depends on you and you Leo woman is his breath and his life! What ever may come k ow that he loves you special in his own way!!!! Be encouraged don't leave because another woman will reap the harvest that you have planted! Stand still and watch your life change for the better!!!! An

I am currently engaged to a Capricorn man, and even though we are both in our forties, he is eight years younger than myself. I understand the magnetic pull, the unanswered emotions and affection, him being reserved and my wanting more reciprocal actions and words. I have two failed marriages and he has never been married before. He asked me to marry him after three years, and even though I said yes, every other day I want to take the ring off and run like hell! There are so many differences between us; race, culture, age, upbringing, yet whenever one says, "I can't do this anymore", the other is there to reel it back in. I am so sick of this emotional roller coaster ride, I don't know what to do!! And to make matters worse, he constantly tells me we will never end this, we will never break up because we we're made for each other and we're meant to be together. We visit each other four or five times a year, and when we are together, we argue, we fight, we love and cry when it's time to say goodbye.

Ok, some of this might sound familiar to this sounding board, but how much can or should one take from the other before calling it quits? Ask yourself, because I have asked myself this questions a thousand times and this is what I have come up with for an answer...

The good most times outway the bad, and even though I have tried my best to leave this man, I can not stand it when I don't hear his voice or feel his touch on a regular basis. Just the thought of me not being with him makes me depressed and moody, and just when I can't stand it anymore, he'll call me or fly out and once again declare both of our love for each other which he says is eternal. The moment I see him or hear his voice, nothing else will matter as we smoothly glide right back where we were before. I have reeled him back in as well, when I have said things, or made him jealous, or refused to return his calls, and all it takes is some gesture to let him know I still care. He melts right back into a comfortable place where his happiness with me reigns supreme! I really am not sure if we will be married this December, but I do know this for certain - I can't get away from this man no matter what I do, and I'm not certain I want to. After all, he is the love of my life, yet the most difficult man I have ever come across and dealt with as well. Ask him - he will tell you the same thing!

Leo single mother dating a Cap single father...

I have to say it has been the most interesting relationship yet...

He is stern and focused and a workaholic. He saves his money and makes good money but will always say he doesn't have any to spend. He is strict on being a parents and discipline. He never really talks about our relationship or where it stands or any emotion whatsoever.. He is too concerned about making sure everything is lined up and in order to work out in the future.. He thinks we can talk about those things and we have to play and goof off when all work is done and paid off for and we have the time to do that...

But me, A true Leo woman.. doesn't want to wait to talk about feelings or have fun and let loose. I live for today, I spend money I don't have. I am not affraid to not show up for work and take my kid out of school to have a day off.. I good off and play and giggle. I want to get dressed up and show off and do it all..

We are two totally different people. We both have the same goals just different going abouts getting there. Although we are different and he can annoy me as much as I am sure I do him and as we butt heads when it comes to parenting our money.. We never seem to argue and fight..

We have our occasional spiffs but its usually the same bicker or outcome everytime. I say I want a little more affection and attention but at the same time a little space and freedomand he says Im inpatient and I don't know what I want. As much as I hate to bite my tounge, he gets the last word but assures me that he never holds a grudge and will forget about the whole arguement in a few minutes and surprise me with a date and all I asked for...

We just have this wierd way of completing eachother. Our relationship is definetly fire and water, but it finds its way to work out. I teach him how to let loose and go care free. I assure him that its okay to let your hair down and go with the flow. The world is not going to end if you let your kid have a cookie before dinner or call out sick to go to the beach on a Tuesday. He teaches me a little responsibility and motivation. He gets me up out of bed before the sun rises not only to sneak in quiet time and coffee but to be awake and ready for the world come noon.. He teaches me to not take advantage of a whole day and the more patience I have the more I will get in the end.

We are not married, only been dating for a couple years. I wouldn't mind getting married and having more children but I know he wants to wait until he feels he is at the peak of his success and can provide for the whole and new family. He trust me, as spontanious and manipulative and flirtatious as I am as a leo, he doesn't feel the need to waste his time on being insecure or questionable. I think I made it clear to him that if there was somebody else I am sure to have left him already and jumped on the wagon. If I can deal with his long work hours and strive to perfection and cleanliness than I can pretty much stick it out with him for the long run. Hopefully my ditsy and clumbsy and scattered personality doesn't scare him away before though ;-)

I am a Leo woman who over a short time has fallen so much in love with a Capricorn man. In the beginning, he pursued me like crazy, begged to see me every day and night and would say he couldn't live a minute without me. I was very flattered and then became attracted to him because i'm easily woed by flattery and sweet affectionate words. We spend every day together and I love it because we there's such a strong attraction between us two. Love making is so beautiful and intensely orgasmic with him. It's kinda funny sometimes I feel he is the boss of me, like I have to change my ways to keep him. He dosen't like me to drink, go out and i'm an outgoing woman and need time with the girls. Sometimes I think I know him and then other times I don't know him at all. He gets so angry when I go out with the girls, he just wants to rule my world. I don't want to lose him, because I see myself having kids with him and growing old with him. I've never loved anyone as much as I love him.

Well I'm sleeping with a cap right now, our situattion is weird because he was my husbands best friend. He came to me a few years ago telling me how he feels, I was shocked because I never really paid much attation. Need less to say my husband passed away a couple of years ago and we have been off and on ever sence. I understand tha maginatic pull y'all are talking about ( but I call it a push pull) because now he's married and I can't be the mistress so I walk away , but some his things start all over again. I'm not sure how I feel about him anymore. I use to be so in auh of him and told him but him being the normal cap I got no responds. Im a Leo I need to know I'm so use to guys being so in luv and giving me all the attention I need. He calls me all the time but he don't go into his feelings. He might not feel anything or he dose but I don't think he will ever say. His wife is a Gemini and I'm not sure how there relationship is but I will never ask him to leave ( because I was a wife) and I couldn't live with myself. I know I need to leave him alone but everytime I do ( and the last time was for all most a year) he's right back. HELP !!!!!!

I didn't like him at first , I didn't like him until he said he likes me. ( that's a Leo for u) but he was my husbands best friend ( my husband was a scorpio) and he had a lot of affairs , and my Capricorn told me about them at the same time telling me how he feels about me and he felt this way for a while. Me and his kids mother( they wasn't married at the time) wasn't really close anymore. ( she's a Gemini ) we slept together twice! After that I couldn't I'm a one woman girl even if my husband didn't deserve it. My husband passed away and he's right back in my ear, and apart of me never stopped thinking about him. We have been sleeping with each other now on and off for over two years. And the magnetic pull is there that's why it's on and off again. He don't say much but if I need him he's there, this page has helped me out a lot with him because he font speak and I wasn't sure if it's because he's married or because that's just him. I'm not sure where this thing is going not really sure if I want it to go anywhere, but I will like to know if he feels anything for me. I respect it's him that's why I don't ask anymore I put myself out there and told him how I felt and I won't ask anymore. But I really want to move on because this isn't working as a Leo I want it all and deserve it all and I know he won't be able to give it to me.

Im a 25 year old Capricorn man. I just met a 26 year old Leo woman,and she is perfect for me.She also has the same birthday as my best friend,who is a 26 year old Leo male.We laugh all of the time,do many things together,and we are both horny all of the time,this is a new experience for me,but its great.By far the most compatable match I have ever met.

Ok Im a Leo woman and his a Cap man. Both 25. He broke up with his ex of 6 years (was living with her) after he went on holiday to Vegas. He came home and broke up with her and said he wanted to persue this relationship with the girl he met in Vegas. THEN, he meets me...two months and its perfect, iv been real patient, not spoke of ex's or anything complicated, his taken me out, the conversations are great, and his humour is a perfect match. In fact, its the first time iv ever felt equal to someone and had great conversation. HOWEVER...he tells me out of the blue his going away for a spain with his brother...i have since found out this isnt the case and now doubting everything. I think he has gone away with this girl from vegas and was just keeping me sweet for inbetween. We both live in the UK and he often mentions how he loves america. What im confused and hurt about is how affectionate he is to me but then gone and completley lied about this ho liday? Its like im with two different people....

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