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We met on our first day of college, with a class of mostly boys she was one of 2 girls. I (Capricorn) had a small crush on her which after a few weeks wore off as I got to know her. We would some times sit together and help when the other was having difficulties understanding the work. At this time we were nothing more than classroom friends and rarely talked on the phone or msn messenger (which was a craze at the time).

Second year she took a different subject, Being laid back she couldn’t be bothered to finish the first year course work. Around 6 months later we started talking regularly online and some times sms texts. Although I just saw her as a friend I would text her love poems and jokes because she used to say I don’t call or text her (me not being the chatty type).

Then one day I gave her and her friend a lift as I was going there anyway.. That night while chatting online she told me she liked me!! After a few days when she asked me out again I agreed to see how it goes. Later she told me she had liked me for many months.

First date, I was a bit reserved and she asked me to hug her and in response I held her hand (me being shy). Second date we cuddled and I ended up kissing her.

We were together for nearly 5 years!! The making out was amazing!! We would always be holding hands (mostly in private places) after around 3 years we took the next step and the sex was even better, We would be at it 4-5 times in the space of a few hours. She liked to lay back and let me do the work but I didn’t really mind as long as she was happy. This part of our relationship was just out of this world and I don’t believe it could have been any better.

Communication wise I always felt that she exaggerated and lied sometimes. But she was always open and told me everything where as I held back. At one time we were so close she knew what I was thinking and sometimes she knew what I was about to do before I even did it.

Towards the end we wanted to tie the knot but she got frustrated with my inability to open up to her fully and comfort her even though I wasn’t sure of the future myself. She started to change and become more of a Sagittarius. She could never control her money, and it was always me who would be telling her to stop spending on trivial things.

She's always been family minded and wanted a nice house with children etc.. as did I but being how I am I didn’t want to talk about it too much in fear of it never happening and being disappointed.

Now we are no longer together, she goes out very often and lives life like its her last day, quite the opposite of how she was before.

A very special girl and one I will never get over!!

Awww. That's a very sweet and honest summary of your experience. I bet there's more than one Sagittarius lady who looks at her Capricorn in a new light after reading that. Thanks for sharing! =)

thanks for sharing that experience. it was very interesting to see it from a Cap's perspective. it was really sad in the end how you said you'll never get over her. I never thought Caps could think that way especially of Sags. I wonder if Sags and Caps can be together forever? because all Ive seen from past experiences is 5-20 yrs. it would be awesome if they could. I have Venus in Capricorn and am a Sagittarius. :D I'm not limited to any sign however. I like them all. :D


too serious about relationships for me anyways, as a sag I like a little fun and the chase! while my Capricorn ex "fling" liked to chase me and woo me.

I'm not the type for rainbows and flowers when done in such a serious and googly eyed mannor, it makes me wanna laugh. I need a man to woo me with his humour and fun outlook on things, not, "hello my dear, may I open you door?" yes. of course I want a good guy, but be more like:"hello miss lady, may I take your coat or shall I wear it on my head and dance around the room for you?"

So anyways... long story short, ended with me feeling like a bad person for crushing his heart and eating his soul while he STILL kept chasing, im sure if he was like "no, fine, you cant have this anyways, you lost your chance" then I would have been up on it in a split second.

This is so intense ! I'm sorry your missing your love :( but hopefully another Sag. woman will come and pick up for heart and put it back together :)I am a Sags woman (19) and I absolutely love the thrill of life ! I can't even imagine being tied down a day at a time ! Well, I am now dating a Cap. man. He came after me :) just like I like them too . And sure enough the sparks are there :) and guess who I'm partying with ? My Man ! Guess who stays in with me when I'm having those "out of wack" kind of nights instead of going out with his boys? My Man ! . He understands that I need everything to be my way in order for us to work. Yet he still tells me no, so it makes me miss him even more ! He's definitely not the most handsome man I've seen, but definitely the most beautiful mind I have connected with in a VERY long time. I have been single for 4 years from a heartbreak with my ex .Pisces. && trust me when I tell you that I was a heartbreaker after that ! I showed no one any mercy ! I got what I wanted from them. which was all about emotions, some sex ;) and I would disappear. Not anymore though. [ :) he just told me he's on his way! ] so it is definitely possible for a relationship to work ! He is amazing. ! doesn't let me talk to him any kind of way like all the other signs have aloud me to . He holds his ground and definitely keeps me in check while giving me what I want. So before all the non-believers think there's no hope, remember "Sag. is the most optimistic" don't loose ur roots ladies ! keep the faith !

dude I met this sag girl 5 years ago in painting class. she was charming like hell as most sag galz are. I kinda had crush on her but was so focused on my work that I couldn't ever understand that she used 2 look at me and wanted 2 be good friends with me for 2 years I was in her class nut never asked her out or something just talked 2 her like a normal classmate

after a year we met online (orkut). our friendship grew n grew. she den told me after 3 months that she liked me. I already had a big crush on her. so I couldn't cease ma mouth and say I love u. she said dude I have a bf. I was like o gr8. den my inner demon u can call it da Capricorn demon just got active. I like a devil ruined her relationship by making her fall in luv with me and broke her 3 year relationship. dude these sag girls are public they r like doormats. no matter how charming they r they r sluts. most of them I don't blame all of u lolz. so fk her go have some fun. anyways no 1 can beat us in professional life we r gods. so don't screw yourself personally man

She says she feels like I haven't opened up to her. She says I'm in my own world and I'm not letting her in and I disagree and it's frustrating as hell.

Man I'm in the same position right now !! I'm in the first year college now. I'm Capricorn, she's a Sagittarius. I see her as a friend, a good friend. Today she said she likes me on the msn. I decided to give it a shot. We'll see how it goes. It's funny how things are the same as your experience :) People, feel free to give me advice

There a similarity in all the cap n sag story, guy likes the girl, only to find out she too likes him, they hook up, girl dumps the guy. I'm a cap guy, just got ditched by girlfriend of 5 years. I guess in 2 years of live-in relationship, like most of sags she started complaining for not getting enough space, that she needed more time to spend with friends as well, so listened to her, for all I wanted was to c her happy. again her complain started that we are a boring couple we don't go out and all. here I would like to state that if sag girls wants us to love them for what they r,that should imply on them also in't.sag girls are selfish mean ,not all, but most of them. man I love her so much, I love her to death. but is time to move on "u don't die of broken heart u only wish u did"

"There a similarity in all the cap n sag story, guy likes the girl, only to find out she too likes him, they hook up, girl dumps the guy."

I'm a Capricorn, and it's interesting you say that. I was just reading some of the other message boards here and nearly all of them have their own patterns such as the one you noticed above. I'm not a big believer in astrology but it does make you wonder lol.. I guess whoever wrote this website knew that would happen and it's why they're here. Interesting as the articles here seem to be more insightful than other sites I've seen also. They're not just regurgitating the same old cliches for once.

Sagittarius woman are crazy as hell I just got out of a relationship with one: words of advise to all Capricorns interested in don't your self the headache

im curious how many of you cap guys out there also found if they honestly look back , that maybe they took there sag girl for granted ? then she got bored and wanted some excitement and after a while lost interest because you cap guys didn't give her the attention she needed and then she left??

I'm a cap

Cap guy here. I wouldn't say I took mine for granted, but I do think she basically got bored with me, yes.

im a sag girl, never been with a Capricorn but ill understand if he doesn't open up its just the way he is :)

I'm a sag woman and my current bf of almost 2 years is a Capricorn...

I never noticed him in our class in 1st year of college... he noticed me though, said I was the cutest girl there haha. :) Eventually we ran into each other on our school's shuttle back to the off campus apartments... we lived at the same apartment complex, and right across from each other. Eventually we were just really good friends who partied together, and had the same class. I had my own group of friends and he had his, so we didn't hang out much unless we were at home. I went over his place often, but I never noticed him for more than a friend... there were other guys out there that I've noticed. I always thought and still think he's amazing since I first met him... He's out going, fun, crazy, very sociable.. but other things like he keeps to himself, doesn't like to talk on the phone would rather text, he doesn't keep in contact with friends and often feels like he has no friends, he's pessimistic/realistic is what they call it nowadays.. he's very traditional, and cons ervative, which makes me angry sometimes... he's not so stingy with money, but helps me to save mine, and although it's a trait in the sag department to spend and spend money, I just happen to not have much because of my background in the first place... he doesn't have any source of income, except his parents, and his dad is a Capricorn as well, so he's stingy with money, yet buying a lot of material things... anyway... back to the story :)

Eventually I had broken up with a 4 year relationship, and gotten with a new guy I've talked to get over that past relationship... During that time, I stopped hanging out with my current BF. I guess he missed me, although he never mentioned it or tried to keep contact with me as I haven't with him... But we still partied and eventually I was done with the guy I was with.. (to make it simple even though it sounds wrong) and I was happy being single, because I just stopped liking the guy that I went with... We were drunk and my friend (current bf) kissed me at least 3 times in different places, once when I was with my bf of the time, and twice when he was drunk, and when we were both drunk. He kissed me, I didn't kiss him. Then he confessed to me, and I was shocked, because I never noticed, or realized anything different from the first time we met. I mean, of course I thought something was fishy when he kissed me those 3 times.

He asked me out, and I refused. I didn't want to ruin our friendship if things didn't work out.. plus it was sudden too. I turned him down 3 times, until I went to him and asked him out. :P

I get how cap men seem very, to themselves, and quiet... but he's a very lazy person.

the sex is amazing... but he doesn't want it as much as me and that's frustrating sometimes... but I'm glad that he's not that kind of guy who just keeps wanting more. And I'm not the type of girl who just gives it up or craves more and more... it's his fault for being amazing haha.

I know sags are day dreamers, like to plan in the future, think optimistically, and do crazy things spontaneously... but I guess my Capricorn bf is scared to think too far ahead. He just wants to live in the NOW/present... as I've been going along with but sometimes it freaks me out, not the whole committing issue, but the idea, that I won't know if he'll just end it or cheat on me.

They say that caps are very emotional deep down, yet don't express it often and look expressionless... so that's annoying, and they don't speak their mind, or say or show how much they care through gestures or actions or gifts... I can see the dullness at times...

They say that Sags want their freedom and not want to be tied down, I beg to differ. My bf gives me a lot of freedom and it's annoying really, while as a Sag I get jealous, and insecure...

Capricorn's are not BORING in anyway, were just people who know the value of life and what needs to be done, we have our priorities in the right place, and we know what's going to get us ahead, in life, now, don't get me wrong, I love to have fun ,i love kicking with my friends, in fact, I get in trouble in school for laughing and joking so much, so were not BORING once again, we just respect folks and treat them the way, we would like to be treated.

I am a Sag woman, and I fit the profile to a T. My boyfriend is a Cap. We are very happy together. The sex is outta this world. We are well matched in that we are both romantic, sensual, and loving. We both also are thinkers. He tells me that he is shy and conservative, but he is lively around me. I love him so much. I have to restrain my excitability and crazy behavior because I am afraid of scaring him off. It is very hard to control my dramatic, crazy streak. When I do go psycho (usually from jealousy), he always forgives me. I am sooo lucky!!! He makes me want to be the best person I can be:))

Omg... I'm a sag girl who was involved with a Capricorn for 4yrs. Yes the sex is over great, but we bumped heads like we were both Taurus. I wanted to fly over the mountain while he wanted to climb it. Well I had a jealousy problem, and honestly caps are very loyal and faithful rarely will they test you or make you jealous. Long story short my cap tested me our relationship ended by him breaking into my house and beating the hell out of me! they can be violent! and yes I provoked him. I also returned the favor by breaking his jaw so he sipped through a straw for quite some time. We currently have restraining orders on one another but six months after our only physical fight we are sleeping together again but with no attachments but its like we are back in a relationship again how ironic... lmaooo I love him! I know I know I'm psycho.. SO! don't judge me!

WOW ITS SUCHA GOOD STORY. I am a Sagittarius and I like a Capricorn guy and he likes me back but he is to shy to say anything. why wont he just ask me out? anyway Sagittarius and Capricorn are very different signs. but that what makes them work out a guy/girl always looks for the opposite of them on a guy/girl. Sagittarius can make sacrifices (I didn't spell that right) their are very open and out going people but if she is taken from her freedom she gets irritated. as Capricorn likes to builds wall around its self because he is to shy. likes to work well and cares a lot about family. Capricorn is also sometimes overwhelmed with Sagittarius for her ability to be open. Sagittarius can crush on a lot of Capricorns but Sagittarius cant be patient forever. there believer they look forward to the future. but main point is that I really enjoyed reading this and it was such a good love experience. (*crying*)

why wont he just ask me out?.....You've gotta be kidding me!

I'm a Sag gal. I never really liked astrology but dayum I love this site! It's officially on my favorites list now! Group hug to everyone who's posted here. I feel you all. Yes, even you boring Caps! Haha =)

I am a Sag female, and I was involved in a very intense love/hate fling on and off for about 2 years with a Cap male.

He did chase me to begin with, but it didn't take long for him to find my constant gotta party, gotta have fun, gotta keep moving thing irritating.

Of course, once he started to slow down his chase, I began to chase him more. Suddenly, he seemed much more attractive to me when he was off doing his own thing not worrying about what I was doing.

Of course, being the cap that he is he opened up about nothing at all, was completely expressionless all the time. This infuriated me. I needed reactions from him.

They say that the sure fire way to lose a Cap is to bring jealousy and games into the picture. Being a Sag, it wasn't hard to flirt with everything I saw and piss him off. Haha. I pissed him off alright.

I was convinced he did not care because he never opened up about anything, never gave me any kind of reaction. It was awful. It wasn't until the very end he started showing anger, never anything else.

It is very true though that they do not show their feelings. His mother died this past summer, and he never even told anyone for a whole week. His best friend messaged me telling me when it happened, but only because my Cap had taken off and his friend had been at the house when the police showed up to tell him his mother was dead... I contacted him telling him how sorry I was, and all of that. Even then, he did not open up. I ended up telling his other friends so that they could be there for him, because I didn't know how to be. I felt like he didn't want me to be, but sometimes I think I just didn't understand his quiet nature at all.

Whenever he was really angry with me, he wouldn't say anything at all. He wouldn't even tell me he was mad at me, he would just stop talking to me. It took a long time to figure these things out about him, he came off as an asshole, but he really was a wonderful person.

I believe that I loved him, as much of a crazy asshole I think he was, but I know we never could work out. He is with another girl now, has been for a while. I am okay with it. I have found myself a Leo boy, who seems to be my perfect match. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and he's got himself a Cap girlfriend. Hopefully the Leo-Cap match is as hopeless as the Sag-Cap match.

I am a Sag and have been involved with a Cap for 3 months now. I am 33 and he is 42. Are families are friends so we have always known each other. Damn we look good together. Sex is awesome although he does ALL the work. I just don't trust him and find myself always trying to sabotage the relationship before he really plays me (in my head). He just told me the other day he loves me. I did not respond because I thought it was bogus drunk man's words. Now what?

I love Capricorns! they are so hot and confident and make us Sag girls feel good! :) they also know how to make us feel terrible though! but for some reason when they're mean to me I like it sometimes! I want to be with Cap but right now I'm trying to get with a Pisces! he likes me! I hope it works out! I really love him.

I am a Capricorn man who was dating a Sagittarius woman for a year and a half until she broke up with me just recently. At first our relationship was amazing and we really enjoyed each other, she has a very insightful outlook on life, and she said the same thing about me. But after a while it turned into a rollercoaster ride, she broke up with me once only to ask me back like two days later, then she ended up cheating on me, and I forgave her because I love her and she knew that she had made a mistake. Then after a while she broke up with me AGAIN, only to ask me back AGAIN and of course I took her back. The sex was amazing with her, she truly is a beautiful person inside and out, I just think she's not sure what she wants. I treated her like gold and she was very good to me as well, but there were times when I was wondering how much I actually did mean to her due to some of her actions in the relationship. She also had stated many times that almost from the beginning of the relationship she wasn't sure if we were going to work, but wanted to work on it because she loved me and genuinely cared for me, and we did have a lot of great times together. I would do anything for her because I do love her and want to see her happy. So we still talk every now and then, we say that we want to be in each other's lives and remain friends, I just hope that does happen.

I'm a sag girl and I am so digging this cap guy I work with...I have felt sexual tension between us since we met and we have some of the most insightful and interesting convos I have ever had...I (like most sags) love to talk and he is my fav person to talk too he is a great listener. He has givin me multiple sign's but he kinda intellectually intimidates me so I can't bring out the beast in me to pounce on this cap. I want him to approach me but from my readings it seems I will have to approach him...omg but how?

ugh I hate people that judge me or are judgmental. why do they always have to tell me my faults? and they say it in such a hurtful way. whatever I'm kinda done with all Caps. I don't really like any of them because they're so mean. although I know a Cap who's nice and I've known him for a long time but even then I don't really like him and don't want to have sex with him because he's ugly. ugh whatever. I'm chasing a Pisces guy who is the right person for me and he's nice to me. I really love him. he's really good looking. so much better looking than me, I don't know why he likes me haha. I met him in 1st year uni too. although I don't think he likes me anymore. :( we're both in summer school but I never see him around anymore and last couple times he just ignored me. we used to hang out all the time.

I'm a Sagittarius falling for a Capricorn guy. Its really funny how almost all the stories have a similar feel to them! It seems like the Cap/Sag relationship starts almost platonically and then develops into friendship then a relationship. My Cap guy and I met at a sports function a year and a half ago by chance. He asked me to play with him and we chatted for a bit and I felt an instant sense of comfort with him. He cracked jokes and I felt flirtatious with him and had a good time. We stayed in touch through the internet talking at the least once every two weeks when we were not talking every day.

We live three hours apart and we would only see each other twice a year at the sports function. I considered him one of my best friends although I definitely would have dated him if he had lived closer. I always sensed a feeling of platonicism though and I was also in relationships during our friendship. He was the only friend male or female I had that consistently stayed in contact with me throughout the year and a half.

I always had a feeling he liked me as more but then it was hard to tell because he was subtle so I took it in a friend way. I always liked him though. He would say things like he feels like we're the same person (b/c we'd have so much in common) or he'd joke that we need to live next to each other and have our houses connected. Recently we took a road trip together for fun as a way to compensate for the only twice a year of seeing each other. During this road trip we got to really hang out and get to know each other in person and he was exactly the best friend to me in life as he was online. We were laughing the whole time, totally able to be ourselves, and just having a blast! I also realized the platonic feeling changed and I was feeling really attracted to him...

We unconsciously kept sitting close to each other and starting to break the physical barriers between us. I kept thinking its still in a friendly way but then he put his arm around me. We just stayed like that for a bit and then he kissed me. The passion was greater than anything I've ever felt in my life. He was so sweet and gentle and romantic, and just stared into my eyes and would just hold me. We talked about our year online and how we lived too far apart and always wanted to be closer in proximity to each other.

I feel like I'm falling in love with him if I'm not already in love and I feel the same from him...well as much as a Capricorn would show lol He makes my heart race and I can't get him out of my mind, my breath slips from me when I think of his kisses and his touch. But strangely enough even though now we are apart again and he isn't all overly romantic with expressing himself, I still know deep down and have this sense of security that he really cares about me.

We are planning to meet again in two weeks and I can't wait! We are also really compatible, like 10/10 with our moon signs, mine is Taurus and his is Virgo so I've read that it might also have something to do with our compatibility and feeling so comfortable with each other. Good luck to all the other Sag/Cap combinations out there, I think it can really be a great match! :)

I am a Capricorn male and my gal is a Sagittarius and it is an awesome relationship! I think our rising signs of me being Scorpio rising and her Capricorn rising plays a role. We laugh at the hokey "stay away from Sagittarius is you area cap" warnings! We have great times together whether it's staying in or travel! She has a remarkable gift of truly understanding me and I the same for her, also we enjoy many of the same things! we are both very attracted to one another as well as attractive and yet we are pretty geeky! Sexually, it doesn't get any better! We are both FREAKS! So, whether it's a night on the town or playing Call of Duty, I have the PERFECT woman!

My Cap man just posted! I love my Cap man. We have the best communication. We have never been in an argument. That is not to say we don't have differences of opinion just an abiding respect for each other. The sex is the best I've ever had and just gets better every time. We both love the pursuit of knowledge. I'm so glad we didn't listen to the advice that says Caps should avoid Sags. I would've missed out on the greatest love I have ever known! I feel grounded with my Cap man and I love it!

do Capricorns really mean it when they say they "love you so much" cause I've know this Capricorn male since I was 18 and he was younger lol! but he acted much older though (he was 15 now 19). anyways we still talk or at least did and we're much older. he stopped talking to me for like a year cause I pissed him off or something and said he'd never talk to me again although I think he was trying to find a way to by pretending to be someone else lmao! it was hilarious though. lol he's so fucking weird! but I'm so attracted to him although I've never met him. he's from the UK. I don't know I didn't think he'd talk to me again after that and I don't know why he did. but I love him. it's weird I've never loved anyone really I met on the internet but I guess the way he talks, he's interesting but he tells me really mean things so I don't think it'll work out, in plus he's going out with someone else.

I'm going to uni and kinda met a Pisces and he was sooo good looking, best looking person who ever liked me at least I was pretty sure he did. until he started ignoring me and not sitting next to me in class! ugh we used to hang out all the time. and he even kissed me and hugged me when he walked me to my bus stop the week before he started ignoring me I don't even know why he would do that. he's such a prick I didn't think he was. I had faith in him cause I know Pisces and Sag are not supposed to be a good match. I don't know if I'll ever be in a relationship with him because Pisces want a soul mate and I don't think I could ever be his soul mate. we never have anything to talk about though. well we do but not that much compared to other guys I hang out more with! and I love guys who have tons to talk about and can't stop talking. and he also said he was bored.

but back to the Cap. we met cause we liked the same band and I think that's pretty much the only reason we talk haha. I don't know he says he wants to have sex with me although we haven't talked about it in a while, prob cause he has a girlfriend. but tbh I think he's lying all the time whenever he tells me something and I can't stand when guys lie but I think it's pretty lame to believe anyone on the internet that I don't know in person. although I love him for some reason I don't know why probably because he's open with his feelings towards me. he seems interesting to me and he's already talked about being in a relationship with me when he gets older although I'd prefer right now but he's in uni too so it prob won't happen. I don't know it's kinda unrealistic though. in plus I want an artsy guy from my school. I go to an art & design school. but tbh sometimes I think he's the only one for me although he probably doesn't feel the same way and I should probably just give up on him beca use nothing between us will ever happen. although after reading that sex between a Sag and Cap is amazing I'm kinda looking forward to it if it ever happens! I have Venus in Cap like him and he has Mars in Taurus and I have Mars in Scorpio. god I hope he doesn't read this cause all he does is judge me which is another reason I don't really want to be in a relationship with him because I don't like to be judged but when he judges me or says something sometimes that makes me like him even more haha. I don't even know why I love him though. probably because of the way he makes me feel. I'm usually attracted to someone but once they show interest in me I'm not interested anymore but in him I am. I don't know. I've had that problem forever. and I am friends with a ton of Caps or have been. they are loyal but lots of them are not. like my ex best friend just stopped hanging out with me when I got depressed when I was like 13. I don't know I'm kinda glad I'm going somewhere cause I always dreamed of being successful when I was much younger. I hope I will be but lately I haven't been working that hard. probably because with art you can't really work that hard and I'm kinda bored with my coursework. I don't know what I'll do if it isn't art though. I've wanted to do it forever so I can't give up.

but back to the Cap. he's pretty much the only person I've known from the internet that I've loved and sometimes I loved him more than guys from real life. but he's not nice and I don't think he really cares about me although he does tell me really nice things sometimes which makes me really love him too. and he tells me he "loves me" sometimes and talks about us being together in the future. I would love to though although I think I'm too emotional for him. I'd really love to have sex with him if he didn't live so far away. but even if he does want to sleep with me I don't think he's sincere and I don't like that but I still love him. ok I'm done though.

but seriously it says Caps forget about you if they think you're holding them back and barely ever look back or something and he said he never wanted to talk to me again and said some really mean things that were true though. lol tbh I don't even know how he could know those things about me. but he was right and I tried to fix them because I want to always keep being a better person. I don't know this is probably really lame and I hope he doesn't read this haha. but whatever. I miss him though. haven't talked to him for about a year or more cause I've been busy with school. and I think he's probably embarrassed to talk to me if it isn't just me and him reading it anyways, cause his friends will think it's weird. and tbh I don't even really like his friends haha.

ok. I can't think of any other Cap I really liked other than this other guy who used to be my brother's friend when I was in elementary school, and he came to my house to work on a project with my brother. I was really attracted to him and hadn't seen him in years then much later in high school I saw him and talked to him. he remembered me I think. and I'm friends with him on facebook now lol I think he likes me though but I can't go out with him because he's friends with a lot of people I used to hate in high school and I don't want any drama. he offered to protect me in high school when other people were giving me a hard time, he's super nice and I love him too. he's gorgeous too. but I don't think it'll work out yet.

I don't know what it is about Venus in Cap but do Cap guys find you more attractive if you have Venus in Cap cause somehow I find Caps more attractive when they have Venus in Cap and other signs too I think. but if both people have Venus in Cap will it be a good match? I don't know I think I'm being kinda unrealistic lol this is gonna be the longest comment ever.

Lol wow @ these testimonies :) I'm marrying a Cap man as a Sag woman. We only dated for a few months and just said Hell with it, we're perfect for each other -- let's get married. Mutually love, respect and care for each other. He's so easy going, but I on the other hand have to control my crazy excited and dramatic ways of showing affection because the poor guy ends up smothered in front of strangers lolol oh well. . . He's so neat, calculated, fashionable (which turns me on), rational and is so hospitable. Sex is amazing... I don't ever wanna stop with him. I'd rather give than take. Ill be back to continue with the entire story of "Fire on Earth" but for now, in short, I love violently with this beautiful man that's soon to be my husband 10.10.10.

I'm a Sag girl and have dated 2 Caps. Both were the most passionate experiences I've ever had. One will soon be my man (so far we're only dating...but exclusively). The other Cap is still one of my best friends and is still in love with me even though we broke up 14 years ago. I love him but he's married and I'm not going there. I keep my emotional distance with him.

brief history mom is blind and not attractive to most and it always killed me that she's had such a lonely life because of this. so when I met my cap man I refused to acknowledge the fact the I wasn't attracted to him physically. he was a great stable guy so who cares right. we've been together almost a yr and a half (MY longest relationship by far) and the fore-mentioned unattractiveness and his clinginess (lol real word??) are starting to get to me. but I love him, he's an amazing guy and I don't know if I'd ever find better somewhere else.... AM SO LOST....DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! I should want stable and secure, but I crave excitement and adventure.

I am a Sagittarius girl and ive been with a cap for about a year and a half now

I will say is saggi girls were indecisive but to an extent that caps we don't want things planned for us

earth and fire is A HELLLLL YESSSS

we complement each other sooo well he's my best friend as well as my partner and he makes me feel how I know I should like a woman

jealousy is in all of us but I find him above all so interesting like part of him is reserved and us sags love a challenge!!!

I can honestly say sex is the best ive had

so girls if you want a man I mean a real man FIND A CAP their usually found in mountains when caught their for keeps and don't play mind games a lot

I'm a Sag woman (24), who has been with a Cap man (25) for 6 months today. I am crazy about him and I'm pretty sure he feels the same about me. I've always been into astrology and after predictable relationships with a Piscean and a scorpion, I found myself worrying about whether or not I should allow this relationship to start. Alas, I couldn't deny my feeling for him, so I just had to strap in and enjoy the journey.

My man and I surprisingly are extremely similar. We often have the same thought at the same time, and I often know what he wants to say before he says it.

We have been living together for the whole 6 months we have been dating (in separate rooms) and have known each other for a few years beforehand. WE fight very little and most of the time it's because I have said something that he finds kind of cruel and I offend him. Not purposefully of course, but I really am a tactless human.

I really hope it does work, because I think myself and this man are perfect for each other. I find myself having to make an effort to not be bored, so I need to concentrate on spicing things up and being tactful.

But he deals with my crazy. SO I can compromise too. :D

Im a cap man and I have been attempting to get closer to a sag woman . if I was to use my experience id say this about sag women , yes they are honest , yes they hard to pin down , what seems to be a busy schedule is really not but who am I to say what is really important to her ???

for me im still attracted to her and when I tell her that im going to leave her alone even though I don't want to she says she wants to get together . pretty much typical from what I see on here .

someone else asked the question : could it be that you took your sag woman for granted and then she got bored and left ??? you can use that in any relationship . if you cant keep it exciting then many people get bored with the routine .

as a cap man I do work hard and while I do have a shy side I have over the years learned to put that to one side.

if I find someone who attracts me I tend to do what ever I need to in order to get to know that person . sometimes I realize that I made a mistake and move on . other times

I get to know this person very well and even though there is something missing I keep my friends for years .

ill finish up by saying the Sag woman is a different breed

im not sure though exactly what the difference is . what I see is a different set of priorities and yet a complete honesty at the same time . this to me is very rare and yet also a very good thing at the same time . I would much rather see a person speak there mind .

and as far as caps go , I may have a shy side but I am not in the least bit afraid of opening myself up , I see the opposite in this sag woman ,

I'm a Sag girl who dated a Cap 2 years younger than me, my first love actually. I've read a lot about cap&sag relationships. I agree that we like the chase of a Capricorn because they are so reserved and unpredictable to us. In all the excitement of the chase it keeps us occupied but sometimes we don't want that. Ill always have mixed feelings for my ex, in a love-hate way. But we are a fire sign Capricorns are an earth sign, they just don't last we sag girls get bored easily.

mom is Sagittarius, late dad is Capricorn, dad is soft, mom is a outspoken.. mom has temper and mom's family love my dad.

I suppose I should begin by describing myself, I'm a 19 year old Sagittarius, and a college student. My Capricorn is two years older than I am, and we met in my freshmen year of college. Our relationship started, like all the others, as a friendship. A friend from China actually introduced us, telling me before she took me over to his dorm, that we'd be perfect together. Me, knowing she was an international student thought that this boy was going to be Asian too. When we walked in there was one white boy and one Chinese boy. The Chinese boy was gorgeous, while the white boy was, eh, ok. So my friend introduced us, pointing out that the white guy was the boy she had wanted me to meet while the Chinese guy was just his roommate. After meeting them and talking for a bit, I definitely had a crush on the Chinese boy, but I was more flirty with the white boy because I was embarrassed to flirt with the boy I actually liked. At about that same time, some creepy guy started t o follow me around, so I would take advantage of the fact that Capricorn lived in the same hallway and I would hide in his room. We chatted a lot, he fixed my computer many times, we'd go eat together. Our situation got to the point where when everyone would leave to the football games, him and I would get together to watch the games on his TV. It was on the game right before the 2008 elections that he asked me to be his girlfriend. I, of course, said yes (he is my first boyfriend) and have been very happy since.

I'll admit, we've had our rough moments. Jealousy is a big issue with me, especially because he had a girlfriend all through high school, the same girl, who cheated on him and yet he still took her back. So there was that, coupled with the fact that some of my very good friends are boys, which bothered him a lot. But now, into our second year, all that seems to have faded some. I'll have to admit that sometimes I want to strangle the dork because he doesn't want to go out and do stuff, or sometimes he's just so stingy about his money that he won't want to drive over because of gas money, which makes me feel like he just doesn't want to see me. But, in the end, I sometimes make him feel guilty and he ends up coming over.

In comparison to other Sag girls, I'm extremely family oriented and very close to my family (I cry at school if I don't see them in a month), I love stability, I like partying, but in heavy moderation. I don't enjoy being too busy, and I do like staying in...just not as much as my Capricorn. In all, I think we make a very normal couple, although I am very demanding with him, but he's perfect in that he takes it even though I know I sometimes say things that may hurt his feelings. My family is in love with him (something that I love) my nieces, brothers, sisters, and parents, even uncles and aunts look to him for help on anything from computers to organizing family events (my Capricorn knew about a family picnic before I did!). Something that bothers me is his inability to do anything fun unless other people are involved. He's a bit of a follower, but he does create his own path when he's alone. I think that we began our relationship too soon and went too fast, but we're at a standstill now, happy, stable, and content. We're living together next year, which I'm looking forward to as it will help me concentrate on my studies more since I won't have to make time to go see him, he'll already be there! I'm hoping my relationship with my Capricorn won't end as many of the stories above since I really don't want to go through the entire beginning of a relationship anymore since I'm just happy being comfortable :) I hope we get some more positive post for all Sags and Caps!

im a 24yr sag girl and met this 28 cap guy at my last job. I always thought he was fine. and found it attractive how he was quiet. I never had the guts to talk to him as I am kind of shy myself. I c that caps r shy 2. I never thought that I would end up talking to him but after 3 yrs of a crush at work he approached me long after I stopped working there at a gas station. after I stopped working there ive always seen him and the neighborhood but still we would never talk just look at each other in a way of interest. I kinda blame myself because it was more of my pride wanting him to talk to me first ya no. but anyway he has my number we talked a little on the phone and I hope that we can hit it off it would be so perfect. The first thing he said was I wanted to talk to you b4 but just not at work cause he doesn't like people in his business. he asked me to come by his houses yesterday I did and sat in my car a little while he kept trying to tell me I looked good. we small tal ked and it seemed that just agreed with everything I was saying, as I sparked all of the convo. although he is good looking to me it is more so his mannerisms that attract me the most. I always like those mysterious unpredictable guys. but like I said I hope it will turn into something great between us because Capricorns are real discipline and I need that type of structure and stability in my wild life!

I am a 42 yr old sag woman my boyfriend of 2 yrs is a 27 yr old cap man. I have been reading a lot about this match, and its like I am reading about my relationship. My cap is very mature in many ways, which is scary considering our age difference. We have soo much fun, or we used to till my jealousy and insecurity set in. We live together, I was married, and recently told my husband I wanted to separate, and possible divorce. my cap says he wants to marry me, but I think the whole divorce thing really bothers him. I love him soo much it hurts. But he has recently started pulling the infamous "disappearing acts" where after an argument he left for 2 weeks. He came back and claims all is well, and he is still in love with me, and wants to spend his life with me, but.....hello.....where did he go??? Who was he with???? just keeps poppin up in my head????? Should I be worried there is someone else in the picture???? I mean he is a younger very attractive man??? ? I have found phone numbers, and messages, which he claims are meaningless..... Help what should I do?????

im a sag women. been with my cap boyfriend for about 2yrs now. our relationship is AWESOME, we are soo attracted. our sex is GREAT!! but we do have our ups and down, and our differences toward other aspects of life'' my boyfriend (cap) loves his space and soo do us sag'' he's a clean freak!! lol, love fashion as me. he's not a fone person, soo we'll be talking just 5-10mins per day'' of each hr'' smh'' but what I LIKE about a cap boy is that they are really good at solving money lmao, which I (sag) loves 2 spend and explore life, meet new ppl, go hangout, party, which himself (cap) is more family orriented, loves 2 stay home. boring at times. not really out going. but we do go places at times. or just spend quality time in bed:]] we are trustworthy towards each other,& o yea we both have a good sense of humor! hehe=D we are easy 2 make new friends. and btw caps and sag DO get along very well! if you just don't cheat and trust each other you'll be fine!! until then til death do us part x Caps+sag= true long lasting .L.O.V.E!! :]]

I am a Cap man I have had a Sag girlfriend for about a year now. I fell head over heals for this woman. I loved everything about her. she was beautiful and sexy and the sex was great. we could set and talk for hours and just enjoy each others company. and all was well until I put a ring on her and all of her doubts and fears and not trusting can out. this just pushed me away because I knew that I was committed to her and only her. I would express this but if we ever went out to party and I looked wrong at another person it would be on. she finally moved in with me and I was very happy with that and we were happy until my son got mad and move out. and she went right behind him back to her house. I do love her and I was happy with spending my life with her. it has now been about 2 months we have not talked and I am a cap if you don't want me there I want be. I think this match could work but it takes a lot of understand and talking. caps are not much on showing feeling but they are there and you may never here us say it but it will eat at us for long periods of time. we will get over it but I know for a fact it will never leave or minds and we will always be careful and watch for the signs for it to happen the next time.

I'm a sag.... and I was with a cap, so I would say. And he started to act different. Before he went to college we did are thing then afterwards he was like we should be friends. Now, in my mind I was piss but I didn't show it until he left. Haven't seen him in three to four years and finally see him in college. Really didn't say much but really got to me was when someone ask me do I know him and he was like she don't know who I am. I guess you can say I was hurt cuz I'm still not in a relationship and afraid of getting in one. It not just one sign its in general

I know quite a few Capricorns and I love them! I'm a Sagittarius woman and I get along really well with Capricorn woman as friends, but I am very attracted to Capricorn males. I just love their serious approuch to life, how organised they are and I like the fact they are reserved as I find it mysterious.

I myself have quite a lot of Capricorn and Sagittarius in my birth chart so I think that kind of helps me see things from both points of view. I wouldn't say I was your typical very outgoing Sag, in fact I'm quite reserved in some ways, but I defitinely have some of the traits of a sag.

I'm really liking a Capricorn man at the minute and my gut feeling is telling me he likes me too. He always talks to me everytime he sees me and stands really really close to me whenever we see each other, although he will only stand close if no one else is around, when other people are their he keeps his distance more, what does that mean? He's also more serious with me, when I see him with other poeple he kind of jokes a little more, which worries me a bit. He's always telling me I look well, which in the beginning I took as just being polite, but then he started saying I looked nice. I don't know what it is but even though he appears really confident, I see something deep down that says he's a little shy. I'm really starting to fall for him but I don't want to without knowing he feels the same other wise I'm just going to get my heart broken :( and there's nothing worse then a sag with a broken heart!

I just wish I knew the workings of a Capricorn's mind.

Honestly, the person I related to the most dating wise was an old fling who was a saggitarius. I think there is a much stronger connection between the two, or maybe its my experience since I tend to always be attracted to them or vice versa. Once I realized how I tend to be and how she is, I realized a lot of the things she said about me not being completely open were true, although it doesn't mean that Caps aren't open people, we are just different. With conversation this match could work and not as pain staking as this website claims although it does take work. Things didn't work out but one BIG difference I noticed is the way the two go about dating. That unfortunately could be the breaker, which sucks because once you get past that first barrier, these two could find a very long and passionate relationship. It wasn't until we both parted and reconnected as friends that I realized how alike we actually were.

Hey so I've been seeing a Sag girl for the past 3months or so - I can honestly say its been the most emotionally volatile (both good and bad), intensely passionate and sexually charged relationships I've had in my entire life thus far like I am not kidding. Its a hard one though Sag girls are quite an anomaly to me - but then Im not your atypical Cap male. Both my parents were Sag's so I get the temperament its just quite an intense personality to be with. And no Im not boring either - I love socializing and partying as much as she does. And the sex is amazing. Amaaazing like I've never met anyone more generous in my life - its reciprocal don't get me wrong Im not a selfish lover at all. Quite the opposite.

I find her beautiful inside and out. Giving, caring, eccentric, kind, compassionate and hella crazy but I love that about her. She's creative, passionate and highly addictive, gifted artist, jeweler, sculptor, amazing lover and what's funny is she's said the exact same things about me (apart from the jeweler, sculptor part Im an actor / musician)- even as far as wanting to have my children!?? After 3months is woah. Though Im pragmatic enough to know that thats not some instant ever after it makes me strongly consider fatherhood.

The catch is, she has old feelings for ex partners that constantly get in the way ay - constantly. And they keep in touch with and torture her life. This is hard on a Cap man I mean I'll admit Im a jealous vindictive man when I wanna be I just know that will push her further away from me. She feels the need to placate everyone involved and is easily taken advantage of in this respect, when Im the one trying to offer her something solid, with integrity.

And the further she runs.

In a strange turn of events though I got tired of the games so I called her out and tried to shut her out of my life. Even said some really really hurtful shattering things to her which Im not proud of at all.

It had the exact opposite effect??? She came running back almost?? Checking up on me everyday and running into my arms when we finally met up. I am confused - even after we talked seriously about matters she still looked longingly into my eyes like longingly - "that" look. Yeah?

Now that things have cooled off considerably like we haven't been intimate for awhile but I can still feel its quite charged between us when were in the same proximity.

I love this girl - she's amazing in every sense and she's told me that she loves me too but I don't know how sustainable it really is.

Thankfully there's evidence on this page that it can work. Its still not easy though but hey. It makes life interesting right? Thought so... :)

I'm a Sag and just met a Capricorn guy at a company football game and He told my sis I was cute asked for my number (from my sis aka his coworker) and we text from time to time (he's busy with school and work) I don't mind tho, I find him attractive but at this time I wanna just be his friend. Plus he told me He's not trying to find anything serious... Maybe my story will end up like all these stories since they're so similar hahaha who knows, but anyway I've been around Capricorns before and I'm good friends with them. The guys seem to chase after me though not so much the other way around. I don't find them boring and they're pretty social (not very open tho) and laid back too they are workaholics though haha not that that's a bad thing (I find my self being like that too). But I have nothing bad to say about them. As a sag I know we can seem a bit much, with our optimism and outspokenness, but we can help bring the cap out of his shell and show him how to have a great time and they can help us be more aware of reality and responsibilities. I think this sense of opposites attract is great for a relationship because we can learn so much from eachother. :)

Im a sag woman who fell in love with a stubborn closed off cap. We new each other for many many years. he dated someone very close to me for a long time..did horrible things to her yet she provoked him a lot. anyway almost a decade later he and I someone remained in contact..we always had this love/hate yet sort of understanding for one another. we kissed once and that was it for me. I felt electricity shock my entire body. a month into us seeing each other (when truly I felt that things were impeccable and couldnt get any better) he felt the need to hook up with some 18 year old. we're in our later 20's..anyway being the sag that I am instantly I knew something was different. it didn't take long to figure it out when she kept calling and calling over and over again while we were sleeping..he sleeps like a brick..anyway finally I picked up the phone cause surely this person was in dire need of help or something..anyway first question she asked me was are you is gf..i w as like umm I think so (cap = no emotional communication except anger at least in my case) I just asked her one question and one only did you two have sex...she said no in fact he was kind of hesitant on even making out but they hung out not once but twice...which means he lied to me..big no no. don't lie to a least for me id rather hear it how it is and lets talk it out...we will get further that way and because we are sickly open-minded you will be surprised to our (well my) reactions...anyway I woke him up called it off and left. let me remind you it wasnt what he did with the girl, it was that he was dishonest with me and lied to me..anyway he chased and chased..and because I love him more than ive ever loved before it was only within time that I would give in..which I did. as stated by other posts and from my statement about or first kiss needless to say the sex flippin ahhmazing. incredible make up sex..and then 4 1/2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant..went from fun to him chasing me saying that he made the biggest mistake cheating to oh shit! he did not want me to keep the pregnancy and would not talk to me about it at all. infact he became so mean and crushed the shit out of me. he hurt me more than I had ever been hurt in my life. not cause he didn't want to keep the pregnancy but because he wouldnt talk to me and instead of showing how afraid he really was he turned it to vicious cruelty. I made an appointment to abort..he took me...they claimed no appointment was ever made - strike one...make another appointment, went to that and they said I didn't have enough money which I brought the exact amount they quoted me - strike two..called my cap, he brought me more money...i go back in and because at this point I was only nearly 6 weeks they were going to give me pills that cause massive hemorrhaging and a miscarriage (bawling right now by the way..yes yes us freakin emotional sags)anyway they took my blood and I was anemic (never been before so kinda strange) so the pills were a no-go - steeerike three. I lost it...right then and there at the clinic, without my cap..they scheduled me for surgery first thing the next morning..they were booked solid but the dr said she would come in early cause she I guess felt my pain.anyway I called him to tell mr cap and he said he wanted to be the one to take me (personally I think its cause he just wanted to make sure it got done this time..our appointment was at 630a. I asked him to spend the night cause I lived closer than he did to the place and he said no but that he would be at my place early. well, mr cap didn't wake up. I called him over and over again to make sure he was on his way..he finally called me back at 630 when I was suppose to be going in for surgery! anyway strike effin 4! he showed up anyway and we went to breakfast..i told him that was it, no having this baby and whether you want to be around is on u. he dropped me off angry at the world and left. I got in my car went to church and talked to my priest for hours...prayed and weighed out my joke two seconds after I walked out of those church doors mr cap called me and said lets meet up. I went to starbucks, got a caffeine free coffee (he still doesn't know it was decaf)and met up with him..he was working on his dirt bike..mmm one of the sexiest parts about him..anyway he instantly was like why are you drinking coffee and you better have decided to quit smoking...i said what are you talking about..why do you care..and he looked at me and said well...i guess its just time to accept me are gonna be parents and that he wanted to give us a real go. I tried so hard to express to him how much he had hurt me and my fears but he never would talk to me about it...still to this day has never apologized genuinely for things he did or said..anyway we got married a month before I popped..he was so so mean to me..the things he said to me even the very next day after we got married still burn in my soul..(there I go again being all deep and shit) but seriously they do..well I popped a little over a month after we married and I went into labor early cause of stress. I was induced cause they found I had preeclampsia. anyway I gave birth to our outrageously amazing son. no joke..i know I know every mother/parent feel that way about their child but trust me...this child not only was meant to be here and be parented by me and mr cap but he is truly heaven sent..the day after I gave birth mr cap with his sharp stabbing tongue again ripped my heart out and threw it in a blender said something that I still to this day have not forgiven him for..again only cause he has yet to sincerely apologize for it...any my anger towards him never went away and in fact grew more and more as he was gone with new hobbies after our son was got very ugly..and yes at times more physical from both he and me that it should have ever gotten..he left when our son was 12wks old..told me to file for divorce which I only filed for legal separation he again told me to refile for divorce so I did..i begged him to come home home and he refused..moved out..and just a few short weeks later had a new he killed me..i never said anything about his relationship and I pretended I didn't even know. he was more and more cruel cause court cases were coming and fights for our son and child support and all the ugly stuff were rearing their heads...well now its a year and a half later..our son is almost 2..and we have finally gotten reached a place were we get along and work together on raising our son. we finished all our court stuff five months ago..our divorce paper are finally ready for signatures and he has yet to go sign them..he dropped his lawyer so he has to get them notarized and blah blah..personally I think he's either too lazy or too busy to go do it..i know I sound horrible when I refer to him don't i? anway him and his girlfriend broke up maybe a little over 2 months ago or so..somehow we started text flirting and before I knew it he was in our home that we shared together in my strange. when we were down he left before I could open my mouth to say goodbye..he called me about 30 min later and apologized for the way he left..what! I couldnt believe my ears. I smiled bigger than ever just cause he showed that he actually had the ability to maybe just maybe care about my feelings..he came over again the next day. we put our son to sleep watched tv..messed around and he left shortly strange..a year and half later and he's gotta come around again (prolly only coming around cause he was struggling with the breakup and felt lonely) right when I had just finally opened myself to dating...he invited me over a week later and I went knowing I wasnt going to sleep with him. I brought him his favorite oysters...not really sure why except for the fact that I know how much he loves them..and I told him I that what we are doing isnt right..we just got to where we can get along..and its not fair to our son. and I left. he called several times but I didn't answer..he sent me a text and I responded telling him my phone was acting up and that I would talk to him later..he wrote me saying that he would like to just hang was so hard for me not to turn my car around and jump his bones...i decided to pursue another guy then risk him shattering my heart cause I don't think he's feelings for me run anyway near to as deep as the feelings I have..yes HAVE for him. so I told him the next time I had to drop my son off to him that I was pursing another relationship..he said he thought it was awesome and that he was really happy for me..not exactly what I wanted to hear but I went on with perusing another man..a great and amazing guy..anyway a couple months went by and seeing my x for our swap with our son stung..anyway I ended the relationship I started cause I know that im still inlove with mr wasnt fair to my new boyfriend and I knew how strong this guy was feeling towards me so I cut it of. well since then ive seen mr cap (we see each other every wed night and thurs morning and every other weekend to swap our son..he asked about my relationship..i told him I ended it and not long after there we were under the covers..let me tell you that sex we shared that day was the best I had EVER experience..the next day the same thing...well let was just yesterday. so here I am online reading about sags and caps..found this site and felt the need to let this all out and off my chest..i mean its not like I can talk to many people about anyone close to me would kill me cause of all the pain and heartache mr cap has already given me, why would I play with fire (haha get it)? see mr cap isnt a bad guy..not at all..we just handle our emotions extremely different and I feel like he just really doesn't like me and never really did. he's only the way he is towards me..ive never really seen him treat anyone as mean as he does me..and im talking even when we were together as a what's my I hung up on him cause I share a child with him. is it cause I feel and have seen this side of him that I yearn my head I think to him what we are doing now is just feelings are invested for him on his part..but then again I don't really know cause he doesn't talk about that kind of stuff..i would do absolutely anything to make this work with him as long as it didn't mean giving up my own happiness. he would need to invest the time and the he willing to do that? after all the awful things he said about me to everyone when things were so ugly during the first part of our divorce..probably not..he's too proud and had to large of an I don't think he cares that much about me..i have to admit tho, he's turned out to be an amazing father and loves our son more than life its self. I wish he would actually take the time to get to know me and not just assume he has me pinned..thats what made it all exciting in the beginning, trying to make him realize that there is so much more to me than what he thinks he already wanted to hear about an experience with a cap and a sag..well heres mine. I have not a clue what to do..i want to be with him..but does he want to be with me? raise our son together..sure he hasnt signed the papers, but does that really mean anything?? and to be honest, he seems like such a different person now. he's nice, he's mellow, not so high strung..still doesn't like to hear me talk much when we hang out but not nearly as rude or mean as he use to be...and when we have had sex over these last two months we have actually spent time together not just bang and out..we've even spent time with our son together...maybe im reading to far into it, but I love him.. always have always will...regardless of everything we have been through. yes he's mean and has emotional issues but inside he is such an amazing guy but when it comes to me he just wont let me in I guess..its like he's scared of truly allowing himself to fully fall for me. I know the kind of guy he can be and wants to be but so many times he sells himself short and its hard not to get upset with him..we are both very passionate people, opinionated, but the difference is that I allow him to share his thoughts and feeling..i listen..he doesn't do that for that just cause thats the way these caps work or is it just me? but when its good its so good and the physical chemistry is surreal. I guess I just need to continue with my great life cause I am happy. I don't need to be with him but im still not over him enough to move on. so I guess I just keep trucking forward and continue being an amazing mother to our amazing son. mr cap has no idea of the yearn I hold for him and im not even close to opening my feelings up to him cause I don't trust him with them..hed have to make the steps..i tried to get him to open up to me once before and I only drove him away. no matter what I will always always do my part in having a more than copacetic relationship with him which I always have regardless of the nasty side of him I dealt with I always kept a smile on my face and did my best to effin kill him with kindness..hey by the way, don't get me wrong im not claiming to be a emotional, deep, a dreamer, and a just all the things he isnt and we clash, horrifically..a relationship between the two of us would take work...i just don't think he wants to work that hard..he feels relationships should nothing but a breeze..haha..i wish him all the luck in the world.

ok, so I am a Capricorn, and I really really really like this Sagittarius women, but its like she keeps playing with me, it's like one minute we flirt and next minute she just don't want to acknowledge the fact that I like her although she always ask me to tell her how I feel, and when I do, she just say's oh or yupp or some shit....just ughhhh

I'm a sagitarius female and I had a crush on a Capricorn male. Wouldn't look at me twice. He talked to me but that was only in our courses and as aquiatances. He realised I liked him because I was friends with his girlfriend and she read my texts to my other friend. What a b.(She's a leo, no offence to anyone Leo though). Anyway,she told him. He didn't care. The only thing that happened was that he dumped her for doing that. Now its one year later. Me and him play guitar together and we get closer every day. He asked for my phone number :)And for christmas he gave me this beautiful rose quartz which I beleive is the crystal of love? What does that mean?

I'm starting to like him again, but this time it's love. But it's so hard to get close to him. He never shows his feelings, but he's always making me laugh. I don't know if he likes me back. I always get this urge to kiss him and start making out but I can control myself. I really like him and I want to make him fall in love with me. Help please! I also heard the sex was amazing. I need help to make him fall head over heels in love with me. I'm acting childish now, but I really want him. More than anyone else.

well I'm a sag grl that friends with cap : he really really like me (told me a lot time ) . Anyways he just recently got a relationship with a friend of mines (7 months). one day I sent him a text saying I like him too but I don't date my friends ex : but the problem is he likes me & I'm starting to grow feeling of liking him too . What should I do ? Stay being friends with him or try and become more then friends .

Im a sag woman, and my cap and I have liked each other since first grade ! I know that sounds a little crazy considering most people say " little kids don't know anything about love" but its true! now me being the sag that I am, I never noticed he liked me until 6th grade. we were very good friends and I liked him too but we were so young !

We are both in high school now(juniors) and since 8th grade we have been on and off. when we were together he told me he had feelings for me, but never really opened up fully. as for me I always told him what was on my mind and everything I felt. he cheated on me with my so called best friend, stayed with her for a year( I was crushed, but tried to deny that I still had feelings for him) and he broke up with her to try to get me back!

I told myself that I did not need him but I thought that maybe he had realized he was wrong for what he did. not even two weeks in the relationship, he was cheating with another "close" friend. it was the beginning of summer , so I went to Jersey with my family and cut off all connections with him and my friends. beginning of high school he started to pursue me ! I still had strong feelings for him so being the sucker that I am I flirted with him back, and we had a fling going, but he was starting to change.

he would talk to many girls at a time and flirt with them also! I didn't want to be another girl, so I stopped talking to him. Months would go by and we would talk, flirt, and all that. he told me that he never got over me and wanted to be with me. Stupid me, I gave him another chance right before I find out he already has a girlfriend. I wanted to see if he would be truthful so I asked him if he was sure he didn't like anyone one else at the moment or have a girlfriend.

of course he lied, and the next day all I see is pictures of him and his girlfriend making out on facebook. so I told him how I felt: FURIOUS. if you still have feelings for me and want to be with me, why are you with her!?!? can you tell me how you REALLY feel for once?!

he made my go crazy over him, especially because I never stopped thinking about him. this went on and on for 2 more years(he would get with someone, break up , chase me , then go out with someone, not tell me and I would get pissed and not talk to him {yet he always found a way back to me} ) it was just never ending.

Yet I always had this feeling that he really did care for me and just didn't know what to do or how to truly tell me how he felt!( I still feel this way -__-)

he would text me , IM me, call me constantly, tell me all these lies and I knew he wasn't being serious. I always felt that he was always holding something back from me, never completely telling me how he felt! it was very annoying!

we are older now and this still happens, and its very frustrating, he never makes up his mind!!! its a shame because he is very gentle, romantic, funny, and smart! if only he could tell me how he truly felt!!!!

ugh. that trait of caps being very kept to themselves and not sharing their emotions with their companions is very annoying.

Awe, I am sag. woman and I just met a cap. man, And we just started talking literaly tonight and we have so much in common it is insane. And I agree with a lot of the people posting, sags are very free spirted.But I think I can learn a lot from this boy. I'm excited to see where it goes. (:

I'm currently crushing hard on this Sag chick. were only 11 months and a day apart in age. Ive never seen a chick thsi sexy that wasnt in a movie or something. a lot of harmless flirting and I love how up front she is about what she wants *all ive asked for ina girl before now*. in our first conversation she openly told me how sexy she thought I was. We havent found time to go out on our first date yet but I think this could be fun lol

I met a cap guy over the internet we had our first date and the connection was instant. He was a man for sure he made feel so comfortable and relaxed as if I had no worries, extremly touchy feely but I did not mind with him for is so sexy and touched all the right spots. I liked him so much so I wanted to take things slow but he was very aggressive. We had our first conflict and after that he has been very distant, he is revengeful and holds on to things. He is a workaholic which I don't mind, which allows me my space but I feel such a connection with him even when we are apart. He told me after our thrid date I was his girlfriend and he wants only me but I feel so neglected, everyone says be patient but I cant wait any longer what is his problem...

I'm a sag girl. Just got out of a relationship with a Cap. We instantly hit it off and for about 8 months it was great. However, overtime it declined. I'm free spirited and open about my feelings where he was to reserved with his. It drove me crazy because I just wanted affirmation that we were either on the same page, or if he wasn't falling for me too then for him to stop wasting my time. Sags tend to have insecurity issues and I was having a meltdown. We broke up, I needed him to be open with me and he just simply refused. Won't try Cap EVER AGAIN. To quiet and nonresponsive for me.

I was with a cap for almost 4 years. We were married, had a son together all within a year and a half. The most tumultuous relationship I've been in, in my life! The reason I believe we lasted for as long as we did was because of our son, the blind love I had for him, and I had changed the person I was to be the person he saw fit for himself. Though we had our great times, the negative definitely outweighed the positive. He was very controlling, obsessive, and ridiculously jealous. Cut off all my friends, monitored all my moves because he was with the constant belief that I was cheating when it was actually him who was busy with his whores. Breaking free from that relationship was the best thing that could've ever happened to me. It was such a take, take, take situation, it left me drained.

I love cap men ! I don't know what it is about them . But ive dated a Sagittarius male and I think I love cap men more . . . I don't know , thats juss me . But im 16 and the cap is 17 && we have been datinq for a year and 7 months . Althouqh he hates me riqht now , he can be real cold-hearted , but I hope we can still work somethinq out , because I want to qo to prom w/ him next year , to end hiqh school , like we started .

My Sag/ Cap relationship started in Cap man did pursue me (at first). We were passionately and madly in love. We stayed together for four years and eventually ended our relationship as we were too preoccupied with each other and not taking care of business in other areas of our lives. He moved to NY and I stayed in CA. We were 25 and 26 years old. 14 years later, He is still on my mind (we are both single and without you never know) Let me tell you, all you flighty Sag women out there....hold onto your Cap man, one day you will mellow out and you will crave the stability and deep love that only your Cap man can provide.

Sag girl seeing a cap male on and off for a year and a half. Started out hot and heavy right away, instant connection aand chemistry. We have stopped seeing each other about 4 or 5 times, sometimes not speaking for a month. Then either of us will start it up again. He is a true cap, needs his alone time, just like a coconut (hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside), shuts down and doesn't speak to me when he's mad, afraid to commit, says he loves me after he's been drinking but never sober, jealous, romantic as can be, great lover but doesn't need sex as often as most guys, devoted to family and his inner small circle of friends, hard worker, worrier, dreamer, sensitive, slow to open up, slow to trust. I have learned I have to keep my Sag sharp tongue in check. I can snap, saying things I don't mean, but will shut him down for a week or more. My patience has been tested beyond its borders, but I keep coming back. I forgive and forget too easily be ut love him more than anything. I hope he is not wasting my time, I hope we end up together, making each other happy.

Never paid much attention to astrology before but am intrigued and surprised how it has opened my eyes to my personality , good and bad. I'm a Sag dating a Cap man for a month. I liked him from the beginning but was a little pit off by his texting me everyday and wanting to do everything with me. I love being social and doing things together however I need days that are just mine. Anyway fast forward to now we are both crazy about each other, he tells me he has been looking for me his whole life, he wants to help me with my money spending problems:), not really sure I want the help but well see. I have never had such amazing sex and the thing I keep reading over and over is that the Sag let's the man don all the work. That blew me away , it's so true! I'm working on it thou and he makes me want to please him just by being so giving and loving. The problem.... This is the second weekend in a row that he has completely cut off communication with me. The 1st time he wa s hurt because he wanted to me to stay all night with him. We made love twice , it was. Amazing and I was all prepared to spend the night with him. Brought all my things that night to stay. After we finished making love he held me for a little bit and then rolled over to go to sleep saying he had to get up early. I wasn't sleepy, couldn't just lie there , to complicate matters he has a 17 year old son that lives with him so I was uncomfortable getting up to watch tv or anything else. I told him it just didn't feel right and I needed to go home. He became cold and indifferent. He has sent me a text everyday since our first date telling me good morning and hoe beautiful and special I am. No text the next am though. I sent him a text later in the day and then I called him. He told me that he was upset that I said it didn't feel right. To him that meant I didn't feel right being with him. I explained that I love being with him and it was a poor choice of words. I was just not tired and not comfortable with his son being there. He said he would call me later and we would see each other. He didn't call me at all. The next day I sent him a text saying I missed him. Finally he gavei had the opportunity to see him in person and we worked things out. The following week was amazing our relationship seemed liked it was growing stronger than ever. This past Friday he bought me a doughnut for breakfast made me hot tea and told me to come by his work on the way to work for my am kiss. I did. Ordinarily he text me all day long telling me he is falling for me can't wait to hole me , etc. Not Friday. I called him late that day to see if he was ok, he said he had a terrible day at work and had to go but would call me back, . He did call but was still in a hurry, we talked briefly and then after work he called me and I missed the call. He didn't leave a message( first time that has happened) I called him talked for a couple of minutes nothing important but I could tell he wasn't himself, then he had a call come in from lark and said he had to go. I didn't hear from him again that day or night. No text no calls. Important to say that after making love the night before he ask me about my finances and I was honest with him about my debt and that I want to get stable financially before could live together. The living together was his idea not mine, anyway he said that the money thing scared him because that was why he and his wife divorced she was nit responsible with money. This was on thursday night and then the Friday shut out really stirred up any insecurities I might have. So I sent him a text on Friday night before I went to sleep saying that I felt disposable. No text from him the next am( y esterday) he called around 10 am asking me what that was supposed to mean. I was so emotional and tired( didn't sleep the whole night) so I said I needed to wait and talk to him about it later that day. Well shut out happened again he said he would call me and we could talk in person, he didn't . Finally thus am he called(Sunday) and is working today but ask if I want to go eat tonite and talk. I said yes but I am just about ready to call it quits. I think I am in love with him but I can't do the mood swing thing. I was married to a man that would be fine one minute and mad the next and it would be days before bespoke speak to me and even tell me what he was upset with me about. Don't want to go through this again. Need advice as to how to get through to this Cap man tonite that I am crazy about him but if he won't talk to me I can't continue being with him. help!!!

can't help but feel like im selling mysef to him to win him ova? hard one to understand, but I know what he likes, sex and lots of it, money and lots of it, im able to give both, but iv gotta hit the streets when im done, party time, know that!!!!

I was with a Capricorn man (and I use that term lightly) for 16 years and it was and will be the worst experience in my life. Even after leaving him 11 years ago, I steer clear of Capricorn men. He was abusive, controlling, manipulative, money hungry, cut me off from my family, arrogant and I would say to any other Sag. woman...Capricorn men are NOT a good for the hills!!

Cap guy here message to all cap guys stop trying I repeat STOP trying to be with your sag girl it's true they're known for being truthful but they prey on pity so they can also be full of shit. And realize that she likes your cold distant side she doesn't want you 2 open up & commit to her cuz then she's out the door. Plus it's better for you trust me a lot of sag girls marry cap guys but it's a sugar daddy relationship & she will bring out your disrespectful side in a long term relationship & you will never be full or happy with her if you want a outgoing sexy woman that completes you u will be better off with a Pisces. Trust me I been there my sag girl was the same way & I want 2 be with her & all she want to do was play games she thought it was funny when I get pissed with her we even stopped having sex she say she been busy. So in that time I met my current girl(Pisces) she remind me of her at first I told her about my fading sag girl she still wanted me so I started to li ke her so I told her she didn't rub 4 the hills she sad she has been waiting on me to say that & she likes me so my sag caught on & started randomly calling texting wanting to see me it was funny but I left her along for my Pisces I told her I'm moving on she flipped she was like I'm sorry we can work it out I knew she was lying plus I didn't even want her back it's good to have someone who loves you foreal as a girlfriend it's been a year& yeah we argue like any couple but she still the same woman I don't even miss that sag girl

im a sag and i've been friends with this cap the beginning he was great...little bit shy but opened up later and we realised that we had a lot in common...he became my best friend and talked almost about everything...but as time went by..he became excessively obsessive..texted me at every 10 minutes throughout the day...and tried to control every move of mine...i slowly started building distance between us and little bit ignoring...this led into many arguments where he says and says and I listen....coz I didn't want to buildup the argument and finally make him furious he is very very short tempered...he shouted at me and even raised his hand to hit me once in a small argument..then suddenly after all this violence....he proposed me one fine way I was going to approve him...rather I was going to get rid of him...hey then became very revengeful...he started saying telling people really bad things about me in the college...although I took it easy. .but it hurts me a little bit when I thing about him...he was a guy who could do anything for me....but ultimately hates me

Ive been with my cap for almost two years && he is my everythinq . We are hiqh school lovers && we qo throuqh a lot of ups && downs , but he always chases me && I like it . Althouqh he doesn't like to show his feelinqs , he tries to sct like he don't care , but later on , he admits how he really felt . Its like everytime we kiss , its meant tah be . We are always cuddlinq , && he'll do almost anythinq for me . He is all about his money ( money this money that ) l0l , but I love that about cap men . They are qreat providers . He makes me lauqh a lot , but sometimes I think he can be a little mean . I cant help but lauqh sometimes when he qet mad at me , because he can be so neqative about stuff , but I love him && he loves me . I think this compatability is qreat , just as lonq as you understand each other && I think the lonqer you all date , the better . Cap men love the free spirit in us , && we love the provider in them

I am a sag woman,i have dated 3 cap men in my life time one of 25 yrs ago I will never forget,i am 35 ,he 37,i moved to another state and he claimed I broke his heart,it did'nt stop him from having children with other(he had 4 babymama's) due to the gift of being a great lover, he the type of man you will never ever forget his touch, and strokes.umm!we are good friends til today living in different state today I met a another cap man 3 weeks ago,(wow)we have a lot in common but he has secrets you can tell,even though it has been a short period of time being with him.we hit off instantly first being physically attracted to eachother,we talked via texts ,by the next week I was with him,hook line and sinker,damn. he so fucking fine and sexy!hung like a horse!athletic! the man is tailor made for me and comes in just my size!but unfortunately he has a woman he been with for 18 years of his! damn,damn,damn!he says he unhappy with her and he figured they have outgr own eachother,but why is he there? their daughter is 18 now!he just met me! we are very compatible and he does have money,lots of it!whereas I on the other hand have to have all the new shit!he can be very passionate about his life and work whereas I tend to slack sometimes!he just don't know I wanna open up and the tigress come outta me but I am scared he will think I am a psycho!lmmao!boy what curves life throws ya way!i have a firecracker personality,he is quiet,inept to expressing himself which will piss you off sometimes,especially,if their face show hurt or an issue of concern, they will deny it to the fullest,(they are not good liars neither,and that is a sag's petpeeve:liars,but other thank those small issues,he will be the money getting,sexy super fine ,physically attractive man,and he will damn sure think that of you! you know we sag's are super sexy and have excellent curvy bodies mine is 38"27"41 cherry chocolate complexion,chinese eyes,and yes I am 35!he gets on bone everytime he comes around me! and I love it! and he definitley turn me on!but he is so reserved as a man,but he goes deep and hard!i am falling fast for this man but I scared to tell him so ....damn:he got me!

i'm a sag girl. have known this cap guy for about 7 years. at first didn't think twice about him. then met him again later, and knew I had to hook up with him. which we did soon thereafter. after which he told me he does not want a relationship with me. this pissed me off and hurt my pride and ever since then it's been like a curse. we are best friends, and we still have amazing sex occasionally (less now than we used to), but we are not a couple and never will be. he's hurt me so much but I cannot get over him. I have tried so hard, I met so many people and every time I get more and more disappointed. sometimes I even feel like i'm bored with him even, which is terrible because he's been my best friend and the object of my desire for so long. I feel like only some kind of a miracle can save me. I want to be free, but I don't want to admit my defeat. I am so unhappy because of this.

Im a Sagittarius woman , and ive been dating a Capricorn guy for almost two years. yes we are teenage lovers . I remember when we first met , he was mah love/bestfriend , but after a year that we've dated , he showed a mean low-down side of him . We've been through ups and downs and he started talking about me behind my back , and I just felt like he was playing with my emothions . I honestly think he loves me , but he doesn't know how to ?? He doesn't express his feelings and its annoying sometime . he's one of those guys that never realize what they got til its gone . Now we've broken up for about three weeks now , and he calls almost everyday . he's really confusing , but he knows I don't trust him , and I think that's the reason he doesn't express himself like he use to , but he did me wrong in the past . He doesn't apologize , he's one of those guys that just give you a little time to yourself and just call you out of nowhere like nothing happened . I feel like I cant talk tah him about anything like I use to , but our love is strong though . I guess he can t let me go because he did say I was his first love . . soo

But we still love each other and talk every now and then , but I don't get him somoetimes . I started losing a little interest in him , because all we talk about on the phone is his lame ass mixtape . But me and him have had a lot of good times . and the sex is WHOOOAA !

Thats one of the best things about our relationship . He's very funny to me , even when he doesn't try tah be funny , and he does the cutest things , like he'grab my cheeks . l0l' I also like the fact that he chases me . when he get mad he may be like " ef you " , but he always come back We love each other so much . I truely think that if a Sagittarius female and a Capricorn man have trust in each other , thats one way it could last forever . We also work good together for some reason . I could really see me and him having like a business together or something .

OMGEEREE! a sag girl with a we mrt on line and chatted on on and off for like two years...he seemed to cute and innocent..i moved to ny and he lived in bmore and we started dating...6 months latr we moved in first it was all good..but things began to change..he got mad about the dummest things..and would stay mad...another irritating thing..when he got mad hed simply leave the house instead of talking about the problem...he became very pesemistic about everything..very jealous of anyone I blinked at...hes very hard headed..i have to tell him the same stuff over and over again...started to gain weight so he became very insecure resenting any man who was in was AMAZING in the beginning...still is to a degree..but after the weight gain he runs out of energy quickly....oh and if im not in the mood?...oh..its a problem....i knew he wasnt a top compatible sign when we were friends but I told myself in the I wasnt going to read our co mpatability because I didn't want our relationship to any predetermined....2 years later.......yeah..the stars don't love for us to split and just be friends..but he is so damn dramatic...the last time I mentioned splitting..he mentioned suicide..DRAMA QUEEN....

Whoa! I can officially say that I am a believer in astrology after reading all of your stories. 90% of everything said was right on the mark for me and my Cap honey, :)

I'm a Sagittarius female (20 y/o) dating a Capricorn male (18 y/o) and I must say we share a good amount of differences but even more similiarities:) #1 being our age difference, which sometimes gets to me but trust me I am already waist deep. Secondly, he's white and I'm black...which doesn't bother me even a little bit!

PRO'S Needless to say I have found myself falling in love for the first time, atleast I think I am! Our relationship is so intense and the connection we share keeps revealing more and more strength and security. My Father just passed away recently and I was afraid that he would stray away because of how emotionally unstable I was at the time. Originally I tried to break up with him in fear that the heart attack over the loss of my Father would consume me and my inability to be in a relationship, but he told me that we were in this together, reminded me of how much he loved me, and that he would be there for the ride to help me through...and that alone can tell you how amazing he is. He gives me the perfect amount of affection whether we're in public or in the comfort of just us two. He loves a lot of hugs and kisses. Thank God Summer is over because he's famous for cuddling. He seems to always want me around his friends, which is a great quality in any man! I feel more comfortable around him than I ever have with any guy. We have our difference in opinions, and sad to say they always start with me. But it's in every Sag's blood to get infuriated with jealousy but Capricorns counteract those feelings by staying loyal and devoted when in a relationship.He's pretty cute and he plays football so it seems like he has a lot of female "friends" and that is very irritating! He knows how to apologize! My love may get super angry with me...but it's not long before he calls me to help me understand that he truly loves me and hates fighting and that he is sorry. And that among all things that helps me not only learn from our fights but makes me able to control my anger in future conflicts.

CONS But my jealousy takes him to the EDGE! If I feel a certain way, it's not long before I'm addressing it and he seems to think I "overthink" things and should learn to bite my tongue. And in every argument he says "I never say anything when you...blah,blah," which always leads me to believe that he does a lot of biting of the tongue himself because it can be something from long before that I didn't even notice that he noticed. Oh! And he doesn't pump my gas. I HATE THAT! >:o

CAPRICORN/SAGITTARIUS SEX IS AMAZING! Hands down he is the best I've ever had and it just keeps getting better. He is very experimental, which I love!He isn't scared of me- which drives me wild. A lot of guys are intimidated and that makes for a weak partner but not my Cap :* He loves to compliment me on my body and it's not a day that he isn't kissing me or telling me how beautiful or sexy I am. He can last a very-very long time, his stamina can be compared to the energizer bunny! Sometimes I can't help but to take it as an insult but again insecurity is a strong nature of Sag's personality. And it's usually the little things that make us feel insecure -for whatever reason. But on the flip side we can't deny how amazing our sex life is and that's become a huge part of our relationship. Also, it's a very emotional, affectionate, and passionate experience and is the light at the end of the tunnel if we're fighting!

I could talk about him all day! But I know you all already know all about this Sag&Cap love. It runs deep, because I'm never one to say I'm in love or I love someone but right now I feel like I'm living a fairytale. I just wish my Dad could have met him.

I am a sag who is inlove with a cap. I love him with all of my heart!! He approached me and I was all for it. I didn't want to get my feelings involved so I told him that this was just a booty call. He never responded to whether it was or not. He would just smile. Yes...the sex is...AMAZING!! OMG!! I love it with him and no one else makes me feel like he does. Yes we have our ups and downs but I cant think of anyone else who I would want to spend the rest of my life with:) He is jealous as hell (and some would say crazy too) but that shit turns me on in the worst way. It makes me feel like...damn I must be a beautiful girl to make you act the way you do. I love him...I adore him...and despite the fact that he is reserved with telling me HOW he feels, my baby has nno problems SHOWING how he feels. I love him very much, and like any relationship it is give and take. Just act independent like you don't need him and his but will come running. However, as soon as you act to clingy...he will dback up. And that method works both ways by the way;) LOVE YOU CAP!!

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