Capricorn man says he's not in love

I'm a Capricorn myself. In the beginning when I met this Capricorn man, I was not sure about my own feelings. He talked me into having some more dates and that he would be strong and handle it, if I then decided not meet him anymore.

I started to be very fond of him after hanging out a lot, and told him so, before going on a vacation lasting one week.. Coming back from the vacation, he is still sweet but I'm not sure about his feeling anymore. Then he tells me that he is not in love anymore..

He was but it disappeared? I'm not believing it really. After one week knowing him in, he invited me for a nice Spa weekend and at the very same weekend we where suppose to travel.. he tells me that this is not going to work.

We where kissing when saying goodbye for the last time.. I am confused and disappointed, but still hoping for him to come back. We just decided to stay friends not knowing what to put in to that... He says he likes everything about me but just not in love.

Should I believe him? Any advice ?

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Taurus Chick
by: Anonymous

It seems that he has mixed feels and he needs to focus on his self before he can love anyone.

by: Susan Elizabeth

I AM a capricorn and my bf is a capricorn man he did the same thing a long time ago but we are still together and its 4 years now.

by: Anonymous

I am cap woman and met a cap man on line , we just started as friends , he just told me that he really like my friendship .
Oneday I was totally surprised that he just TEXT me telling me that he is deeply in love with me since the day we met on line and it has been 2 month and he kept it inside because he knows how tough am i with foreign people and don;t get along Quickly so he would rather to start with me his friendship so , to me as a CAP i was really surprised and i just felt that love many times from his side , i just accept it and i exposed my pure feeling toward him but I was kind of pushy i wanted him to show me more and more of his feeling but he kept telling me that i am pushy , so late on a weeks later he just informed me in indirect way that he is not searching for LOVE , To me kind of surprised , is he really playing games with me , but i read alot about people 's signs and remebered that CAp's man is very shy and take times and times to expose that feeling so i think he wanted to keep loving me in silence and as friends bc when he commit with me as love it requires a sweet and love words from his side and this really kind of hard to him expose his feeling because he is a very very shy man so dont belive a cap when they say they are not in love any more , once thy expose that love so they really mean it unless they found out their partner cheat them so in this case right they mean it what they say
Good Luck

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