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I met a Capricorn man and I was blown away by how intense it was! from the first time I saw him I was mesmerized! It didn't last long at all... He had such a strong sense of self... It was a challenge for me too... I was a total Scorpio girl and he put up a wall... Two strong minded people going at it... Ughhhh! But I daydream about him everyday and check my phones for texts... Maybe he'll surprise me and come back!

I am completely in love with a Capricorn man. He is 18 years my senior and he came into my life so unexpectedly. The sex is great and I know he likes and cares for me, but he is still very much in love with his wife who passed away from cancer over a year ago. They were married for 28 years and have two sons who are both grown up. He has bowled me over!

I have been with a Capricorn man for the past six months and any Scorpio woman just have to be patient. We have been known to be very patient, especially when it comes to relationships, but being with a cappy really tests our limits!

He is a challenge and Scorpio takes challenge seriously. . . He is such a complicated person. He hides behind a thick glass wall. . .

I'm dating a Capricorn male at this time. What a complex man he is. As a Scorpio female, he really is a challenge or better yet 'a piece of work'. There have been a couple of occasions, where I have wanted to throw the towel in the ring and call it quits. I agree with all the above comments; truth be told, I believe this guy is worth it, so I will be patient and supportive of him.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS...I WANT MORE OF MY CAPPY MAN!!! But I guess I can be patient. Thanks for all the comments, I guess he is worth the wait!!!

I met a Capricorn one night, we have texted. We met up again tonight and he flirted with my friend, but he likes me. Hmm. He doesn't seem like a puzzle yet. His Venus is in Scorpio, so we are a perfect match. EXCITING. XX

I am with a Capricorn, we've been together for almost two years. I am def a die hard Scorp! And yes! This man is a piece of work, but them walls mayun! Slowly coming down. Ive never experienced anything like this before and I love it. And yes. Ive attempted to throw in the towel, and he has always used that logic for me to stay. He's the one to tell me to be patient with him. We've talked about children and marriage, Im only 22 and he's 25. So we understand we still wanna eat our cake. My Cap ain't goin nowhere! I love the challenge!

I'm a Scorpio woman whose split from her Leo husband and have recently met a Capricorn guy and I can't believe how well we connect with each other. The trouble is when he met me he'd also met another lady at about the same time and she is still in the 'picture' so we are just friends but I'm falling for him - I can't resist him.... He phones, texts and emails me and we've been out together quite a few times, nothing intimate has occurred which makes me think that their must be something on his part to 'hold him' to me.

I'm a passionate Scorpio woman mesmerized with a Capricorn man. He is my ideal lover but does not know how much I love him. I give him love and attention all that he needs most of all I am a typical classy woman... I understand his personality but I'm making sure he feels the same way about me. Everybody is saying be patient but being a Scorpio woman it not easy when you want something I know for sure us Scorpios when we want something we go for it and only time will tell if true love exists.

I'm a Scorpio woman working towards a relationship with a Capricorn man. He is very book smart and goal-oriented. I sometimes feel like what he's saying goes way over my head but despite that I find him fascinating and can listen to him for hours. We are both VERY reserved and have a hard time expressing our feelings to each other... (nothing a little alcohol doesn't fix). I hope as time goes on we become more comfortable with one another because our physical chemistry is intense.

I am a total Scorpio woman and I was involved for a long period of time with a Capricorn man. It might not be that long actually, a little over a year, but in that time I couldn't get his wall to come down. Now, I can be a very patient person when it comes to getting something that I want. We had chemistry and a certain comfort between us, but he was just out of a very chaotic relationship, and I just couldn't break that wall.

I had to throw in the towel cause I don't really have time to waste, especially when he couldn't even really let me know his feelings for me. (I wouldn't often hear through other people that he really liked me). Anyway, I had to end things, but I miss him. I hope he comes back and realizes there is something special between us. Here's to hoping.


I've only gone out with a Capricorn man and it lasted 7 weeks. At first he seemed like a perfect person, but I realized that he was just a charmer. I am a deep Scorpio and I am proud to say that I am one, but he made me feel like he was in charge all the time and we had to do everything his way. I DO NOT LIKE THAT! lol It turns out that he was soo insecure, he wouldn't trust me and I ended up not seeing any of my friends or barely seeing my own family (I even live with them!). I know that he was eyeing up some other girl, us Scorpios just know by our gut instinct, and it was right! I found out that a few months after, he's going out with her. I don't need to research, but I've got plenty of people who tell me things.

Personally I think Cancerians are good, mine lasted 8 months, but I was a bit young and vulnerable. I was wondering, if anyone Knows what a Taurean relationship is like, please can you tell me? thank you very much.

By the way, I cannot simply judge 100% just on my own experiences but enough to reassure myself, I am only 16.

I've meet this Capricorn guy, he is shy and doesn't like to show his true emotions, he hides then by acting like he's all that, yet he does it in a way were he is not cocky at all.

He came into my life is unexpectfully. at first glimpse he couldn't figure me out, and that made him want me even more, at my first glimpse of him I saw his true emotions and feelings in his eyes and wanted to just open him up because it seemed like I was the only one who realized that side of him.

The sex is great, all he cares about is my pleasure but wont admit it to anyone beside the two of us. I truly think I love this guy. I am usually a true swinger because I could read people very well and know who is full of it and who is not, me a true Scorpio girl.

Capricorn men really are worth the wait. They can be kind and sweet. I waited for a year and almost gave up, but one day he realized and came to me, I love him.

I never thought that I would be falling for one since I always thought that a Cancer man is the best. Not until recently I met this one Capricorn guy. I never pay any attention to him. He keeps on trying, but now when I gave him my 100% attention, it seems that he's carried away, hidden in his world. I've tried to reach him, to let him know that I care about him too.

I'm inspired when I read all the comments here. As a Scorpio women, I'm up to any challenge. I'll not give up until I win him back!

Capricorn guys are tough ones. Being a Scorpio I LOVE the challenge and it makes me want him even more. I know sometimes it's really hard for Scorpio to relate because we are overflowing with emotion but if you wanna know he cares you have to look at the little stuff. The way they are attentive to you when you are sick. The way they worry about you when you are out late etc. Capricorn Men may not jump up on a stage and proclaim their love for you, but it doesn't mean they don't care they show it in a different way than we do. Give them there space let them realize how much they are about you. I know its hard but just be patient they can be really surprising!

I've been knowing this Capricorn man for 3 and a half years now, and I feel there's still a mystery to him I don't know and I believe he feels the same way about me. when we're together we have good conversation and have GREAT sex! Technically we're not together but we are good friends. He is also very concerned about me, he has a sensitive side but at the same time he doesn't show it often. Sometimes he can be very indecisive too and I hate that about him. I think if we ever got together on a serious level we would make a dominating couple and learn much from each other. The Scorpio and Capricorn match is very successful on ALL levels!

My First love was a Scorpio so I know how intense it can be me being a Scorpio women can see through a caps eyes and they say a lot I am now dealing with a 30 something year old cap who's heart has been broken a couple of times an he's so bitter but since the day we met we've had this connection he an I both know that it can b something strong but are walls are up so hi were going to need a fork lift to pull us together wish me luck if its meant it will be if not he wasn't good enough

I met my Capricorn man again after dating in our teens. We are married and both in our 40's. we clash a lot, especially when he criticizes me, 4 something am doing wrong. I react very badly and the battles become royal. But the making up is also royal. In most cases he is right, no matter how in denial I want to be. He is filled with wisdom. But one thing is for sure, we still love each other very much and want to work at it as it is both our second marriages. We connect on a psychological and telepathic level, even when we make love it is explosive. I will have all the patience in the world as success is a key thing for him, and I know am equally important as he loves me. Will never change or replace my Capricorn man. Patience is the key word and you will definitely live happily forever till death do you part. From a 100% Scorpio woman.

I just recently got out of a relationship with a Capricorn man and well im really sad because he's such a great guy and im very impatient being a Scorpio woman and anyway we still have feelings for each other but he says he's not ready but I guess I'll have to wait because I really like this guy and he's so book smart and funny and REALLY intelligent but he doesn't express how he feels about me all we talk about is our breakup and I feel like a moron but I guess he's totally worth the wait!!! but what do I know im only 16!! lol I hope he's ready to date me soon!!

I'm a very sexual Scorpio woman. I've recently started dating a gorgeous Capricorn male. He's extremely mysterious but definitely great in bed and the mystery sort of keeps things fun. But he is very stubborn, as am I which tends to make us clash at times. But the sexual chemistry is just AMAZING, I've never felt like such a nymph in my life! haha

I have just really encountered a Capricorn man, and to be honest its so amazing. To have a partner that understands my vision without explanation. To be in a room with someone and damn near hear their thoughts. When we make love its mind-blowing. What really means a lot to me is the challenge felt in and out of the bedroom. We Scorpio's have a HIGH sex drive along with ambition, determination, focus and passion. I have realized with him, we make ONE hell of a team! So yes, be patient and enjoy, aren't challenges what we live for???

I HAVE BEEN MARRIED TO THIS Capricorn GUY for 5 yrs , I am a Scorpio women , its an arranged marriage he is 30 and I am 29 since the day we got engaged I am still waiting him to change , he is very practical , very dominating and not at all emotional , I have tried leaving him but for my child I am still with him , I have a 2yrs old kid . He is very stubborn , and he says the same to me , he is not at all expressive . at times I feel he doesn't love , he is busy in his business and hardly talks to me about himself or about me , he hates to chat and learn about my things ...I wonder when my days would change ...a Scorpio woman who wants her Capricorn hubby to fall in love with her, any tips ?

Just got recently hooked up to a Cap man and am hypnotized. Am a Scorp gal and when he first began to pursue me I was just pushing him off. He persisted and told me he's never pursued a woman more than once if she refused but with me, he strongly felt there was something he was looking for. Since then, its been fireworks, he sings his love for me every night and day I can hardly sleep, he's taken me to worlds I never imagined any man could take me and he's the first man I've said 'I love you' to with sincerity just two days after chatting. I can tell you that a Scorpio woman is all a Capricorn man needs. I thought the subject of babies and marriage would take long and having read about the need to be patient told myself to expect it later. But oops, within the wink of an eye, he talked babies and has proposed to marry in the next 6 months! This is a great relationship.

Im a Scorpio woman have a wonderful cap male friend. he's very expressive with me tells me his thoughts weakness and strengths maybe because im his friend. he's having relationship problems I'm their for him to help him through. wonderful kind and sensitive man. we are somewhat intimate but I don't want anything seriously. he's worth much more to me as a friend.

I met my cap guy online. thru a dating website. He approached me and since then we've been in touch. In contact thru sms only. he barely comes online to chat or email. he keeps on telling me he is interested and does compliment me often too and has also said so far I am the only girl he is talking too. I need to initiate msgs and then it goes on forever. but its just not going to the next level. like phone calls. its going too slow n m really loosing patience. I kinda doubt if he is really interested or is just playing around. he sounds genuine though... pls help

I met my cap in a supermarket - he only started to speak to me after 8 years of following me down every queue in the store ( I actually started to speak to him) - after that, he was the one that kept on making contact. All he can talk about now is his money. I do not know if I could be very patient any more, when I want to make contact, he can't! And then when I'm patient, he comes after me. I do not believe that I am fit for this games - I just want my life to be open and straight forward - I wonder will my Capricorn lover ever leave his wife for me? (sex is great - would prefer it to be a bit more aggressive)

8 years?! Damn. And I thought my wife took a long time shopping! Sorry I couldn't resist. Joking aside why are you with him? It sounds like you aren't that taken with him plus he's married. If you're going to settle for that you might as well find someone with some massive chemistry and at least really enjoy that side of things.

Anyhow speaking as a Capricorn man I can't imagine leaving my Scorpio wife but if I did it would have to be for someone pretty amazing and not for the lukewarm relationship you describe with this man

I'm with a Capricorn man and im a Scorpio woman. everything about our relationship is intense and nothing ive ever experienced before. most definitely the best person ive been with, I intend to keep it that way.

Oh my gosh--A mutual friend introduced me and this Capricorn guy to each other. When we finally got alone, he was so aloof around me, but he was straight forward about it and told me he found me that attractive--huge turn on, even though I already knew why he was stammering. A couple of weeks later our relationship got really intense. He told me all his secrets, yet he liked that I'm a bit mysterious. I'm a "good girl", so when I let him see a glance of what I could offer him, I thought he was going to die... And him--he's a bit on the nerdy side, so when he starts really getting into something he enjoys talking about, it's all I can do to sit still...He gets so animated and passionate...I interrupted one of his talks one night with our first kiss...Surprisingly enough, I heard no complaints ;)

I am a very black and white Scorpio and I have been dating a very social and logical thinking Capricorn. And WOW! he is the logic I need in my dreamer like mind. Every time I get upset about something he finds a way to make it sound as if I'm blowing things out of proportion. I love love love him. But I wish he had better arguing tactics instead of throwing insults as a defense mechanism.

Im Scorpio with Capricorn very tough but im really crazy to be with him in bed I want him very bad he make my mind blow up like crazy

I met a Capricorn guy 8years ago but he was married, we had an affair purely sex for 6/7 weeks then I never saw him again after that, well I found him online last week (he divorced now 3 years) and we have been talking for hours everyday, he told me today he actually missed me so much and he flying in to the uk next month to come and see me, being the Scorpio woman I am I cant stop thinking about him, the sex was explosive and im thinking about him all the time, im so excited and nervous ill keep u all updated, 8 years ive waited for him!!!!

I've been with a Capricorn man for about 4 years on and off. He's married, and going trough a divorce now. We are both very much in love but he really takes his time and I have to learn to wait and be patience. Very hard for me since I'm a true Scorpio, I'm very determined and he just analyzes things too much. I'm very much in love with him and our chemistry is wild. I want to wait for him and don't think that I'll ever love like I love my capi. Also he is very JEALOUS, and insecure, but I really don't mind that. If he gives me the chance I will be there for the rest of my life.

I have been seeing my cap for 2 years now, and it's been a very slow-moving relationship but the most meaningful relationship I have ever had. I'm a Scorpio woman, he's a Capricorn man, we both have moon in Cancer so we are very compatible as far as communication and expression goes. It didn't come easy (he took an entire year to tell me he loved me) He's not a man of many words, but when he does open up, I can trust his word. He's a man that's focused on his career/schooling so we're not 'officially' together but I know that he is not seeing anyone else. I think Scorpio women are good for caps because we see thru that tough facade that they put up, and we love them as they are, flawed & all. It can definitely be frustrating, and there have definitely been times I've wanted to throw in the towel.. but he's a good man and he makes me happy. I've learned patience from him, and I've learned to live in the moment. I secretly hope to marry this man...

When my Capricorn man finally told me he loved me, I melted into his arms and almost began to cry. It had been four months since we started talking/seeing each other casually, but I was mesmerized from the moment I met him. He was just so smooth, so cool and collected. I could see he had a barrier up and I was determined to break it down. I knew we were meant to be together, but he wanted to remain friends. He said "I'm not really sure what I want."

I was ready to throw in the towel several times, but never did. There was something about him that always kept me coming back for more. The physical chemistry was amazing, even to this day. Our minds are in the same place and on the same level even though he's five years older than me (him, 24 and me, 19).

Being a Scorpio, I've always felt like I have an old soul, and despite my young age, I see a lifelong partner in this Cap. We moved in together a week after he confessed his love for me and have been happy ever since. Unfortunately, he isn't well versed in Scorpio women (I believe I'm the first he's ever dated and he doesn't really understand the concept of astrology), but I can tell that he's not going anywhere and this is exactly the kind of partner that Scorpio women need.

Trust me ladies. When they break down the barrier, they are definitely a keeper :) I'm still working on some aspects of his glass wall, but overall, I'd say this relationship is rock solid. It's definitely slow-moving, but some Cap men are so reassuring, they stop you dead in your tracks from leaving them. It's absolutely breathtaking to me and I hope you all are able to experience such a fantastically meaningful relationship in your lifetimes.

After reading all of the responses I must say WOW! I was dating an Aries man and I thought that was who I was most attracted to. But we separated but still talk... I recently moved and he happens to have a cousin who is a Cancer man that stays in my area. I have been talking to him and I just feel so confident that he is the one. I had came out a few days ago and told him how I felt about him. We ended up having sex 2 days later.... Some boyfriends made me feel weird after sex - like shy or bashful - but with him I was so open happy lets just show iay I feel so comfortable around him. B4 sex we talked about the fact that I was dating his cousin and I expressed that it had been eating me up too but I told him that's why I felt I had to tell him how I felt because that was the past and how I feel for him is too strong to let just be a thought in my head.... But me being the strong Scorpio woman I am feel like maybe I am too forward and to ready and I don't want to feel like that with him nor do I wanna scare him away... OOOHHH And the sex was so good not just because the sex was good but I had other feelings rambling inside of me which made the sex even better... His touch his laugh omg I cant take it.... This is the morning after the sex so my head is so messed up wondering what is he thinking how does he feel about me please any Cancer men respond so I can know. Do u think we could have a relationship and work past the fact that I used to date his cousin which they just met each other because I moved out here and the Aries found him for me to make sure I know someone in my new neighborhood. And that's crazy because its like he brought us 2 gether..... but I want the Cancer man so bad to myself around me all day I know he liked me and the sex was good to him too I could tell by his body language and talk but I wanna know what is he thinking now should I call him or what someone please respond to me to ensure that I don't mess this up.....

to the lady who wants her husband to fall for her...he's your husband and he will want control no matter what at some point...but do you take notice in the things he likes...and ADD to them? that's a start, or you could just do your own thing its up to you. But since it was an arranged marriage he will probably want TOTAL control because he didn't get to CHOOSE you. I know being a Scorpio u are sensitive and emotional and committed but you to attracted each other for a reason. You should try reading about the law of attraction.. (the secret) then go from there...(google it)

im a Scorpio woman and I live with a Capricorn man and I must say its the best, we are best friends till the end threw good and bad

To the lady with the arranged marriage.. I nearly missed that post, only noticed it due to the reply above.. You could do a lot worse than to get a relationship reading from the guy who runs this website. I got one with my Gemini bf who used to drive me NUTS but now i know what makes him tick it's a lot easier to deal with. The info in that package would let you seduce your man in the same way if that was your goal.. trust me, if it works on an INSANE gemini a nice mild Cappy should be easy..

hi Scorpio women how you all doing? I am a Capricorn man 26 and there is this Scorpio woman 25, and I need help how get this get her to fall in love with me , I think I in love with we try once but I it only lasted for about a week but we still talk and lime now and then she is 100% Scorpio woman and I trying all kind of thinks to get in her good books but something always go wrong, I like her a lot and I want her more that anything ,so I started leaning about Scorpio woman what they like and don't that is why I am one this web page , help me win her love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Capricorn and must say the relationship is very intense!! The emotions we go through is something I have never experienced. Sometimes I feel like she don't care about me and then the next thing I know she tells me that she loves me and then she will ignore me. It has been very hard being in the relationship and not knowing where it stands. I'm just trying to hold on and believe when she say she loves me but it seems everything I do or say makes her mad. I'm just really confused about everything and then I read the horoscopes that say we are meant to be. Still confused.....

I am a Scorpio woman and he's a Capricorn, should I go after him or just wait for him to make the next move.

Well I am a Scorpio woman who loves a Capricorn man. YES, this is a very complicated but exciting relationship. PAIENCE is the absolute key here. Cappy man are very hard to read and understand at times and take forever in letting you in. I have been off and on with one for about a year now. Onetime, he professed his love and that's it but he does take care of me. Just one confusing relationship but us Scorpios are sooo drawn to the cappy men. Its rough ladies, the only thing I can say is just try to with all of your heart to be PATIENT...these guys move slow like turtles.

I am a Scorpio woman, who has recently split from a Capricorn man. This confident man was full of wisdom and great pride. The times we spent together made me very proud. The bond seems to grow even now. Scorpio women, if u are thinking about joining with this goat, be ready to battle. The relationship will be full of simple little thrills. Scorpio woman, u have met your match.

Yes the Capricorn man is one if not the hardest man that I have ever come up against. I am a true Scorpio woman 45 in the making and he is 50. If you want to know the real deal just ask me. We are both head strong. He is a old school man who have a lot of fears and insecurities about himself. I am self contained and I do not need anyone to approve of what it is I feel about myself.

Where that is where the problem comes in. He is always criticizing me and when he attacks me he crucifies me until I am screaming at the tops of my lungs. I have always been soft spoken and patient but not with this one. Not good for the health. If anyone believes that negative battles are the key to a loving relationship than that is on you. I have left him several times. We have been together for 10 months and of course he gave me a ring in 6 months but the ring has no value. It is only there so he can keep the men off me. I can go real deep with this but I am going to leave with this. Relationship are hard but you want to be with someone who feels good about themselves. If you are in a constant battle with them then you need to re evaluate the situation and see if this is something you want to do for ever. I believe things can get better with time but how much time do you have to wait?

I met my Capricorn man for the first time 6 years ago, and knew instantly he was the one for me. I melted at how handsome he was and when smiled at me I fell in love. The only problem was he was in a relationship and I refused to be a home wrecker or some guys side hookup. I remained in friendly contact with him however, but every chance we spoke he'd say to me "I'm going to make you my wife". I stood my ground and always refused him, because I was so afraid of the feelings he gave me. 6 months ago I needed a friend and after not speaking for quite sometime, he was the first person I called. I built up the courage to actually go to his home and have dinner, to find out that he was single and living alone. To make a long story short two days later I moved in and haven't left or plan on it! THE GREATEST LOVER I'VE EVER KNOWN. And no it didn't happen on the first night it happened on the 3rd LOL. I'm in love love love love love. And he was right absolutely right about me becoming his wife!

Just recently met a Capricorn man and I have to say, yes he was a little reserved, but at the same point now "he" seems to be the one that's hooked. Granted he's a bit of a brat and I like that. However I AM for the most part a die hard Scorpio woman, although I am not the jealous type. You either like me or you don't. And it honestly doesn't make a difference to me. I'd read a lot of different horoscopes on which sign matches best with a Scorpio woman. Honestly not every horoscope is the same. You may at times find that you work best with a sign that you shouldn't be matched with. I guess it all depends on the person. Yes as Scorpio women we ARE very patient and by far the best lovers of the horoscope. However if you really like someone, let it be known. Don't let little things such as these horoscopes and even comments on horoscope signs, get in the way of what you want. And if "he", whatever sign he may be, surely likes you, he will come to you. One thing true that can be said about ALL men, is that if they want something, they will grab it AND make it known. And if he doesn't grab the "prize", eg. us women, then it is his loss, not ours. We ALL deserve to be treated like Princesses and it will happen. It just may not happen when we want it to, or in that perfectly wrapped pink lace we wanted. ;) Stay beautiful girls and stay STRONG!

I am a Scorpio woman. I have dated this Capricorn guy for about three months. He was so perfect and brought out the best in me. We talked about a future together and has a wonderful time together. and the sex.. well, it was Fantastic!!!...all of a sudden he decide to break off the relationship with me....Ever since, I have been heartbroken. It has been a month and a half now and it seems like last week... I still love him and would do anything to get him back...he is one in a million and a wonderful lover...

I am a Capricorn guy trying to win over a Scorpio girl. You see, me and my work friends go out to a bar after work, late night once a week. We have been usual there now for the last 2 years. And we get the same waitress, always so she knows us a bit. She is the girl I am trying to win over. I actually used to kind of know her in high school, but it was nothing really, we were never even friends back then or anything. But she is ridiculously gorgeous and I've really grown to like her. I even asked her for her facebook and to my surprise she gave it to me. But the problem is I am too shy and reserved and all my friends tell me I should just forget about it. I'm also afraid of the awkwardness that would follow, if she were to say no, if I just straight up asked her out since we are usuals at the bar there and I see her every week. If anyone has any real advise for me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks: shy cappy!

I had no idea Cap and Scorp were a good match until I met mine. Now I'm on here investigating the Scorpio Capricorn connection. Me being the scorp woman that I am lol.

I am so amused from reading these posts because so many describe us. I resisted this cap man. I would tell him no we can't see each other for one reason or another and he loved the challenge and didn't back off. Then we seen one another a few times and had great sex but there's way more to us than that. Then I start worrying about certain situations he is in and I tell him no we can't do this. and he says please don't do this. Then I end up texting/calling him back because I miss him so much. I love his heart. I really don't know how it will turn out, but I do know I love the cap/scorp connection and reading others is proof that I'm not imagining!

I've (Scorpio female) been seeing a Capricorn man for the past 3 and a half months now. It all happened very suddenly, as I did not plan it at all. He is still in a relationship with another lady, which doesn't really bother me too much. I know that he has strong feelings towards me and whenever I need anything, he will try his best to make it happen. Yes, the sex is absolutely amazing and I must admit, that I have started falling for him. When I told him my feelings, he was kind of startled and ever since, our relationship has intensified. We almost speak or txt daily. Even he hasn't told me, that he loves me yet, I can feel it and see it in his actions! I once called it a day, as I never expected to fall for a guy, who already is in a relationship. But he soon was after me again. what can I do? I just love him too much! He gets jealous, when he see's me with male friends he doesn't know. He wants to be number one but I am not going to remain his lover, if there wi ll be no changes in the future. Even though I am willing to wait a little longer...The cover up plan is slowly falling apart. I guess some of his friends have checked out what is going on, even when in public, I am the one to be very cool and he is the one always approaching me, looking for my attention. We where all out (we have many of the same friends) last weekend, even his girlfriend was there too! He kept calling me over, as he wanted me to be near. He didn't care much about his girlfriend, who he has been seeing for 2 years now. I felt very embarrassed and I just ignored him and continued chatting and dancing with our friends. He followed me into the toilet and kissed me (we both needed it!). When it was my turn to leave, he waved at me big time and said in front of everybody, that he would call me in 20min. He had never lost control the way I saw him that night. He eventually came to my house an hour later and told me, that he is crazy for me. So he better leave that boring old (friendly) fart! Can anyone advise me??? lol

I met my cap when I was about 11 or 12 he was like 16 and we been friends since then but then I found someone else a Aries men and I couldn't think for a second that I can go on with out my cap he always been there even when I did that stupid decision now im 17 and were back together and I honestly don't know how I went on so long without his hugs his kisses his touch (we talked while I was with the Aries men but he treated me different like I was shit and I understood him I broke his heart when all he ever did was love me ) but I didn't noticed it till I truly lost him and at that moment I knew that without him im nothing.

im a Scorpio and honestly Scorpios and Capricorn men are the best compatible friends or mates . they understand each other mostly when the woman is strong and tell him what she likes or dislikes other wise the male will go on hiding his feelings keeping everything to him self. when all he needs is someone to talk too and to always listen to him.

WOW, reading these comments is like hearing my situation. I am currently dating a cap guy and I am I true scorp. He too was involved with a woman. He kept assuring me that they are breaking up but im not the one to come second to anyone. I love him to death. I love his touch, his smile, his sex and I love the way I feel when we are together. Never, have I experienced this feeling before and its great. It took him a minute to warm up to me and to start expressing his feelings but it was worth the wait. I constantly told myself that I cant do this cause he had a woman but I kept falling back in the trap. I was happy to find out that they were not together anymore, now the only thing now the keeps us from really being together is that we live in two different states.

When I met my Scorpio woman, I had no idea how intense it would be. It started off rough, because I kept up the "wall." But, after I let it down I was amazed to find how much chemistry we have. We're both crazy in the bedroom and perfect for each other. I've never felt anything as good as this.

I met a Capricorn male online. I am a Scorpio woman. we chatted for about 2 weeks constantly -we met he 2nd week--immediately having sex couldn't help my self the attraction was so strong and I would have never dreamed I would do that with any man!--as I opened up to him and got him to go deep- like scuba-diving in his emotions. he cracked wide open ..openly confessed that he loves me- although he is married. says that its over just their for his son-we have had sex twice and I am hooked its like the planets aligned and I am longing for more.. hes so gentle and shy-I want him to be more authorities- I have loved him in the beginning of our chats after meeting.. sex.. i am smitten...he says he would never leave his wife he's comfortable and for the kid. says they have no sex..i believe him. can I wait or enjoy the marvelous sex...he says he feels alive and so much passion. I am recently separated and waiting for my divorce and I have 3 kids youngest 7 yrs old...should I enjoy this fling/affair or call it quits which I have tried and he told me he wanted me...still needed me in his or not. he feels guilt about having cheated...I have met his son. many times and I love him to pieces. he lets me hold and kiss him..hes 2yrs old...what am I too do. I want to help his life-he has his own business. my goals are not as lofty as his I just want to see him succeed and have good success. and try new things. I/we need to decide will we follow our hearts/soul/spirit or our rational minds...I want him to choose me. I am from a different race than he...but our comfort and ease with one another is so great....more advice please help...I am falling hard for this man! -the intriguing Scorpio woman-..oh he's 41 and I am 33..

I am a strong Scorp woman. My Cap man and I like so many others on this post have years of history but our situation is much different. We met in our early 20's and he was a hustler but not in a low-life creep sort of way. True to Capricorn form he treated it like a business and he was at the top of his game, becoming a multi-millionaire. Being a Scorpio woman I'm not the type to be with someone for profit and he tried to impress me with his flashy cars, houses, jewelry etc. but I didn't care however I was SO drawn to him as a person. He was this serious street personality but he was an absolute teddy bear when we were together.

I broke it off for the obvious reasons, he was caught up in 'the life' and I didn't want to deal with what comes along with it: the trouble, the danger, the women etc etc etc but I always had a place for him.

I heard about him a lot over the years but never bothered to check in on him. Needless to say he contacted me 4 years later and SUPRISE he's in jail...ugh. He is Federal prison for being the head of a drug organization but its SO crazy because I swear he is more than what meets the eye. He is so intelligent, so well rounded, but he is so real at the same time. Men in that life are never supposed to 'snitch' and he received a harsher sentence because he refused to me crazy but the Scorpio in me melts over that kind of loyalty and 'integrity'.

I've grown to become a very successful woman who doesn't need any man to support me and so for me its absolutely mind boggling that I am even dealing with someone who is in jail. I can't believe it! But for all you ladies that deal with already know there is nothing typical about them. He is so authorities, so direct, and so passionate when he speaks its intoxicating to me. How can he seem so vanilla but be so dynamic...he excites me like no other.

Of course we are not intimate now but we were years ago, it was explosive and I can only imagine how it would be now that we have these strong feelings for one another. His indictment reads like a novel and so he has asked me to write his book and I like that this project is bringing a talent out of me that I have always known I possessed. I don't know what the ending will be for us but I do know this is a true out of body experience...I have never felt this way about anyone and trust I have loved long and hard in my lifetime.

This is textbook Scorpio to find the hardest situation in the world to deal with (and find a way to conquer it)...ugh.

I am a Scorpio woman and have to say there have been a few influential men in my life journey not always physical just good friends only one became truly physical. I never realized it but they were all Capricorns hmmmmm......just circumstance or is there really something to it......

Im' a die hard Scorpio girl- I've just got out abusive relationship with my cappy he put me thur hell with his babymama drama. He wanted to still be with her & want me to himself typical Capricorn beside's that I loved everything about him. The controlling part I love a "real man" his jealous ways made me feel secure. he wanted to own.

Now I've met another Capricorn guy I can admit I put him thur a lot of ropes I never return his texts or calls I hate to show signs of weakness to men after two months I decided to go out with him OMG everything was so intense & passionate I must say Capricorns & Scorpios are a good match they fall for each other easily I can't wait to see more of cappy

Hi all, the last time I wrote about me and my cap-man was approx. 2 months ago. My cap was still in another relationship when we met (5 months ago). I was devastated, but I tried so hard to be patient and to stay positive. I was falling for him more and more day by day. My friends tried to warn me and advised me not to keep my hopes high, as he was still in a relationship. In all, I never felt any jealousy towards his girlfriend at all and I tried not to be influenced by the opinion of others. So I stayed putt, even though at times I wanted to bail out, believe me! I never pressured him about his now ex-girlfriend, as I always felt that he adored me. But one day I just couldn't hold back my patience any longer and I told him about the way I felt about our situation. I let him know, that I no longer was able to continue under such conditions. He got really upset and we didn't talk for 3 days, which seemed like 3 weeks to me. My heart was bleeding. Then we met up and t talked. After 5 months of our relationship he then finally told me, that he loves me! That was a really difficult test.

He still is living with his Ex, but we are planning to move together in October. He sleeps at my house almost every single night anyway.

I just can't believe it, I feel like in heaven! This is my biggest love so far.

So girls, follow your hearts and don't stop believing!

hello ladies, and a few men out there. Yes, I am a true Scorpio, I love it. I thought it was just difficult for me and my cap, but I guess they do put up this wall. I always feel it when im around him. I just want him to know that im always there for him, I want him. But I don't know if I can wait forever, how long is forever? We have AMAZING sexual chemistry, I know he feels something more. But he just shuts me down. Should I wait? or explore other signs.

Truly and honestly a Match mate in Heaven(: Our love will never die , very passionate and very sexual my Scorpio guy is extremely sexy and in bed is explosive !!!!! Woooooah .

Im a 35 yr old Scorpio that has recently moved to a new state and met a 37yr old cap. First, I would like to say that when I first met him I felt instantly connected to him. We have only been seeing each other a month now and we have discussed marriage and children. He has a daughter that is 7, and I have a daughter that is 18. I like him a lot but I think that he is very insecure and a bit controlling that I DON"T agree with. On one hand, I feel that he is my soul mate and then on the other hand, I wanna just bail out on him because of his controlling ways, plus after all these years....... I think I may be pregnant by him...... I told him about it and he seems very reserved about the whole situation, not a lot of emotion.

I'm a young cap and I haven't had too many encounters with Scorpio women (at least to my knowledge). But there was this ONE girl that I met one random night at a random party and I think she just might have been a Scorpio! She fits the description down to the T.

I noticed her as soon as I walked in the door, and even though she was across the room filled with people she managed to stand out quite well. She had long, silky, jet black hair, fair skin, and these BEATIFULLL, piercing, crystal blue eyes!! She was sheer beauty, and had bangin body too lol. She was a dime piece and was driving all the guys crazzyyy!

Me being a typical insecure shy cap, I took one glance at her and gave up all hope lol! But as the night went on my friend just so happened to strike up a convo with her and the second he called me over we had such a strong attraction towards each other! And once we started talking, like magnets, this extremely strong connection naturally fell into place! We got lost in admiration for each other and oh my gosh it was just intoxicating, sparks were flyin! literally. We were just fascinated by each other, and just over small talk!? And the cool part was that she could see right through that wall of mine! But just for fun I'd throw it right back up jus so she could catch that mysterious side of me too lol, and she was eating it up!! lol

She was very mysterious as well, I couldn't really explain it, she just had this mystical way about her... But here's the weird part, she had a boyfriend, and yet she was still seducing every guy in sight. She'd be floating from one guy to the next showing off how irresistible she was and then she'd tell them she had a boyfriend, what's up with that? I could tell she was a girl who knew exactly how to get what she wanted but and it was like a game to her or something, she was trying to strip them of their love for her or something? And we caps are pretty good at reading in between the lines too, but man I've never witnessed anything like that before...But she didn't treat me like just another pawn as she did with the other guys, I could tell she really liked me. Anyway I was lovin it, she was such a mystery! She also happened to gauck at me in a very peculiar way. Being a cap I'm kinda use to people (especially girls) just staring at me and trying to figure me out or whatever but she was like blown away, swaying back and forth and just seemed kinda mesmerized, AND SHE WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME! LOL I don't think she realized what she was doing for she was a little tipsy but if she wasn't soo adorable I prolly woulda been a little creeped out lol but it was cute...

And man oh man, when I saw her out on the dance floor it was so hypnotic watching her move to the music, I can't explain it she just owned the music like no other. I finally worked up the nerve to approach her on the dance floor and omg I was SOO NERVOUS AND INSECURE but I knew I had to do it lol but once I got behind her..OMGGG!!!! IT WAS LIKE MAGIC!!! I had never experienced such an amazing sensation, and just from dancing?!? I was in a trance!! But it only lasted a few seconds!!! She finally and

regrettably told me that she had a boyfriend, and I told her simply "ohhhh I really don't care at this point" hahaha, I mean seriously I was in HEAVEN!!! But then she told me again and that I should probably leave.. I slowly felt the mood slipping away, but I wanted a better reason then that to leave for we were only just dancing. So I made it easy on her and asked her if he'd try to fight me, she hesitated and said "yea" (complete lie) but I didn't care, I didn't know this girl and I didn't wanna cause any problems for her. So I did the respectable thing and made a be line for the door and left...and that's the last I saw of her...I didn't even get a number, and I can't remember if we even if we even exchanged names??

I think about her almost everyday now.. I've never fell for someone so fast like I did with her...I even exclaimed to everyone that I was going to marry her..this girl that I didn't even know?!? That's NOT common for a cap to say and

she accepted the compliment with pleasure, and she knew I was somewhat serious.

But man was I wrong for giving up so easily? Did she really care that much about her boyfriend or was she just being loyal?? Did she also feel the connection as strong as I did? Why did she tell me to leave? Was she just testing me to see if I'd try harder? Is it possible that she also thinks of me too?? I NEED ANSWERS!! What should I have done differently? Did being gentleman backfire on me?

i've been dating a Capricorn man for about a year now. I have never been in a relationship as intense as this emotionally and sexually and the chemistry is amazing. and that's a lot for me because I am a Scorpio girl. I know this relationship will last for a long time. once you know how to communicate with each other and tell each other everything (well almost everything ;D .) and break those walls down you will we just fine.

I have been seeing a Scorpio man, at first I thought he was a good guy but things arent able to work out because I have 2 kid to a previous relationship, I decided to just see him every now and then for fun, but it still feels like a relationship because he lives like ten mins from my I want to totally end it completely because..i found out that during the time we were together he was already with someone else..i have proved for myself that he is noting but a player...their background and upbringing is important to..

Yes, my cappy man is definitely a real piece of work. WORK being the operative word. But hey, I wouldn't be a Scorpio woman if I wasn't up for the challenge. Only because to have the heart and connection with this wonderful man is worth it to me.

In love maybe lust with a Capricorn man. I am a Scorpio woman and I met a Capricorn man at work. I recall him pursuing me with suttle flirts and comments (nothing tasteless). Our relationship picked up quickly despite the fact that we were both married to other people. I was working on a separation and he was married with benefits. I'd never had an affair before so I really didn't know how to gauge things but I did fall hard for him. I pushed back and ended the affair after a few months. (It was an amicable breakup) I know that I ended things because my feelings grew so fast for him, independent of the extramarrital stuff. I really fell for him. I beleive that he fell for me too but there was no real way to know. So I did the only thing I could and end things. You know the saying if you love something set it free...I wonder did he really care for's been a short time since we last spoke I often wonder about he and his family are doing? do es he miss me? does he love me? did he ever? As a Scorpio woman I can admit that I think of him often and fondly. And I did and always will love him.

I had a Capricorn boyfriend and I'm a scopio.He has never confessed to me but we are in deep love. He left me twice for his family but now he is trying to make up. He will never talk first but always wants me to start. When I try to speak to him I get nervous and now its been 3 months we haven't talked.I can feel the love between us but what should I do to make a patch up?

I'm a Scorpio Woman who just started dating a Capricorn Man and I'm so excited and nervous because I know what I want..him. I can see that it will require a great deal of patience from me as he moves slow but I love how supportive and appreciative he is with me. He is truly an extraodinary person. This will be my ultimate test of my patience.

I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend is a Capricorn man. he is the kindest sweetest man I know. I feel like I have known him forever. Our conversations just flow and my comfort with him is that of a childs favorite blankey. he is always attentive and concerned about my well being. He can't stand for me to be cold, sad or scared. He is the sweetest man I know. I am so sad that he is married and his wife is ill. He deserves to have love and pamper his wife. I pray to god that his wife will get better and they can reconnect as I know it is hard that he has to be her caregiver instead of her partner and best friend. I am married to a Virgo but man if I was single I would seek out a Capricorn male as it is such a soulful connection on every single level. MY god Cappy's are sooo pampering. I LOVE that!!! In this life I will stick by my unattentive Virgo. hehe

I`ve met some Scorpio women (probably eight or nine) and they were very hot and sexy. It`s impossible but every girl, who wanted to date me, was Scorpio...

It seems that Scorpio women and Capricorn men can be a good match.

I`ve also some male Scorpio friends, but they are different than female Scorpio.

Generally Scorpio people are okay.


Capricorn man.

I had a cap man in my life for 4 1/2 years, it just ended this past september, best 4 1/2 years of my life, I have been really since, I think about him everyday, I know I had a great impact on his life and he had a great impact on mine, life-changing, we both have told each other that the reason we are where we are in our lives today are because of each other, I really believe that it would've lasted if he wasn't so paranoid and would just trust me! he never trusted me for one second, that was the problem with our relationship, he was too cautious, i'm always loyal to the people I love and would never hurt him, but for some reason he always believed that I had bad intentions behind everything and that I was playing games with him when I never did any such thing, he never believed me, i'm 90% sure it was because of his past relationships, specifically the previous girl before me, she was beyond crazy and I don't think he ever mentally recovered from that,i know he lov es me but he ended it in september saying that it was better we never talked again because in the future it'll cause a lot of problems

i hope one day he comes back :-( I know he's the one for me

I am a true Scorpio woman!! I met a Capricorn man a little over a week ago. The funny thing is that I wasn't looking for him or anyone. After trying the online dating thing for a while (horrible experience), I had deleted my profile and focused on work for a couple weeks. I was out with my girlfriends, minding my own business, when I was approached by him. I gave him my number and went out with him and his friends the next night! I know it was early, but we have great chemistry and we've slept together!!! The sex is great, but YES, I can see that he wants to take things slow! My patience is being tested to the limit! I've already drunk texted him and I hope I haven't ruined it!! I need advice! He's 4 years younger than me, so this too is a first for me HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!

Im a Scorpio woman and I had a capicorn man fall in love with me but then I dumped him. Big mistake now he is so stubborn I wonder if he's still thinks of me. I told him I need time for myself. im waiting for him and being very patient. im in love with him but I may love myself more. For that reason is why I broke it off. but I told him to wait for me but will he?

I'm a die hard Scorpio lady. I met this cappy guy about a year ago.

Initially, we rarely even noticed each other. A few months later, we became good friends who turned into best friends within the next few months. We both were afraid of harming our relationship in result of rejection or getting hurt!

But we took the step and we've been together for past few months.

The way I've developed my love for him and he has started unfolding himself is beautiful. It's a wonderful relationship. Mature, realistic and pure. I hope it lasts for as long as it can!

Wow, I really didn't know this horoscope crap really worked but its all very very true. I'm a Capricorn man in a relationship with a Cancer woman but deeply in love with a Scorpio woman me and her barley meet and she already told me she loved me after a week and honestly I felt the same way. she is fiesty like the signs say and we've gotten in fights but ive always won her back with my words, shes just sensitive gets mad easy but I love her to death I can talk to her on the phone for hours I knew something was there so I looked online and my situation and feelings are the same on here. its crazy but im glad I looked into it. the sex is fucking amazing also its strange how certain people can worked out better than others based on when you were born. I am a workaholic also and I guess I do put up a wall but I express my feelings the best that I can shes the best sex ive ever had and I really hope to marry this girl. I love you marie <3.

Scorpio female here! My boyfriend (Capricorn male) and I have been on and off for about 2 1/2 - 3 years now (monstly throughout college). The first time we dated he wouldn't open up so I gave up and ended the relationship. We worked together so I still saw him everyday... And everyday was torture! I still had feelings for him and was completely mezmorized. I never knew if he felt the same way. We got back together after a really amazing day at the beach with some friends. The sex was amazing! Reguardless if we had been broken up I knew that day that I had fallen in love with him. I saw him everyday and we had the same friends so I was still able to continue to get to know him and at least try to be his friend no matter how hard and hurtful it was. I swallowed my Scorpio pride. We broke up for the second time because yet again he had trouble opening up to me. My thinking at the time was that if someone really cared they would let you in completely...And boy was I wro ng about my Capricorn! This was the worst break-up of all break-up's! I didn't speak to him for almost four months...And we still worked together. I finally worked up the courage to talk to him one day at work and settle things, but he was even more reserved than before. He was a stone wall and I was puzzled! We were on okay terms when we both moved back to our hometowns after college. We said hi on facebook every now and then but that was about it. About nine months went by after moving home when he mentioned to me that my favorite band (Massive Attack) was having a show in Miami where he lived. To his surprise I already knew they were touring and told him that he should skip the Miami showing and come to the Orlando one with me instead...And he said YES! He came to visit me and the sparks were still there. I fell in love with him all over again. That was the best weekend ever. We talked about everything that had happened between us, and for the first time he finally opened up to me. He told me the whole time that we were broken up that he thought about me everyday. He told me that he wanted to work on things and that he wanted to be with me. Two weeks later I saw him for my birthday. We had another great weekend together. I finally worked up the courage to tell him that I was in love with him...And he in returned told me he loved me just as much. We have been back together for a while now and it has been amazing. After three years of waiting I finally got the commitment that I have longed for. Although we have been long distance... We finally got an apartment together and I am moving to Miami to be with him so we can start our life together. I have never been so happy. He is the most amazing person. I love how serious he is, and how he puts a realistic view to my idealistic way of thinking. He is incredibly smart and ambitious. He is very romantic and an amazing lover. He is super possessive but I love that because it makes me feel secure and lets me know that he cares. I've waited so long for this but it was well worth the wait! By far the best relationship I have ever had. Capricorn men are a good catch!

I'm in love with my cap.... We have been married for 2 years and only dated for 6 months befor we got hitched.... We r now on our first kid and I couldn't imagine anyone better.. Yes I am very hard headed and so is he but together we make compromises and and couldn't see ourselves with anyone else

I met my Cappy at work. He tried everything to get my attention but as a true Scorpio woman that I am I made him work for my attention. Then finally after giving in to was weird. We both just couldn't take the extra step. I guess because we are both married and we just can't find ourselves cheating on our significant others, but yet it is as if I can't stay away from him and he can't stay way from me. I don't work at the same place I met him and its been three years since I've left, But again..we just can't stop keeping in touch...and we will meet each other just to kiss and touch on another but it won't go pass that. I guess we are just too attached to our own families to give each other a chance.

I've been with my Capricorn man for almost 11 years now. I (scorpio) have been patient and beyond for these 11 years. The walls have never truly come down, I can feel them every time we disagree on something, he hides and leaves me exposed to the elements. I am tired of his almost obsessive and controlling nature, and I am tired of not being able to show my emotions and having them used against me. I am considering leaving, and quite frankly I don't want another anybody. He has made me insecure and an emotional wreck due to his lack of emotion. He was in a VERY bad relationship before us, and I have been patient and loving and kind and proved my devotion to him. But it seems that when it comes time to talk about anything, whatever I say, he uses against me. I end up feeling distant and alienated and stupid. Maybe he doesn't realize what he's doing, but I've told him before, and he doesn't seem to get it. We have kids together and he treats them the same way, while t reating his son from the other marriage like gold. I don't have any more time nor patience to find out if he can be a nicer person, nor weather or not he is worth it. I feel like giving up, he does not make me feel like a good person and I am tired of living this way. Some Capricorn men are broken and are unable to be fixed. Don't waste your life on these ones.

I am a Scorpio woman, 29 years old. I recently was reconnected with an Cappy make aquaintance from my past who is 30. In the last few weeks we have mainly communicated via computer, texts and phone calls. We recently had lunch together. The connection was magnetic! Although I was a little gaurded. He indicated that he is focused on his career and has not met a woman recently who made him want to be in a relationship. During lunch, he was a complete gentleman and touchy feely. At the end of lunch he said that he hopes that "we can do this again soon" and asked got me to contact him later. I did by thanking him for a good time. He replied be saying that he had a good time as well. This was on Saturday. We really have not spoken much since. I am wondering if the minimal communication since is an indication of a lack of interest on his end and him saying that he wanted to see me again soon was just to be polite. Or, if he is just busy/moving slow. Btw, he has already t old me that he traditionally moves slow because when he falls he falls hard. Also, how do I proceed? Should I be a little bit of the agressor or should I kind of get busy and let him pursue me? Thanks so much!!

I couldn't be happier with anyone and my cap have been in love from the very begining. It took the both of us only 6 months before we decided to marry each other. Sometimes it feels like a fairy tale. Ive never felt better and I couldn't be more confident in our love.

I met a Capricorn boy and i'm a Scorpio and I am quite shy around him.... I fell in love with him. But I don't know how to say I like him! Can you help me?

I am a Scorpio women who is married to a capricorn. We lived together for 3 years before gettn married. When we met 7 years ago we both were married. He is a wonderful guy but of course he does not express his feelns often but somehow I know he loves me. He is a man of very lil words but when he does speak he makes sure he is heard. I am a very accommadating scorp and I believe in makn a man feel like a man! I have gone as far as to have 3somes wit himso he would know he doesn't have to cheat. But it would be nice for him to just show a lil more emotions. He takes great care of home and our kids. Its just that wall I run into from time to time that drives me crazy. I am his ride or die chic. What more is a woman to do to get hia attention or do I have it and just don't know it?

I have a capy that found me on facebook, we are in different countrys, l am a typical Scorpio woman we've been emailing for the last week, he is funny but their is definately control issues and walls with him, but there is something in the way he writes that makes me what to dive into him, this is my fist time with a cap, he has an amazing sense of humour he is divorced and single he has talked about kids and wanting them, so now l am being patient and letting him take the lead, l wonder if he will ring me instead of email - their is somethimg about him l cant explain and l havent meet him in person

am a Scorpio woman and met this capri guy from my past recently. the thing was he was the first guy that I had ever kissed and I had always have this fond memory. I didn't know he's capri until we hear from each other again recently. he's 41 and i'm 38. he told me that he feels that there's a connection between us from the start. the thing is, he's so capri and I am so scorpio...patience is not my cuppa tea, we are both career minded. so i'm grilling myself to be patient bcos this man has really mersmerised me. we haven't met physically cos of our geographical location but, when we talk about of how we would make love to each other,i can already imagine when that time comes...the bedroom would definitely explode! I have never been so open intimately with a man before. with him, we are so open. i'm sure any Scorpio woman loves sex but with the right, crossing my legs and my fingers...i'll wait for my capri man...p.s:love you babe!

They say Scorpio women go well together with capricon men-well my capricon man just dumped me-sid he was not in love with me. I told him we were never labeled a couple any way. and that I would not shed a tear. it was on an off for almost one year. the truth be told I could never get through to him how much I would be devoted to him-he said I was liking him to much and to fast--he said I was like 5yrs ahead of him with the relation ship he was just not that into me. so maybe its not true what they say about cappricorns and scorpio.

How can a Capricorn guy actually get a Scorpio girl?? I mean caps are these most of the time serious,intellect, shy, have barriers and etc., and scorpios are mostly the opposite, they're passionate, open-minded, socially outgoing.... how can a cap guy take the initiative (being cappy) approach a Scorpio girl( whos just attractive and unanimously wanted by guys)

cap guys, share with me how you got your Scorpio girl or Virgo or pisces, im having trouble.. you know, being a cappy trying to get some

I am a Scorpio woman in love with my capicorn man, he's a great guy and very compassionate. Our sex life is amazing!!! He's romantic, loving and agressive in bed. I am true Scorpio freak, he fulfills my needs, but even though he is a wonderful man and cares for me so much. He sort of a complex individual, we both been through numeral of challenges in our past life, but even so his gaurds is more of a challenge to undo so I am waiting patiently because I know its all worth it at the end. He does think that its his way, but he is getting better of negioating but it is going to be awhile to he get his barriers down but like I said its all going to pay off at the end and now he is getting more comfortable discussing about our future long term and family... I could not be any happier with any other guy than I am with him!!!

Well I honestly believe that Capricorn men and Scorpio women are the absolute perfect match but im in a bit of a rough spot with my boyfriend(a cap) and a very good friend of mine ( he is also a cap) see i've known my friend since august of last year and I had felt an immediate attraction to him the first day I met him but he never showed any signs that he was interested in me so after a while I decided we should just be friends and we have been ever since then I met my boyfriend and I felt that same instant attraction with him but he's a little different from most capricorns because he made the first move I waz too shy to talk to him so my best girlfriend went up to him and said "yo dude she likes u" and he came up to mi and said "i think you're real cute" and then gave mi his number but he lives out of state so we're doing the long distance thing and I havent seen him since my best friends birthday (he is her cousin) which was about 3 months ago and we bearly have anyt hing to talk about any more but just 3 days ago my Capricorn guy friend confessed that he is interested in me and always has been and i've come to find that i've never lost any of my feelings for him and I am becoming more and more attracted to him each day and every article i've read about caps and scorps seems to apply more to me and him rather than me and my cap boyfriend but I havent lost any of my feelings for my boyfriend. Is there any one out there with some advice?

~~100% Scorpio woman

I'm an intense Scorpio who does not believe in relationships anymore (no one takes it as seriously as I do.)

but I have been hanging around with a Capricorn lately, he's very prideful and talks mainly about himself, but I almost prefer that so I don't have to divulge much information about myself.

He drives me absolutely insane because he's so ambiguous and guarded and its almost this silent, raging battle between us of who has the upper hand and who can seem more uninterested.

He's also very charming, intelligent and funny, which makes up for the moments where I want to punch him in the face, for now.

Im a Scoripo Women and have been dating a Capricorn male for about 4 months now and I know I am totally head over heels in love with him, and have been for a while. I haven't told him as I want him to say it first. he calls me "my love" for a few weeks and then the other night he said " I think I am falling in love with you" which I replied me too and its a good thing. He said he wasn't sure because he has never told that to a girl before. He is 32 is that weird?? Also do you think ill have to wait a long time before he actually says those three little words? I know this isn't a question/answer site but I need help... Thanks

I've been reading this page with a fixed smile on my face. I've been seeing a Cap guy for almost 3 months, and it has been gloriously intense. We see each other every day, we're practically living together, we make love at least twice a day (which always leaves me absolutely breathless) and we are both so driven.

The natural passion that I have as a Scorpio girl only burns brighter around this Cap, the sexual chemistry is insane. But it can be very distracting. Because we are both so driven, we sometimes find it frustrating when we realize that we've been fooling around for hours when we should have been doing something productive.

When I was single I hated to be somewhere in the nick of time, I had to be early in order to be efficient. But with this Cap I find I want to lay in bed with him until the very last minute. He's just so magnetic.

The fact that we are both so driven might unfortunately lead to a premature end to our romance. Our career paths seem to be leading in two different directions, and knowing the kind of passionate people that we are, and the people we attract, a long distant relationship would be too much.

This Cap has hypnotized me to the extent that I'm even contemplating changing my career plans to be with him. I really think it might be worth it. He is wonderful. There's not another one like him. Such a gentleman, so giving, so understanding. He treats me like a princess. Yes, there are walls but that's a great challenge.

It's more fun when you feel like you have to work for each other. And I want to work for him. I want his recognition. But of course I will never relinquish my Scorpio sense of independence, I of course want him to want my recognition in return. Which I get a good sense of.

I suppose I'm torn. Do I stay and play this romance out, see where it could go, and seek out a different path with him? Or do I cut it short after 3 amazing months, focus on myself, and keep on the path I was following before I met him?

Im an 18 year old Scorpio girl and I met a 17 yr old Capricorn guy a little over a month ago. I can definately testify to the above comments about cappy guys having a wall's so strange, he seemed so into me at first, texting me every minute of the day wanting to talk and know what I was doing(a sign of his dominating side maybe?)But then the texting became less frequent and he even went a whole week without talking to me...he seems very stand- offish now and even said he feels like im pressuring him to be with me...and its driving me insane! I want this guy sooo bad but my patience is wearing thin... us Scorpio girls are so passionate and emotional and we need to experience that from our man. I think the passion is there with him...somewhere deep down. There's a lot of great things about him and I enjoy spending time with him...and the sex was incredible! usually im very reserved when it comes to sex and only do it when theres an absolute commitment but some thing about him just made me unable to resist. He says he likes me but that wall he has up is making me crazy! but these testimonials have given me new found inspiration...maybe I can get him if I just give him some time and be patient...which im gonna really have to try at because patience is not one of my strong suits! :) wish me luck!

I am a Scorpio woman in deep love with a Capricorn man.We met at a comic book convention in my home town. I knew when I looked into his eyes behind the Dragon mask he was wearing; that he was the one. I was too shy to say anything so I just stared at him from a across the room. I got an opportunity to finally talk to him after waiting in line for an hour for him to sign my t-shirt. He was that year's Yu-Gi-Oh card champion and everyone wanted to meet him. I was so nervous to talk to a guy so cool and magnetic. But after he signed my t-shirt,I broke the ice by making a joke. I can't remeber what I said but I know it made him laugh so hard that drool dropped from the bottom of his mask. I suddenly had the upper hand and wasn't so nervous anymore. We began to talk and I can't believed we had so much in common. We both were the middle child in our family and both collected Egyptian kites. After that conversation I knew that he was the one for me. We exchanged numbers an d began to talk everynight and became inseperable. We decided to make it offical and spent 7 glorious months together. Until... I was given the opportunity to study indigenous rocks in South America. I had to leave my hometown which meant that I had to leave my capri. behind. We both were devestated but promised to keep our love strong through a long distance relationship. We would write each other everyday. And suddenly the letters stopped!!!! After trying to reach him over and over. He had his youth counselor write me and tell me that he no longer wanted to be with me and that he had another girlfriend. I cried day and night and wondered why me. After 6 months I came back to America still deeply hurt but also deeply in love with him. I needed answers. We finally talked and he told me that he was in love with me but the long distance thing was too much and he had to move on. He was still in a relationship with a girl that couldn't hold a candle to me. We began to sneak around behind her back. Even though I was broken hearted I enjoyed the excitment of it all. But I became obsessed with him and I wanted him for myself. But he said that he did not want to break her heart and he loved her but was not in love with her. I wanted her out of the picture. The only solution was to get rid of her and that I did. I still feel like I did the world a favor. After being shocked and devestated by his lost he had no choice but to run to my arms. I comforted him and let him know that things happen for a reason. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend again. We were happy again but there was a dark cloud over our relationship. He would get up in the middle of the night and go in the closet to cry. I wondered how long will it take for him to get over it. I began to get bored with all the emotional outburst and he began to sense that I was being distant. He told me that he don't think that this will work because he has a mission that he doesn't want to drag me into. That is to find who killed his girlfriend. Now I'm seeing a Libra and he teaches tap for the local dance studio. Anyone have any advise on Libra males because he is really cute and adorable, I'm thinking about making it official.

Hi, every one I am 23 year old Scorpio female and my special someone is 23 year old Capricorn male and we are both seniors at collage, The thing is that I love this guy sooooooooooooooo darn much ,we have been together for over a year now ,In the beginning I have to admit I didn't like him but he was there for me on every single sad or difficult situation even without I ask him to ,Anyways with time I got used to him and then I started to like him ,and he showed jealousy from other guy colleagues who talk to me ,he helped me a lot, motivated me,gave me a lot of support and &compassion but last year when we were taking finals I made a joke that he didn't like and to my surprise he was gone for 2 months and never answered my messages but we made out later , Later on he asked me do you consider me more than a friend? but I couldn't lie to him ,Sadly he said he considered me a friend only because of his high ambitions to have P.H.D ...etc and told me not to wait for him and that I deserve bett er and some other excuses I didn't like....I was so down for long because of this......... I think he doesn't understand how much I love him at first I decided that the friendship between us is over but it wasn't !!!!!and when I tried to cut him off he begged me like a baby to get back which is so not like him because he is a dignified guy but it was so hard for me I stopped seeing him or talking to him for months but he kept sending me messages and checking on me or saying hi every now and then .My friends have introduced me to some other people who happened to like me but no other guy could actually replace him to me! well, today I casually called him and I thought he wouldn't answer because I ignored him for so long but he did!!!!!! and we talked &joked a lot ,we were comfortable like ever ,there were no awkward feelings at all now the question is could he be feeling even a little something for me after all but he is so busy with studies and has no intentions to commit right now? should I continue on this relationship no matter what because he is the only guy who really understands me,listens to me,respects me ? Should I continue and let things happen ,stuff may change ? any useful advice from Capricorn guys would help a lot,thanks Additional Details 1-I already told him that I can wait for him but he said that I am gonna wait for too long and miss a lot of chances 2-once he mentioned something about loving me but later he took those words back and told me that he was just kidding!!!!!!!!!! and that made me frustrated do you guys still think that I should continue with this?

scorpios? we are the impatience of the zodiac bunch. the capris?? they do test our patience....just ask yourself, 'is he worth waiting for?' yes, these guys can be very, very strange indeed! the disappearing act, the busy excuse, the whatever, the list goes on....cause they just can't multi task! lol!... Thank God, I haven't spread my legs to my capri yet, cause i'm analyzing him too. he thinks he's smart, well, as a scorpio, i'm smarter!

I have a Capricorn in my life too. He was my first, but it was an instant connection, before the sex. Given the situation, one knows that the first is very important. We've been apart for 24 years, because we lived in different states, not by our own decisions, but because we were kids at the time. We met while he was having a summer vacation, by his cousin's, which was my best friend at the time. Unknowingly, he attempted to send messages through my friend, that she would never deliver to me. I also tried to deliver messages, all for naught. FYI, I was punished, he was calling me directly at first. I have recently found him through Facebook. Since the very first message it's been wonderful. We had both gone on with our lives, had children, and I'm married, he's not. After, a few conversations, I realized he's been in love with me this whole time. Honestly, it seems he hasn't found any peace since our original split. He's held on to a picture of me all this time, WO W. My feelings for him are the same, I'm in love too. There is one issue, and that is I've asked if he was involved, he said no, but certain things concern the very intuitive Scorpio(me), lol. Not sure if I believe it/him, he says where he lives at present was a place he and an ex-girlfriend had gotten together. Now here's the catch, we're to see each other very soon, I'm going to my home town, where he now lives. I can't go to the place where he resides, according to him because on occasion, the ex still goes over, every purple moon. Of course the next question was , are they having sex, no he replied, which, because of my nature, I don't believe him. It just doesn't add up. Unlike most who have posts, my Capricorn is very expressive, with his emotions, and he tells me he is ready to get back what belonged to him in the first place, which is awesome, in my opinion. The rest of the catch now comes, I can't talk to him at night. Now first before you say: sub stupid he has a girl, he works 12 to 14 hours a day, with a phone that is just a backup, his iPhone car charger, phone goes dead and has to take a good charge before it can be used again, hmmm...sound suspicious to you too? Well before I break up my happy home, I have to find out true intentions, and situations. I'm going covert ops on him, what do you think?

I met this Capricorn guy many years ago and felt a certain affinity with him then, but he was married.

They moved to live in Spain.

He came back to UK a couple of years ago after splitting up with his wife and we ended up in the same group of friends.

He`s dated many women during this time, and has said, while we were still just friends that he would never commit to anyone, in fact I`d say he is a bit of a player.

He had my phone number, just for sending jokes etc. and one day out of the blue I received a text from him "I find you incredibly sexually attractive, can I start seeing you"

I said no, but carried on with the texting, still kept saying no no no, when I wanted to say yes yes yes, because I was so enjoying the attention, and he intrigued me.

After a couple of months I gave in and I`m so glad I did, he`s an incredible lover (essential to Scorpio)

I`ve really fallen for him and I think he knows it, I`m finding it hard not to say I love you in case it frightens him off.

This isn`t like me, it`s usually the other way round.

I want him to fall for me, but I`m so jealous, I don`t think he`s seeing anyone else, but the thought that he might be is always there and it`s really keepin me on my toes.

I know he likes me a lot, we have everything in common, it`s not all about sex, we do see each other apart from this, we talk a lot about everything.

He`s a bit of an enigma to me, I`m treating him as a challenge, I want him to really fall for me, I think maybe he has, but need to be sure.

Then again knowing my Scorpio personality, if he did say I love you, maybe the excitement would be gone, but I don`t think so as I think we`re incredibly suited inside and outside of the bedroom.

I never put much stock into zodiac signs and astrology, but I looked up the compatibility between a Scorpio and Pisces a year ago, and was blown away how eerily accurate the breakdown of our relationship was. I since broke up with my ex (Pisces), and in the past couple of months, I met and reconnected with two men, both Capricorns.

Both men have the characteristics of a Capricorn I read on site: hardworking, goal-oriented; one is graduating from pharmacy school, the other has a degree in computer science. Both have experience in working with their hands. I had both tell me that it took a long time for them to get over their (1) ex-girlfriends (over a year!!), and I didn't understand, considering they are both very muscular, fit, smart, handsome men. But now I do; Cap men don't form casual relationships.

I have an easier relationship with the Capricorn man that I reconnected with in school, but my heart yearns for the one I met. We actually met online in mid March, but met up three days later. I was instantly sexually attracted to him. He has the most beautiful lips.. the sexiest body.. a little eccentric, funny, self-deprecating, loves his family, very dedicated to his goals, surprisingly artistic, soo sweet. When I asked him why he answered an ad online, looking the way he did, he said that he went out, exchanged smiles, but never made a connection, and went home as alone as he came. He ended up late looking for someone new.

We talked and texted every day, and I got to know him. I remember the first time we made out, he seemed so surprised about the intensity of the attraction; I had, at one point, pulled away to get a breath, and he looked at me; I think he looked surprised, maybe wary, and then he roughly pulled my face to his, and ardently kissed me again. Suffice to say, I took him to bed. It was great and we still talked, but then he suddenly pulled away, and stopped talking to me every day. I guess I got spoiled, and I wasn't expecting it.

I am a typical Scorpio; independent, a little obsessive, I think that there's more to meeting the eye, and emotional. Very emotional. I tried to stop talking to him twice, both in fits of fury. I guess I just wanted some type of confirmation on his feelings for me, and I wondered why he kept pulling away! Both times, he was so calm about it, and I stopped. I still am not sure of his feelings for me, though we went out this past weekend, and it was so much fun. I love talking to him, looking at him, just being with him. I don't want to tell him outright, though I feel its so apparent. I really just want to walk away from him; I feel like he has control, which is a little (read:very) unnerving, because I rather be the one knowing he wants to hang out with me. But he's so.. wow, I'm sprung. =/

I'm struggling at the moment. I met my cap guy online dating and we've been together since January and fell in love within a couple of weeks which was fantastic and he said the most beautiful things to be. BUT over the last 4/5 weeks he has started to become distant with me, no compliments, is very sarcastic, seems to put me down all the time, like I'm an idiot and the attention is slipping too (doesn't help that he works in another country either). Therefore, I have started feeling incredibly insecure and have mentioned as such and he turns it all back to me like I am the one with the problem and no real offer of reassurance from him. I read the comments above about everything being twisted and the way he speaks to me is crap sometimes and of course I react, so yet again he kicks off. I keep thinking this is too destructive for me but I do love him more than anyone else I have before. God I don't know whether to be patient because the insecurity I have been showin g has started to get this response from him but I have only been this way because of his lack of attention etc. So I'm either going to be patient or something is going to tip me over the edge and I shall end things because I won't stay in something that makes me feel unhappy or with someone who doesn't make me feel special... Help!!

My advise is that everyman Capricorn or not likes what they can't have, so play hard to get right from the start. A true Scorpio women would not be bothered by that wall that capricorns display there isn't no one that we cannot see through and no one more relentless than us when we want something. The way to his heart is through sexuality and emotional bonding that is how he will let down that wall and be yours forever. He has to be able to TRUST.

I am very in love with a Capricorn guy... we are both military I am a very fitting Scorpio and I have never stuck around so long hoping for a guy to make a move. I have never had anyone make me feel the way he does. He is smart, funny, honest, I could go on. The only problem is that no matter what I do we are both in the Navy, and he is all the way in Hawaii and I am in Guam. I am never going to truly stop hoping he could one day be mine, but I hate waiting. Im just going to keep myself as his good friend but always know I wanted more. I have never exactly been straight forward with him but early on after our first kiss and when we were spending a lot of time together when he was still in Guam he said that he was not looking for anything since he was leaving soon with new orders to Hawaii. He already had my heart and I was trying to move past it so I started seeing someone else. I regret that everyday. It meant more to go watch a movie and see his face light up when I told him about my day or just as he would answer the door, then the new guy ever could. I still think about him everyday, and thing everywhere remind me of him. I went to visit him in Hawaii once when I was single, and It had been a few months but it never felt better to walk in that first moment and kiss him. Its hard to play tuff and act like I don't care... I really want him to be happy but he has a part of me I have never given to anyone else. ): its okay because he said he does not believe in long distance relationships, but as long as he keeps caring about me the same way I do about him, no one will ever compare. I may never tell him how I really feel, and how I love him, but as long as he is my friend I will be there for him if he needs me. He is going to make one heck of a great boyfried/husband for some lucky girl ) :

OMG it's like everyone has my same story! I met my cap by accident at a sports bar he liked my sense of humor... This is newly ex( Leo ) walked in he disappeared. But he found me on my facebook the next day... That was 8 months ago and I am so in love except he has a wall up so thick it makes me feel un loved and like he doesn't care. I'm a hard loving Scorpio woman. He says please be patient this is how I am. I've been hurt I'm doin more for you than I ever have. And I keep waking up like I'M DONE! This is past patience... I need some affection he's killing me!! But I feel for some reason we are meant to be and he gives me the dreams I need to calm down and I give him reality. And that crazy ex better back off... He needs to stop pleasing ppl. As well. But hopefully he's going to show me. This page just kept me with him cuz I was done!!!!! Smfh thank God we are detectives. If he only knew

I'm a Capricorn man and I'm nearly 20 now. I was dating with a Libra girl for about 3 years, and we broke up. That was 3 years in my high school (I'm from VietNam). During that relationship, I often felt tired, even exhausted. Yes, we did had good times. Yes, I loved her cute beauty, and she was really pure, but a SIMPLE THINKER.When I was with her, I could not be myself. She, at all time, showed that she was a weak girl (both physically and mentally), so I had to reluctantly be strong when we were together. I had a best friend at that time who was a Scoprio girl, and I still have. When I'm with her, Im like "What a relief!". I'm truly myself, I feel free to express my hidden weakness, sadness. And she is such a sensitive girl. And during my life, I've never met such a person that could make me feel that way. I wonder if I should tell her my feelings. I'm going to study abroad soon, so part of me says yes. But I'm afraid I will break our best friendship if I do. please help me! My email is:

I am a Scorpio woman and ive been with my Capricorn man for almost 4 years now. I had my eye on him soon as he walked in. I felt his aura. Come to find out, he was the guy my girlfriend and her boo (his best friend) where trying to hook me up with. he's still quiet and shy, but very materialistic. But over time ive noticed that he's opened up. don't believe it when they say a Scorpio will never forgive an infidelity. With a capricorn. If he loves you and you love him, he will stay and put in the hard work necessary to gain your trust back. As a Scorpio woman, it IS a long hard road to forgiveness. But it is well worth it for my capricorn. We don't live together but we are working our way to making a family together. Ive never loved like this and I want no one else but him. Im coming to truths to believe in love at first sight. We clicked as soon as we met. And have been inseperable ever since. We hate arguing. Sometimes it happens and when it does hell opens up the gate s of fury on both ends. But we are working as a team to avoid it because it is so bad. but I love him, he loves me. one day he will be my husband and I his wife. I used to tell my mother all the time I was going to have him some babies. he's well worth it. just being with him changed my whole perception about having children, because I didn't want any. and now im willing to give him how many children he wants (if we can afford it all) but we are taking things slow. its so wonderful. and yes, I want him to me all the time. everyday all day. but taking it slow, is the key to success. we will grow old together. and he is a jack of all trades and he can cook. I have the perfect man. whodathunkit?

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