Capricorn mans reserved demeanor

by lonely lover

i met a capricorn about 4 months ago and i am confused by his reserved demeanor. he does not call me all the time like other guys have done in the past. when i express to him that i miss speaking to him, he says that he would be calling me if he wasn't interested. he has even expressed that he cares about me. my question.... should i take him at his word and listen to his actions?

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I know just how you feel
by: Anonymous

I have been with a Capricorn man for a little over 1 year now. He is just about as wonderful as they get. Kind, thoughtful, affectionate and very witty. We don't live together which is not a problem for me at the moment. However, being a Scorpio I tend to feel neglected if I don't speak to him as often as I think I should. Which to be honest would be daily if I had my way. But not so for my man. When pressed on this matter he says he loves me and really genuinly enjoys our time together but just need to speak to me every day. He says it has no reflection on how he feels about me, he is just different to me.
I am slowly beginning to accept that this is how it needs to be for him and I have to accept it. He is never going to be a needy in the love department as I am. He says he loves me and that if he doesn't call it doesn't mean he has gone off me. He says I over analyse things and he is absolutely right. That is my insecurity issue for which a Capricorn man has no understanding.
So sit tight and hang on for a slightly tougher ride. But so far, for me, it has been worth it.

I am a male Capricorn
by: Anonymous

I know it seems like we may be a little stand-offish at times. I have had it brought to my attention in the past, as a matter of fact. I've always seen it as a way of not smothering my partner. I am one who has a lot of love and compassion and tend to think that I am sharing too much of it with my mate. I therefore feel that I am being too smothering. Maybe I just haven't found the right match. Anyways, be patient with him. It takes a while and is sometimes difficult for a Capricorn to open up and express his emotions that hide deep within. Look for emotions expressed through things other than words.

Cancer women Capricorn man
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer women, age 40 and have been seeing a Capricorn man, age 29 for about 4 years. When I say I've been seeing I mean that we get together only about once a month and sometimes less depending on our schedules. We do not have a commitment to each other, we date other people but rarely talk about it. I the first year we knew each other I really wanted to have more of a relationship with him but I just could get him to spend more time together so I kind of gave in a decided to just enjoy whatever time I could get with him. He is gorgeous, fun to hang out with and do things with and the most incredible lover I've been with. When we're together it is as if we are a couple and no time has past since the last time we were together. I dread the day that one of us finds someone else to commit too as I will so miss the little time we share.

Proceed with Caution
by: Anonymous, NY

I've dated a Capricorn for 2 months (I'm a pisces) and it's absolutely true that they are reserved creatures. To the point where I felt he lacked courting experience but became to realize that is how Capricorn men are
* Didn't call everynight(until I told him I would like to hear from him more but then it sounded like a chore for him)
* Conversations were lacking (felt it was all me talking)
* Felt like a convenient girl (felt as though he scheduled me into his calendar)

In short, they don't have the emotional connection for a relationship in the short-term. You either accept him for who he is. He was a good guy but felt their was no emotional connection and I do not have the patience to wait to feel important and I need to feel the connection that the relationship is going somewhere otherwise it felt very casual like buddies.

He will tell me he is into me but his actions did not fit the bill. If he did they he would call more regualarly, want to see you on Fri and the weekends. But that's how they are, they don't show it.

From a Capricorn guy (It's a long one)...
by: Anonymous

I can't say I particularly believe in Astrology, but when I read over the Capricorn descriptions here they describe me nearly perfectly. I was in a 4 year relationship with a girl who I had started dating in High School (she was a Taurus). She was the very first girl I had dated, and it was a bit of a slow learning process for me, but after only a couple of months she had me hooked. She was intelligent, hard-working, driven, and had the patience I needed a person to have to deal with me. I was very slow to reveal myself emotionally, but once she had brought that side out it literally changed everything in how I viewed her in my life. It's not often someone earns my complete trust, and with that level of trust came the ability to really, truly show her I loved her more and more every day (an emotional connection of a magnitude I NEVER thought possible). Go figure, we're about to get married, only a few months after the proposal and a few months from our marriage, and she breaks off our relationship over the phone while I'm in the emergency room with my little brother. Not a month later she's with another guy and they've been together for about 2 years now. Besides my sad story (I think it's pretty upsetting anyway), for all of you ladies out there holding onto a Capricorn man, I can only really speak for myself here, but once you earn our trust and respect, you'll enter into a relationship that in our eyes is without end. I would have worked and fought to stay with that girl till it killed me, and no doubt I've done that, and am still doing that (even though I've been trying to force myself to move on). Either way, a Capricorn guy (again, at least in my case), will work tirelessly to make the girl who earns his heart happy in life, in all respects. If you think you've got a good thing going with one, hold onto it and let it grow, it'll be worth it in the end. If you for any reason think things may not work out, then leave the poor guy BEFORE he invests all of his trust in you. All I know is it's torn me down in ways I never thought possible, and so far it's taken 2 years out of my life to try and build myself back up and recover from. However, that's all I have to say on this matter!

A Capricorn guy

by: judy

I am a taurus girl, sooo in love w my cap guy! Sometimes he seems so distant, which is confusing since we have shared so much closeness. Makes me insecure, drives me crazy! I love him and am patient with him, but sometimes am frustrated. Will he ever stop pulling away like in a tug o war? Its still new...only 4 mos into it. He tells me he loves me, that I am "the total package" and says he is dreaming of a future together...I want to believe him. When I feel him pull away though...I have to wonder. Help me...I think he is the love of a lifetime and I don't want to screw it up by doubting him...which he hates!

by: Anonymous

I have been seeing my cap guy for about five months and I am so head over heels for him. Everything was going so well for like a month and a half. We were together at least five days out of the week. Then all of a sudden, he up and left me. No contact for about a month. Then one day I called him and it was back on. But it hasnt been like it was before. I am so confused. I want to be with this guy soooo bad. He has everything that I want in a guy. Hard-working, reserve, goal-oriented and the whole package. I just need to know how can I handle him being that I am a libra? I have expressed my feelings for him a few times. He knows how I feel about him. Please help me! I DO NOT WANT TO LET HIM GO!

Cap Guy Perspective
by: Anonymous

I am amazed how, near perfectly, this site describes me (the cap male). I've read some stories above and would like to provide some insight by giving my perspective (hope it helps).

I am reserved, no doubt about it. I've liked many girls but even after knowing someone for months, I have had difficulty expressing my true emotions. My biggest issue has been the fear of hurting the other person. No matter how much I liked the girl, I'd think a lot and become detached if I thought the risk of things not working out were real. It may sound strange (or stupid) and I agree I've lost some very good girls out of this fear - that I let them go.

In some cases, I worried too much and didn't take the lead. Why I thought so much, I don't know. I was wrong. I regret it. I blame myself.

Other times, the girl would get on my nerves by expecting too much. I'd consider many things cute in the beginning but annoying later. I wish I was given some space. I don't blame myself.

I always thought of the long term and I guess that's what most cap males do. If they think its not going to last, they would get out. That's what I did. Not by disappearing, but by discouraging, gradually. It was like damage minimization. I know I hurt feelings, but I thought this was for the better. I did the right thing but perhaps not the right way. I hope I am forgiven.

Take it slow and understand them first.
by: Anonymous

If you love a Capricorn man, respect the fact that they need their space and quiet time. Mine often does one of his disappearing acts for a week or won't text me for a while. I've learnt never to ask directly where he's been and to hold back and get on with my life. They do appreciates that.
I nearly chased my truly wonderful, funny Capricorn 'friend' away by gushing on about how much I liked him. This was at the beginning of our 'friendship'. (I've known him 2 lucky years). Being a Taurean I think i came on too strong, although he was very attracted to me, i felt he had to be sure. Patience and understanding is a must if you truly want to keep them. They will fall in love, but very slowly. Like other Capricorns i've dated, they will not express how much they love you verbally. They do it with small tiny gestures. That means more to me. Mine hasn't jump in head first, he's listened to his heart.

To begin with he would appear cold and aloof at times but I've discovered this was his way of checking whether or not i'm was still interested enough to get to know him better. So, I never 'harrassed' him about going out or texted him too often. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

capricorn mans reserved demeanor
by: Anonymous

Hi, I fall in love with a cap guy a nearly a year ago, he works at the oposite shop to where I work. Every morning he says how beautiful I am and etc. He says he likes me and even customers at work has noticed and people have told that so many times. But there's something, I am married and he knows that. He keep saying when I'll take him out but I don't feel comforyable to ask anyone out especially for being married. He is gorgeous, I would run into his arms if I was a hundred per cent sure. I wanted to keep as a secret and told me to send private messages on facebook which he never did, it puts me off. Yesterday he went to look for my boss's mobile on the list just to get my number, so he was texting me things like u r so gorgeous, but today nothing at all. I do not understant his attitude, sometimes he goes to my work place many times a day and on the next only once. I don't push him at all, I rarely go to his work place cause I'm shy. Why he keeps standing talking to his mate starring at me and do not ask me out? Is he scared that I am married. Please give me some advises. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I like him so much. Thank's for reading a little of my stories.

Waiting, Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming
by: Ali

I've been sexually involved with a cap for the better part of 3 years now (I'm a taurus girl). Since we're both earth signs we are both driven, ambitious, practical and stubborn. This connects us greatly, but also puts a strain on things. I want to be in a relatinship with him so badly, since the start. But he always spoke in riddles when I used to ask him about it, saying "I have to figure sh*t out..." "I have to focus on working..." or the best one, "25 isn't too far away."
I had no idea, and still don't know what that last one meant. was that the age he would have to be for us to be in a relationship? I know I'm two years younger than him, but I am so ready to commit myself to him and I was 16 when I gave him my virginity. By the way he acts he took that pretty lightly and I was just... another girl! By the way he talks it seems like there is something else for us, a future, and I want to believe that. I also want to believe he isn't seeing other people!
Ignorance is bliss, sure- but I want to know once and for all. Should I just take his riddles and sweet whispers and amazing sex until he's ready for a commitment? 'Cause I will and have given my trust at an inexhaustible rate to my cappi. I really hope everything works out and I just want to keep being reassured by all of you that it can happen!!

If he says something he means it
by: Anonymous

I have been with a cap for nine years and im a Taurus. His reasoning is if he said he loves me once then he doesn't see why he has to keep saying it. Of course I would like to hear it more often but it makes me notice the little things he does that shows he cares. I need something he is buying it I need something put together he's doing not next week but right now. They can be hard to read as people but sometimes cracks appear in there shield and you can see there soft spot. They would not show interest in you in the first place if they did not like you just be patience. Im 27 now and met him when I was 17.

My Cap broke up with me 3 days after birthday!
by: Kat

Im a Leo female and we had seen each other 9 months. Honestly they want a woman who is a contradiction ( strong, submissive, doting, aloof, attentive and she must be successful and sought after by others). I didn't present enough of a challenge because I loved him and he only cared for me. He would stare at women when we were out and it became all about his ego and I also think he got off on hurting me. He called me 8 hrs after breaking up with me saying he missed me. Im over it. While he broke up he told me that me being out of his presence for a day gave him a sense of relief. He can kick rocks off an unfinished bridge as far as I'm concerned.

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