Capricorn men are confusing

by Tania
(Lebanon )

I've liked this Capricorn guy since I was in school but we never talked. He used to know my friends and so about 4 years passed and I saw his name via a friend suggestion on Facebook so I decided to add him. When he confirmed my friend request I posted on his wall since it was his birthday. The day after he sent me a message asking if we had ever met and thanking me so I told him that we were school mates. He always talks to me whenever he is online, yet he hasn't asked for my phone number. Things were quiet for 3 months and I didn't have enough time for Facebook and then in July we talked again and he told me he was trying to call buy my cell phone was off. I told him I changed my phone number and I promised to text him. When I did he phoned me and we talked a lot and from then I always receive messages in my inbox from him asking about me. He is always there when I am sad and he keeps on asking me private stuff. He even asked if there was anyone in my life. He used to call from time to time and in the last days of September I saw his pics on bbm with a girl and when I asked him he told me it's just for fun and she's older by 6 years. She cooks for him and stuff like that lol. When he came back to Beirut he phoned me an told me he wants to see me and he phoned twice a day. In addition to texting at night. Our fist date wasn't good. I was so shy and he seemed careless and acted cool. He came and picked me up from work. After the 1st date I received a text from him asking about my day. He rarely calls or texts now and I don't actually wait for him to do so. We decided to go out again but I wasn't able so I told him and he didn't give any attention to that. He was so careless after that and when we chatted he was weird and mean to me. He really confuses me. I don't know how to treat him. I am so into him but I don't show it well. We went out a week ago and and it was a fairy tale date. He was amazing. He kept holding my hand. He drove carefully and put the music I liked on. He asked about University, if I am feeling comfortable and when we kissed he closed his eyes even tough I didn't feel any passion in the way he kissed me. It's been 5 days and he didn't call or text. He confuses me. Any advice on how I might treat him? I don't want to chase him. I don't like that. I want to know does he care or is he just having fun? By the way, when we were chatting he was in London finishing his masters and now he's back home but will leave after months to work in Dubai. My sign is Pisces and he is 3 years older than me.

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helping you get over with this..
by: Anonymous


if you want my opinion, pisces and capricorn man doesn't match that well, it needs a lot of work for that relationship to work even it may not continue, go for scorpio man or cancer man but better scorpio, and u will thanks me when u are with one man who is a scorpio or cancer, as ur signs match.

good luck..

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