Capricorn men are Freaks!

by Devontay

As a Capricorn man i can honestly say in the bedroom just about anything goes. Ive tried every position i can think of and would be willing to try in just about any place. I think sex is supposed to be an expression of trust and should be in the effort of satisfying your partners so why not make it something you want to do over and over ... and over again?

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taurus women
by: Anonymous

lol, i always read comments by taurus woman (i'm taurus btw) that they're not getting enough in the bedroom from their cap. men.

i usually don't hear the same complaints from other signs. idk if this is cuz we need more than other people, or if there is something about us that turns caps off.

do you have any experience with taurus women in this area? if so, i'd really like to hear your ideas about what you think it might be.

Sage and Cap

my Capricorn man. he is just very sensitive, jealous and worried sometimes. i feel misunderstood when he agrue's with me over the stupid things. It drives me crazy. he even goes as far as dropping everything like it never happen. but i don't know why i stay with him. and on the other hand i feel like he wants

poster response
by: Anonymous

im teh guy who started this. to teh sag i will be honest i am easily irritated because i have a hard time trusting woman even when i love thenm *it make sit more difficult to be honest cause im scared that they will get bored* so him being easily irritated is his way of showing how into you he is. we are weird people lol

and to teh taurus maybe its your lust level. in teh sun and moon im fully cap. I think teh issue is even though we are experimental in bed and like to have fun we can get predictable. I am willing to do what ever my partner wants to please them but we sometimes will take that as thats what you want every time. If you can guide us a bit i doubt you will have a problem cause as for me i have a gigantic crush on. I find teh calm aloof nature you guys have sexy as hell.

hope that helps you guys

by: sagittatarius true to the heart

im sag n my boy cap is a freaken BEAST!!! in da bed he rocks my world n his stamina go on and on ive been reading the blogs on here n i notice alot sag girls commenting on thier capricorn guys srxual appetite are off da hook! not to mention mines is hung like a horse . i was wondering who else can tell me if caps are the freakest of all the zodiacs lol cause from my expierience they seem to be the best in the bedroom n they always want to please u first i can also verify they are extremely jelous n controllong n they can become very aggressive though bit the sex is out of this world Orgasmic Is what i call it!

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