Capricorn men romantic and irresistible

by gumsum

I'm a Gemini women and I'm dating a Capricorn man since 6 months. he is a good guy. he always tries to impress me by maintaining his public image. for that he can even lie. but i love him n i know him very well. his public image never works on me because i know whats the truth n where he lies. he loves me but i think at the same time he is also afraid of me that if his public image is down, i will leave him...this shows that if he lies somewhere, he loves me... one more thing i want to share is that... Capricorn men are really romantic n too hot n irresistible...

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I Agree
by: Therese

Agreed I am dating a true Capricorn man - who can be quite reserved. But he is very romantic and a true gentleman who tries to impress me when we are together. And it's not easy to impress a Sag like me!

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