Capricorn men - ugh!

Well, seducing the damn man has just been ridiculous and when u know that u turn heads, u begin to wonder "does this man actually like women" well im a Capricorn too and i don't give in easily or hardly ever! He isn't Capricorn born but has STRONG Capricorn traits cast by Saturn unknown to him and if he caught me on this page he'd be totally convinced id fallen for someone else..

He is slow, cautious calm and collective, ambitious and serious to the point of sarcasm and moodiness but I've never loved anyone before actually being in a relationship with them before.. Karmic connections..

I must say he doesn't take jokes or compliments easy at all and he is private and not hard to upset, loves good food, affection love and care but appears quite aloof to the outside world but I had my insight from a past lifetime and spiritual penetration of his sweet mind.. Force is the worst way to handle someone with strong Capricorn traits or or expect back off or retreat till they are ready.. if you think your typical Capricorn is really worth it, only then do it because its the equivalent of using a toaster to make toast or fist hand making the bread waiting for it to cool down then toasting it over the cooker in your hand.. weigh it up

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I understand and completely agree with you!
by: Anonymous

I am going thru the exact same thing!! I also questioned his sexuality. We're both attractive people...and we're both single and have feelings for each other, get along wonderfully! I'm ready for more....what does he need to be "ready"??? I guess my overall fear is that when he is ready that he'll choose someone else over me (even if I am dating another person, I will dump them for this man, I have fallen hard for him)

Caps take their time to love
by: Anonymous

As a male cap i've noticed that i put alot of girls in this exact same disposition. I'm certain he's not gay, he's just not in any hurry is all. We caps are notoriously known for taking our dear sweet time when it comes to courtship. We think thoroughly and apply that same logic to our relationships aswell. We take full advantage of the phrase "it doesn't feel right yet". But its mainly because were looking out for our emotions, aswell as yours...all in all we like to feel truely loved before getting intimate.

Oh and if your worried about sex, then don't be, cause the truth is if a cap really likes you he's gonna be respectful to you and that means being a complete gentleman. I'll be honest, in some cases even though you might think youre ready for the next step, you might not be in his eyes..we carefully examine the water before jumping in.

Oh and another thing, it doesn't matter if youre the hottest, most desireable chick around, were interested in your character and we rarely jump to our feet to chase, it's just not our style.

It also helps to play hard to get. Even though that can be tough with this sign

Ok tell mw more
by: Anonymous

Cappie I do understand what you are saying. Ok he makes sure that I'm not cold, he walks me to my car and makes sure that the car is warm before he takes his jacket back. Will not tell a dirty joke around me... I really love the idea that he's such a gentleman, but can we have action. How do I get him to just take it one step further?

Yesss I AGree!
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree cappy men are very hard to seduce. I'm a pisces and we are known to be very seductive. I sent a cappy a text message saying that I enjoyed our night and how I was thinking about him. I also added that I couldnt get enough of him. I told him it felt so goooood....and he never responded back....I WAS SHOCKED? I knew it was good because we went 3 rounds with tons of kisses before, during and after sex...I will let you know when he responds.

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