Capricorn Seduction

by Britt

As a Capricorn woman I have to nitpick this a little bit. Everything besides "Restaurants" has hit the mark for me, and even the "classy" preference is true, but if he pays too much for a restaurant I would feel like I'm taking advantage of him somehow. Also, I don't even really like steak all that much. An "older style" place would do nothing for me unless it has beautiful, interesting, historical architecture or some kind of charm to it. I prefer the exotic, and being introduced to something new and exciting is always a plus. This may have something to do with other factors in my chart, but just wanted to point it out in case I'm not the only one.

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Cap Woman Agrees
by: Amanda

I agree with you a lot on the resturaunt thing.. I also as a cap woman.. feel horrible when ppl spend money on me, I just dont feel right about it and also i dont like steak much :)

lol on Restaurant
by: Uniformed Sag

One thing for sure i love to study my Ladies and Capi likes a different and unique enviroment with a clean and historic feel to it. On the food department take them where they serve great soups. Capri love to enjoy theme restaurants with another world or country feel to it for EX: A Thai Restaurant with authentic Meals and Ambiance, make sure you know what you are ordering because they may want the same thing or you may earn brownie points if you know or sugest what she may like. I hope this squashes any doubts.

by: Another cap girl :)

Same here!!! I love all of the fancy architecture and old stuff, but I prefer exotic food! I love pretty much any Asian or South american food as long as it isn't fish eyes in slug sauce or something. No boring steaks for me :-D There needs to be music, live classical or jazz And beautiful art/ flowers besides architecture/decoration! I'm veryyy water influenced haha.

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