Capricorn woman acting aloof

(Traverse City Michigan)

I am a Capricorn women and I am drawn to Pisces men. It's weird they just know that you like them. But I am so reserved that I don't like to show that I too like them, and so I end up being aloof (acting kinda like a big kid...almost shy, quite playful) But it's not like me. I'm a workaholic. It's hard to let loose. I am scared to loose myself, what I worked hard for. This tends to push this relationship away. Deep down Capricorn women are romantic, fun, sweet, caring, faithful, giving, generous. We love surprises, and sometimes enjoy not being dominate (tomboy/business women) from time to time.

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Capricorn women are hard to read!!!!!!
by: Taurus Man- April 1981

Hi there,

I am a 29 year old taurus male who likes a 30 year old capricorn female very much. I have noticed with her that one minute she is very flirty, charming and sweet and then the next she comes across as being very distant, cold and aloof.

We do have a lot in common and I know that she likes me, so why do capricorn women act in this way? Is it a defensive mechanism that they put up with men?

Your opinions would be much appreciated.

Cheers Taurus Man :)

concerning your post
by: Ronnie

Hi, I'm a Virgo man with a Capricorn women.

It's not that they do that on purpose, it's that they have mood swings. You just have to learn and except them.

I'm a guy that likes consistency, but I love my women very much and have come to understand her moods.

So, I know she is not doing that to make me upset with her, that is just the way of her nature.

At first I didn't understand it, and thought I was doing something wrong, but that is not the case. Once you learn their moods, you won't feel as bad, and you can continue your relationship as usual.

... as a Capricorn woman...
by: Anonymous

As a Capricorn woman, I'm the exact same way - joking one minute, serious the next. It's not so much mood swings as far as emotions are concerned (i.e. happy versus sad) as it is a mental "redirection" of a sort. Cappies take care of business first and can only allow themselves to have fun afterward. We're also very self-contained and don't tend to spill the beans about all our problems, so she's likely just trying to work something out in her mind. We also need a good amount of "alone time" to reflect on things. We also do not easily open up about our feelings and may come across as cold... this isn't true. This is just a defense mechanism to hide our true sensitivity. Just be patient with her. A good tip... compliment her lots... it's a sure-fire way to soften up your Cappy girl. Just make sure you're sincere, or she'll pick up on it right away and be insulted! If you're stable and reliable and show your trust in her by sharing your feelings, she'll learn to trust you and will open up to you and you'll be lucky enough to get to see the amazing amount of warmth and romance Capricorn girls are capable of, saved up for just the right lucky man. Good luck.

Listen to the previous anonymous response
by: Cheryl

The previous anonymous response is so dead center on the truth. I too am a Capricorn woman and I was married to a Taurus man for 18 years before he passed away. Everything that anonymous said about something is on your partner's mind and she's trying to sort it out, Capricorn women don't talk about their problems much, they don't want to come off as whinny. Be patient. This is just part of their character, you have not gone wrong with your Capricorn woman. You are closer as a soul mate than you may think. Go for it and enjoy.

the pisces men thing.
by: Cap girl!

I like Pisces men too! Mostly as friends, which is strange because I have Pisces Venus, Cancer moon, Cancer mars, and 3 planets in Capricorn (compatible with pisces) besides my sun. But they always end up having romantic feelings for me. Kind of awkward sometimes, but good to know. Pretty sure it's one of the signs that get most drawn to ME! And Cancer. eh it's always the water signs that like me anyway. But It's like here I am, I don't find myself attractive really, yet these weird Pisces guys are always after me. I might have crushed on some a little, but it was never serious, and that's why they never cracked me, hahaha. >:D I think my only serious feelings ever were for a cancer. Pisces are amazing though. They're the nicest ever, and are like brothers/friends to me. And yes, I WOULD SO date one!

Confusion overload
by: Anonymous

Reading these forums have given me a lot of help in dealing with my current Cap girl. Im a Taurus. Described pretty dead on by the characteristics. I have had more patience with her then ive ever had with any girl. And from what it says on here she's described pretty good. Conservative, smart, classy, funny, caring, beautiful, hard working.... But also unemotional, disappears for days or even a week, cold, acts aloof, unresponsive. its definitely frustrating to deal with. Things have progressed slowly. It took me 3 months to finally get her to open up just a little. It wasnt easy AT ALLLLLLLL. But i never gave up. She opened up for about a week lol. It was beyond great!!! Contacted everyday, was sweet, flirty, great conversations till early morning. The girl ive dreamed of! And if it kept going I would have definitely fallen for her. Even when first meeting her I was drawn and knew something was different about her. Its not easy to impress me. But then without notice it just stopped.... No reason, wouldnt respond to any text. I didnt text like a crazy person btw just once a day or every other to check in and see how shes doing. Im not a needy person but if im interested in someone, i want to talk to them and act like i care at least because i do. Nothing!.... a random text from her a few days later that was just that, random. Then back to ignoring. but I am so confused its ridiculous. Im sad to say its starting to wear on me. Ive worked so hard for this girl and just trying to understand her, and i dont want to give up but i am at a loss. Is this normal? should i be concerned? I understand that they act aloof, distant, cold and retreat from time to time.... but i am trying hard to understand. Especially when it was going so good.

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