capricorn woman involved with a cancer man

I am a Capricorn woman and was involved with a cancer man, whom I loved very much. Sadly, I found him to be very dishonest and deceitful. My experiences with him suggest he was insecure and very VERY needy and was literally submerged in his head with an overdose of emotions. His need to be liked by virtually everyone had to be exhausting for him. I never completely felt like he knew who he was...or who he is. Be Careful women....a cancer man will use other women and stray if they are not constantly assured they are loved. It is exhausting. Good luck.

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Kill the cancer!
by: Anonymous

Yes Cancer men.Give you cancer.I dumped mine and my life has never been better.Statistically cancer especially the males are prone to cheat on their spouses and girlfriends.Rid your world from cancer!
Do it now!!!

Aww. They arnt all that bad!
by: Ophelia

Aww. ladies, I am a capricorn woman who met the most amazing man. He is a cancer. He was lovely, an incredible lover, and when i was around him, he made me feel secure and treated me like a goddess. It was a truly special romance, which, sadly had to end as we had to go our own separate ways to pursue what we both wanted and couldn't take each other with us. I think, you both have to be in touch with each other's souls for it to work and it creates a thing of beauty. something better than comfort food. No. Cancer men have never given me cancer. they are so special.

Cancerian male
by: Anonymous

Apart from sowing their seeds among the fertile women of the world - they can be loving - they certainly know what to say to reel em in - but so moody - and unfaithful - my tryst involved him seeing another woman - so I can't work them out - they're heaps of work and opportunistic - u better have something to offer them or they can drop u like a hot potato !!!

The WORST in the Zodiac
by: Aphrodite Bull

My sister, a LIBRA is married to one. She is miserable! She wants OUT!

I'm a Taurus woman, and although they say that male Cancers and female Tauruses are HIGHLY compatible, I wouldn't let one touch me with a ten foot pole!

-Good Luck !

Cancer men are too secretive and diplomatic
by: Anonymous

Am an Aries woman. I was dating this Cancer man for about two months but thing didnt work out. He was very smart, very well mannered, very nice, kind, gentle. However, he was very sweet at the beginning of the chases, always told me how amazing I was, how smart i was, how beautiful and sexy i was. but it lasted for only 2 weeks or so. he was also very passionate at the beginning. but things didnt last long. after that 2 weeks, he was not as sweet as before, not passionate as before. he was also very secretive and diplomatic, never to the point but always bending around. I found it hard to trust a Cencer man. Give me cancer for sure. LOL

Unfaithful Cheaters
by: Anonymous

I have yet to meet a Cancer, male or female, who did not cheat on their girlfriends or spouses. They are dogs!!! Sweet and fun but will end a relationship quick when something better comes along, no matter how good you are to them. They arer always looking for better

capri woman with a cancer affai
by: Anonymous

I'm having an affair with a cancer man.I guess we are both lonly.I hate to admit this but is was the best sex ever.He was so tender,soft
Romantic he was just so worried I was please to my .we both know that, is all going to be .

Run capricorn women from cancer men!!
by: cappymama

i dont even know where to begin with this one. The saying is true, opposites attract. I have been with a few cancers and i have been extremely attracted to them. well the last cancer was the relationship from hell. i had been dated the man for a few months and felt that i was madly in love with him. He emotionally was so cuddly with me and affectionate and i was loving every min of it. until, it all stopped i was trying to figure out why he changed. well in all reality, i came to figure out he was married!! wtf right. so i was madly in love. i stayed with him. In all honesty, this man took all my energy. Always complaining, fighting, arguing, acting jealous, accusing, than turn around and be loving with me. when he was mad , i was in a good mood, than he would get me in the worst mood. i could never go out or hang out with my friends else he would call or text and ruin my night for me. he was sneaky yet convincing. a sweet talker yet a cheater. sex was amazing. he was all too much for me to handle. it was a relief to get out of that relationship. i exhale knowing that its over! good luck with cancer men. im done with them! pheeewww!!

I married my cheating cancer man
by: capricorn woman hurt

I met my cancer man when i was got out of a previous relationship. He made me feel like I was goddess who was with a loser. We have been together for years and he has cheated on over 8 times. Every time, I wanna leave he says all the right things to make me stay. We have 3 kids together and he always uses the children to make me stay. When I tell you the whole time we have been together that I have felt like I was in hell. He has lowed my self-esteem and verbally abused me. He has even told that If i leave that he will come looking for me. To get away from him for good i have decided to live the state and move 1400 miles from all that I know to get a way from that man. One thing is for sure when you are with a cancer man don't have kids with them. they get very possessive over there children. Because they feel like you are there property.

Cancer men suck once u r outta their sight!
by: Anonymous

OMG!!!! This is amazing!!! Jus like I thought, all Cancer men are psycho...They don't know what they want & will always play with others heart! They are selfish & unfaithful! I'm a cappy woman & I'm done with this cancer man!!! He's not worth the emotional roller coaster!!!! They are the sweetest when u are together physically but after you
leave it's outta sight outta mind!

Wow... Im a cancer male
by: Anonymous

I almost feel persecuted reading these comments :p I am sorry that some have had bad experiences with cancer men. But I can honestly say that I have never cheated in any of my relationships and I will never do it either. On the other hand I have been cheated upon myself by other signs. Not capricorn though.

I can only say that from my point of view we are very loyal. As well as caring and romantic and nice. Pretty much wonderful ;) We can get insecure and moody at times and we need to be shown affection in words and touch. But it only takes a little effort and it can save our entire day.

So I hope you dont put all cancers in that horrible box that has been opened here :) We only want someone that will try to understand us and in return you wont find a more giving sign than us :))

these comments are scary!!
by: A+C=AC

I just started dating a cancer man and he's really nice and romantic. he makes me feel like i'm on top of the world. i know there is a possiblity that he may cheat if things get more serious but i dont care.. he loves to know exactly how i feel. he's great to talk to. he makes me smile til my cheeks hurt.. from since we started talking he's called me every morning and every afternoon and every night.. three times everyday.. these are things that normally frustrate me but with him its acceptable.. my only problem with him so far is that he wants to know how i feel alot but he hardly ever tells me how he feel.. I AM A CAPRICORN WOMAN!! might i add that the sex is the best i've ever had.. he knows all the right spots and i dont even have to tell him.. well we only did it once but trust me i will do it again!! frankly the comments here are scary to me because i want him to be in my life at this time next year.. anybody got some good advise to give me hope cuz its really failing right now!!

don't know if my girlfriend is cheating on me
by: Anonymous

so yeah i'm a cancer man in a relationship with a capricorn woman and i have no idea if she is cheating on i would like to believe she's not ,but i don't know. :(

by: ScorpioLADY

I've dated SEVERAL and they have all turned out to be psycho. They cheat, LIE, are users, POSSESSIVE, JEALOUS, INSECURE, and just plain immature. Might I add i've dated 6 and they are all bad. The first one I fell in love with cheated on me and got another chick pregnant, hooked up with her and three years went by and now hes begging me back. Another cancer i dated was very nice and we started hanging out more and more. We had sex and I became attached and wanted more, but he didnt and after I left him for good, he kept contacting me and trying to hangout! He did that for about 12 weeks and I would blow him off or ignore him. He lied about his age by a 11 year difference and I think hes gay now. Another cancer I was in a serious relationship w/ was soooo immature and he was so jealous and is on acedimic probabtion. Him and i argued allllll the time and everytime we went out, I paid for everything. He believed that a woman should always be submissive to her man and if she wasnt she earned NO respect. We broke up and two weeks later he was begging me back. 11 mouths later and hes STILL saying him and i are getting married. Another cancer I dated, I met in highschool 5 years before him and i started hanging out. Anyways, I told him that Im taking a break from serious relationships and I would just like to build a friendship. That didnt go over well with him because he stated blowing up my phone and sending me 10 pages of letters through facebook day after day and whenever I told him i didnt want to talk to him anymore beause he was crazy, he would say 'i never liked u anyways". He would tell me not to have sex w/ anyone else because he was deeply in love w/ me and that I was his and I told him NO. He cursed me out telling me i just love attention and i love people to chase me, AFTER i told him I wanted friendships only, not a serious relationship!! Then theres LB(cancer lol), I dated for a month and all he ever talked about was ass, tits, fucking and how adorable and gorgous i was! That got old real quick. We got into it last night because he lied to me about his age because he thought I was 17 so he said he was 24 when he was really 28(im 24 by the way). I told him that I really liked his personality, but didnt find him attractive and we arent intellectually connecting because all he wants to talk about is Buffy the body's fat ass. I told him that were done and im leaving and to never contact me again and he called me a stupid bitch and slammed the door on me. Its cold so i was letting my car warm up when he came out side pointing and telling me to leave. I told him that my car needs to warm up and I didnt appreciate him calling me a bitch. He said, I NEVER siad that. LIER!!!!!! He texted me when I drove off and told me hes calling the police on me for saying bad things about him TO HIS FACE!!! PSYCHOS!!! Im DONE with cancer men!! They are insane mutha fuggas!

@Scorpio Lady
by: Anonymous

@Scorpio Lady

It's funny how most Cancer men want their women to be submissive, but yet fail to be take the initiative to do anything. They're weak, and financially co-dependent! You can't be the head of the household while biting the hands that feed you.

Male Cancers are not the brightest bulbs on the planet. It must be difficult for them. Trying to act all manly and stuff, not being taken seriously, and being mocked all the time!

It must really suck being a Cancer!

For the last comment posted
by: ScorpipLady

@ the last comment! Lol
I totally agree with you! I have had too many bad experiences w/ cancers and it's best I stay far far away!
They're like lil clingy puppy's that beg for attention, love, and respect, but don't like to give! I also don't like that tey are EXTREMELY sensitive bc they are men and that's annoying as well!
You stay away from the too! Lol. What's your sign?

@Scorpio Lady
by: Anonymous

Taurus. They say that Cancers and Tauruses are compatible, too. How scary is that? Taurus women are nurturing, yes, but a man has to be man!

Whiners, please don't apply! (LOL)

by: A+C=AC

everything you all are saying is very much true. my cancer was a fool. totally crazy. maybe the sex was great but he started off as a man and turned into a boy. guess he started showing hyis true cancer colours. going through my phone. making an arguement out of little things like me being a little late to visit him. everything had to go his way. he always wanted me to tell him how i feel about over and over. KEEP AWAYFROM CANCER MEN. THEY ARE ALL PSYCHO'S. THIS IS MY IRST AND LAST TIME WITH A CANCER MAN. FOLLOW MY LEAD!!

Cancer Male
by: Anonymous

You people need to grow up and realize that these comments are from a few angry people who had bad experiences. I've been with two Capricorn women and both are the same, the pay you no attention and goes crazy over the simplest things. this drives cancer away so dont blame him for cheating. The Truth is our signs are not compatible so a friendship should be the best you can hope for. Cheating and Manhood is not based on your sign, its your up bringing and your level of personal morality. I've only cheated on one woman. it was my Capricorn so called soul mate lol. I tried to make it work but she was always more involved with her girlfriends, which left me in a poor position. Funny thing is her own mom blames her for things falling apart becuz i would care for this woman so much an give her anything she needed and got not even half back. Now i'm with a Leo and i'm dumbfounded by the affection and care between us. We've been together for 2 years now no problems , give her the same care i gave capricorn but i dont have to ask for her time, she knows to give it and not only comes when she wants to be fucked silly then go back into her stupid novels or long phone talks with friends. I love you capricorn but we just dont belong in a relationship, surprisingly one of them is now my bff smh . The crazy thing is that she pays me more attention as a friend than as a bf, . he current bf has the same problems i had and he's not cancer i guess he's just better at dealing with it.

Be prepared to be hurt by a cancer man
by: Anonymous

I've been involved with two cancer men now.One was a husband,and the other an affair. The similarities are amazing.They can be very charming at first.....and sweep you right off your feet.This is what they do to feed there ego's. Makes these little insecure boys in men's bodies feel good about themselves. Will Think nothing of breaking your heart when something new comes along to re-boost there ego's. Be prepared for lots of head games....They are compulsive liars.
So my advice to you...if he's a cancer. RUN !

Capricorns can WHINE & HOW !
by: Anonymous

Am not a cancer male, but Capricorn Women, do u even bother to contribute to d relationship? And I Dont freakin mean FINANCES... You'd probably hold onto sum1 only bcoz the world might think of u otherwise, if u left ur partner.
U got no time for anythng apart frm ur WORK.. Money is all u see... Self-centered, narcissist breed, wanting to help D world only so u can boast abt how gud U r! U guys realy think wadevr YOU think or do is CORRECT.. All others r fools... Get out of that hallucination Women.. Get human & show emotions. Dont b a wall & expect love in return.
And a cancer male is as secure as hs childhood & bond wid his mother. Check dat as well..

Not sure yet
by: Babytweaky

Well, the comments above about cancer men are part right but i believe not all are the same in every way. I dated a cancer guy three years older than me ( im a cap) and things were going well but then he seemed a little fishy though and six months passed by after our break up and he wanted me back. Yet, idk im trying to avoid his bs but yet we dont txt. Any suggestions?

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