Capricorn woman my relationship with a Virgo man

I am a 21 year old Capricorn and my boyfriend of 3 years is a 36 year old Virgo. The Sex: Is the best I have ever had by far. Whether it is love or sex we are after when we begin, it is usually perfect. If one of us is not happy about something or depressed it can be just OK. Usually we are just happy to see one another though and we can go for hours. Even if it does not last very long, it is great. The best is if you have not seen each other in a long time! Oh man! Drink your Gatorade!!! Ha ha ha

Communication in the relationship: With this man can be a headache to say the least! He doesn't always tell his true feelings or show his vulnerable side until he knows there's a BIG problem that needs to be fix and soon. Now again, I am a Capricorn so you are going to know eventually what I don't like. He thinks he is always right so when in and argument, things can get very passionate and heavy because he doesn't want to admit his wrongs. If I do something wrong or hurt him, whether it was on purpose or not, it is a huge deal and it seems as though his perfect little creature needs to be fixed. This is going to take a long, long time. Remember, everything must be OK by his standards. Everything must be perfect as far as our relationship goes or he will be "fussy" and difficult. When we are good, we are really great and that is the best feeling ever and of course the sex during that time is amazing! All and all, the relationship can be hard if there is communication issues but t when things are out in the open and clear, things can be pure magic and the sex will send your socks flying across the room!

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omg me too!! :o)
by: Anonymous


I'm an 18 year old January born Capricorn female and i'm with a 31 year Old August born Virgo - so i just wanted to say that because it seems as though i'm somewhat in the same situation as you! - *only a little younger* lol - But my Virgo can be the same way - and i don't know if it's the age difference but the sex is amazing with us too! :)

Now 22 and 38 :)
by: Anonymous

It may be the age difference, I don't know. Every couple is different. We are a match made for one another. We've had hard times, really, really hard times but some how we over come. I could never love someone the way I love him. I would hope I could if we broke up but I doubt it. It just doesn't seem feasible. I have made many mistakes in the past because I can be foolish. I have taken a gift for granted. I'm telling you. Don't every do that. I am lucky he wants me and that he is a great man. People may not agree with our relationship but I could give a rats ass. If he's good to you, then who cares. Good luck, Love :)

i need help
by: capri chic

this is sad to say but i fall inlove with a virgo man who already had a family with a taurus woman! And the thing is that we both notice our feeling for each other, but cant do anything about it. im also 21 and hes 35. the thing is that i dont know whats he thinking. Sometime he look at me with a very passionate look, and sometimes he look at me with a WTF kinda look! like one minute hes extremely nice to me and one minute hes like backing off far away from like wth! Anyway, i feel like dying right now....what should i do ? SIGH***

age trend
by: Anonymous

wow im a cappy female 22 and he's a cappy male 34....wuz with the age difference? im seeing a trend. but right now we are in a long distance relationship and we will be moving in together next month. i never believed in the long distance thing but since me nd him met its been such a dynamic union, i hope things can work out jzt as well when we finally come together. and seeing from the other comments things seem to be bright ahead. i can understand where some of the problems may come into play wit his sensitivity and perfectionism, but after dating leos, aquarians, and libras! i think i can handle ANYTHING a virgo can throw at me

virgo man
by: Anonymous

My relationship with a cappy girl just ended recently, but it will always be THE relationship I fantasize about. Sure, we had our rocky moments, but we always came through them even stronger. And the sex? Incredible. I have a history of sleeping around, but with her it was soooo wonderful that it made me sad that I'd ever been with anyone before. The second best wasn't even close. Nothing has ever felt so good, true and pure. No-one ever made me feel a tenth of what I felt with her, both in and out of the bedroom. I worshipped the ground she walked on, and she did the same for me. Unfortunately, the passion is what killed us in the end. We were both sooo wrapped up in one another that we were both constantly afraid of losing one another. We foolishly would push each other away at times. Our very last argument was a HUGE one, and we both hurled words far, far too heavy to be thrown about so lightly. That was some time ago, and I still cannot fathom ever being so much in love again, if at all. Every night I go to sleep cuddling the pillow on her side of the bed, wishing there was some way I could fix everything even though I know I cannot. Wherever she is today, I hope she is happy, safe and well. I will always cherish what we had.

Cap girl
by: Anonymous

Crappy huh? Sure sounds like it. Perhaps the "crappy" thing was the fact you could not truly see what you just wrote or the fact you could have just left the so called "crappy girl". Capricorns generally make mistakes in the "love area" and yes, look for happiness. Usually when they find it, they stick to it, even if they make mistakes, it is there way to stick with it and fix it or at least try. There are lessons to be learned through every broken relationship. This one in particularly; don't make the same mistakes, don't be controlling because the situation tends to go wild and don't cause anguish because you, your self feel angst. Yes the passion and love was there but focusing that very passion towards bitterness is toxic, thus creating the status in which you stand, today. She hopes the best for you as well and knows what she felt was true but just cant be vulnerable like that again, nor make the mistakes that have been made, in the future. What was lost must be day. "With a world that feeds on disregard heal the broken- hearted" -KSE

Cappy- as in Capricorn, not crappy
by: Anonymous

not crappy at all.

by: Anonymous

We thats just hilarious. I guess I can't comprehend things that well at 3am but still...its true. If only you could listen to other people and not think that "You are always right". That statement is a bit funny now, isn't it? You could have stopped, that night, a couple of things but you chose not to, even though it was asked of you many times... Because after all, you are always right! Sorry but the anger still remains. Things would probably be fine, now but they are not, nor will they ever be. She will slowly move on but memories and scars will always follow. You couldn't possibly fathom what she felt after all of this but it doesn't matter any more. Not at all.

Best4 years ever!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

married my cappy. Never been happier- 2 yrs into the relationship, this Virgo male is ecstatic about the next 50 + yrs to come.

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