Capricorn woman so into a Virgo man

I'm a Capricorn woman 19 years old. i just met a Virgo man 25 years old exactly a month ago on the day my EX (taurus man) had his 21st birthday party which i was not invited to since the day we met we talk every single day see each other 75% percent of the time we have good conversation lots of laughs but were arguing already! he confuses me so much when i first met him he was always in my ear telling me that im going to be his one day but i would laugh because he wanted me to fast and im fresh out of a 1 and a half year relationship with a Taurus man that i am 100% positive im done with. Virgo thinks im still "fooling around" with him but im not! im not the type to still sleep with me ex while seeing another man n Virgo does not believe me i dont know why i talk to him everyday n see him most of the time and he thinks while were not together im with taurus. i dont know how to explain to him i thought i made it clear to him im soo done with taurus he was to lazy n i have a lot of work to do to get myself back up i still talk to taurus once in a while but he doesnt even try to get me back and neither do i we are really done.since ive met virgo though he has his little comments it doesnt bother me i feel like he does it for my best interest really hes a really good guy i really do see it but with my experience with cheating men those "players" ive always been with i have my own trust issues that sometimes i think hes messing with me but than i look at the picture and wonder if he would even waste his time playing games hes really mature which makes me not see those intentions see that in him and hes really handsome and in college something my EX was not doing i feel him wanting to help me out but i dont want to come on too strong with virgo man but i really see this going somewhere i just dont know how to explain the way i feel in a calm n cool manner without coming on too strong because when i explain myself its straight and direct but when i get the courage to tell him anything i fall back and change the subject somebody please help me with a way to let him know im into him n over my EX!! i really dont want to loose this but im not ready for a serious relationship! HELP

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Virgos are jealous by nature
by: Ronnie

Hi, I'm a Virgo man who loves his Capricorn women.

Let me give you some advice here on what to do. If you want to show this Virgo that are you into him, try touching him when you can. Like, rub your fingers across his back or give him a massage. Virgo perceive touch as a feeling of love from someone, we need touch and expressiveness from a cap girl to truly feel that we are loved.

You have to tell him how you feel about him. Invite him over to cuddle and watch a movie together, we love cuddle time with our women. But you really need to tell him that you are falling for him. You have to make the first move. We are simple people really, but we are need reassurance that you are into us.

Also about the x, to show him that your are over your x, spend a lot of time with him. Don't talk about your x and your experiences that you had with him, we frown down on this because it makes us think that you still have feelings for that person if you are thinking of that person.

Even if you do still have feeling for that person, don't express it in front of him, express your feelings to him about him instead, tell him how much you enjoy his time and you will soon see it's much easier to communicate with him.

Good luck :)

A little stroking goes a Long way
by: Crazy for Capricorn

I have to agree. I am a male Virgo myself and jealousy is ever present (even if we hate to admit it) mostly because when we fall in love with a Capricorn it runs so deep it hurts. The jealousy will most often show itself in the form of a sharp tounge which Virgo's are notorious for. Thinking our love could be thinking about somebody else is devastating and leaves us feeling betrayed. Even though we are practical and know nobody is an unexplored island we like to think they are. The easy away around it for you is just not to mention the ex at all. Repeat, at all. Let your Virgo know how much you are thinking about him even when you are apart. Trust me, for a Virgo this is like food from the Gods as is touch from our Capricorn woman. We need to know our love is safe and secure and only then will a Virgo calm down and start acting true to a Virgo's nature which of course is practical and patient. Right now you have left him guessing if his love is misplaced and this will drive a Virgo insane even though he will do what he can to hide it. His persistance to secure the relationship is no surprise. We crave order in our life. Once a Virgo has set their sight on something it is unshakable and they are capable of making sacrfices beyond human comprehension to achieve it. Long story short, you need to let him know you love him and say it. He won't run away, it is exactly what he wants to hear. How you feel about each other is a prime example of what happens when a Virgo and a Capricorn find each other.

help me virgo men to know what im to do
by: deanna p

I am a 24 yr old capricorn woman . My virgo man is 33. He has been with me for the last 3 months we have known each other half my life. My problem I have with him is that he told me that we are done trying to establish a relationship.

We will see what happens later on.
He calls and we still talk,
he always tells me I am perfect except when I talk to him I always go from subject to subject. I remember what I was talking about but when hes around i get nervous.

We said we love each other so what's the problem especially since I know that virgos are picky and they dont just get with anybody and say they love you. We have had a few arguments over who said what. Then I know he has a lot on his mind about a pending case he has. I think he has been trying to get rid of me since he doesn't know how that is going to turn out. When we talk I try not to talk about it to him but when i get to talking we may say we are horny and since we arent with anyone else we can do it but when we come to that i always ask where do we stand at on that . He says I'm always asking him that and that I already know that we are not together and that doesn't mean we are back together so what should I do because I thought about sleeping with him but I don't want to do that and it turns out to be a bad idea does it seem like its hope there cause I feel he's coming back he still calls every night around 10:00. Someone help me out.

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