Capricorn woman with a Capricorn man

I am a capricorn woman somewhat involved with a capricorn man. I tend to go back and forth about him in my mind but always what happens after this long battle in my mind I feel in my heart almost as if someone pressed the reset button and I realize just how much I truly care about him. I am always challenging him and putting him to the test to the point of he starts to go into competition with me. I have more social ties than him and view that as more freedom. I feel he is a bit intimidated by this especially because he turns me off and can feel it when he fails to run with me verbally when handling a crowd. We have had many disagreements but bottomline of our relationship we seem to be challenging each others weaknesses to grow stronger and in a strong silent way are extremely supportive of one another. But I must say, I am usually the one doing the seducing cause I like the spotlight and its always extremely fun cause with him he doesnt always show it right away but I know he is paying attention to my every move and when we finally get close he tells me just how much he adored watching me. Me like=)

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So true
by: Nick

Oh man that is crazy, I do that!
I got told once that I test people. I don't mean to but I do. I just test how worthy they are, if they will stick around or something, pushing them to the brink and seeing if they will come back. Many don't so I should stop doing it! I think I bounce off of Capricorn women, not in a physical sense! But in the psychological sense. I think I'd just clash too much with a Capricorn women and I think a Capricorn woman would agree! :D

capricorn woman enjoying her first capricorn man
by: Anonymous

as a capricorn woman i've attracted virgos into my life as serious love partners and i cherish those experiences. i was blessed to experience intimacy with such humane sweethearts but my current situation with my capricorn lover is inspiring me to higher realms of my potential physically, philosophically, emotionally, and spiritually. The man is fierce and he is rocking my world. hot! hot! hot! his tests and his hard exterior have me feeling growing pains no doubt, but whether we end up together or not, i'll be a more self-acutalized person with some fond memories after having been with him.

being a typical capi girl i've got the brains, the beauty, and the brawn it's a relief to be with someone i cant rule, someone i can trust to control everything,someone worthy.the issue of worth;however, is probably what will lead to our demise. although we inspired each other to be the best we can be and find a strange, but much needed, comfort in each other's company: im working class and he's upper class. he has a fancy background and knows a bunch of fancy people, if i mock him for being a selfish alpha male elistist he vollies with how melodramatically common i can be. for now, i am submissive to him, letting him have his way, following his lead, demonstrating my independence as he asserts his but eventually my capi nature will balk at the inequity of our dynamics and i will chose to be a loner again rather than settle for medocrity.

feelings of devastation wash over me when i acknowledge we mostly likely will never have a traditional relationship if we can never reach consensus over whether we're good enough for each other or not.

i've never dated a taurus, with my cappy man stressing me out maybe i should save myself the grief and find out what i've been missing LOL.

...damn cappies, too practical for our own good.

Hmmm Virgos
by: Anonymous

Virgos tend to be very cold, materialistic and distant. I know as my Virgo brother doesn't talk to me!

Scary woman
by: Anonymous

Why would you say you have beauty and brawn and you like to control. Suprised you can find a man with that outlook :/

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