Capricorn Woman with a Virgo Man

by Ana
(San Diego Ca.)

I am a Cap. woman 46 yrs. old and see a Virgo man 41. This is my first time dating a Virgo. I widowed a Taurus Men which I loved very much . After his death (20 yrs ago) I have not been able to connect until now. I am in full ecstasy with this Virgo man and could not understand why till I read about it here. He calms, reassures, support, understands and tuns me on like no other. Even though he is not a super model.. (and Ive had those types) my attraction to him is beyond understanding. My girl friends question my reasons for toying with him.. so they say. My reason is Ive fallen for him so hard I cant look away to see anyone else. Its been 1 year we have been seeing each other but there is no commitment to be exclusive to each other and it worries me; yet my heart beats for him. I hope my perspective helps others in this matter. Is he my soul mate? only time will tell

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