Capricron man fatal attraction

by Ruby
(New York)

I met with a Capricorn man a month ago. I had not seen him in 45 years. He is now 63 and I am 61. We grew up in the same small town. Extremely handsome when he was younger, many girls admired him. Coupled with his good looks, he was a football and basketball star. I never knew him that well, because our different religion separated us. His brother and I were in the same graduating class, and his brother has, consequently, kept in touch with me over the years, inviting me to attend class reunions. Mr. Capricorn called me one day asking me for advice, and that when he subsequently invited me over to his home in a nearby state. I had refused to meet with him many times before, but I agreed to it this time. On the day that I met him, I was simple, but elegantly dressed. I tried not to look too pretentious, as if I was trying too hard. He met at the train station when I arrived. He stayed in his car and did not get out to greet me. I gathered from our phone conversation that he wanted me to be on time; however, being late for dates is not one of my flaws. The moment I met him, there was an attraction. He was reserved, introspective, melancholy, humorous, and, of course, bossy. I supposed some of his bossiness stems from the fact that he has been a high school basketball coach for 28 years. The one aspect of the visit that was noteworthy was that he allowed me to set the pace. He did not make any sexual advances toward me. Nonetheless, he talked about his sexual exploits, and I surmised that sometimes men think that this will encourage a sexual encounter. This did not bother me, because it revealed a lot to me about his sexual needs. Though he lives alone, he has a daughter with a Scorpio woman, and he had two pictures of them on a night table. He told me that having the child with the woman changed his life. So, I gather that this woman means a great deal to him. He had two pictures of them on a night table, as well as pictures of his daughter. I questioned the photos of him and the woman. In spite of the negative and the positive, I left his home wanting more of him than he had given. I know that Capricorns are slow, but this is too slow. I have talked to him since I visited his home. He never alluded to any language that would suggest that he is interested in me romantically. In fact, it seems that he is trying desperately to avoid me. It has been approximately two weeks since I have heard from him. The silence is driving me insane. Thoughts of not hearing from him again compel me to tears. I am smitten; but I feel embarrassed about my attraction to him, because the feeling is not reciprocated. All of my thoughts revolve around him. He has me in a dream-like state. It seems to be a fatal attraction all on my part. Am I being foolish, I know?

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You never know
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces female and I have a Capricorn boyfriend, who I thought for the longest time did not like me at all. I am a flirt by nature and when I started working he was the only one who would not flirt back. (I worked in a kitchen with all men.) I give everyone friendly hugs, and when I would give him a friendly hug he would smile but not look at me, and hardly ever hug back. He also would help me out a lot when the pace picked up and I was behind on my work, which was pretty common since my position was under staffed. I assumed it was just polite and friendly since he seldom talked to me, and unlike the other men he NEVER said anything sexual around me. I had no clue at all that he liked me until his friends started teasing him in front of me and asking me what I thought of him, and saying we'd be a great couple, but at even then he kept up his front. It took a mutual friend of ours to wait until we were close to each other and straight up say that we should date, and my saying that would be fun, for him to ask for my phone number. When we started dating he would hold my hand and smile a lot but was still quiet and shy, but that was ok because I like to talk and he was happy to be out of the spotlight and just listen and smile. It was on our second date that he asked permission to kiss me, and even then didn't slip me any tongue. I was always the one setting the pace, and he wouldnt move forward until I gave him permission or initiated it. At first I thought it was because I thought his attraction to me was luke-warm, but boy was I wrong. I didn't find this out until later, but it turns out that he had a crush on me since the moment he saw my badge in HR and knew I would be working, and continued to crush on me from afar for 4 months before we started dating! Our friends got so sick of it that they took it into their hands to speed things up. Also, now after 5 months of dating he is far from reserved. He tells me everything, and I do the same for him, we're best friends as well as lovers. He's also incredibly kinky and loves roleplay, and being the imaginative pisces, I just soak that up and love it. We mean the world to each other and I wouldnt have it any other way. I gues what Im saying is that if he's taking the time to be with you, he means business. It was probably really hard for him to take you out to begin with, and its taking a long time to adjust. The other woman he probably still has a piece of his heart, since he seems like a really emotional guy, but I wouldn't worry about him running off with her again, because hes a thinker and a planner and knows it would be a terrible idea. That's not to say that there's no room in his heart for you at all, theres probably a lot more room for you since he could be with you and depend on you and not her, you just need to show him that and he’ll open up. He might be avoiding you now out of shyness, but if hes even remotely attracted to you he wont keep it up forever. good luck! :)

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