Casual relationship with Virgo man

by Sofia

Ok so I am seeing from time to time one Virgo guy and he is torturing me... We have start as a friends at first , but flirt and attraction was there from the beginning. Soon we have start seeing each other for sex and we both agree that its just an combination (though it was to late for me because i have already fall in love).

Every time when we see each other we have a great time together. He is tender, sweet, passionate, etc... But every time when we see each other there is question do i date other guys and why do i do that.

He comes only when he wants and have time and when he comes he is perfect, but when i call him he is almost everytime busy. I have to mention that he was very much hurt by the girl with who he was in his last relationship and that since then he hasnt been in serious relationship (that was 4 years ago!!!)

please i need help and i do not know what to do anymore

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by: cee

Im a virgo & this seems he may not want the hassle but then again he may be waiting for you to make the 1st step.. Ask him truthfully where "you" are going tell him and hope for the best!

Virgo men
by: Anonymous

Hun I've got exactly the same problem with a virgo man... when we meet he is awesome but when we part we hardly speak cos he is busy, no text or call almost! know how u feel.. it drives u mad cos its mixed messages!

lady taurus
by: ms.sunshine

I met a virgo man a year ago. He is very sexy,and we have some pretty deep talks. The sex is like campbell's soup(umm,umm good)He will call me everyday until he sees me and then nothing for a week. He knows that I only sleep with him,and when we are together we have fun. He is very attentive to me,and if I'm working on a project he always offers his assistance. He does know a lot of women and when we go out to clubs and stuff they are always approaching him- but always makes me feel like I'm the only woman in the room. I really care for him a lot, can any virgo man tell me does he care about me too,or does it sound like a booty call?
Please help!

Wow, I thought I was the only one
by: Sandra

I met 'my' virgo online, just with the intention of finding a 'friend with benefits'. The sex is the best I have ever known. At first, that was all it was, but I am falling in love with him, and I am fairly sure he has feelings for me too, but he wants to take things very slow, which is probably a good thing.
What also bugs me is that things are great when we are together, and I almost never hear from him when we are not. I would love long phone conversations, or some texting, but like everyone else said, he is busy, or just plain stand-offish and cool when I do communicate with him.
I probably think about this way too much and keep my phone close just in case, and that creates a dependency I really do not like. And why should they get to call the shots on this? Why can't they make an effort to keep in touch if this is something we want, right?
But I don't want to be too demanding and chase him off, like him too much for that. I wonder if someone else has found the magic formula on how to deal with this...seems to be a common problem.

virgo men
by: Anonymous

I have started 2 ignore and not texte this guy who i have great sex with only.. virgo ofcours and he is playing everything very cool which sometimes drives me mad!! or most times.
I very often found myself texting him and never got a text back, but when 2 meet he is mind blowing..
Anyway i stopped contacting him and now letting it up 2 him 2 contact me.. dunno if this gona work just fingers crossed

Virgo men
by: Anonymous

Virgo men can be difficult creatures to crack. they are very focused and are not emotional. I have been seeing a virgo man for over 2 yrs and we have a long distance relationship. The communication was intense in the beginning and we talked for hours at a time on the phone. He has always initiated the calls/txts/bbms and I return them. I honestly have to say that when we have gone though our little issues, that he has a strong will and would not reach out until he's ready. I have learned to have some patience. The most that I haven't heard from him was three weeks and it was because of a disagreement that we had. He doesn't like drama nor being arguementive and often likes to think before he reacts and I'm the opposite where I react first/think later. That was a huge problem for me but because he works with me, we have managed to get over those hurdles. I always give him his space and when I must speak to him, I let him know how much he's missed. I guess sometimes you have to sit back and let the relationship flow on it's own.

Sam here
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure how old this post is but am going to leave my two cents that Im experiencing the same thing. He pursued me in a poor but albeit cutely flirtatious manner. He was so bad at it. Lol But out of respect of his efforts I still talked with him. For the first month, we talked almost every single day and developed a rapport as mutual minded parents of teen kids. He is very aware of my party life and reputation for being a very cool woman who has many love interests. Lol Well we ended up having sex for the first time because I was emotionally in need of a friend. He stayed awake wuth me all night when I was having a very rare meltdown over an intense family issue with alot of bad history behind it. To my surprise he found my outbursts cute rather than unsettling as others have who have seen me in this rare form. I seduced him the next morning and for the following month the sex was off the meter. Now goibg into month three he rarely calls/texts. He alrsady said its not me. Last week I expressed that I feel like shutting him out because Im getting attached and am afraid he's going to hurt me. He literally begged me not to and even though he admitted to being in a shell he popped up at my house the next day. Sex that night was very emotionally intense and since then he's barely initiated contact. Im not feeling so secure about him right now. Im a Pisces sun and moon...Taurus rising. Lol I really cant say what I will end up doing. Good luck with your Virgos!

A little helpful advise!!!
by: Anonymous

Hello ladies! im a virgo male, and i understand what most of you are going through. Basically give your virgo men a challenge, thats what we love (challenges). the key to any virgo male heart is through his mind, make him think, feel secure, let him know he's needed, and being direct with him in a calm patient manner about any problem,(we hate it when people beat around the bush). virgos see things differently, we know perfection don't exist but by nature we strive for it any way, and we expect it from our lovers as well.


I know what you all are going through...
by: shorty

I'm (31yrs, from germany) having a long Distance relationship with an virgo guy. I must say that I'm virgo too. And yes we do have the same problems with the contact, but as I am the same zodiac, I know how to get along with it.Virgo's are always very busy, work, family, etc. Surely its bugging me not to hear from him for days, but I know that its just because he has too much going on. He already told me more then once that it's not because he doesn't want to talk to me. We have always a lot going on in our minds and stress makes us go moody and so its better that you don't hear from him, it wouldn't give a good conversation either way. So we've been on and off for about 3 and a half years now, normally constantly talking every day...but there are also days where I just get a short text message and then none for hours. I love him to pieces and he knows it, so as I know that he would never hurt me or be there when I need his support. They like to have some time for themselfes and if you get too emotional about something, they tend to back off and hide, thinking it all through and still not really revealing any kind of feelings themselfes. Don't worry, if he says he loves you and you're the only one, then he is telling the truth, no matter if they're flirting with other girls. I do flirt too, but there is no going further. Him crossing the border would make me dump him right away, just as he would do the same to me. Thats how we work..

For all the Beautiful Pisces out there
by: Virgonian

Ok Pisces, this is coming from a pure Virgo male. you all should know that us Virgo specially guys are masters of hiding our true emotions. You may think that we don't care, but we do, we just don't show it. You have to confront us to bring our emotions out, sometimes we love woman who can boss us around.
I hooked up with a Pisces recently but the sad part is i can't be with her because i already have a gf which i really care and love. But the attraction between me and the pisces is so strong that if i don't use my head and let my heart take over it would've been a mess. I just kept praying this feeling would fade away soon before my girl finds out. what i love about pisces is they are super charming, very sweet and cuddly and most of all how you guys plzz your man in bed......oooo boy definitely no say on that. In the end i just don't think it will ever work out maybe the first few months will be amazing but what about the long term... Pisces are not good cooks and most of the time are disorganized.

by: Anonymous

I have recently became close to a virgo male. We have known eachother for years but never really spoke because we were both in relationships. Recently we have became close friends but we both saw that theres a burning attraction between us. He would flirt on and off but gave mixed signals, so i would do the same. He would usually call me everyday but sometimes is nowhere to be found. We started fool around but never got to the sex part, i am worried because i think i am falling in love with him and i dont know what he wants. He told me to do what i have to and he values our relationship but on the other hand i can tell hes very into me. Please help

I think he's using me
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a sagittarius and I've been seeing this guy for almost 6 months, but like most of you have described its on and off. We met at a party about 3 yrs ago. I liked him a lot but just physically because he didn't really talk that night of the party. My friend told me he asked me for my number when I said bye, but I couldn't hear him because of the loud music. 2 yrs later I saw him walking by my house, while I was sitting in my car. I saw he smiled at me, but since I was waiting for my bf, I looked down and ignored him. I really thought I would never see him again, until one day two of my friends were at my house and wanted to go out for a drink, I wasn't in mood but they insisted. I finally said yes, and while I was getting ready to leave, one of my friends told me she was talking to one of her friends who wanted us to go pick him up. I told them no because I had a boyfriend and didn't want my bf to get upset or anything. Not that we were going to do anything but that's just how I felt about us going to a bar with a guy I didn't even know. However, they insisted on picking him up and we finally did. When he got on the car I couldn't believe my eyes, it was him. We went to a local bar and had a drink or two. The server was flirting with me, so I told him I was with this guy. The server didn't believe me so I sat closer to my crush. Virgo was really into the whole thing, but the server kept bugging me, so I told him that I couldn't afford to go to a bar without my man since I had no money. I went to the restroom and when I came back virgo had paid for my drinks. I really thought it was nice of him, but didn't think it was appropriate. Anyways, before he left he asked me for my it account and I gave it to him. He started talking here and there after that. My relationship with my bf ended shortly after and I moved out to live on my own. Virgo I started seeing each other, he seemed very interested at the beginning and very excited about me moving out. But after I moved, everything just fell apart, no communication unless he wants to have sex. 3 months ago I told him I wanted something serious and we stopped talking after that because he didn't answer me. Then he went on vacations and didn't talk to me after he came back. A period of almost 2 months. He reached out to me a week ago and we had sex again but I invited him to the movies with friends and he said he was too tired and excused himself because he's doubling shifts and said everything would go back to normal in 3 wks. I said it was ok and that I understood his position, but that was last Wednesday and today is Monday, no communication after that.

Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, and I'm a direct woman if I feel like something is up I will ask, but I'm still confused about him. The same its a no strings attached, but I'm already attached, at the beginning he would ask me questions find out everything about me, we hung out once and the next day he texted me he had a fun time and so did I. Except now I ask him when will the next time be and he said he'll see because he has 4 college classes he says his really busy. Yet I don't know if his telling the truth or not. He doesn't even text me anymore and if I text him he texts me every hour back until he just stops all together. I asked him if he wasn’t interested in me to just tell me, but he said its just that he is really busy, I sound like I am just bugging him so I am finally just letting it go and I will try not to text him and see if he’ll text me. I really want to believe him, but this entire wait is making me impatient.

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