Communication is the key to seducing Cancer

by Chelse
(Collierville,Tn,USA )

I'm a pisces woman who is currently talking to a cancer man. We have long conversations over the phone and love doing so. We talk about the past,future,and present. I think the key is communication, if you cant hold a man's attention over the phone then he's going to think your the same in the bed and if this is true and you already know so then there's no point in wasting your time and trying to seduce a cancer man. They love to laugh, the cancer guy that I'm talking to now was unsure of who he wants to actually DATE me or this other woman whom is a VIRGO which they are also very compatible. I won him over by being my natural self, he said that I made him laugh and that's what made me different from the other woman. He decided that i was the one he wanted to date && he broke it off with the other woman.

Now my question is how do you keep a CANCER MAN once you've captured him?-miss cancer confused..

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being funny is good
by: cancer man

it is known that is cancer is close to Pisces more than Virgo..
cancer and Pisces have natural connection

it is hard to understand a Pisces woman but u just want to know how to deal with here

u know Pisces girls have a very bad taste in men ..the don not know what is good for them

i saw many suffers because of that

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