Communication with my Taurus man

(Orlando, FL USA)

I don't know if its just me or is almost every Taurus man I meet the same!? I am dating a Taurus man who I have know for well over 10 years from High School and we just got back into contact with each other a few months ago after several years. I knew him through immediate friends but didn't know him on a personal level per say. We have been dating a few months now and I cant lie, he has a lot of great qualities and is very sexy to me and makes me feel very good. I feel like I am falling for him already and I am scared because I am a Capricorn woman which astrology says we are a great match together but I would like him to open up more, as far as communication which seems to be very difficult for him. His problem is not expressing himself but he wants to do it on his own time? Which I don't really have a problem with either but I would like to express MY OWN feelings regardless of what type of feeling or emotion it is at that time and it seems every time I want to express myself or talk anything of relationship he seems to get very upset and I try to stay positive and talk of happy things even when it has nothing to do with relationship but he always tends to get upset and negative which makes me sad or hurt as if everything I want or would like to talk about he doesn't, so what, do I just not speak anymore??? With out communication then there will never be a true foundation for a relationship to be built on!

I know it's not easy, nothing ever is but does this need to be so difficult? It may seem small but Trust and Communication are a HUGE FACTOR in a relationship! I just want to talk to have a normal conversation for more than two minutes without us arguing or fighting with the man I sleep with every night and wake up to every morning and committing myself to!

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