Completely in love with a libra man

i am an Aquarius woman and my Libra man is my SOULMATE .. i know that deep in my heart ..he constantly tells me how much he loves me and how he wants to put a ring on my finger :) hes the joy of my life ..but sometimes he can be so bitter and mean, he has days where he doesn't want to be bothered and will be mean about it ..someone else will upset him and he takes it out on me, what do i doo when that happens ? ..also i think he will realize he doesn't want to be with me and leave me hopeless ..looking for love once again smh my dad and him shares a birthday and my dad was never around, my dad has never had a stable relationship ..

sighs ** from an Aquarius woman

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about the libra dude
by: Anonymous

It looks like he needs to figure himself out and what the wants in life, I had to figure out the same stuff about myself. He needs some courage to do that though otherwise it will be very slow!
If you really like him then let him figure himself out.
And more importantly believe in yourself and do what you want to do with your own life, if it's meant to be then it will be!

I'm a libra guy and that's what I believe in!

Just live your life and do what you want and listen to your heart and believe what it tells you, it will be if it's meant to, and be strong cause libra guys like that :D!

You'll be ok!

my sweet,kind,shy,loving Libra has turned into a cold hearted jerl
by: grace

I met and fell in love with my Libra guy against my better judgement. In the beginning I kept lookiing for something to be wrong with him,but after a few months I finally decided he truly was how he appeared and I completely gave him my heart. He's from Guatemala and had told me in the beginning that he was going back within the next 6 months. Well at first I didn't want to get attached to someone who was leaving the country,but as time went on and our love deepened we talked about me moving there to be with him and that we couldn't live without each other. Our whole time together we never had an argument! We playfully acted catty sometimes but we were always smiling. He was my best friend and he said the same. He was always loving,kind,gentle,tenderhearted,helpful,slightly wounded and told me he loved me and that he couldn't be happy without me. We spent every single evening after work together. Even sleeping he always wanted to feel me near him. He was the most genuine affectionate man I've ever known. Anyway,a month ago he drove back to Guatemala,he called all along the way even calling crying from Texas before he crossed into Mexico. Oh also I forgot to meantion he was a 27 yr old virgin when we met,so I was his first! Anyway,we lost contact once he was in mexico which we knew we would but he said he'd call as soon as he got there. Then I didn't hear from him for almost 3 weeks. I was frantiic! I finally got in touch with his aunt who lives here and she said he'd been in Guatemala for about a week and she'd have him call me. So he finally called after she chastised him for NOT calling and seemed to be dunbfounded as to why i'd be worried! We've talked a few times since (its only been a month) but he seems completely different now! Before he always did everything to make me happy as I did for him,but now he goes for days and won't answer my calls! He still says he loves me and wants me and always says to call him the next day and then we begin another 4-5 days of him not answering. He knows this would hurt me deeply,how can he have completely changed personalities? All I ever did was love him and treat him well,and when he was here that's all he did towards me. What has happened and why? Please give me something to go on! I know he's still the same guy somewhere in there! I've never trusted anyone so much and thereby have never hurt this much.

forgot someething!
by: grace

I forgot to mention in my despair that I am Aquarius!

It hurts him...
by: Anonymous

It hurts him to not be with you, so it is easier for him to not call and talk about how much he misses and loves you. He, instead is probably staying busy with activities and meeting new people so his mind stays busy. On the occassion that he feels bad about neglecting you he calls or answers. He feels as strongly as he always did but does not have the solution so he revels in the distance and freedom.. Remember he is an air sign as well.
You must get out and stay busy as well and not wait for his call or answer. This will do the opposite and he will most likely find a solution much quicker if you seem occupied and not relient on him. Live life, meet new people, start a new hobby even if you quit after you master it. Life has so many possibilities and each person you meet adds a little spice and change for the better because it is all self realization. Smile, I am smiling with you... I am an aquarius woman..who just met a Libra man..only been on 3 dates... but we can talk about anything and everything.. he won't call for days, and I won't call him. So, que sera sera.

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