Complicated friendship with a capricorn man

by Leah
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

I have been friends with this Capricorn guy for 12 years now. We have hung out sometimes but mostly he says he wants to stay away from me because he can't control himself (sexually). We had a few sexual encounters but never went all the way (his decision). We go back and forth with being friends and thoughts of being together but consistently talk on the phone, sometimes for hours.

He told me he loves me and leaves himself open for me to talk to him anytime day or night. Still he makes other girls his girlfriend and not me. Why during all this time he hasn't just decided to be with me?

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Not into you
by: Anonymous

He's not into you! If he was he would have not waited this long. It's the honest truth.

Capricorn Men
by: Anonymous

you are a good friend to him and he knows that, for some reason it's some part of you that he wants to keep yet in the way he is trying to secure your relationship is misleading. He likes you as just a friend and he doesn't know how to relay that to you and keep guarantee your loyalty after. Be his friend if you can with out hurting, if it begans to be to much of a heavy weight, you have to let go, and if he comes back the right way than you got your answer, just try not to be like me and my cappy, I still breath him and waste my time wondering of him and when is he gonna change, but not a good thing, because a watched pot never boils..go on with your life and trust God, that's all u can do

A caps perspective
by: Capricorn

He told you straight up what it was. When we say we cant control sexual ergs. its what we mean. Hes physically attracted but he might not see being in a relationship with you and would rather stay friends. Ive done this several times myself. Ive had girls that were either virgins or friends i was only physically attracted. It personally makes us uncomfortable to intertwine sex with confusion so if he hasn't made you his woman it probably means he's too close to you as a friend or just doesn't think your his type of girl. Sorry

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