Complicated situation Taurus man and Leo

I'm a Leo woman. I've known him for 3 years, but our relationship changed 6 mo ago. He - Taurus man, married :( So, we started as friends. he told me, he don't want to change something in his family. And it was clear for me. But our friendship wasn't like other friendships between man and woman. He complimented me a lot, dining in restaurants, cared about me a lot. He called me every day or twice a day (we talked 30 min or more) and texted me. He never pushed me to do something, but he allways told "you are so attractive woman", "you are prefect, i like the way you move, I like your beautiful smile, I feel a little bit jealous, when you are with somenone else"......... I just wanted to be friends. I gave him freedom. I told him: you can do what you want, if you want you can be without me. He told, he feels something very deep in his heart, and it is impossible for him to be without me... But... Now it is a little bit more than friendship for me. I've sent him an email, there was one poem aboum emptyness. He called me back in 5 minutes:"What's wrong, is it everything OK with you? and so on". I have explained him - this is a new poem of my favourit poet - thats all. I am happy and you are the best. And i have promiced to send him other email, whis other poem. Of course he received my e-mail... with my own poem. and this poem was about gentle kiss, the way I kiss him (we have never kissed before).

There was explanation also: this is just a poem, just words, i always remember - I have no privileges to kiss you". And now - NOTHING. I get no answer, no call, now text. Sure, its shocking, maybe he is thinking about it. I think, he is confused.

My question: was it a mistake to tell him about my changed feelings in such way? What do you think: will he communicate with me after? this, or this is over? Thank you!

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