Confused about my scorpio man

by Ashan05

I'm a gemini and they often say that scorpios and geminis are bad combo but I want to prove them wrong cus its not all geminis are flirty, rather I'm a deep thinker and I can kill with my silence. I met my Scorpio guy 7 months ago and the connection was really tight between us. I knew he was just that man, but recently, I started having doubts about his feelings for me. He would always call me in the day and want to see me late at night, he would say he works all day. He would say he is tired and cant hang out with me. I felt hurt about this but I feel very happy when I'm around him. I began feeling he was hiding something, but I know he's not married.I spoke to him about his actions and I demanded to know if we are in a relationship or not, but he told me he will think about it. I was disapointed with his answer that I told him to take the whole millenium to think while I focus on my life.
He still didn't stop calling me because I refused to call him but I will gladly answer his calls, and he would still demand to see me but I refused. I gnored him like he's worth nothing to me or that I didn't miss him at all. In between his calls, I often noticed some silence like he wants to say something to me but he just don't know how to say it rather he will keep quiet.
He kept doing this for 3 weeks until my friend advised that I hear him out. When we met he hugged me so tight and started rubbing my leg when I sat down. I kept on waiting for him to say something but he kept asking me how I was doing in so many ways. I had to initiate the question and we got talking. He told me that his schedule has adjusted so he will be free on certain days so we can hang out, but I expected him to tell me if he has accepted to be in a relationship with me or not. We made love that night and he was so excited that he wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom as he held me tight in bed like I was going to run! Before he would wake up by 9:30 and rush us off as he leaves for work but that day he slept till it was 11, he was even dancing and playing around happily and when I asked him why he was so excited, he said because I visited him last night (like a child). He is a real Scorpio man with 100 percent Scorpio traits and it's quite challenging for me to get to know his thoughts and feelings.
What do you Scorpios see of this?

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Confused about my scorpio man
by: GemScorp2

I am a gemini woman dating a scorpio man too. You are not kidding about going for a ride! To make this more difficult (or maybe not for him since he is a Scorp and likes his own time) this is a long distance relationship---we're talking 14 hr. long distance. We initially met while I visiting my family. Anyway, the attraction was immediate, but it didn't go further. When I got back home however, we began talking on the phone, texting, sexting everyday for 3 mos. About 2 mos into this, he told me he loved me (understand...he said it first) & I felt the same---so after it was out there we would text it and say it often. Well, took another visit and he asked me to stay at his house (even though I have a ton of family I could have stayed with). The sex was off the charts and I felt such an intimate connection. Well, here is the kicker...we had discussed over our 3 mos. of talking on the phone that I might move there in about 1 yr....well, during my the second day of my visit I told him that if I moved there it would be for my family too---that there was no pressure that it would be solely because of him...well, he looks at me and says---I have to tell you something---and should have probably told you sooner that I am not interested in a relationship! He said I've been divorced for a year & also had a high school sweetheart that had moved in---got really, really, serious and then broke his heart! He said he was seeing this other girl before he met me who wanted his attention all the time---and let her go. He looked at me & said I can see I've hurt you too--WELL--I blew his mind and said---All is Good--(even though I was breaking inside)---I am strong confident woman that lands on her feet...but you better let me know if you plan on seeing other woman and specifically want to sleep with them...that will be the end, cuz I don't double-dip! I also asked why he even said he loved me---I said if you don't mean it, don't say it...I also told him that the next man that gets me will be very lucky! I asked him if he wanted me to pack my things and stay with my niece---he was very quiet and said he didn't want me to leave. He said he now felt bad for bringing this up...I said don't feel bad---it is how you feel right? Anyway...things were kinda of awkward for the rest of the day---I then sat on his lap & he hugged me so hard. The rest of my visit---wow, amazing...we stoppped saying "I love you" and the funny thing is we became closer than ever. Long story---but same outcome is that Scorpio men are very guarded---especially when they have been hurt. I think he expected me to break down and cry and beg him for a relationship...think I really gained his respect when I stood up for myself! This was over a month ago & we still don't say the "L" word---but it is so heavy in the air---there is no doubt that we do.

Scorpio and Gemini
by: Anonymous

I don't think Scorpio and Gemini are the best match according to the fact of every Astrological chart. So don't push Scorpio too hard to have a relationship with you, Gemini. Let him thinks of himself. If he loves you, he will comes to you. Love is naturally and don't need to push or persuade. In your article, it seems that you are too desperate the Love from Scorpio man. Lol... I believe Scorpio is compatible with the perfect ideal sign are Earth and Water not an Air signs (Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer) So, one of these are his soul mate/real Lover, believe it or not. Don't cast a spell on him to make him Love you-that not real. Stay a way from Scorpio if you are Gemini!!!! Or contact the nearest Astrologer immediately for the result, so you don't regret in the future.

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