Confused about scorpio man

I'm a capricorn woman and I've been friends with a scorpio man for over half a year and have recently come to have interest in him romantically. The thing is he's been with a Leo woman for almost 2 years, but apparently she drives him insane, always trying to test him and play games with him. The night that I started to have feelings for him he would hold my hand, we'd cuddle under a blanket "keeping each other warm", and he would hold me. That's when I started to like him. We almost kissed, but never ended up kissing. I want to know if he likes me or if he was just toying with me.. Please help!!

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To Love Scorps is to understand them
by: Anonymous in NYC

I have been in a relationship with a Scorpio for a few years. We are no longer together, but very good friends. They love playing mind games. It's a form of psychological control. They're natural control freaks who like the upper hand. This is why he is probably clashing with the Leo woman. These women are bossy, and very inflexible. (see Nas' wife, Kelis; laughs). My advice to you, let him chase you. Scorpio men love the chase. Keep an air of mystery about you. Tell him some things, but don't tell him everything. Maintain your looks (remain attractive, these men can be somewhat shallow. and like to show off their girlfriends as trophies). Be a lady in public, but a freak in the sheets. Listen to his problems. Know when to be in the drivers seat, but most of the time allow him to lead. When he needs to depend on you, do not present yourself as a damsel in distress. He will lose ALL respect for you. Be prepared to adapt to his mood swings and emotional meltdowns. It's one heck of a rollercoaster! Do all these things, and he will love you ALWAYS!

I hope this helps.....

"To Love Scorps is to understand them ."
by: Anonymous

Wow!! you have a relationship with Scorpio as it is turned out as a roller coaster. I never been through those. I believed Scorpio man is very loyal if that one born on the right time. Mine-he is very understanding; he adjust and gave me a huge-gape space. Too much space for now i feel it is fade out. But i dont let it be.
But i still remain faithful to him because he is my first that i decided to have an intimacy with; he is amazed that i cant give myself away. i'm a way from him, too far -very far. Now i'm going to work in the other place as the assistant supervisor-earn more money; still i'm not happy as to stay near him-curdle in the bed- a cool chamber in his arms-kissing and watching him sleeps-counting his heart beats and listen to his breathing. I, Virgo, i don't know if i ever see him again. my love is a very pure love just for him. he and i never have an argument or upset with each other; we are mature and knew enough to keep our romance alive and green. It is not twelve o'clock yet, i still waiting for him.
he knew that i'm his. i wont forget. Scorpio is great!

scorps are so hard to understand
by: Im the writer

Thank you so much for your inputs!! I enjoyed reading them and the first one helped a lot, thank you.
But some thing have happened recently.. I had slept over at his house for a night, we had no sexual activities, but we did end up kissing. We fooled around in bed, just wrestling and having fun. When we kissed I stopped because he is still with that leo. He still hasn't broken up with her so I dont know what to do. He is a really good friend of mine so I see him really often. He just makes me want more!

If you are bless, you can understand Scorpio
by: Anonymous

If you are bless or a matchmaker with Scorpio, you can see Scorpio through deeply inside his heart and mind. His actions and words has a great impact and value if you truly in love or care for the relationship with him. It's all about you and Scorpio; no one else, Okay. Love is natural; can't be push, pretend, or cast the magic spells; it needs to be real. If Scorpio madly really loves you, you can't get a way from him; he will be kiss you...and what's else? Only you and him who know....heh, heh. Scorpio man and woman cheat their relationship for somehow because they are not satisfy for some reasons or bcus they are mismatch. If you know this Scorpio man still love a Leo lady, you better leave him or get a way from him. Or if you willing to share with him, go a head but remember, he is not going to married you; he just want to Sh***t with you and you ended with a huge wound. This Virgo never ever stupid/ unfortunately, a charming Virgo will believe, make mistake, and slip-fall into the mystery dark hole of Mr. Scorpio. So be don't want to get hurt at the end. Okay, don't let it be. You are a lucky Virgo because many Virgos are amazing, intelligent, and graceful. Believe me, Scorpio do not compatible with Leo according to the Astrology chart. No,no. and no one provides a better love and care than Virgo does not ever; I myself Virgo, is not hard for me to find a better guy-great one; hel no-not involve, I swear... Wish you luck.

Love without judging
by: Anonymous

Scorpio such as a popular as Libra. Does anyone agree?? uhmm...I guess either way. I'm Virgo, the more I involve with Scorpio, the more I can find his imperfect which is his behavior. I'm not too afraid to criticize him in my mind. Also, I don't let his poisonous to toxic my mind, soul, and heart even though I loved him to death. Sorry to say that for I don't want Scorpio to take advantage over the weak one. Other guy can be good too. There is no such thing is perfect; practice to make thing better and perfect. I don't want to further judge my Scorpio. I accept the way he is if I love and still love him. My Love toward him will be unconditional. Love is never hurt; Hurt is never Love. I'm a Virgo lady has no problem to attract other men. But,no,no. Love at firs, hurt at at last.... I saw many....

love my scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a scorpio for a month ad he is fun,very honest, great kisser, we are waiting for a while to have sex he is almost to his 5 year mark of no sex we have fallen in love with each other he doesn't get jealous he wants my son and I to move in, in the near future! He is wonderful I have asked around about him and he even admits that in his early 20s he cheated on 2 girls he used to be a player but he is 37 now and he has changed. I am a capricorn woman and he wants my son and I over all the time and he's GREAT!!

what the hell??
by: Anonymous

umm i dnt understand what the hell ur talking about but all i know virgo is that u need some engish lessons!! scorpios are great im a capricorn and i love my boyfrend an he loves me.....

To What is the Hell?
by: Anonymous

Hey lady, you are right. Don't believe that woman who has a son. A son from other father. Ha do you think a man like someone's son while the son is not his and want to spend his resource and energy to raise that child.. No way! Come one, I have a stepfather and I never like him at all. What is the hell she's talking about. She just want to make some one mad. You know. I'm a Virgo very loyal lady. I'm shine in the public to all good men and women all ages. She wants to play trick on you.
Her first ex was the winner and the Scorpio is the loser-he is nothing besides sseexx. Also he is 47 years old probably 50 feel that I know the person. She is a liar. Kick her ass!
Hey keep in touch with me. I'm a twin Virgo but my twin is boys.

I think that you got it wrong
by: Julie

I know a scorpio man that did raise a boy (as a step father)like he was his son,and my scorpio got a son also from is blood,and believe it or not he is friendly with the father of his step son.

scorpio man have big heart,but like in manny sign you can find bad one,that scorpio man is mine and will be mine forever,i am a aquarius and we are both 38 years old now.

yes it's true that scorpio may be jealous,controlling,but don't let them and they will respect you,and it's true that in bed they are the best,and will make your head turn like you have being taking to another planet.

Anyway my scorpio is one of the best a big heart,and full of qualities,but don't get me wrong he were the pant's and i were the skirt,he is the male male type and i am the female female type...but i like it that why...

so take care everyone don't judge people not all people are the same.

scorpio r always confused....
by: Anonymous

hey i'm capricorn ..............i'm too much confused about scorpio...bcoz he always stares me....nd we never talk...i also send him msg that y he stare me>?r he want to do somthing with me.....then he didn;t reply stare me again...i'm too shy.i'm fear that i will loose him.......we also had a fight by talking bad still i love him....nd i know he also...bcoz he also stare me nw ...wat i do nw to get him back again????

Psychology vs Astrology
by: capricorn

It's funny how you all are taking your situations and connecting them with the zodiac signs when clearly it's just plain psychology. I mean a person with a brain to analyze would be able to solve these problems without having to refer to astrology for help. Think about it.

by: Patricia

My Guy a scorp, we dated a few years back
Now I moved to the same state. He helped me fi
financially. I just found out he has female friends. So he sayshe could of told me from the beginning giving me a choice. I texted one of his girls. He was upset, I shouldn't of been going through his phone. I think if a person doesn't give you a reasons. Any way I do love him but we will only br friends. He is a liar and cheat. I do not trust him and it hurts.

by: Anonymous

I've been married to a scorpio man for 7yrs.
and he has been such a huge stress in my life! Aside from begging him to communicate his feeling to me, he is a big liar, very selfish and conniving! He is very good in bed and also an amazing father but he is a terrible spouse.

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