Confused and in love with a Scorpio woman

by A.C.M

I am in love with a Scorpio woman. we've been close friends for quite sometime now but i think things are starting to complicated. to me shes everything i would lay anything on the line for this girl. but there's one problem with that she has a Boy friend and i think I'm just there because hes not and its a long distance relationship. one night of me and her hanging out i got to see her for whom she is then we got really close. im scared cause i fear that I'm a lose her forever. she say that she like me a lot but it cant be that way cause of her boy friend so I'm stuck in the i ( like you as a friend category and a little bit more than a friend Category). I'm lost and confused about her motives i don't know what to do anymore I'm losing it over here. because every other girl I'm with doesn't give me that same feeling that i get with her i think I'm destroying myself from the inside and its tearing me apart. i don't think i can handle it anymore and I'm really scared.

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You deserve better
by: Anonymous

Scorpio women like to play a little . She probably is in love with the other guy. Move on. You deserve better. Trust me I am a woman and I know Scorpio 's.
Sorry. Love is suppose to make you happy not tear u apart. You will meet a nice girl soon that will make you feel right inside and happy. You will . You'll see.

Re: Confused and in Love with a Scorpio Woman
by: Hope

Actually, her behavior is contrary to a Scorpio in love. Typically, Scorpios don't date, but rather recognize a serious partner at a first or second meeting. They become totally laser-focused on their partner with no desire for dalliances on the side.
Anyone from any sign can sneak around and cheat, but that is more related to deep seated insecurities, watching parents who cheated, childhood environment, and reactions to relationship disappointments, rather than astrological signs.
ACM, my best advice is to begin the painful process of detaching yourself from her. She is simply not available to give and receive your love. If down the road she is single and you two want to pursue a relationship, then it would feel a lot healthier and genuine.

Response to ACM
by: Scorpio Female

I am a Scorpio female who has been in a serious relationship with suitors on the side. I did not want to cheat on my boyfriend, even when the relationship was not good. However, I have changed over the years. I stopped punishing myself for the sake of being with somebody. I have learned to love myself and go after what I want and need. Nowadays, if I meet a man that has more charisma, personality, sexuality, trust and devotion in addition to being attentive to my personal needs more so than my boyfriend, I would eventually jump ship and go with the new suitor who makes me feel whole and complete. If you really love this girl, learn what she wants from a man in a loving relationship then I suggest you go away for awhile, get yourself together then come after her full steam ahead with everything you have! I love an aggressive man who knows what he wants and aims to get it. She won't be able to resist you! Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I am a Sag man and have been going out with a Scorpio lady and she is so lovely but after nearly 1 1/2 yrs of going out I still dont know where I stand ? I know she has been hurt before in relationships and I remember reading somewhere that you should never talk about past partners so i dont know where/what the hurt has come from, all I know is that I want her to be my centre of attention. She talks easy face to face but when we are not together she uses texts rather than talk on the phone, its almost like it is difficult for her to talk ? An (eg) of one of my text messages would be to say; that I care for you deeply and enjoy your company everytime we are together, then I would go on to say how is your mum dad or children, her reply would be the children are good, and mum or dad are doing very well, been to visit etc. Its as though she didnt get to read the first part of my text. I always treat her like a royal lady, open car doors, push her chair in at the table, while walking down the street I always walk on the side close to the road, my jacket over her shoulders if she is feeling cold, while in a restaurant if she goes the the powder room I always stand on her return to push her chair in once again,while at the theatre I will always support her arm closest to me while going down the stairs ,all of which I love to do.I have not slept with this lovely lady as yet, am I too much of a gentleman ( nice guys finnish last ) or is this what little scorpio ladies do when they have been hurt ??

going out for 1 1/2 yrs...
by: Anonymous

Dear anonymous:

I know Scorpio women. She is using you. She is getting material and/or other to fill her personal and selfish desires. She is selfish an does not care for you. She probably has thought of dumping you already but doesn't because she still wants something that you are giving her.
She has one or more "male friends"on the side. She might be in love with someone else but still is with you.
It doesn't sound likes she loves you. When a woman loves a man her world belongs to him, no one else. OK? Move ON. It looks like you are a good man and that you are ready to give love to someone that deserves it. Dump her . If she does not call you immediately after you dump her she does not love you. I do not think she will.
Sorry :(

To Sagitarius man with Scorpio lady
by: Anonymous

You are a very nice Sagittarius man. You should deserve a better love and care from a lovely lady Virgo instead of a Scorpio lady. My suggestion is may be help you a little bit if you leave her, that should be better for you. I thinks your Scorpio lady plays game with you; it doesn't mean because she was hurt before. I know Scorpio lady very well; she can't communicate somehow. First she wants you; after she knew that you like her, she will not care any more because you already trapped in her spider web. Believe it or not, Scorpio lady do not trust man who love her soo much even her boyfriend.... I'm just her girlfriend; she trusted me 100 percent; why...? Three of us went to the party together; she mingled and let me hold her precious stuffs. No question for I knew her. So in your case, you must be reconsider and find a new lady....okay. Scorpio is not the queen and you are not her concubine. That is not love. Remember, Scorpio is not the only sexy or pretty one in the whole, I don't really care if Scorpio not care about me so do I. You, Sag need something good in return-the best care and love. Go to look for Virgo.....or other signs. Good luck to you!!!

to confused
by: lotus

okay, from experience with a sag man...2 actually and friendly advice from a scorpio woman. which who else knows scorpio women than herself no other sign will read more than a scorpio woman will read into the sign more than herself or any other signs for that matter. let me tell you that you are safe as far as your girl/woman loving you. and from experience with 2 sag men..and briefly went out with another... (i hate the word 'date' it sounds so deluded to me)coz we usually know what we want. i'm naturally drawn to sag men, for their boldness and friendly personalities, free spirited; down to earth personalities. however, what i've noticed sag men lack with scorpio women is sag men can sometimes be a bit insensitive. and scorpio women need constant reassurance and acknowledgements of what you may have done and did not realize...maybe she's holding a grudge and have not noticed?? therefore, she does not mention anything sweet back to you via text or wherever you may both be. there's probably soemthing deeper bugging her? unless you dig deep and ask her what's really going on. she'll most likely tell you. scorpio women, tend to be very loyal even when we feel that in situations we have that fat chance to go out and cheat we stay strong and wait for whatever's challenges are to come coz we usually stick to what we believe is right thing to do when it comes to a spouse/significant other. so there may be something simply bugging her that you haven't figured out?? i advise you to almost pry it outta her if soemthings wrong coz scorps are very sensitive. and that's sometimes what sags overlook. also, i bet sags enjoy a lot of freedom. and scorps do too however too much can somewhat likely be a little less form of feeling control of the relationship not because she enjoys it but almost feels she needs to know what's up. so that maybe it. we sometimes get interpreted the wrong way. and are perceived as shallow or disinterested i think for the most part scorps have no problem being honest or confrontational. try to pay attention to her sensitive side in detail and have a very sweet; charming approach when u ask. that's the best i can advise. for the record, sag men are very cool ppl. so i have nothing against them. they too, just like freedom and adventure and that can be a factor for a scorp woman. coz we like to feel wanted. coz we're always excited to express our devotion and love for our significant other. also, if you do one favor for her/him. she/he will give it back to you & always remember what u did for them they will return a favor 4x more to you. she may simply have a grudge about something scorps don't forget to forgive easily. sorry that's the plain truth. but treat us well, and we'll go to the most extreme measures for you ;)

to confused
by: lotus more thing, don't hold back on tellin her your past relationships, we actually like knowing, coz we are observant and analytical by nature. and somewhat learn from your past experiences so that we may bring you a better one. do not overexpose too many details scorps are always interested in knowing almost everything about you. however, remember we are very sensitive and are deep if she is still non responsive to your texts or questions that may linger in your mind, then there's something definitely she is starting to dislike or something she may find uninteresting now. we usually look for an all or nothing companion and if it's not clicking on all 5 to 6 senses they we start looking elsewhere but that can pretty much apply to all zodiac signs too. but like lemar burton use to say you don't have to take my word for it ;)

to confused
by: lotus

...and i can also agree at some point with the person who said... "she's using you." it's hard to just judge and call someone out on what the guy or person perceives when his gf/friend is not here to speak on their own behalf...just keep it real with her, you'll start seeing it clearly and it seems like you're a great person and u will have good judgement for yourself when the gray smoke clears up for u'll know what ur next move should be :)

Make it easy NO CONFUSE
by: Anonymous

There is no double about Sagittarius and Scorpio;
The four of you feel not satisfy and complaint each other. You already knew all of the Zodiac signs characteristics are not the same. People are different. If you love him or her, keep the critical inside or put it aside. Loving is without judging or let it goes and look for the perfect one. I Knew Sagittarius and Scorpio ladies too well. Sag is out spoken and Scorpio is too secretive. You may be safe with Sag but not Scorpio because you can't read Scorpio's mind until he reveals it to you but if he trusts you. Same here, I'm Virgo found it easily to trust Scorpio but might be not to Sag or others. There is no right or wrong; it is the planets make each of them act the way he is. Scorpio is my core; I let him go, be safe, and happiness always; I knew he is mind.
However, no one know us better than we do for ourselves. In the relationship, we have to adjust to overcome with the problems and to keep our love more interesting. Though it needs to be fit as shoes and feet. The Astrology chart is the most helpful than my comments.

Scorpio Girl is acting all crazy and went of with a close work college instead,
by: Anonymous

Need to know if my scorpio girlfriend who was’nt quite a friend yet going to talk with me she seems really angry ! i understand why , but do not know what she has beeb told to make her react this way. so Help here is my storie. Part 1.

This scorpio girl wanted a sexual connection to go further with me , but l could not have it just feared pain, lm assuming she wanted a fling Bi experience .. Don’t know ,but l had one back in 98 with a Russian Taurus girl who went crazy on me so left that madness behind which l told her about.

So l find history repeating it self this time a this scorpio girl , cannot believe it , she was a work friend in Management Younger than me 8 yrs., but attractive again , we were friends sort of but struggled because we have a sexual chemistry! Me being a concern her a scorpio … dynamics different but energy as you know with scorpios and cancer are always intense , due to our strong intuition..

Anyway l decided l would not go through another episode of what happened with the Taurus girl and make this Scorpio girl my friend ,and told her this ,once we confessed our feelings back in March! l even said l would not talk some times but not to be offended by it ,as it was only when l found my emotions to hard to handle, but she wasn’t having it .. the flirting just kept coming stares … dressing to impress touching when walking by and hugging when greeting any chance she got, but l loved it also, so i was torn up till my holiday .

I went to Egypt end of May were this Russian girl lives but the fling needed 2 yrs. back and l haven’t spoke about it to the scorpio or anyone for at-least a i had been back three times prior, Anyway l came back from Egypt 10 June .. and i heard her trainer who was a friend but also my Manager WHO is Gay had become close to her and they were now always together daily , as the scorpio is no longer working she is bored and does not have anyone during the day because her guy is working, so this gay girl who l confided in as wormed her way into the scorpios friendship via my friendship..

Scorpio Girl is acting all crazy and went of with a close work college instead,
by: Anonymous

Part 2

So now these two are very close apparently because they both have been having issues with their partners. Only problem was the Scorpio girl still was showing intense signs she liked me still , up till Sunday morning , she felt it and so did l when she hugged me in front of this lesbian and l ignored the lesbian friend because she befriended the scorpio but never told me they were hanging out , but she still chose to listen to my feelings about the scorpio and most likely tell’s her, so sneaky , l felt betrayed and also this was feelings l did not want the scorpio to know as l want a friendship, the Aquarius girl was my outlet..

Now l think the A. Lesbian sensed how much the Scorpio girl still wanted me , on sunday,even though she was spending every day with her, so destroyed the trust between me and the Scorpio by telling her l talked about her. SHOCKER!! ;0( not all true taken out of context! )Because all I said was that she was a flirt and would need to try harder to get me.I said it out loud to make the lesbian jealous and also to show my displeasure towards them for hiding their friendship , l was hurting so bad.

So now the scorpio is on a mission to destroy me emotionally and is flirting with the gay girl like crazy giving her lift’s home etc , smoking again although she stopped years ago , and even had the cheek !!! To get the Lesbian to collect some flowers from the office to bring back to her, that l had bought for her to collect to say sorry with a letter on a card inside.

she replied with thank u for the beautiful flowers! really cold, no Kisses, then continued by saying she heard me slagging her off and saying how much this lesbian girl is my friend etc and lm the one with a problem..Gob Smacked …;0( as l don’t trust easy and l told her this again only on Thursday the previous week and this Scorpio just seems to have lost patience with me, and now wants to hurt me for no reason. I’ve cryinged my self silly alone !!! More because im disappointed she could not confront me face to face and believes this other girl she has know 3 months over our friendship of 3 years.. She broke down in tears and cried on my shoulders once in the office, l panicked , because l thought she was going to tell everyone, but she just said it was nothing and looked at me intensely.

Scorpio Girl is acting all crazy and went of with a close work college instead,
by: Anonymous

My question to you is , lm l right in the fact she must have loved me badly and feels that l have betrayed her.. although she will not ask me out right and as taken a lesbians word for it, and 2. shall l lay low . as other Scorpios have said that she is using the lesbian to hurt me and will soon get tied of her and try to contact me. . what reaction should expect and how should l deal with it. ?? I do miss her but we are both straight girls who seem to be unlucky in the sense we wanted each other , but did not know how to move it forward without the sex and emotion.

I really want her back. But need you to advise me accordingly! I will not beg , but will not let go either , but shall not tell her this as she as always seen me as strong, three days of begging and since wednesday , l have stopped because l date a scorpio guy too and we split for a period of 6 months because of a lesbian affair with the russian ,So I stopped calling him,it seemed to make things easier then he opened up to me.

She one of my colleges who has been trying to get her to talk that she would call once she worked out what she wanted to say! So childish and stubborn as the distance only makes things worse .!

So Im hoping you know other scorpios who do this ,l understand the men but not the women or you can put your self in her shoes and imagine what she is feeling and if her actions seem familiar to you, or am i imagining we had something that was never there ,according to the Aquarius girl! who seems to have won the scorpio over totally or so it seems I cannot tell and it’s hurting.

Scorpio Girl is acting all crazy and went of with a close work college instead,
by: Anonymous

Oh that stuff is 4 weeks ago, I found out all the stuff July early august the the Aqua lesbian was always jealous of me and my work ,and the chemistry me and the scorpio had , her wife who she left told me, but obviously to lat e, as the aqua was plotting to steal the scorpios affections from me without me realising! I realise also the scorpio most likely encouraged it to hurt me , because i didn't pursue her hard enough!!. I since saw the scorpio sitting with the aqua 2 weeks back but they looked distant , and when the scorpio saw me , she jumped up! and smiled in my face , as though nothing had happened!!. lm so pissed because we should have been like that ,2. why can't we be friends , she has her sexual friend so why can't she call me and say hey ! we still friends , as i did nothing to her , they have hurt me..I want to text her but why should I as im the one who as been betrayed,!! and i never said hello to her because she was sitting with the aqua who as i have been finding out ,as been going around rubbishing my name out of jealousy! but i don't understand why she hates me so much , when i was the only one who befriended her ,its like she as twisted every thing ...its bizarre. how can i approach the scorpio , I hate sending text's , I will not bump into her, also the aqua was supposed to leave the Uk 3 days ago but im not sure if she as , so if i text the scorpio , she may show the aqua and then im gonna feel more stupid!!. also since I rejected her smile and walked by that concern's me , GOD i JUST WANT TO KEEP HER FRIENDSHIP! shall i tell her this.

Scorpio Women
by: Anonymous

Note to men..... we love you deeply! We just dont want to get hurt....thats why we never tell you how we really feel.yes means no and no means yes. LEARN TO READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES. A cancer man is the best for a scorpio women. F.Y.I

Is she interested?
by: Taurus

I have known this Scorpio lady for well over a year. It has been a semi-professional relationship. I went back to school at the age of 29. After I graduated she accepted a job at my school. She is the one who helps find jobs and sets up interviews with perspective employers. This girl knows everything about me. She knows how I feel about her too. We talk and laugh and have fun when we get the chance to talk. I finally got the courage to ask her out. She told me "We're not allowed" I asked a few more times and got pretty much the same answer. Well when I finally gave up and after getting a job offer she tells me "Get the job and we will go celebrate" I was really excited but, she had also mentioned we would have to take a friend of mine that now works at the school. I was talking to her later on and I had mentioned that once I get this job I hope we won't have to be so professional with eachother. She tells me "exactly" Is she interested? Is this her way of saying we can be friends? This job is pretty much mine, I am just waiting on a few things to come back for my background check. I really don't know what to do. Is this her way of testing me?

by: Scorpio Herself

Currently in same situation as your girl. I like the 2nd guy, in your case is you. I like him because he makes me feel wanted and loved. He sees my good points and he reminds me constantly. He gave me so much attention, I feels so privileged. I feels myself flourishing in his attention. But I don't like him when he demands for my equal attention and constant verification of my feeling for him. To me, true love is not about asking for return. It is about doing anything to see a smile on her face. Whether his love is reciprocated, it is secondary to him and he will not risk a frown on her face by putting pressures on her with demands and love verification. Also, asking for constant verification of love is a sign of lack of confidence and weakness. It put me off instantly. If I don't love, i will not say it. If i say it, it means I truly and wholeheartedly mean it. Then I will smoother him with so much love declaration and attention, he will be so sick of me then. This is my scorpio version. See if you can apply to your relationship.

Wits End to my pain: scorpio woman talks talk and flirts but then only cancels
by: Anonymous

I am a cancer male in my early forties and a scorpio colleague at work has me at wits end. I am still working myself out of a deep funk since three months ago.

We went out to dinner once three months ago and I had a pretty good conversation, despite that some guy friend of hers (probablly at her beckoning, though she said he is only a friend ) ended up showing up toward dessert. The (non date) dinner had been going great, she was constantly carressing herself and laughing and even holding my hand across the dinner table. Up until this guy friend who she recently met showed up. I tried to brush it off because we were collegues after all and really did not know each other well and it looked like things were getting steamy between us. I though there was a good chance something would happen like a kiss when we walked out. But, to my surprise , this guy had also had driven there and later offered us a ride. I said not but asked her if she wanted to ride home with him and to my surprise she accepted the free ride rather than pay for a cab. So I was left to go home by myself. I treated dinner though it was just supposed to be a friendly thing but maybe it was more than that. But the next day this Scorp was really excited about how much fun she had and how we should go out again, etc.

So this started a harmless flirtation but somewhat distracting at work and she said she was busy whenever I asked her out on the next weekend. I figured we'd eventually go out again and see what came of it. I tried not to make a big deal of it although the flirtation was kind of obvious, i guess mostly the look she'd like to throw at me now and again.
This brought out feelings o deep care for her for some reason and I only wanted to make her happy.

All I feel is I have a chance if I play my cards right. But though she claimed once that I was a friend, the very next day she also told me "I like you" at collegues birtday part at a bar. That we would go out for sure the next week, but we never did. And she definitely has not treated me as a friend but as some guy she wanted to have her chase her. i being a cancer am infinitely drawn to her. Though I have had 2 or 3 scorp girlfriends in the past, I never really had to chase them.

I am considering pharmacological options as I feel I am in a never ending spiral and I cannot forget about her becasuse I see her everyday and i can't keep working in so much pain. This has been going on for three months.

Thank you to anyone who has read this far, and especially to any scorpio ladies who knows what it is too feel so deeply, I beiing a cancer that could love forever.

dont be sucked in by the scorpio wemen
by: luis

Mate Scorpio wemen pretend they love you to get what they want and I'm going through a terrible heart ache. My brother was killed a year ago and i got realy depressed and I know how i was feeling down and out what does my wife of eight years do she dumps me and we have 2 small children. Please look at you your just friends and your in love with her she has lead you on for her own benifits, please take it from some one that had his life ripped apart don't go there my friend she is evil to play with your mind and remember she's fucking her real boyfriend I wish you all the best take it from me it does not get any better if you stay good luck

Sting of the Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

As a Libra man recently enamored with a Scorpio woman I have some pointers for other men. This women was sexy, alluring and interesting from the moment I met her on a dating site. I made the "mistake" of not getting back to her soon enough and was grilled before we even had a first date. Thereafter I was basically "instructed" that I had to stop all communication with others and there should only be her and none other. She proceeded to send me COUNTLESS sexy pictures of herself and basically DEMANDED that I tell her how sexy she was. Which she was of course but made me really question her insecurities. Suprising to me as I am extremely rational and very careful with such crazy women in the past I went along! Before we even met she was basically planning our child and I was somehow hypnotized but really feeling little real rapport with her. She didn't seem to have a lot of interests and what they were were basically what I consider sophmoric-Action Movies and Horror Movies! At 44 I consider this a bit shallow in depth although I do enjoy the two genres at times. Only difference being I also enjoy a drama, romantic comedy, foreign film and on and on..So we finally met and every step of the way something is screaming DANGER! DANGER! but like a fly drawn to a web I go! Lo and behold all my anxiety and nervousness was dissipated and there was an immediate sexual attraction and it eased my stress.

Sting of the Scorpio Woman PT 2
by: Anonymous

And in all actuality this sweet girl was really more a slut than I imagined and by 3 hours into the date I was aware that she had no panties. Of course she was all coy. Like hello I helped you out of my sports car while you were in a tiny skirt. How we didn't have sex that first night was only testament to my character because she was basically falling out of her outfit as she "laid across me watching TV" pretending she wasn't. By the second date it was on and I started thinking that maybe there could be something to her strong sense of commitment to me. I started commuting to her house taking her out for dinner and increasingly got the sense that she expected certain things and noticed distinct displeasure when I mentioned money matters or maybe being conservative etc. or any misgivings about travel or spending money carefully. It was really disconcerting because this person confessed to have real "love"(never mentioned the word) towards me. Love without genuine concern for another's well being, thoughts and financial condition was and is an alien concept for me.

Sting of the Scorpio Woman PT 3
by: Anonymous

Well this all happened within the course of 2 weeks and this is something I never would have done with another woman but somehow out of the blue I even mentioned the "L" word and immediately I questioned my sanity but she had me convinced against all reason that there was love here. Then she mentioned that she had to help her mother straighten her house and clean up clutter and she was there for a week.
We talked but the usual talk where we could stay on the phone for hours but I felt like there was nothing said. Really some of the most boring and nothing conversations which nonetheless delighted her and by her exclamation we had a real connection. I was like whatever and mostly felt like I was talking to a two year old. In person I felt a chemistry but on the phone it was like zero communication. I guess it's hard to communicate over the phone with your body. But regardless, she was finishing up with her mother and she was going back to her place and we made plans to meet up and I was going to spend the weekend and suddenly no phone call, no response, no note, no answer....complete Siberia and I'l like WTF?? This is a craaaaazy broad. I am tall dark, handsome with blue eyes, intelligent and am financially secure and adore women. This women went from having my baby and dying with me(and I took the trip with her!) to nothing in the course of a 2-3 weeks! Ironically, I had a previous sexy Scorpio who basically left me hanging the same way after visiting her mother. Obviously they both may have been lying but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there's something about Scorpios and their mothers? Who knows but all I know is that if this b*&^ch thinks she can call me tomorrow and pick up where we left off, she's got another thing coming. A Scorpio might sting but when a Libra drops the gavel the judge has ruled and justice is served. Peace ALL(INCLUDING THE SCORPIOS >O>~.

We are not users!
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and I fell in love with a cancer man and never even showed him I liked him and actually broke his heart by accident . We are walking contradictions true oxymorons. We are ruled by our emotions but don't like to show emotion, we are comfortable with sex but when you wanna know what we do in our spare time we get nervous. Moral to the storie is never feel a scorpio woman just doesn't care, we just have an expression problem . Especially if we've been hurt!

Confused aquarius female
by: Anonymous

I told this Christian scorpio women that Im curious then over a period of time I started liking her. I told her I like her and she started ignoring me .. When I see her she avoids me. And this other Christian scorpio girl every time I text her she avoids me until Sunday. We go to church together. She avoid my message mon-saturday. Then when Sunday come she writes me back. I told her that I'm curious. We kept talking about the subject then the next thing I know she avoided my message again. .. Ugh I'm confused ! They come on to me and wanting to be my friend then when I tell them I'm curious they avoid me. But when they need a answer they will talk to me all day but when I want to text on a personal level they will avoid me

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