Confused by a Taurus man

by lynn

I'd seen this Taurus man only once before the encounter where he very shyly came over to me and asked if I had his number (in June). He made a comment about me being very sweet and mentioned to text him sometime. I was (and am) very interested and did text ... and text ...and text... but that's all we do. He's always responsive, always makes comments about how pretty I am, how funny I am, and sends me pictures of his dog that he adores.

He even called and sang happy birthday to me in Oct. HOWEVER.... When I suggest "hanging out sometime" he ALWAYS dodges me! I saw him last week briefly to hand off a gift he was kind enough to deliver to a mutual friend and even got a text from him later saying he was sorry he didn't have more time to spend with me when I was there... so I suggested we get together soon .... and again, completely blown off.

I'm so confused and really don't get it. Does he like me? Do I need to give up? I've flat out asked if he's dating and he said he was in a relationship that ended a couple months ago (right before our texting began).

Libra woman (32) super confused ... help!

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sorry to hear
by: Aquarius

I truly believe that he still IS with his ex-girlfriend and intends to work on coming back to her. You are just a rebound thingy, sorry to say.

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