Confused by an Aquarius man

by Amazona
(Viena, Europe)

I met in an social network an Aquarius man. It was he who contacted me, sending me a message, telling me that he was turned on when saw one of my pics. We had a chat only writing messages... and he got hard. In that chat he talked a little about him, for e.g that he was an exhibitionist and that he liked to be watched stroking his penis on the webcam. I have to say that I liked him as I saw his photos and profile... and he was the kind of men that I felt attracted to. After that chat... he talked (written messages)from time to time during the next couple of weeks. Then he sent me a message asking me how I felt when I thought of him. After sending my message to him, he opened up more to me and wrote me a message that made mental connection with me (something very weird). I replied to him and I got one more message from him, where I got confused when he said that he was on his way to the airport and writing as a farewell: wait for me, kiss.
He answered two days latter to my message. I saw him on line, but he made then the excuse of being very tired and not to have time. I felt like I was disturbing him. I disconnected from the link. Two days later I saw him online... and he did not replied to my last message to him. That made me to feel very disappointed and to have tears on my eyes. I read then in different forums and in the internet articles about Aquarius men... It was after reading a lot of articles, that I could understand better his behaviour as he was for 2 months without contacting me. In all the articles that I read about Aqua men, said that they always come back. I decided to wait for that date to happen. It was after 63 days that I got a message from him.I was so happy that if I were had him in front of me few metres far from me... I would have run towards him to hold him. I was expecting to have a long message from him, but I got only one question asking me if I was in a place the day before in the morning. I answered him that it was not me. He said to have seen a girl that looked like exactly like me... and that she had the sexiest legs that he ever had seen and that her face was exaclty like mine. I said
that it was not me.I thought that, that message was an ice breaker to be in contact with me after so long... but he said that he really saw her. I got jealous when I said to him, to take a pic from her the next time that he saw her. He said to go for a drink with her and then take a pic of both. I felt jealous again and I think he noticed that from me. So I started to tease about the situation. He said that I was doing that because I knew that he liked her. I don´t know if with that answer he wanted to tell me that if he thought that she was me... and that if she liked him, then he was telling me in an indirect way that he liked me. We chat other day after that conversation. It was then that he asked me my details to join Messanger or Skype, as it was very difficult to talk from the link where both were. I said to him that many guys who were changing details with me in M and Skype, masturbated in the webcam and that I was fed up of that... so I did not trust to much the reason to use the cam. I said to him to give him my details with the condition of no do that to me. He gave me his word. He moved to visit his parents by the weekend and we agree to talk after he was back. According to the advices given in the articles, of not contacting him and to do all the opposite of what you heart says to you to do... I follow that instructions and when I saw him on line on Skype, I simply ignored him. Sometimes I put myself busy, sometimes online available, but during two weeks I ignored him despite he was on line. It was after those two weeks that I got one "hey" from him. I answered to that greeting, four days later. We had a chat that day. He always talk about sex, and always get hard when he talks to me online. I said to him not to do that, but he said that he has that reaction everytime he sees my photos. In that particualar day, he sent me two pics of his penis as he has one of 22 cms and he feels very proud of it. I think that for that reason he like to exchange pics with the girl who is on the other side of the PC and as well to strok his penis on the webcam and get aroused for being watched. I got a video of 1 minute with his "explode". He asked me questions about what was on my mind when I saw his penis and what he did. I said that I kept those thought for myself and that I did not want to share them. After that day, I wrote him a message telling him that he broke his promisse to me and if he was going to do that everytime that we were online. He said not to be sure. I told him that he was not the only guy doing that to me online and that, that was annoying me. He said that I could not compare his penis with the other ones; also that I could not compare him with any other man, sexually or intellectually. He is studying his second career, finishing a master and have a lot of artistic skills in painting. He does workout in the gym: he has an impressive and gorgeous body and he is very handsome. Too perfect! My reaction was different towards him since I got all that knowledge about Aqua men. Before I used to be more open up to him. Now it was opposite. I asked him to be more straight forward person with me, and so he did. He was sharing how he felt. I was not. Then he said to me that if both were on the same page, why I was not being direct with him, when he asked me what was on my mind when I thought of him. I could not answer to that question, as in the way that I would like that he would be with me... probably would make him to run away from me. He said to me to feel very comfortable talking to me, also the shared with me what he liked and disliked in sex and that we had a mental connection. I noticed that he was acting different with me. I felt him closer to me than before. Really he was opening up to me. I think he started to trust me. Our conversations continued in the same line with the exception that he said that he had not before free time and that for that reason he had not time to go for a drink with me, but that from certain date, he would be more available. It was about two weeks ago, that I got a message from him telling me the following: let´s meet and fuck like animals
I answered to him with: ?
He answered to me: a happy face :)
I was confused. He asked for sex without meeting us before or even know one to each other.
I said to him that what made him to think that I wanted to have sex with him. He said that he had a feeling that made him to feel that, that he felt that he had a very deep sexual connection.
That was true. I also feel that as the chemestry that there is between us despite we have not met in person yet, is tremendous. I cannot explain why that has happened. Only with photographs and some chats. Everytime I see his pics, I have butterflies in my stomach and all the symtoms that I have feelings for him.
I said to him that I also hold other chats with others guys... and he said that I was not answered them once that they were in that way with me... but that I still was answering to him. I said to him, that I was helping him to face his doubts and fears and that I still was answering to one of the other guys. He said to me, then he is special too. I asked him: do you think that you are special to me. He said, of course. You can say that I am right or that I am wrong, but how I know... I just know.
The fact is that he is the only special for me. I do not know how he found out about that. I guess that he can feel also that.
After telling him that I was writing as well to the other guy... (with who I only have a friendship despite he would like to have something else with me...) he said that he had to finish as he was going to get the train, but that we would continue with that chat.
After two days I saw him online...and I contacted him. He was not in the mood to talk. He said to be busy studying. I felt again to be disturbing him. I waited then 7 days and I wrote him a message, telling him that my sixth sense told me that he was not OK with me and if I did something wrong he could let me know... but if he decided not to do it... it was fine, only that I did not want to feel bad if I did something that annoyed him. He has been distant to me. I wrote him another message a couple of days ago, telling him that I cannot have sex with a person that has not know me first as a person. He still insist that he would like that I would do to him a blowjob.
Today I talked to him and we just share 4 minutes of a chat. I only see that he is the mood to talk when he is horny... then his chats are long. We can be for 1 hour or 2 chating. When he is not in the mood... as much 10 minutes.
I am very confused with all this. I have made him understand that I am not for any men entertainment... or just to have sex.
COULD any AQUA man give me please any answer to this situation?. Are we already friends, despite we have not met in person yet? Is normal that an Aqua man is in this level of physical attraction with a woman in this way or is it only lust? Could be the possiblity that he is in love with me? What does for an AQUA man to be "special". He said to me that he knew that he was special to me...
I would be grateful for the answers to my doubts... as I am very, very confused with all this. I really would like to get to know him as a man, friend and person... then I think I would be ready... now I am just so scared to be used by him... and that then, he jumps into the next "mistery" woman.

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by: Anonymous

Sadly, there is two types of aquarius men from what I can tell. The sincere ones and the player types. You my dear have a player. Aquarius men, aren't as much about sex as most. My aquarius man, didnt mention sex for months. They want to connect mentally and learn everything about you before they even think about more. My advice? Run!

Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

Hi Amazona. I’m going to sum up what you should do in three simple words……RUN, RUN, RUN!!! This Aqua is nothing more than an online pervert. He does not "love" you; he does not even "care" about you. He is after one thing from you……the same thing that he is after from every other woman he talks to online. He wants to masturbate to a woman, plain and simple.

You say you have only ever seen photographs of this man. If he has never shown you his face on a live webcam, then I would bet my life on it that he is not the man in any of those photographs. If a man has photos on his profile and also has a webcam, but refuses to show you his face on that cam, he is obviously NOT the man in those pictures. If a guy is THAT good looking and handsome and he has pictures that are supposedly of him, then there is no reason why he would not show you his face on his cam and be happy to do so.

He is only interested in showing you his penis because he gets a weird, perverted kick out of it, knowing that you are watching him. I bet if you pushed for him to show you his face on his cam, he’d make some excuse as to why he couldn’t. If you are still chatting with him, just try it and see. Do NOT be fooled by photographs. If you can honestly say that you have seen his face on a live webcam and he is the same man in all of his photos, then I stand corrected in this particular case, and I apologise in advance, right here, right now. BUT, if you haven’t ever seen his face on a webcam, then for all you know he could look like Frankenstein’s twin brother. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that looks are important, but what IS important is that he may have lied to you just so you will fall for a gorgeous man in a picture so that he can manipulate you into getting what he wants.

You said he will only talk to you in length if he’s feeling horny, and at other times the conversation will end within 10 minutes. That’s a classic sign that he only wants one thing from you. He will charm the pants off you, literally!! He will confuse you by the way he tells you of this "deep connection" that you and him share and that no other woman has ever made him feel like this before, blah blah blah.

I’ll tell you why I’m saying all these things. Two years ago I started talking to an Aquarius man online through messenger. He showed me pictures of very handsome men and told me they were him in each picture. He even told me where and when each shot had been taken. When I asked to see him on a cam he made the excuse that it wasn’t "operational". That was my first red flag.

Months down the track, after I had asked and asked to see his face, he said that he finally had a cam that was working and he would switch it on for me. I was overjoyed that I was finally going to see him on a live cam. And just like you, I too warned my guy that I only wanted to see his FACE when he switched it on. Well let’s just say that when the cam came on, he was showing something that was definitely not his face……something that was further south from his face. And he was going to town on it too. Second red flag! And come to think of it, he was waving it around like a flag too.

Needless to say, at this stage I was getting incredibly frustrated and extremely suspicious as to why he wouldn’t show me his face like I asked. A friend had told me of a site where I could copy and paste photos and it would show if those pictures had ever been used anywhere else on the internet. So I did this with my guy’s photos. Every single picture he had shown me came up as being used on a number of different modelling sites. In other words, they were all pictures of male models that all looked similar. Not one of them was really him though.

You should cease all communication with this man and ignore him immediately. He is nothing more than a sexual predator from what you’ve described. He will leave you feeling degraded, hurt, confused and sad. It is not love, it is lust on his part. He will quite possibly have a dozen other women just like you that he spends time with online, getting his rocks off to! He doesn’t even respect you enough to honour your wishes. All he is concerned about is his own self-gratification and if he knows he can’t get this or, as you said, he isn’t "feeling horny", he leaves the conversation within minutes. He is not in love with you. That is not a sign of love. It is a sign of a pervert.

I know this may be hard for you to read, especially if you have deep feelings for this man. I know what that’s like. But this guy really sounds like he is no good. He disappears on you because he’s more than likely running around with other women in his life and comes back online when there’s a dry spell in his love life. And he can count on you always being available for him to masturbate to. He returns each time to get what HE wants, and again, the proof is that when he can't get it from you, he leaves quickly.

Amazona, I’ve lived through this. I recognise all the signs you’ve just described. You deserve better than this man.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know when your letter was posted on here, if it was recently and you’re still hoping to get some advice for your situation, then I really hope sharing my experience helps you.

All the very best.

Aqua man
by: Mescalan

Aquarius man is probably physically attracted to you...
He likes the fact that you are not being slutty or easy to have sex with. He probably likes talking to you. Tou are right about his being horny when talking to you. Aquarius is first of mentally stimulated and that is how they get off in a way. Not that he doesnt like physical contact its just that he is turned on mentally first, physical contact later. There is a good chance that he will get bored with you after you have sex with him unless you are really interesting or have something that he is really knowledge or a hobby or a collection or who know ls what...just be straight up and pushy on what he wants from you. Tell him to be honest. Aquarius likes people who have morals and beliefs and not just talk about them but live up to them...make him wait for long as possible but not tooo long...use your female instincts...last but not least aqua is weird or will seem weird to you because they are so unconventional and almost childish... :) good luck

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