Confused by Aquarius Man

by Ava Noelle

I dated Aquarian man two years ago and our relationship began very sweet and we could talk for hours...then we broke up in a huge way that left me broken. For him, I know he was bothered a bit, but he was extremely reserved about how he felt. Here we are again two years later.

We would talk on an off and even had a sexual relationship before i had to cut it off because I wanted to be more than that. Him and I didnt talk for months, I took his number out of my phone and everything. Ive recently been getting many calls and texts from him. We talk for hours and it is almost like how it used to be. He says ive matured and that he enjoys my company and convo...but I dont know what his intentions are. Is he trying to get back with me? Or just trying to make nice? We always go through these cycles of talking like old times, becoming intimate, then breaking it off because I want more. This time feels different and I have no idea what to do...mind you, we were each others first love....whats going on?!

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