Confused by my Aquarius friend

by miss confused

I have known my Aquarius man/friend for a couple of years but fell in love with him about 10 months ago. Right from the start he was very flirtatious with me and when he looked into my eyes one day he made me feel like no other man has ever made me feel! I liked him so much that I sent him a message to tell him how I felt and although he didn't say no he never once told me how he felt.

I got the impression that, as lovely as it would be, sex was all that was on offer and so I backed off and told him that I wanted to remain friends with him. This seemed to go down really well with him and he started calling me baby, guess cos now he's in 'safe to flirt again' zone! Anyway for months we just saw each other as and when our friends got together and gradually got to know each other a little better engaging in some good conversations and kissing and cuddling 'hello' and 'goodbye' which always seemed to be a bit more than just friendly.

Recently I did the worst thing I could probably do (cos I've been reading up on thse guys so much) and text him with my feelings and asked him to let me know how he felt and would he meet me. I was absolutely shocked when he told me he would like to be with me and he agreed to go on a date with me.

Now this is where I need help!!!! First date great, all positive, body language open, friendly, lots of touching feely from him, a little flirting by me and he asked me for the next date. However, he had to cancel hours before for what seemed a very good reason, he said we could get together the following week. Obviously I was disappointed and this may have been evident in my tone of voice although I did not get cross at all.

I text him later that evening to say no worries and asked if he was free a week later and now nothing, although it's only been a few days. I have always told him that our friendship is important to me and I really don't think I will lose that but I really want him so badly and want to send the right message to keep him interested, any ideas???

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by: Capri-Corny

hi there--

It sounds as if he is playing a little bit hard to get. I would say the best is to give him a dose of his own meds.

just wondering - what sign are you?

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