Confused by my Libra man

(confused girl)

I have a Libra boy that I'm in love with so what do I do he sends me some mixed signs. Like sometimes he's watching me or smiling at me or sometimes cold and cruel and mean to me. He calls me ugly for no reason and when his friends asked him do you like her he didn't respond so that led to the next very important question they asked him if you like her that much why won't you fu*k her?

I felt very embarrassed and my cheeks were burning too much. Then he answered rapidly, he said: Nah, I won't fu*k her cause she's UGLY! BUT I know he doesn't mean like that cause he really likes me and is very interested in me so that means he's lying and he actually told exactly the opposite way. Thanks and buh-bye please help I am confused and not knowing what to do!

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by: Anonymous

First of all have respect and love yourself. If a libra man really like you he will have respect for you and be really be nice to you. Love comes with respect. I'm a libra woman by the way. Don't be in denial you heard what he said to you at first. You can't sugarcoat bullxxxx. Move on because you are better than that. Don't settle for bullxxxx. There is someone out there for you wait it will come to you. Always know you are queen.

Ruthless indecision = unbalanced emotional/intellectual needs
by: Libra-Venus/Sun

The quick fix is to stay stable while Libra hashes out his process like some kind of computer.
There's nothing worse then a Libras ruthless indecision. He wants to shine. That includes those around him. Sadly, He looks at people, places and things as either Shiners or Shadowers. It seems like a conflicting goal, but if you want to be in his life, acquire your own Authority. Be something he would reach for instead of grasping at his attention. Be the change you really want and demonstrate your originality(with cunning and class). He notices smiles. And knows the difference between a frown and a sneer. Chose the one that will let you keep your own POWER.
At his deepest he may love you and by the way you compliment the partnership he will remember it even if his friends are unbalanced. Remind your Libra how valuable you are by seeing it in your self firstly. I know it's difficult but nothing bad can happen from true self-worth. Good luck kiddo!

-abitaskew crescend 0

im confused as well by a libra man!!
by: im a leo

well to tell the truth i met him six months ago at a club... at the time i was in a messy relationship and just recntly got out of it... he knew all about me and my ex! but he would still take me on dates and call me and treat me like a queen!when i finally got out of my relationship i began to REALLY pursue him... we had "relations" the other night but that was only becus I was the agressor!(the leo in me)our phone conversations are ALWAYS short and light... nothing to deep... he is soooo reserved! and im not sure if that is becus he is a libra or becus he is a marine or becus hes just not interested in me..... i mean i just dont get it! what do you think this man wants from me...

yeah, girl, they are confusing!
by: Pisces Girl 2354

I am talking to this Libra, and he confuses the hell outta me! Just spent the weekend @ his place and everything was cool, we laughed and chilled, watched tv and cuddled. When we went to bed, I was really feelin him, thought he wanted sex...(I know I did, we had a few drinks, lol). Well, it was like he wasn't feelin me! Totally not interested! I know he likes me, he's been tryin to get me over there for months, he cooked for me, is such a sweet guy. So, of course, I was totally bewildered by his lack of intimacy...he told me himself he has intimacy issues. I don't know what to do, I mean, it is nice that he likes me for ME, but @ the same time I wonder if it will ever change. I'm a Pisces, so I am a very passionate person...I really like him, but I can't be in a sexless relationship. We did it once back in July and it seemed like he only did it cuz I wanted to....ugh. I don't know...anyone got any advice for me???

wishy washy libra men! smh
by: Anonymous

all i can say is gurl let it go! i was at home the other day drinking wine with my gurlfriends and decided i would text him and ask where i "stand" with him... he had the nurv to say wer "just friends"! smdh... WHATEVR! sad thing is... havent talked to him sence... i mean it wasnt like i lost anything... HE was the one wining and dining ME! and in the end we had sex and to tell the truth it wasnt that great! lmao OH WELL! you win some you lose some...

virgo woman in love
by: Anonymous

I have been with a libran man for 3 months. I love him with all my heart he is very sweet. I have never been with someone who treats me so good. I'm a Virgo woman and were not the compatible match but he has awakened a very passionate part of me that has never been awakened before. I find even if we argue and I'm mad. He can make me fall for him all over again

by: confusedlibrabylibra

I've been talking to this libra male for a little over a year. We used to talk all the time (until 4 or 5am). I'm a libra, also. We recently reconnected after months of not talkin. He took me to his house in Aug. He introduced me to his family. We just hung out that night and kissed (a lot lls). I asked him wld he be my baby and he nodded yes. Then I slowly started to heat from him. So now, we are talking and everything seems to be ok. I asked him y did he stop calling me & he said that he got busy with school and work. I really like him. I hope to be in a relationship with him. I just don't know how he feels abt me. But we both have this rule where we dnt kiss unless we really like each other. He's kissed me multiple times in public.

virgo vs. libra
by: Anonymous

I thought I'm the only one confused. The Libra Man treats me so sweet, it's the best kisser I had.. than he spend hours till he give a sign (text/call). I never had someone so special, I really want a relationship with him even tho we don't have astrological compatibility..and he keeps confusing me. One day is telling me I'm his loved one than he waits too much to date me again, and it's not shy.urgh!

aries and libra
by: Anonymous

i like my libra man alot...but wow hes so it takes him forever to make a decision and he needs to contantly be caterd to all day! im selfish but hes spoiled and he has to win every argument! hes so sweet i gave him his time and space now im waiting for my flowers cuz if i dont get them grrrr :)

cancer girl Libra QT
by: Anonymous

and I thought I was the only one having Libra man isht. my qt does not even respond to my communication for a loong time and eventually when i decide to keep quiet he feels i have neglected him. When we are together he would rather be late for work than let me go but as soon as we go our separate ways it's like he flushes his system of me and I get so offended by that. I feel so confortable and bubbly around him but the he likes to be served and spoiled and i don't get that. what is it with Mr Libra??????

thank You All!
by: Now Not so Confused ;)

thank you for such lovely comments ;)
I really appreciate it ^^ I am sorry for not posting but I've been busy like since forever :D
Oh, and I did forgot him and we said sorry to eachother and well, what's impportant is that I may let myself down a little but now I am a lot better person who has better respect for herself thanks to you and my closest pals ;)))

Thanks a lot, have an amazing life, I wish you all with my heart and soul ^_^

Libra men confuse me
by: Anonymous

I have been in a few serious relationships all of which I ended up cheating with the same libra guy. He keeps coming back and it's so confusing for me. I don't know if he actually cares for me or if he's just keeping me available for him. I am a Scorpio by the way and I know our signs are not compatible generally. Don't know whether to cut him out of my life or not? I have tried for last 2 years but I think about him all he time.

by: Anonymous

i completelty get where u all are coming frm i
have spent a numerous amount of timw with although not my lover libra boy and OMG. One day we arebff;s than the next day we are worst enemy.
ooh and not to mention is temper beware of dragon
he makes me mad yet hes hard to ignore sometimes
idk just a rollercoaster ride ps: someone get me off this thing LOL!!

Scorpio woman and libra man
by: Anonymous

Hi there I'm a Scorpio woman I have met this Libra man since January 2014 I have only seen him twice and we had great sex we share the same interests and he is so sweet makes my heart melt! I have never met someone like him, it's this chemistry between us that I feel but I'm not sure if he has the same feelings I have for him for me. We stopped talking and come back in my life I have moved out the city I have seen him since February he stays in contact with me and how he really wants to see me but I try to ignore him most of the times... I mean sometimes I feel like to let him know how I feel about him because if I don't it will bother me!! But I'm to scared to let him know I'm to scared to get my feelings hurt! But it don't want to waste each other time anymore so what shall I do??? Help and how shall I start the convo???

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