Confused by Pisces man

I'm a Scorpio woman and I've been involved with a Pisces man. I feel very connected to him on so many levels, but still confused . He plays mind games, strings me along . And just finally admitted were only friends. I want to know what took him so long to tell me this, and is there hope for us in the future, because if there is one thing I'm sure of , I touch him on a very emotional level, and my personal opinion on him is that he doesn't know what to do with his feelings, and probably doesn't want a serious relationship. Please any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Confused by Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I also want to know why a Pisces man took 4 months to let me know he only sees me as a good friend, but won't even talk to me anymore. In the past I asked him so many times are we just friends and he would mislead me and say no not friends, but then what? I'm confused as to is this typical bevaviour of a Pisces man? Someone please respond and help me out. P.S. We were dating for 4 months!

Sooooo confused
by: Anonymous

My pisces man chased me for months, calling constantly etc etc. We met up and hooked up. He says he is going to call at certain times and always calls an hour or 2 later than he says. I travel long distances to see him and he barely makes time for me, which makes me think he's not that into me, but then he makes a big deal about introducing me to his family, he is confusing. When I ask him if he likes me because by the way he treats me I can't tell, he laughs and says, 'of course i do, what are you talking about?'. He was the one who pushed for us to become exclusive but then doesn't make time to see me. I can't tell if he likes me or not, he has only had one other girlfriend before, so I am not sure wether he just seriously has no idea at all or if he doesn't really like me or if that's just the way he is. I am seriously running out of patience. I really like him and we get along sooooo well on the phone but when we meet up he is really quiet. I have no idea what to do.Break up or give him another chance??

pisces men love a little mystery.
by: Candice

Ladies pisces men love a woman who gives them a taste of their own medicine. Be hard to get. Have some fun & while ur at it don,t be predictable. If he does,nt spend at least 50% of the effort u give him hes not interested. u deserve a man who is.

LoL... sorry for the laugh, ladies...
by: Anonymous

but your experiences with pisces men shows a character trait, it's hysterical. At least, your stories makes me feel a little better and allow me to take a step back and see what's really happening between my pisces and me. Thank you for that.

I am gay so I met a guy 3 months ago, met 3times once in every 4 weeks. I don't know if it was coincidental. My story is not much different than yours. We never chat online, call each other or send messages except he calls me 2-3 days prior to meeting. I can almost guess what date and time it's going to He calls and says "hey bud, I am calling to see how you are doing, what you'been up to," I answer briefly and then he says" ohh I have been busy, I was away. Do you think I can get to see you this weekend?' It's hysterical.
When he comes over, he is completely different person that he is all over me...compliments, constant flirtation, gives me expressions as if he wants to be with me for life. When we are intimate, he never let it go, wraps his arms around me and kisses me as long as we are together to a point that the next a few days, I have sore muscles as if I just came out of a heavy workout session. Before, I couldn't understand why I had sore muscles when I didn't work out.

To make it short, I can understand the affection they show(probably more than anyone else), but what's it that a pisces stop communicating until the next hook up? Is he waiting for me to make the first move and ask officially whether he wants a relationship? Anytime, I overcome my feelings about him, and think "I am okay, I don't really want to get together again or not this weekend", it is the week, he calls and wants to get together. Sex and the time I spend with him so amazing, and intoxicating, I can't say 'no'. But I will let him taste his own medicine next time. I assume he may get in touch with me on the second weekend this time around, he said his vacation days are over, if he does, I am not going to be around for the next a few weekends, and I'll see how he feels. :)) It's said that they tend to be introverted unlike leos but this fish tells me always that he is going to a party or invited to a dinner etc. Yes, he has many relatives and friends around as he is now a mature person and spent all his life in the same area, but still, partying and having some activitiy to attend every single weekend tells me he is not an introverted person....

anyway, I just wanted to share my own experience with a pisces with you.

mature minds
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a male Pisces who has done the run around with women's heads too. What happens is we male pisces don't always have both feet firmly planted on the ground and are only thinking with one of our two fish. What we need and believe me this works, we need a slap in the face or a wake up call. Next time your pisces is playing with your head or heart, cut him off from any communication for a week. This will send him crashing down to earth and reality, it'll get his attention and this is the time in which you sit him down and say look....this is what your doing and what do you really want. you see we pisces are dreamy and it's not that we don't respect you it's just we're not always thinking about our actions and how they effect others. So bring him down to earth, sit him down and look him in the face with one hand on his shoulder and put it on the line. Be strong and tactful with your delivery and this will get his attention, at least for a while. I'm a 41 year old male who's left a trail of broken heart for 28 years, I recently had my heart broken for the first time and well it forced me to confront my weaknesses and consider others heart and not just my own. I find its a constant battle to remain in a state of reality not jump into a stupid situation. We pisces are emotional so try the no communication thing and it'll send him crashing down as he needs that attention more then you think.

eff pisces men!
by: Ms. King

Personaly I think that all pisces men are just weird as hell. It's like they dont know what they want, they play mind games because they are insecure about who they are,cry babies, need attention,think the world revolves around them. I'm a pisces female and I have a pisces male friend and you would think that we would get along fine! But truth be told I just dont get his ass sometimes. He make up lies to make his world sound so exciting!when in actuality his world and lifestlye is soooooo boring. I mean he lies about simple shyt. like one time he told me he was going to new york with a friend because a family member had died on her side. then i called him to see how his trip was playing out (they drove supposedly) he picks up the phone and he tells me he lying down in his friends lap in the car. so the next day comes and i call him again, he picks up and he's in his dorm room and im like hold up! dont you suppose to be in the ny? he's like girl you dont listen! i told you i was thinking about going! im like clearly we JUST talked yesterday and you told me you were on your way to nyc. why lie? boring ass

For all women, who needs a long term relation with Pisces(Confued ones)
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces man, and I can understand the feelings of all of you ladies. We like to play the mind games, but actually for us, its not deliberately done by us. It is just that, pisceans are always unsure of what they want in life. They love thier girl madly and deeply, still they wont be sure whether this relation will work out on long term. Pisces are mostly attached to thier families, so if he thinks that the family will get hurt due to the Choice of his girl then He will be in real Dilemma. In a Dilemma, Pisces men is the last one in earth who can come up with "one" solution. Even if he comes up with one, he wont be able to do that because of the strong emotional waves in his heart.He always belives that sticking to his love is RIGHT and WRONG at the same time. It is not because the that we dont love our Soulmate, its is because we are just like that, scared and confused to take any decisions while confusion.
No one can even imagine, how much a Pisces person can cry and hurt himself thinking about his love, which easily makes him addictive to Cigratte, drinks and even Drugs.. cause we just cant 4get our love..
As an advice to any Scorpio gal, or Cancer gal who is dating Pisces, if you are really serious about your relation and want to marry him. Just analyse the problemsthat a Pisces man will have to go through, if he invites you to life. The more problems he face, the more chances are thier to watch the inconsistency and mind games from Pisces. Never try to threaten him, because he will be hurt like anything that he will scare about a life with you in future and wont come back (for Scorpio women). If a Pisces is not able to take a stand about you, and plays mind games, just act a break up with him and he will bring the solution or a final reply. It can be either favorable or unfavorable to you. But dont hurt them because of thier helpless/hopeless behavior, because they are so innocent that they will cry for a life time thinking about you. They cant really hurt any one who loves them, but unsteadiness is thier feature that others have to cop-up, give them confidence, and come up with solution..I hope this will gave a better idea to all of you..

Well said...
by: Anonymous

Well said man...I m also a Pisces, and I also feel the same way...No one knows what we go through, when we want to take such a serous decision, when we are in dilemma.. I was never a confused person in my life, until I end up in a relation and where I have to Choose between my loving family and my caring Scorpio... I was never ever able to take the decision, and stick to it even though I loved my girl like hell..Atlast, because of the huting words from her, I had to let her go for my family...But I still love her as much as I loved earlier..I know she will never understand me, but as I can understand myself, my love for her will remain the same...Well, I hate to be Pisces, as god shudnt have given such a feature in us that makes ourselves and others hurt...

Thanks for the heads up
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman and have met a wonderful Pisces man. We talk for hours and have so much in common its unbelievable. Sex is out of this world even for me and I just can't get enough of him which is totally the opposite of what usually happens as I love my own space and time to myself. He just fits into my life so easily. He too does the non communication between meetings! I just can't work that out at all. Its the most bizarre thing. Normally guys would be smsing and calling 10 times a day at the beginning but with this one there is nothing! Its a real shame really as I can take him to places - mentally, physically and financially, he would have never dreamed about. All I want is to be reassured that he is here with me whether I see him or not and be supportive when I need it which isn't much at all. Scorpio and Pisces are meant to be the perfect match. I am beginning to wonder how true that is. He is totally playing with my usually very stable head. I hope he snaps out of it. So thank you for your advise and the heads up for what I am in for. I don't know that I really want the games.

Cancer & Pisces man
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your great comments & advise. I am currently falling for this Pisces man but again I find myself keeping a distance when he acts weird. We have so much in common, its like no other. He knows when i'm feeling moody as a cancer of course, and he adjusts by simply making me laugh. Cancers we are moody, and sentivity often one minute we can be romantic, next we can be competitive or just hurt. Anyways, i find that my pisces can adjust which i love. HOWEVER, this man will sometimes if not often say things like ooh!! i'm really busy this weekend & come to find out he did nothing but stay home. He also seems to be so absorbed with his family, if they get him upset, it seems like his whole world is broken down. I've also learned to give him a dose of his own by shutting him down when he tries to act like his world is so important than ours or mines. Thank you all

Pisces II
by: Anonymous

PISCES II - MARCH 3rd - MARCH 10th - The Week of the Loner

Often living in a private world of their own, they make their home a retreat from the vicissitudes of life. Possessing a strongly soulful side, apparent in their love of music and in their empathy for all forms of human suffering, they are great admirers of beauty, particularly in people and paintings, and their homes and surroundings generally show some personal touch.

Grace, honesty and an unassailable aesthetic and moral code prevent them from acting underhandedly or, in particular, hurtfully. They generally believe that life is not just there to be enjoyed, and that one must in some way pay one's dues with a certain amount of suffering. Rarely will those born in this week escape at least one severe trauma in their lives.

In the workplace, they do well as free-lancers or operating outside the office.

Generally speaking, they ask only one thing from the world, and that is to be accepted as they really are. To comfort themselves, and to shield themselves from disappointment and rejection, they may surrender to the pursuit of money or retreat into a fantasy-full interior life. Those born in The Week of the Loner usually have few friends.

In love, they are more prone than others to be snagged by a pretty face, sensuous voice or alluring body. Friends and mates of a practical nature tend to bring them down to earth. Meanwhile children will help them share their sense of wonder and awe at the natural world.

STRENGTHS: soulful, intimate, graceful
WEAKNESSES: reclusive, disappointed, suffering

From a real Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

If you want to understand your Pisces man, just think of…. YOURSELF! Pisces is the most feminine sign. When (not if) his behavior confuses you, just look at yourself. Why would YOU behave that way? The answer is within you.

- When I do play games, it’s quite obvious. If you're not sure, I'm not playing. I'm probably feeling indecisive, and don't want to hurt your feelings.
-That's also why I wouldn't tell you we're just friends. I wasn't sure what I wanted, and/or didn't want to hurt your feelings.
-Touching him on an emotional level is the surest way to a relationship with him.
-I'm always late, don't take it personally. It has nothing to do with you. Unless I was trying to look good for you. Yes, it could even be a fashion emergency. More likely, its just a result of poor planning.
-I like to be PURSUED, but I like my space too. If I didn’t call, I might have been waiting for your call.
-Yes, APPROVAL is important to me. Yours my family, friends, etc. If I took you to meet my family early on, I was testing the waters. If they didn’t like you, or you didn’t like them it’s a deal breaker.

by: chika bonita

OMG......its like your talking about what I'M going through.I'M
Also seeing a pisces man he also likes to play these phone games.When I'm with him he makes me feel like I'm the hottest chick in NYC He compliments me on everything from my legs to my lips,clothes , shoes , bags.
Me being a virgo woman......I'm
Truly getting tired of he's
Sh....t. we've only dated for about three months.
This week I'M breaking out the scissors and cutting he's ass offf.......
Bye bye fish boy LOL

I love my pisces man but...
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

I'm also dating a pisces man, great guy! He's loving, kind, generous, he cooks for me, and he makes me laugh. I don't have a problem with him spending time with me or calling. We are together everyday! He asked me to move in with him next month. The problem with him I have is, one minute he says I wanna start a family and the next minute he says, if our relationship don't work out take care of our kids. No, we are going to take care of our kids. I"m a libra woman, we don't won't to be alone or we will fall into a state of depression. I have always been in a relationship, so I have to decided what to do. Any suggestions?

I'm a sagittarius & have fallen for pisces
by: heavyheart

Hi there,
I am falling hard for my pices guy but i'm confused by his behavior. I am a sagittarius woman and also have a sensitive heart and fall for artistic, talented dreamy guys, my guy is so amazing, he is everything i could have ever wanted in a guy, we had an instant mystical kind of connecion. BUT i'm not quite sure how to approach him when he doesn't contact me for a day or two. What should i do? I can't think of anything that i would say or do to temporarily drive him away. He says i'm very beautiful and we have so much in common, we hit it off like no ones business and now i feel he's lost interest. What should i do? call him or not call him? give him space or let him know i care by saying something? Not sure how to deal because i don't want to push him but i want to know his feelings and calm his heart if he is confused.

wow so this is what a pisces man is like
by: kathleen

I have been dating my pisces man for 3 months. He texts me daily. However we don't talk on the phone. When we are together it is fabulous. I am a leo woman and I need to let this guy know I want more of his time and attention. He hasn't introduced me to family or friends yet. I know in the past his relationships are long term, which is what I am looking for. Right now he is having a family emergency and is basically shutting me out. I am frustrated!! I really see long term with this man. He is stable in his work and his life. We have tons in common. I simply am WAY more outgoing than he is. But I don't care and have told him so. He is quiet I am not but I also don't care about this either. HELP...what can I do to move this forward in the right direction with this man?

by: Anonymous

I'm a female pisces, and we never try to be deceiving or give mixed signals. The problem is that sometimes we're not even sure of what we want, and I believe that most of us don't want to reject anyone and we're bad abuot telling people how it is straight up because we feel guilty and hate confrontation.

I have to say though, if a pisces is in love with you, I think that you will know.

From a Pisces man
by: Anonymous


I'm not sure if the other Pisces men on this site are trying to use their "dreamy" quality as an excuse for bad behavior or not being able to make a decision...but I find the majority of the comments here to be insulting or just plain weak. It seems to me that these comments are coming from weak men (and I'm sorry but also a lot of weak women) looking for an excuse for poor behavior, poor relationship skills, or poor communication skills and are trying to use astrology to justify it.

If a guy doesn't call you: he's not that into you. Or he hasn't paid his phone bill. Either way: move on.

3-months is not a terribly long time to be dating someone. So, if ur looking for a huge commitment after 90-days, I think that speaks more about you than it does the person you're

And to address the first poster: he was breaking up with you. It's not that hard to figure out. He was just doing it in a passive-aggressive way.

This shouldn't be hard to figure out, but apparently it is: if you don't like passive or passive aggressive responses, don't date weak men. Point 2: your zodiac sign does not determine your personality so please stop using it as an excuse for poor choices or behavior.

Honestly, I've never been into astrology until I met a women
who once she found out I was a Pisces, used it as an excuse
not to date me. I was so confused by that, that I had to do some research, and honestly, the way these so-called men are protraying themselves, I wouldn't date one either if I was a woman.

Thinking of Pisces all day
by: Antsy

Sigh. Where do I begin? This pisces guy contacted me first on a dating site. His approach stood out from the rest. We talked for a while online, he said that we had things in common and that I should call him. I called him. We talked on several spaced occasions. He doesn't talk very much at all. He kind of lets me do the talking as if he is trying to catch me saying something that will allow him to know me deeper. He won't ask, he will just listen. I try and ask him questions and he uses the least amount of words to respond, or halfway respond. I meet him. He said how fine and banging my body was. He said that I had a lot of energy that he loved. We meet a few more times and he is all touchy and flirty, and kissy and stuff. I will tell you that Pisces men sure do know how to make you feel so sexy when you're around them. the part when I'm NOT around him. 2-3 days will go by and (the classic trait) I don't hear from him. Now I already knew a little bit about pisces and how they like to retreat and figure things out in their head/daydream, whatever. So when he did that, it didn't bother me. I just don't feel that we are getting any closer. When he first met me, he asked would I move in with a guy for love. I told him yes. I guess that made him feel secure that if he decided to fall for me then he knew that I would move in. He doesn't talk much on the phone and he doesn't like to stay on the phone very long. He goes to bed by 10 because he has to get up for work at 4 am. I understand. But I have never met a man with such distant communication skills. I get so antsy because I think about him a lot and I wonder if he is doing the same. He is so passive and cool. He looooooves compliments. It gets his wheels turning but then what? What does he want? He is not by any means weak (although he doesn't watch football or sports), but I can tell that he is a sensitive guy. He may not want to show that part. I think that by him not being able to show his emotions easily, that it is tearing him apart inside. Meanwhile, I'm like, huh?

pisces man
by: Anonymous

its weird i can see my self in all the above stories, i guess thats the way we are,since well u have clues on how we behave u just have to come up with a plan of dealing with us.

Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

I love the comments that the Pisces men have made about themselves. But, it would be nice if they comment on why they lie or make up so many excuses. I'm a scorpio woman and there is nothing that we dislike more than a liar

pisces men lieing
by: Anonymous

ha ha...lies are told by most of the me to her woman no matter which star sign he is from.. A lie is said for many purposes. you got to understand what made him said that lie.. or why was he fearing to reveal the truth..was it because you not providing him enough freedom?? was it because he had felt the bitterness of saying the truth before which made him many reasons are go through a self introspection..and then have a free discussion with ur partner and assure him that being truthful is always better than lies..and tell him/her that even if truth is better u will not criticise him ever if he reveal that 2 you rather than hiding..thus create that behavior insise him and make him understand that its one main thing you look from your partner..and well I am a pisces man, I have also lied at times to my scorpio girl, but that was only to get something done from her...bcoz she is so arrogant that, truth wont many a times get things done..

It's more than a Lie
by: Antsy

See that is another thing about pisces men. They will lie to make a situation appear better, ok, or that they just want to go with the flow. They are trying so hard not to bring the drama that they do just that. Because after while of trying to make things run smoothly they crack. They can't continue to be what they are not. It's a fight that they have with themselves. To the guy who answered above about choosing between his family and the love of his life. When your family has moved on, married or passed on, who will you have then? You have to keep the family going and you won't if you are always running to family even though you truly still love your woman but let her go. Then, pisces men are always complaining that they can't find a good woman but they let the ones that they love go AND THEN love them for the rest of their life BUT can't be with them. Lies are lies even when you lie to yourself, your woman and whether it is to avoid confrontation or drama.

Never date them
by: Anonymous

They are psychos! I was in a relationship with one for 4 months. In the beginning he was the kindest and nicest man in the world, he was doing everything for me and kept telling me I was the woman of his lifetime. I was a little bit skeptical initially, as I couldn't pace up so much and needed time to know him better. After 3 months, I truly fell in love with him and I thought everything would be smoothly. Then one day he stopped calling me. Just stopped any contact, out of blue sky. I was so upset and puzzled. The next day he told me he needed to talk to me. However, he kept buying time and disappeared for a week making me extremely worried and anxious. Then he called me and was saying almost nothing, so that I could not stand him not answering my questions and giving me exact explanations on what was going on, so I told him myself we needed to break up. He didn't even accept it properly or opposed it! I felt so stupid, it seemed I broke up with myself! Then after a couple of days, I texted him again and asked if we could clearly talk again and find out what was happening. He ignored my message and answered just after one more week. He told me he didn't love me anymore, we are just friends and he would need 2 more years to recover to be again in a contact with me as friends... I think I was truly an idiot believing this man's promises and feelings. My initial skepticism proved to be right. I will never again date pisces men. I had other boyfriends before, but I have never felt more confused and dumbed than now...

hurt by pisces guy
by: Anonymous

i helped a pisces out of a mess for 2 months we got very close,we fell hard for each other,he got close to my children and my family we got along amazingly.laughed joked just towards the end he was always lying standing me up then he moved out.Found out later he went back to his wife and he told me so many lies,but he hated his ex wife she treated him bad but they have kids,so i am not sure if that was his reason,he was still texting me saying he misses me and loves me,but then all contact ended,he wont even text me now i dont know what to do,i am crazy about him

hurt by pisces guy
by: Anonymous

i helped a pisces out of a mess for 2 months we got very close,we fell hard for each other,he got close to my children and my family we got along amazingly.laughed joked just towards the end he was always lying standing me up then he moved out.Found out later he went back to his wife and he told me so many lies,but he hated his ex wife she treated him bad but they have kids,so i am not sure if that was his reason,he was still texting me saying he misses me and loves me,but then all contact ended,he wont even text me now i dont know what to do,i am crazy about him

by: marc

I am a Pisces man.I am from South Africa.I am a
a guitarist.I play in a metal/rock band. I have a deep interest in military history and have a decent collection.
I used to do motocross but work etc. no longer permits the privilege of riding at the 'mo.
Soft and wimpy?? My Mothers left cock!

bedroom problem
by: Anonymous

hello i am also with a piseces man.been togeather 3 years.dose int take me to his the mornin he ruffled my head whe i done the same to him he said what the hell are you doing he dose not take me to his house he says its in a mess.we fell out while ago he did,int hear from him for about 3 month.know how you are feelingihe even has problem in the bedroom.he eaven said to me im more atractive from the back thats becaues thats the only way it keeps but i thought he was being nasty

Well the confusion continues
by: Kathleen

My pisces one minute gone the next. Honestly I have never met a man who just doesn't seem to know what it is he wants from me. But he never wants me gone either.....what is up with this man. After 3 months, I was beginning to have serious feelings for him. Than 3 months later? poof he was gone. Then he came back around for about 1 1/2 months...then yes you guessed it..poof gone again.

Wow months go by then he is back. I told him goodbye in a long well thought out letter, I need to move on. He stays away for awhile then he is back again.

Either this man wants a relationship with me or he does not. I told him if you looked up pisces his name would appear.

I have done the no contact, the letter, the telling him I want more....and yet he persists on being in my life.

How do you simply tell a pisces man to get with it or go away forever? I love him now it has been over 1 1/2 years with our on again/off again and I fell head over heels....have I lost it? or has he?

Pisceans men are psychos and cheaters
by: Nwadiogo Joy

Dating a piscean guy is very sweet at the early stage of relationship, he will make you feel like your in heaven but they will make you cry bitterly in the end, they are heartbreakers, liers, pretenders and they are noth straight forward, always confused, they don't know what they want, piscean guys believe so much in love but don't know the meaning of love, they are cheaters and psychos, Am a piscean lady but having an affair with my piscean best friend all the way from school costed me alot, pisceans relationship is the worst relationship that i have had in life, they are misterious.

Pisces vs Pisces
by: Dana

I have to tell you that i am in absolute awe reading these comments. I can't believe how well my own situation with a pisces man (I'm a pisces woman) matches almost 100 percent of these stories. I'm in the exact situation as so many of you. At the beginning my guy was so into me. Calling me every day making plans, telling me i'm his dream girl.....and then suddenly he starts disappearing just like everyone else is saying. It's crazy that these qualities are so similar amongst all pisces men. I agree, I think that they are weak and just don't get it. Mine disappeared last week after I told him about a small tragedy I had. Guess it was too much for his fish brain to handle. I'm assuming he'll be back if he follows the pattern of all the pisces men before him....however I think I will be my own little pisces that I am and swim away in the opposite direction

Diary of a Scorpio
by: Pixle_Pixie

Ive been with my Pisces guy for 3 years. When we 1st was instant kismet. It was electrifying; it was as if we'd known each other before and were meeting again by change...picking up where we both had left off last time. I was 5 years older than him; I was 24, he was 20 at the time. The only thing we even considered about the age difference was that he couldnt go shoot pool for another couple of monthd lol. We didnt care...still dont. I had a child from a previous relationship and he accepted us as a "package deal" but what got me was....he accepted us & was thrilled to be part of my kids life. I never pushed him with getting to know my child and they hit it off amazingly. I tried to self-sabotage our relationship out of my own stupidity...from just being too negative; thinking I did not deserve this much unexpectedly strong love.....from a good man. He noticed something wad up immediately as these men are ecvellent at nonverbal communication (thank God) and we talked about it; then moved forward. I truly feel like tbis is tje probl s lot of yall are talking about on're all avoiding intimacy on some level by not changing things, not facing things, not forgiving nor moving on. And no matter who you are or what all must learn to accept people for who they are and realize they're not you. Only then will you be able to fix yourself.....or try to understand others....not necessarily fix them. Some are just broken & unfixable and some cant or wont allow you to. Sorry for this being so long but it sounded like yall needed some guidance amd seeing that my hubby is a Pisces and hes never acted like anything other than wonderful.....I wanted to share my story and perhaps its loving message will be taken and thought on by some. And if you get nothing else out of it but some insightful advice...then Ive done my part as a human being...reaching

by: Pixle_Pixie

In case you were wondering how were doing: we are still together, going strong and are more in love now than we have ever been. My daughter is the apple of her Daddys eye and they are inseperable and even gang up on me to tease me ;P
And we couldnt be happier to let yall know that we will welcome a new baby to our happy home in Nov. of this yr...another Scorpio heeheehee. Wish, hope, dream, love, firgive,have empathy....Meg.
PS: When in doubt about a decision (Pisces) it doesnt hurt to just go for it, your inner voice aka your intuition is your best bet. Its the first feeling you have about whatevet it is you are contemplating.
And stop feeling sorry!!! For yourself and others at least every once in a while or you will shorten your life with b.s. and stress instead of enjoying this brief journey we call life while pn earth. We exist forever in soul form and nothing truly dies. So enjoy it while its here!! Your life is precious and shouldnt be wasted worrying about things you cannot change. Only God can. One more thing: sometimes its time to own up or shut up. Grow a pair. Take some initiative and action. And make love!!!

Confused by Pisces man
by: Anonymous

So I'm still seeing my pisces guy. Its been almost a year and our relationship really hasn't changed much. I mean we took some big steps in intimacy but I'm figuring out that as long as I give him space he comes back to me. It's exactly what I want in a relationship but my feelings have grown so much and I'm use to being with him. I do love him and I'lm ready for commitment. I know that if I press he'll swim away. I'm a scorpio so I understand his need for space and we speak to each other without words most of the time. As a scorpio I have incredible staying power and am willing to wait for I believe he's my soul mate. But on the other hand I still he doesn't say that he's ready for commitment. I just wish that he be open with me. But again I respect the need to keep feeligs private. I'm very conflicted. Wish I had some direction.

Got rid of my pisces man....
by: kathleen

best thing I ever about a man who does not know what he wants...seriously? a 50 year old man who has no clue...plays games...messes with my head...i just don't need it anymore! so adios pisces idiot!

Pisces guys i need you!! Please read my story and help if you can!! its kind of long but i just couldnt stop typing!
by: michelle

So I'm a capricorn woman that's crazy about a pisces man; can't get him off my mind.

Pisces guys i need you!! Please read my story and help if you can!! its kind of long but i just couldnt stop typing!
by: michelle

I had been in love once before we met, and had finally gotten over an ex of whom i had been in a five year on and off relationship with. I was enjoying my life being a young single and independent woman, when suddenly I met him. I was hired at a high school where him and I had to work together directly. He was the band director, and I was the colorguard director. We met and I thought he was cute, he was extremely nice and helpful, and very approachable. He was cool to talk to, and we developed a quick friendship. Our first time hanging out outside of work was at a bar I used to work at. We got drunk, had great convo, and kept giving eachother flirtatious glances. I could definately feel the chemistry and started to find myself extremely attrated to him; it was obvious that the feeling was mutual. That night I could not get my mind off of him! We started hanging out frequently usually going to the same bar. He admitted to me that he had just gotten out of a year long relationship that he broke off due to a loss of intrest and other things. The breakup was resent and he would confide in me about the situation. although he did not want to be with her at all anymore, he felt bad because he knew she was still in love with him and wanted to be with him. It tore him that she was hurting, but he was done compensating his happiness for hers and understood that she would eventually move on. I could tell that he was sensitive and sweet, this was a turn on! I could tell he enjoyed my company and talking to me and we began seeing eachother outside of work at least 3 times a week. Anyone could see that we were crazy about each other, and we soon had our first kiss. It was literally like fireworks!! This is what I did't want, but it happened and was so unexpected and although I wanted to i could not deny my feelings and neither could he. We dated for three wonderful months full of fun and excitement, when all of a sudden i sensed him being a bit stand offish. i was confused by this and thought maybe im just over reacting or analyzing him too much, so i ignored the behaviour. But it didn't change. I let it go on for a week before I just had to say something about it. I built up the courage and asked ''hey is there something different between us that i dont know about??" He sort of gave me a run around answer that was very unclear and didn't really make sense.

Pisces guys i need you!! Please read my story and help if you can!! its kind of long but i just couldnt stop typing!
by: michelle

I took that as him wanting space or maybe not liking me anymore. It was awkward because we worked together so I would still have to see and interact with him. usually we would be at work like two peas in a pod, joking and having fun. I now made it a point to just be cordial and say hi and leave when it was time for me to go. A week later he approached me apologizing for his weird response and triedd to explain himself but was getting flustered. he said he still wanted to hang out and that the feelings he had for me were still there. although i was still confused i felt so much better about our relationship. later that day he gave me the most passionate kiss in his office, and my heart was just in knots. things went back to normal the next week and he invited me out on the weekend. we went out for dinner and met a few of his friends and one of his cousins. i thought to myself wow i was scared for no reason. we then went out to a bar and made out the entire night. we ended the night and went our seperate ways both seemingly floating. the next day i texted him and he was very short and non chalant with me. this confused me and made me worried again. the following next few weeks we would talk but it was very brief and vague. he was beg. to seem depressed to me like he was basking in self pitty or something. i figured he was going through something and maybe no longer felt comfortable confiding in me. every now and then he would randomly flirt with me and text me but it was never consistent, this went on for the next 3 weeks. at the beg of the new month there was a band concert and i noticed he had a guest with him. it was 2 women. neither one was his ex and i could not tell if he was involved with one of them or if they were all just friends. i left the night confused but brushed it off. The next week we had an out of town football game to go to and with him he brought one of the girls!! I was

they are weak and selfish
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra I was dating a pisces for 4 months. First he was really nice loving caring guy but he change over night with me and I ask him what's going on but he will never tell me the truth. I decide to end it. But 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant by him and I let him know I was pregnant by him and he tell me to get a abortion because he have a girfriend and don't want nothing to do with my baby or me. So I keep my baby n now I have a amazing baby and she's so pretty. As for my ex I change my number and take care of my baby and I met another pices in a short time we got married and he is very caring and strong not a cry baby like my ex. Once in a whille we bump in to each other but he can't look me in eye because he is a punk and weak. To all your ladies not all pisces are cry baby but it depend on the day their were born. Good luck ladies.

cant make him out
by: Anonymous

been seing piscesman for four years,was seing him all the time at the start then stop phoning.i thin he has bedroom problem.but he never says anything rong with him.when whe do make love he said im more atractive from the front witch i thought he was being nasty.maybe its the only that makes him firmer.he never takes blame.he even one morning ruffled my hair on my head and i done the same and he said what the hell am i doing.

Pisces guys i need you!! Please read my story and help if you can!! its kind of long but i just couldnt stop typing!
by: Anonymous

i couldnt post the rest of my story cause the computer died..but just to finish up real quick lol the guy is just straight up weird. one week he is sooo into me and the next week im a stranger...this manic behaviour is still continuing till this day! even after not speaking to him for about 2 whole months he is still trying to pop back in my life..there is mystery and confusion all over his face..should i continue ignoring him and just be cordial at work, or should i try to figure out what is really going on??? am i being naive by trying to understand him and his weird behaviour?? i really like him and want this to work, but if he just wants someone thats available when he wants to hang out then i want nothing to do with him...someone please help!!

Confused by Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

I wish I could help you. I'm dealing with the same ything. I've been going through it for almost a year. I'm a scorpio he's a pisces, I think that my obsessive nature makes him swim away but at the same time he continues to pop in and out of my life. I love him. He wants me when he wants me.But that's it. I wish that I knew more to tell you to help you.

mayb this will help clue u n.
by: pisces guy

pisces guy here. brace urself, this might rub some the wrong way. but I think some need to hear it.

#1... If I really really like a girl, I'll drop nearly everything (anyone) I'm doing 2 b w/ that 1... even if I have to sacrifice sleep or important stuff like my workout schedule. #2... I hate being alone. If I don't have someone n my life that I really really like, I'll settle for several in my life who I just kinda like. I'll likely have someone around me every day/night of the week i'm not at work or in class #3... I'm very sensual, very touchy feely, love kissing & hugging. some would say i'm a lover. others have told me my strong affection misleads women to believe they r the 1 who i want to b even more w/ them, when in reality, i may only like them as a friend w/ benifits.

Advice for pisces male... be upfront and honest about everything. don't lead women on. u'd b surprised how many women will b ok w/ something casual IF ur totally up front.

Advice for anyone w/ a pisces male... get him to b upfront & asure him u won't get upset or mad no matter what he says. give him freedom to say what he doesn't really feel comfortable saying. let him kno it's safe to be honest. also, u may have to b flexible to work around his total lack of time management & if ur not THE ONE, just enjoy what time u've got w/ him while u have him, or bite the bullet and just move on. pisces r very affectionate, so may b worthwhile sticking around... good luck!

totally confused and hurt
by: s-cat

I am pisces and so is he,we are so awesome togetherbut its an out of sight out of mind kind of thing...we were FWB-i know-bad move but I didn't even like him in the beginning!!!that's wahst frustrates me the most is that he was the one that was so into me!and now the tables have turned. I couldn't take it any longer so I told him that I had enough of him and that I'm just going to go away quietly. He didn't even fight for me!!! It's been 6 days and he hasn't called or made any kind of contact with me. I am so life in general is a mess right now but I would've liked to have been fought for...he is hot and cold but when we are together it was amazing. He kept me in the bedroom even though I know his friends but I just didn't feel good when he left my house. He never did anything nice for me.I didn't feel special at all.I guess I should have known. I'm just going to accept his silence asas it is.I didn't mean anything to him anyway.4months down the drain!he said he prayed for me every night-probably for me to go away LOL.

Im wondering if he's being totally honest?? or how to handle this situation..he wants me to give him answers..
by: ScorpioGirl

Im a scorpio girl from Ohio and I met my pisces guy whos from NY on a social site online and he initally contacted me. At first totally stressed his upfront interest as friends only. He said I was beautiful though, expressed constantly that I was very easy on the eyes. We talk everyday, several times a day. There have been a few rough patches through things, but we have worked through those. He has always been a great support system since I met him. I am 31 and a single mom of a 6 yr old lil girl. He knows I am ill. I have to go through chemotherapy and have scleroderma. So then we soon found out we had the same values and interests, and we fell in love. Everything has been quick. Just a couple of months. Well we set a date to meet. A three day weekend.. in september. Thought it would give us time and him time to get time off work. Let me give you a little history about him--
He is 40 and divorced with two teenage kids. His ex wife is in and out of rehab with drug addiction problems. His elderly parents live with him and his father has dementia. He has two sisters that have their own lives. Yet he has to care for his parents all on his own.

Well just yesterday he told me that he told his family about me. His reasoning for telling his family is that he doesnt want to wait until september. He wanted to meet this May 28th and surprise me and just he knows I am the ONE. His family is against the whole internet relationship thing or meeting someone from the internet. They have given him 100 reasons he said NOT to be with me. I have a child from a previous relationship. I am ill. Im from the internet. Yet they have no idea who I am and what Im like and wont even give me a chance. Wont even meet me. He says he's fighting for us, and has given them 101 reasons why he should be with me. He has said they wont allow him to be happy and move on with his life. His family says he's disrupting their routine. That he is the only one who can care for his father. His kids say absolutely not will they ever be OK with this.

Now, I have given him several ideas, but none he can agree with. And ive read through alot of these comments by other people trying to get ideas about my Pisces guy. He's a very strong man, but he seems so confused right now. He says he's chosen me, but cant seem to get over the idea of standing up to his family and just going through with it. I dont know, am I being selfish? I know I just want to be with him for the rest of my life, and how can I make that happen?

If anyone has any suggestions, please Im open to anything.. I'd love to hear them.

Thanks ScorpioGirl from Ohio

Sad to read all these similar comments.. unfortunately, i am also in the same boat
by: Cancer / gemini cusp girl

I am on the cusp of gemini and cancer , and My pisces friend/guy im interested in is also hot and cold. I been stressing over this, but now I've decided to just go on with life and if we reach something serious, great. if we don't. great. Lol .. i have stressed many times over guys and i am done stressing over them. i know i am a catch, and he if he passes me up (regardless of his sign) its his loss.. that means the guy for me is still out there and I get the chance to find that guy that will love me with all their heart and take good care of me :)

Also, theres this like "time frame" for when I'm interested in a guy.. if he doesn't get it together while im interested in him, i move on.

Good thing about me, when I move on from a guy, I don't go back, I don't care much for em, and they don't hurt me anymore :) My feelings completely leave and I'm capable of being their friends without trying to be with them again whatsoever.

Unfortunately, many guys don't get their sh*t together until After I'm not interested in them anymore. Once they passed that time frame of me being interested in them, their chance is up, forever. I have never in my life taken a guy back after I was over him.

Thanks Pisces Guy
by: Kathleen

I think you hit it on the head....if you are really interested in a woman you will make the allowances to see her regardless of what is going on in your life. I dated a pices guy who just wasnt into me the way I was with him and he played a game with me about it. But I just met a new pices guy? and he is the best man I have ever met in my life and he makes time for me out of his busy schedule because he wants to be with me, wants me to meet his family, wants me in his life. So it is all about the actual man and how he feels about the woman he is with and wants to be with. Thanks for your great comments!

Pisces nice but a pure waste of my time
by: Capricorn from Jerzee

I am a Capricorn woman who has wasted my time swaddling in the fantasy life of a Pisces Man. My sign is the leader of the Earth signs and my ascendant is Leo. I consider myself to be a "realest". There is nothing wrong with dreaming,but when your dreams never come true that's a problem. I have been talking to this guy (pisces) from my job for a year and some change and for the whole time I've known him its always been textes instead of phone calls, fantasies and stories of how we could beonstead of dates...explicit photos exchanged instead of SEX. I don't understand his awkwardness and quite frankly I'm sick n tired of trying to understand because I feel like there's nothing yo understand other than the fact that he is weird. I love when a man is a man and I don't know how old he will be when he finally grasp that concept. Everytime I try to tell myself that I'm through ewithentertaining his BS I always end up conversating witj him because he comes off do genuine. I think he may have gottem rejected in the past but so what move on from that and get some balls now!

by: Candice

I dated a Pisces for a year as well. HE was very up front with me, I was very upfront with him. I am a Cancer, btw. From the get go, it was just casual sex. That was it. Fun, crazy, raw,adventurous, anything goes sex! I was a virgin when I met him, and he is 25 years older than me, so he was able to take me into a world far beyond my wildest dreams and fantasies! Which, of course, i liked, allowed, endorsed, and entertained. Then when the sex stopped, I couldnt take anymore of his nonsense excuses. BEcause he sees other women, but when I want his ass, what am I choped liver? I dont want to marry the bloke, I just wanna bang his brains out! Anyways, I ended it with him, bc maybe he is just toooo old for me. But I am a sexual being, and he opened those doors, now, he wants to decide when to open and close them on his terms. So I told him upfront, I need a guy who is there for me and enjoys sex as much as myself. I cant be with a guy who keeps promising me the world but never delivers. And so I left. I gave him the cold treatment, and these comments are right... I know Iam hurting him, bc I resist the urge to contact him even though I miss him terribly. He begs to see me constantly. BUt I tell him, I cant bc I would just want to fXXk and leave... but I wanted a stable Fxxc friend not a hard ass playing hard to get old freak perv! OKay, even though he is old, he has shitloads of experience, that taught me well:) But I just keep wanting more, and he cannot see me. HE only wants our sessions to be 2x a month... while I would want it everyday! Who in teh world can survive on that?! I am deprived! ANd I trust him and I am comfortable with him, its just 2x a month! My vibrators seen more action in a day!!! Oh, well, he makes excuses to have me come over and see him at his work, home, etc... but I told him, I think Ive been also mean, but I tell him that I am moving on to someone who can provide for my needs... aka sex... and when i gain enough experience and prolly slow it down more, MAYBE just maybe I might return to him, but I doubt it. I mean, I am so bored with his lack of sexual libido especially when he claims to be a master of his shit and screws around with many women... he s prolly just a liar and cant get his shit together... Arrgh Pisces, I miss him, but I cant make him see that I want him, bc then we might have sex and then he will go ahead and leave my ass for a couple of weeks... when all I want is stable ass!!! SO frustrating! Especially when I love having sex with him and I totally trust him!

Am I reading too much into it?
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a sag and iv bin seeing a pisces man for 4 weeks, we have bin interested in each other for 5 years from afar due to us both being in relationships at the time. We finally got it together and we do get on and are loving when together, but over this last week I have experienced a feeling of him taking a step back . Iv given him space and have not hounded him, I get the feeling he wants to do things right and take it slow , which the men iv bin with in the past want to move in right away. He compliments me all the time and has even said I'm out of his league 'rubbish ' and it was him that actually asked if we was an item ! And I replied yes but ever since this things have gone calmer ! Maybe he feels more secure now? Or there's no need to chase ? Lol either way il see how it goes cause we have waited long enough. What do u think ? X

pretty funny
by: Anonymous

weak, selfish, confused... that's only what we wan't you to think. on the inside we do know exactly what we want, but it is complicated. (we think a lot and think about what could happen, then tend to think about it to much. thus! leading us not to do it)... heck not only are we a puzzle to other people, we are absolutely a puzzle to us. I even contradicted myself :)
to know what we wan't you have to decipher our words our expressions and out movements. give us attention and A LOT OF IT! (to break us away from our "own world") set us up to make us tell you everything. we are word twisters, we do it for joy... we may also say something that is really personal to test you, and depending on how you reply we give a different answer. If you fall into a situation like that and the reply is just kidding keep the idea that he was not.

and this 15 y.o is lost in this so i'm ending it

(I like to sit alone at the computer when everyone is sleeping and look up stuff about my zodiac sign)

by: Anonymous

oh, also Pisces tend to take traits from other signs ,so not all are alike. it's like kool-aid we are water that can be changed. or like water in a river that has a rock in the middle of it. we change to get by, we change to better our self's in situations. like being silent so we can observe whats going on around us. so when we are alone we are always on our toes and try to be prepared for anything. despite what people say about us being in a "dream-state". also if we know the situation needs something we won't hesitate to throw-down (like breaking someones face)lol... we aren't all that soft like people say... but we like to make people think we are. to better our self's.

but it is so easy to let things fly by and not do anything about it cause we like being lazy haha.

I hope this helps some people :)

Scorpio girl and Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman, and I met a Pisces male while I was in high school. We had classes together, and I had a secret crush on him. He acted really quiet but at the same time really friendly. At the end of the school year, we would bring his camera and always wanted to take pictures with me. He graduated a year before me, so I never saw him again. So I started a relationship with another guy. But after I started college, I would see him almost every day, he always came over to say hi. 3 months ago, my ex and I broke up, so we started talking through Facebook, before he didnt even pay attention to me, but now he gave me his number. We talk on the phone all night until 2am. He always calls me to watch something funny on tv. We've been talking for 2 months. But he never makes a move :( He introduced me to his family, but he never said if I was a gf or just a friend. His mom treats me like I'm his gf. He also comes to my house and stays for at least 4 hours almost everyday. Also, he likes to hang with me at school, and people are always asking if we are a couple, he never answers, I'm the one that says no. But deep inside I'm head over heels for him. Finally, two nights ago I texted him that I used to have a crush on him back in high school, but now after speding so much time with him, I was in love with him. his answer was: WOW I'm speechless, I didnt know. I got scared and i said, If you dont wanna be with me, just dont talk to me again, so tell me what are you going to do?. He never answered, I've called him and texted him saying that I'm sorry for saying that, but he doesnt answer. Now I regret it, because I really enjoy talking to him, and spending time with him. I dont know what to do now. I really dont get him, still I like him a lot.

leave him alone he will be back
by: Anonymous

Just stop calling or text. Just wait because pisces plp love to ignore others but they don't like to be ignored so when u stop he will came back like nothing happen n he come just go with d flow I know is hard but that's the only way to get him to be with you because they like to be the chaser don't chase him. N just be yourself around him n let him know that's ok to be himself because they are very shay plp n sensetive so be gentle with him n let him trust u. Once he do that he will be yours n you will d best partner that a lot woman dream of. Take care scorp girl good luck. Nt don't be strange cause I wanna wht happen.

I'm so confused. Pt I
by: SagittariusLady

My Pisces guy and I have been dating for almost 3 years; he's 23 and I'm 25. We've had major relationship drama because he left a fiancee of 3 years prior to entering into a relationship with me. She was a Capricorn, very manipulative and demanding, and when she couldn't hold his attention any longer she resorted to suicide attempts to manipulation him into leading a double life of cheating on me with her and lying to her in order to keep her happy. He literally begged me not to leave him, despite his inability to stop seeing her even after I found out what was happening 6 months into the relationship. The way he presented the situation to me made me pity him and I felt empathetic about the guilt he harbored over leaving her. I at this point loved him dearly and decided I was not going to leave. The following year he was overly devoted to me, but I was miserable. Now that she was gone I felt anger, depression, a lack of self-worth, and I second guessed his every move. Granted, things I really needed him to do for me like show anger toward his ex or bitterness or blame her for the hurt to wreaked, he didn't do. I never felt supported in my sorrow, and thus never could fully buy his apologies for what happened. It seemed like he'd do it all again if in the same situation.

I'm so confused. Pt. II
by: SagittariusLady

He's very weak-willed, unstable, and shoots from the hip when it comes to his actions with our relationship. He's a typical Pisces in the sense he's very intelligent, arrogant, dreamy, creative, unfocused about a career and future, wishy-washy, and lying/withholding about important information. He's also extremely clingy--at least, he used to be and this is what hurts. At first when we started dating, I was not sure how to respond to his high expectations and extrem possessiveness. I adored how much he loved me, but I found his displays of affection almost unhealthy. He said I love you after only a month. I always held doubt in my mind he wasn't sure of what he really wanted, but at the same time, I wanted it all to be true--I wanted to be that princess he made me feel like, I wanted to love him. I still do. Last year I had difficulty coping with the pain and insecurity of his lies about his ex, so d withdrawafrequently. It is my nature to retreat from reminders of a painful situation so to recharge and regain control over my feelings. I don't like losing my temper. But this Pisces...could never understand it wasn't that I didn't love him any more, I just didn't want to rehash the past over and over. This guy would literally break down and cry and yell and throw things. He even once prevented me from leaving by sitting behind my car in his driveway!

I'm so confused. Pt. III
by: SagittariusLady

I was so frustrated and unnerved by his behavior all last year I began avoiding him. I didn't want to break up I just wanted him to calm down and give me some space. Well, I got mad one night because he was defending his parents' dislike of me--which only stems from the crazy outbursts they've seen him take around me. They think I make him that way, but they are a different story all together. But I told him clearly in anger I wanted to break up, that I couldn't cope with the stress and pain anymore and oh God did he greedily believe it. The next few days he was gone, unwilling to talk to me, despite my calls to explain I was sorry and didn't mean it. When I found out during this time he had been emotionally cheating on me for a while with a girl, also a Pisces, 3 years younger than him at his job. During the entire month of . December he tried to win her over, going full force into almost stalking her. She didn't want him because even she was concerned about his erratic behavior. He refused to talk to me all that month and into January, which was particularly hard on me because of the holidays. He also blatantly refused to tell me we were broken up and give me back my property, a lot of which he had in his bedroom. He also had my pet, which he denied my visiting. I gave up, I had cried enough, and was starting to feel good once more about myself, but then! Ooo! Guess who calls out of the blue to try again? I believe it was because the girl at his job jilted him so he came crawling back. He said things like if we try again promise you won't hurt me, which made me feel horrible despite his obvious cheating. He claimed she was just "someone to talk to." He basically used her to feel better about himself. It's what I want to hear so I believe it, but then I see FB messages to her best friend from him explaining neurotically how important she is to him etc. He's lied again. Shit hits the fan again. I'm so hurt yet again he lied to manipulated me into staying with him. And he uses the excuse I'm afraid you'll leave me

I'm so confused. PT IV.
by: SagittariusLady

So we get back together, both trying but it's rocky. Then he begins disappearing for days, then weeks, at a time. I just ignore it because I've been there before with the magic acts, but it still hurts like hell, and I'm a clingy Sag. I try texting and calling, and he keeps saying "I'm in a bad place" and "you're impossible to talk to." I'm very hurt as of yesterday because I found out he made a serious decision and didn't bother to say a word about it to me. He's attempted to break up a few times, but we talk and he always stays. I can't figure out what he wants from me, and the silence is so destructive. I wish he'd tell me what he wants and stop waiting on me to guess. I feel constantly in the dark. I also feel that if I just have faith, ignore him for a while, he'll come back. It's just everytime he pulls this disappearing act, I blame myself.

by: Anonymous

So this Pisces man has been a close friend of mine for over a year, but he just got out of a relationship. We've always had sexual tension and last week it went further, for a week straight we were hanging out, txting all day and being intimate (which btw was the best sex ive ever had!) But i found out that the same night i slept over he had a drink at the bar with his ex and "grabbed her face, looked her in the eyes and kissed her on her forehead, it was dramatic like a movie" (I heard this from another source) i cant figure out if that was his way of saying goodbye to her or if he is really in love with her. So now I am confused and I lost a friend (and potential lover/relationship) because I cut him off completely. Any advice? -Anonymous Libra

Can't understand this guy
by: Anna

I met a Pisces guy online. Within 5 secs of creating my account and posting my pic this guy comes on and tells me I'm gorgeous. Then he contacts me and I give him my email address and we start a correspondence. Unfortunately, he lives far away from me in another state so dating would be difficult, though not impossible. For over a month now we've been corresponding. A lot of times I'll webcam a pic and send it with the message and his response is always the same - I'm gorgeous. But, while we have these great conversations about art, books, the whole gambut, it's never progressed to him even asking for my phone number. After one particular email I didn't hear from him for a while and thought I might have inadvertently offended him in some way. So I wrote him a letter asking him if I did and if he did think I did I was sincerely sorry since no offense was ever meant. A week passed and I didn't hear a word. Then, the other day out of the blue, I received an email from him appologizing and explaining that he had no internet for over a week. To me that still didn't explain why he couldn't send me an email from work (a red flag), but I let it pass since I don't know what his work environment is like. He asked me to please keep in touch because he thinks we are good for each other or as he put it 'good therapy for each other'. So I sent him a friendly email back and included my phone number so it would be easier to communicate. That was over 4 days ago and I've yet to hear a peep from him. I know his internet situation is cleared up so I don't understand what the problem is and I have no future plans to email him unless I hear from him again. My question is how do I get this relationship to progress without coming across as too agressive or needy? - which I am not. I'm a cerebral and emotional Cancer with an Aquarius Moon who is self-sufficent and with enough stuff going on in my life that I don't have time to be the typical clingy crab. Also, could it be possible that he was just trying to not hurt my feelings by responding to my email asking him if I did something wrong?

Answer to Anna
by: Helen

Your Pisces man sounds a lot like my Pisces daughter! lol She floats easily from person to person and doesn't care to be tied down but if she received a letter like yours, it would have gone down the exact same way because she doesn't ever want to be mean to someone or hurt their feelings.

Pisces goes with the flow and is somewhat unfocused (they don't have that "dreamer" rep for no reason). It's possible that he didn't even realize so much time had passed since you chatted. It sounds insensitive but really Pisces is being harmlessly oblivious & forgetful. Since they are pretty social and can speak on a wide variety of topics, they can appear to be much more interested in someone than they actually are. They don't mean to lead people on. They just have the ability to slip easily into the lives of just about anyone.

In your specific case however, I honestly feel this guy is relegating you to the "Friend Zone" in the gentlest way he knows how. He hasn't written or called but the real red flag was that he said you two were 'good therapy for each other'. That is NOT the same as saying you two were good for each other in a romantic way. I think he enjoys chatting with you but is not interested in a relationship. Sorry

I want to hear from piecies,men!
by: Anonymous

Iv been reading all the advice & cant help but want to read more from the actual men!

Im really into a guy we were dating for llabout 4 years, very well bonded, then he breaks up with me outter the blue and we didnt talk for months, then he decides to contact me but uses his friend as an excuse to reach me..we have been talking everyday since for months, then he gets into another rrelationship of course hurt me , but i looked over it and allowed his ' freedom' i tell him ok il leave him to be happy and takecare, he then tells me where am i going, dont say those words cause it sounds like im not coming back..i.mean what was i suppose to do watch so i stayed close as a friend , he ended up breaking up with that girl cause he couldnt trust her so now we still talk still close, i know he why does he push me away?

aries girl trying to understand her pisces man
by: Anonymous

I've been been talking to this Pisces man for about three months I'M an minute he is SO in love with me the next we are arguing and he gets SO mad SO quick at the littlest things...sad to say he mad at me rite now n won't answer my calls or text...should I give him his space or should I keep call-in trying to see What the problem is?

exactly the same
by: cristal

I meet these pisis men one month ago i am a leo women and he did the same than to you, make me feel super special, try to push him away but there he is always there my situaton is diffrent i DIN NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM YET..... and i think thats why he stil around...yesterday he say, i won a be you`re friend, won u to trust me, and i won a be you`re i was very dissapointed all those special things just to have sex??? REALLY.... so i will be straight forward with him today and if he don`t think i am a girlfriend material, thats it a good fuck is not going to change anybodies life(sorry for my spelling english is my second lenguage....)
Any coments!!! will be great!!! hope these help, these pisis men are full og crap they try so hard and they is sex anly.......;( very frustrated really...........

2 different Piscesl
by: Anonymous

Ok here it goes...I am a Scorpio woman married to a Pisces man (1) and emotionally involved with another Pisces male (2) we have not me...yet..I have been married to (1) for 12 years...and he is the sweetest most honest...caring husband you could want...almost perfect.he is clingy...wishy washy with his decisions...not a go getter but luckily has an excellent job...procrastinator...not strong minded...great father but is not strong with his children...can easily be taken advantage of...can get into deep depression...very romantic...loves me to death...I feel would even kill for me...that's how much he loves me...has NEVER cheated on me...I guess does need a little time...he always leaves to store, pay bill, go to gym...but always comes back do not dure about the needing time alone thing...very thoughtful and friendly...he is very popular with people.....Now for (2)... I have some reservations anout my marriage snd im not dure what i want to fo...stay or go...which i was feeling before i meet #2...We met on fb...but not in person....he is very weird with me...he says he needs me in his life...he wants me...he wants to have children with me...but will disappear for 1-3 months and get in contact with me again...after telling me he can longer talk to me...this has happened 4 times within the last 10 months!!!...He is also hesitant to meet me...which is unusual for me...since I have many men asking to meet me regardless if I'm married or not... But I don't understand why he keeps coming back and forth into my life!...he is completely confusing!...I don't know what he wants from me!!!...He is a ladies man and admits it....Sometimes I can feel his sadness...I feel a lot has to do with him bring Atheist...but some is due to his characteristics of Pisces....My point is these two are so different from each other yet in some ways the same...I feel he has been hurt somewhere in life...whereas my husband had a very happy loving life.

hate being alone, but very choosy
by: a pisces guy

i think the previous post pretty much nails it. both pisces r different sides of the same coin.

i've gone through months where i've got 5+ women a week wanting to see me and i've made time for them all. to each one of those, i seem confusing, i'll come and go, very tough to nail me down, i'll treat each one very special, and each one will have trouble w/ the contradictions between making them feel wanted and being hard to plan things w/. it's cause i'm busy, lol.

on the other hand, when theres someone i really truly adore, i'll think of every little detail to make sure she's taken care of, i'll spend every day w/ her, even at the expense of taking care of my own personal responsibilities. she'll b the queen and i'll b her king. no stone will go unturned in making her happy.

i'm incredibly affectionate, adoring, sensual, i've been compared to Christian Gray by more than a couple women. because i enjoy giving pleasure, most women will experience probably the best sexual experience in their entire life.

sadly, i recently fell in love w/ a married woman. she is a virgo. love this woman to death. i gave up all others for her even though she's married. it's an impossible situation, but i can't help how i feel, she makes me crazy, i would do anything for her.

if ur pisces guy is tough to pin down & can't make up his mind about u, ur not the one he sees himself with. unfortunately, ur just fun for him atm. if he's like me, he doesn't want to be alone. so he'll make do w/ what he can get until he finds the angel he's looking for, not saying that u others aren't an angel, but just not the one he wants to invest all of himself in.

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