Confused by Scorpio boyfriend

by Valerie

I was with a Scorpio boyfriend and we broke up 4 months ago. He said he couldn't take my bad temper although he still loves me. Now after 4 months, he added me back in facebook and text me saying he miss me and would like to be friends with me. However he knows it will be tough because we both still feel for each other. He doesn't text me unless i do. Tried not to text him for a whole day last week and he greeted me a good night:) at night. Texted him continuously for 4 days and decided to stop doing it. Since Friday till now (sunday evening) still nothing from him. Is he just trying to fool me emotionally? His friends were all telling me he was so upset whenever he talks about missing me. He did told me he is able not contact the person if he misses her. Please advise, is he really into me again or he is just trying to fool my emotions?

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