Confused by Taurus Ex

by CapLady

We have been on and off for about a year and a half (sometimes he breaks it off, or on the odd occasion I have broken it off), the last time he broke it off because he was "thinking about me too much" (we have a complicated relationship - it's not a relationship in the true sense, although I care deeply for him, he has told me he doesn't feel the same way in the past).

Both of us had come out of long term relationships when we met, and he has been in a couple of relationships during our breaks - I had tried dating, but was never truly interested in it - only really wanted him.

I told him when he broke it off last time that we can only ever be friends now, that I don't like the whole on-again-off-again deal, it doesn't sit well with me. He seemed to have accepted that.

We work fine as friends - I care for him no matter what, and he respects me as a friend.

I'm just sooo confused right now... it has been several months and I started dating again, moving on so to speak, (we have always remained friends during the splits and still catching up - as friends only)

Then I started getting texts from him while he's overseas saying he's been thinking about me a fair bit and we have to do the trip together next time (he has never included me in his trips before, or even hinted to it). We broke up because he was thinking too much about me, couldn't concentrate on other things in his life... and he's STILL thinking about me?!

He's still overseas now, but texting me constantly... I'm confused about what he wants from me - I know that we're both drawn together... but I don't want to be played. I genuinely care about him, and would like a future with him, but I can't see that happening.

Can a Taurus male please give me some insight into what is going on in his mind? Is he testing me with these breaks? Or using me as a substitute (we were apparently in a kind-of-relationship - whatever that means?)

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by: CapLady

Ok, so I wrote this a while back, and its only been added now :s

We're back on after he admitted he missed me etc, I have been showered with gifts, taken out to dinner, and even had the offer of financial support when it looked like I wasn't going to be paid for 3 weeks (not one of these things has happened in the past, this is a totally new side to him)

Would still be nice to know what's he's thinking etc

its simple but complicated
by: Anonymous

Im a Taurus man and for some reason the longer it takes to develope a relation ship with us the longer the relationship will last. For example if you guys have a fight the longer you go without talking the more he will think about you, but what ever you do dont let him think you are lying to him or are interested in someone else. thats the best way to get him to go long periods of time Ignoring you.

Simple but complicated
by: CapLady

Hey Taurus guy

Thank you for replying, it has been a long time since I wrote that. We're not together anymore (I was def a substitute... he is now in a long distance relationship with someone he met on his trip).

All good though, was ok while it lasted, he taught me a lot about myself, and I have refined what I'm looking for now (not going to make any compromises like I did with him).

We're still friends, but we both know there is no going back now at all. Friends is all I can offer now (and most girls wouldn't even offer that after all this lol).

Ahh well, you live, you learn lol

by: CapLady

Hmmm interesting... while we're no longer together (and I'm now kind of dating another taurus), we've become flat mates - LONG story... but at least we managed to remain friends.

Just hoping the new taurus is cool with it... we started dating before the ex moved in... but I've been completely honest with the new taurus as he has been with me... felt he deserved total honesty (and I'm not one to lie in a relationship... new guy kinda means a lot to me - he's been very honest with me... so I felt it was only fair!)

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