Confused by Virgo

Im a cap girl :) Ive this close friend of mine who's a virgo and im into him. I wana be serious with him. See once we kissed (it lasted more than 5 mins) and after that he said it was a 'mistake'.

He gave me gifts like dress, his glasses (coz i lost mine).. And also he cooks for me.. I help him with projects and sometimes cleaning the house..

Just thinking if there's something behind all this..

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Oh Virgos...
by: Anonymous

I was in a similar situation once with a Virgo guy, he kept saying he could only be friends, but his actions said otherwise, so give him time and don't push him. I bet he'll come around. I think Virgo men are terrified of their own emotions and how strong they can be...

Evolved Virgo versus Unevolved Virgo
by: The Virgo Man

What you have encountered is an unevolved Virgo, probably a young one at that. However, there are times when more mature Virgos still haven't evolved. I was this way many years ago before I learned how to show my emotions and live a little.

Sometimes we can hurt you but this isn't intentional by any means. Unevolved Virgos are generally scared to allow themselves to feel. When we feel we have been hasty with our feelings and actions we retreat inside of ourselves so we can evaluate what just happened. This isn't your fault, it is our fault.

The best thing I can tell anyone who is involved with an unevolved Virgo is to give them sometime to come around. The other thing you can do is ease them in. You can do this by gently letting them know it is okay to feel, be imperfect, and live a little. This makes us feel human and more secure with our feelings. I remind you that while we seem very put together our feelings can be a self-imposed prison. We will be forever loyal to you and love you to no end if you can unlock us from our mental prison. I hope this helps you.

Evolved Virgos cont.
by: Tyler

I am a virgo man as well, I completely agree with The Virgo Man. Virgos do evolve over time we have a lot of insecurities that no one but ourselves can see, in particular with how our logic and emotions intwine. He may be hesitant at first but most likely the feeling is mutual he is just looking at all of the aspects so he feels he has made the right calculated decision. Don't rush this process for an undeveloped virgo or he will disappear and be completely unreachable. Virgos out of most star signs take far to long picking a mate there are many variables he has to consider, however once he knows this is the right decision he will most likely be completely dedicated to you ( I have to generalize here or someone will give all virgos a bad name haha). Patience will pay off just enjoy your time with him, the best fruit is always at the end of the harvest.

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